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Yahuwah's Two Creations of Man

I have used the KJV for this article only because most people are familiar with its wording and style. In fact the RNV is more accurate in its translation of not only this book but of all of them. The RNV is available in various formats for free download and use on this web site from the home page and the Links to the RNV on the menu bar above.

Verse 27 - More than one (elohiym - plural of elowahh, which means a deity. Elohiym means "deities" in the ordinary sense) did this creating (albeit with the approval of and through the power of Yahuwah, who is One) and both sexes were created at the same time. Compare Yahuchanan (John) 1.

Verse 28 - The key idea here is that the Elohiym ("deities" in the ordinary sense) blessed them, and told them to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth, and that all of this creation of man and woman was done ON the 6th day.  Keep that in mind.

The "LORD" (pagan term meaning master or governor and the actual title of the pagan deity Ba'al) of the KJV is in fact (Yahuwah), the Eternal, the Father. Yahuwah did this creating personally. He created ONE man, this man He called Adam, and He placed Adam in His garden east of Eden as a keeper of that garden. Adam was created to tend His garden, and that is where he was placed. He did not bless Adam. He did not tell Adam to be fruitful. He did not tell Adam to multiply and fill (replenish) the earth and subdue it. He did not give Adam dominion over every living creature. (See B'ereshiyth [Genesis] 1:27-28)

Adam was given his orders of what he could and could not do as the keeper of Yahuwah's garden. The result of obedience was everlasting life. The result of disobedience, or sin, was death. Yahuwah told Adam that of all THE TREES OF THE GARDEN he could eat freely (except for the two, the tree of knowledge about which Yahuwah told him and  the tree of life of which he apparently knew nothing), whereas the men and women created by elohiym in chapter one were told that EVERY TREE AND HERB OF THE EARTH was theirs for food.

Note here also that Yahuwah formed (yatsar - to squeeze into shape) every fowl of the air to bring before Adam to see what he would call them. The fowl had been "created" in Genesis 1:20-23 on the 5th day. The word "yatsar" is the same word used to describe what Yahuwah had done in creating Adam in Genesis 2:8. So it appears that Yahuwah formed replicas of the fauna of the earth that had been created by elohiym and allowed Adam to be the one to name them. What he (Adam) said, went.

After a while, because Adam was lonely, Yahuwah created the woman Chawwah (Eve) as a companion and aide that was fit and suitable (an help meet) for Adam.

Now enters Satan (the opponent or adversary), diablos (the traducer), the great fiery serpent of the book of the apocalypse. The father of lies. A murderer from the beginning. The lie that he told Chawwah, and she believed, is the same lie he is telling people today. (People of today still believe it too.) Because of that lie, and people's belief of it, has come all the problems of mankind, from the ejection of Adam and Chawwah from the garden, to all of the wars and plagues that man has suffered throughout history, to the suffering of a toothache that you may experience today. The whole creation was doomed because of the belief of this one lie, "If you disobey Yahuwah you will not die."

Yahuwah caught them out in their disobedience, as He always will catch out everyone else in theirs.

Satan received a curse that till that time he had not had to suffer. Seems like he would catch on, doesn't it? Because of his lie, haMashiach (the Anointed) had to come into being as the second Adam, without sin, to redeem the creation. This is the first prophecy foretelling the coming of Yahushua and why He had to come.

After Adam and Chawwah sinned by disobedience to the commandments of Yahuwah, He cursed them. Part of the curse was that the woman would have to bear children in pain, and the man and his descendants would have to grub their food from the ground, instead of it being delivered to them without any effort on their parts as it had been in the garden. Remember B'ereshiyth 1:28. There Elohiym blessed the people of that creation and told them to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth, which had to be done by bearing children. Here, Yahuwah curses Adam and Chawwah and tells them of the problems they now face because of their disobedience to His word. Bearing children would be a curse to Chawwah, but it was a curse of which the women (and ALL other female animals) of the first creation already knew all about.

