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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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Serving Yahuwah

We read in the book of Yahushua [Joshua] chapter 24 verse 15 the declaration "I and my house, we serve Yahuwah."

Joshua 24:15 KJV:  And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Yahushua 24:15 RNV: And if it seems bad to you to serve Yahuwah, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the Elohiym that your fathers served that were on the other side of the river, or the eloah of the Emoriy, in whose land you dwell. And I and my house, we serve Yahuwah."

But what does it mean to "serve Yahuwah?"

It means to do what Yahuwah says in a way that makes him look absolutely precious.

It means to submit to Yahuwah in a way that makes him look totally awesome.

Now there are ways to submit to Yahuwah that only make him look threatening and not awesome. Likewise, there are ways to do what Yahuwah says that will only call attention to the fact that He is an authority and not a treasure to be sought after. That kind of service is not the service Yahuwah commands nor that He deserves.

What is the difference?
The difference is that Yahuwah has told us not to serve Him as though He needs anything.

This text puts all the emphasis on Yahuwah giving to us when we serve Him. So the kind of service that makes Yahuwah look absolutely precious and totally awesome is the kind that serves Him through constantly asking and receiving direction from Him.

The key text that describes this is in the book of 1 Keph [Peter] chapter 4 verse 11:

Yahuwah is seen as splendorous when all our serving to Him is moment-by-moment, asking and receiving from Yahuwah the direction on how to serve Him.

We receive His direction through faith and in accurate knowledge of His Word.

That is to say, we trust moment by moment that what we need, for serving Him, Yahuwah will supply! Such serving is happy, and is the total opposite of being anxious. It makes Yahuwah look no less authoritative, but infinitely more desirable. This is the splendor Yahuwah means to have through our service to Him.

Yahuwah receives the splendor through our glad service to Him.

How then are we to serve Yahuwah?
Well, we are to serve Yahuwah in everything that we do. Yahuwah has granted each of us gifts, whether in serving, teaching, exhortation or simply in the course of our day to day lives. Whether you are a student, a laborer, a manager, a mother, or a husband; fulfilling your earthly obligation is, in fact, a service to Yahuwah when we follow His direction for our lives.

So in truth it boils down to this: it is not as much as ‘what we do’ so much as to the purpose of ‘why we do’ the things we do. We should be doing everything we do because we desire to proclaim the name of Yahuwah and bring splendor to Him.

This is not something we can do of ourselves but rather requires that we draw our strength and wisdom from Yahuwah for His splendor and the betterment of all, as the apostle Keph [Peter] reminded us:

For that reason, we must always humbly consider our station in life, that we are servants, purchased through the blood sacrifice of the Master Yahushua. Consequently, we are His and should fully obey His commandments and teachings with fear, for the fear of Yahuwah is the beginning of wisdom.

Now this fear of which I speak is not the type of fear that one has when under threat, in constant worry over the consequences of breaking the rules. No, rather this is the type of fear one has when thinking of disappointing a loved one. While we might know full well our loved one may forgive us, we try to behave in such a manner so as never to need forgiveness for our actions. As children we listen and obey the direction of our parents, and as adults, we remain faithful and loyal to our spouses. We do this out of a loving fear, in the knowledge that we desire never to disappoint the ones we love. Subsequently our lives should be lived for Yahuwah and our Savior Yahushua, in all that we do serving wholeheartedly, in loving fear, and giving thanks in all circumstances:

Is it easy to live a life like this?

Not always. However, when we “serve,” we must try to serve Yahuwah in our entire lives, which includes how we live, and what we think, say, or do. We must remain mindful that all that we do or say can be an act of service to Yahuwah. If we are always asking for direction from Yahuwah He will supply it, of this we can rest assured, and if we do this, our life of service becomes easier each day.

That is the essence of serving Yahuwah.

Yahuwah is a kind and loving Master. He desires to give us the best things in life. He also desires us to enjoy life. Enjoyment of His blessings, however, must be for His splendor.

Thus Sha'uwl [Paul] writes:

We must also remain mindful that in serving Yahuwah our service must include serving others. The best example for this in what is commonly called the Upper Room Discourse. Yahushua used His example of washing His disciples' feet to show that we should engage in service to others. He said:

Yahuwah has given each of us a gift, not for our own uplifting, but for proclaiming and giving of splendor to Him, and in doing so we serve each other as well. Sha'uwl [Paul], in teaching the Korinthios about spiritual gifts, wrote:

Keph [Peter] also emphasized this in 1 Keph [Peter] 4:10,

One of the ways I have personally recognized that I might be of service to Yahuwah, and by extension serving others as well, is through the writing of articles such as this one. I give all splendor to Yahuwah in each and every article I write, and hopefully I benefit others by helping to spread His Word through this work. Further, I also am personally blessed and profit by growing closer to Yahuwah through the knowledge I gain in researching His Word to write an article. This is but one of the many blessings we receive when we serve Yahuwah.

I sincerely hope that this article has helped to explain how and why we are to serve Yahuwah. It is my sincere hope and desire that Yahuwah calls you to grow closer to Him, and that you may find salvation and eternal life through His son Yahushua.

We encourage any and all questions you may have on this topic, or surrounding our Almighty Father Yahuwah's name, or the commandments He has given us. If you have questions or would like to further discuss how to get into and stay in the body of Yahushua the Anointed, please feel free to contact any of us through the email links provided.

In Yahushua's Love,

Brother Craig Timmreck