So there you have it. Our Creator is the Father, Yahuwah, and is the creative force behind everything. Through His power, all things were created. The act of creation was done by, for, and through haMashiach (the Christ or the Anointed) Yahushua (Jesus), the Word, who is our Master and Savior.

If you will receive it, this answers the difficulty that many people have with B'ereshiyth (Genesis) 4:17, of where Qayin's (Cain) wife comes from. I believe that she was a product of the first creation of mankind that we read about in B'ereshiyth 1 just as were the other people mentioned (below) after Adam and Chawwah's ejection from the garden.

The question often arises about where Qayin and Sheth got wives. Most preachers will tell you that they were their sisters, but that cannot possibly be true. There were no females born to Adam and Chawwah that would have been old enough to be their wives, and also Yahuwah forbid the marriage of siblings to each other. Qayin left the area after his rebuke by Yahuwah and immediately found a wife. If she was his sister, why was she not in the same area he was before he left? Why did he not find her until after he was in the land of Nowd? Another question comes to mind. Who were the people that were going to kill Qayin when they found them? Yahuwah put a "mark" on him so that wouldn't happen. Had these other people been his siblings, why doesn't scripture mention them and why did it take a special mark to identify him? If they were his siblings they would have known all about the event already and Qayin would not have needed a "mark." One other thing, none of these "brothers and sisters" were ever named or mentioned in scripture as were the first three offspring of Adam and Chawwah.

There are other passages that indicate that Yahuwah was THE Creator, period. Many people believe this. I believe that these passages mean that He is the POWER of creation, but that the first creation was accomplished, with His okay, at His direction, and by His power, by the "elohiym" who are elsewhere in the KJV of scripture referred to as "the sons of God" working at His command and under His direction.

I have given this subject a lot of thought and study. The best I have come up with as a reason for "two creations of mankind" as seen in the cited scripture is that Yahuwah of course knew how the first creation was going to turn out and that He would eventually destroy it. Therefore He set up another set of mankind, but one that He personally created, with Adam and Chawwah as the progenitors. They were "in reserve," so to speak, for after His destruction of the first creation, to keep mankind alive on the earth. Since He is omnipotent, He also knew what the later members of this second creation were going to do and so He put in place a means of redeeming those that believed in, trusted, and obeyed Him. Adam, the first man of the second creation, I believe contained the same soul that was later to be Yahushua. Yahushua is called the "second Adam," and He is identified BY NAME in a lot of scripture as the coming Savior. It is obvious that Yahuwah seldom does anything that is just about the surface or obvious appearance that we understand without deeper study. There are usually two or more meanings about and/or events that will occur with things about which He has spoken. For instance, Adam was the FIRST man of the second creation, and Yahushua was called the FIRSTBORN of Yahuwah, so Adam rates that title also, as He truly WAS the "firstborn" of Yahuwah. Yahuwah revealed this to us in scripture through Dawiyd (Psalms 2, for instance), and I suspect that Dawiyd knew who he was.

For those that would argue about when the earth itself was created and when all of the creation took place, all I will say is that I have no idea how long it has been since this earth was created, how much time elapsed between the first and second creation of mankind, or how long Adam and Chawwah were in the garden, etc., and I see no place in scripture that gives even a hint as to the time frame of those events. I really believe that all the arguments about an old earth versus a new earth are a waste of time anyway, as there is no way either side is going to be convinced by the other, and we certainly are not going to ever see any valid proofs either way before Yahushua returns. The best thing to do, for those in His body, is to wait for Him and He will reveal all things to us at that time. Just know that intelligent design, and that by Yahuwah, is behind everything we are, that we can see, and that we can sense.

This article is a statement of my opinion, based on scripture, and can be refuted from a scriptural standpoint, just as can be refuted any other scriptural subject regardless of which side you take. I truly believe that an intellectually honest look at scripture will bear me out. I make no claims as to its absolute accuracy but merely say that this is what I see in scripture and it explains many things that otherwise are unexplainable.

C.F. Castleberry