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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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The Battle in Heaven

There is a lot of controversy concerning the so-called "battle in heaven," between the forces of our Eloah, whose name is Yahuwah (yah-hoo-wah'), and the forces of satan. This controversy is like so many others in that men have decided what they want to believe about something, and then refuse to look at the evidence as delivered. The only direct mentions of this event in the Scriptures are found in YashaYahuw (Isaiah) 14, Yechezqe'l (Ezekiel) 28, and Revelation 12.

Using these same three passages, and fragments of the supporting evidence that they can use to reinforce their particular stand, many different men, scholars and common men alike, have developed many different theories about when the described event will occur, did occur, and some even say that it is now occurring.

If we are to believe the observations found in Dake's Annotated Reference Bible for instance, according to Revelation 12 this event is still somewhere in the future during the "time of the tribulation." Some members of the Southern Baptist Convention teach that this battle occurred millennia before the creation of the heavens and the earth, and that is when "Lucifer" became "satan." Many other well-known and generally respected "Bible" authorities have widely divergent views concerning this same event.

After all of the so very well educated experts get through picking apart each others' theories, reinforcing their own, and in general making nuisances of themselves, their credibility reaches such low points in the minds of those who would really know the truth that everything these so called experts say becomes suspect. This is bad, insofar as in our distrust of what they are saying, we may discard the truth with the error. But it is also good, because insofar as our individual salvation and our relationship with our Master are concerned, we dare not take any man's word for what is the truth.

Man can guide us in our search but what we believe is ultimately our responsibility. So we must be very careful to test everything we hear, are told, and read, concerning the things of Yahuwah.

This writer claims no special insight into the Sacred Scripture but does make the statement that if it be Yahuwah's will, anybody can determine for themselves what is meant through the reading and studying of the book of the word of Yahuwah under the tutelage of the His Spirit. For anyone to do this, however, they must be truly seeking Yahuwah as we know that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him in truth. If there is something with which they need a man's help, Yahuwah knows this in advance and will send them the man they need to show them what they need to be shown, when they need to be shown. They need to be careful to test whoever shows up when they are in need to ensure that it's the one Yahuwah sent and not one of satan's devices.

In order to prove or disprove what follows, you will need a copy of the scripture (I recommend The Sacred Scripture of Yahuwah, Restored Names Version, available free on this web site) and be willing to study the referenced verses and all the surrounding verses to ensure that correct context is adhered to. Please, as you read and study, take the words for what they mean, and not what someone tries to twist them to mean.

This passage is the start of some very interesting reading and is obviously future tense from the time that it was written, and it should be recognized as pertaining to the reign of Yahushua. The strangers are non-Yisra'eliy by birth who become Yisra'eliym by the shed blood of Yahushua. Read at least the rest of this chapter and notice that Yahushua continually says "I will," "I shall," and YashaYahuw keeps saying future tense things also, such as, "they shall do this or that," and "this or that shall come to pass." The reasons for the punishment that satan must face is past tense but when that punishment is to occur is always future tense.

Same thing applies here as to YashaYahuw. Read this entire chapter, the chapter preceding and the chapter following. Make sure that what you understand from these chapters is what Yahuwah intended. Notice the separation of the future tense and the past tense. Just like YashaYahuw, the past tense refers to the things that require punishment, and the future tense refers to when that punishment will be delivered.

Revelation 12

This is nation of Yisra'el (Israel). The stars in the crown are the twelve tribes of Yisra'el.

This is the coming of the Anointed as Yahushua.

This is satan.

satan would try to destroy the Anointed while He was still a child and before satan thought He had gained enough strength to overcome him.

satan failed, of course. Yahushua was brought forth, is the Messiah, He triumphed, and now sits on the right hand of our Eloah.

The earthbound portion of His assembly (Yisra'el) was put in a place of safety to await His return.

This is the battle that the controversy is all about.

The servants of Yahushua NOW had the power, as per Yahuwah's plan, to bar satan from any further association with them. Obviously they did not care for the previous association as they called him the "accuser of our brothers." Notice to whom satan was making the accusations and where he was making them. Also notice that the loud voice said, "NOW is come salvation."

The servants of Yahushua were empowered by the blood of Yahushua, and without that shed blood, could not have had the power to overcome satan. We know when His blood was shed, so therefore we can know about when this battle occurred.

Up until this eviction took place, satan had the liberty to go back and forth, wherever he wanted to go. Prior to his eviction he was accusing the brothers before Yahuwah daily, so he wasn't confined anywhere. In the book of Iyowb (Job) we are told that he came "with the Sons of Elohiym" before the throne, and said that he had been walking around on the earth, so this shows that he was at liberty to come and go well after the creation. This verse says that satan is come down to us and can no longer appear before Yahuwah and His throne. It does NOT say that he will be coming later, but that he has come already, so the battle has been fought, and is not a future event as supposed by Mr. Dake. Since he was ejected by the power of the blood, and we know that the blood was shed early in the first century, it follows that satan's eviction and therefore the battle had to occur around that time, or less than 2000 years ago. Now that he is restricted to the earth and not very happy about it. (According to Keph [Peter] he is "walking around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.")

This woman is the picture of the assembly that Yahushua founded and is still adding to. He said the gates of She'owl would not prevail against it, and so they will not. Look up the word "prevail" in your dictionary. He did not mean that satan will not be able to cause the assembly a lot of grief. He said and meant that satan cannot win.

This is what Yahushua said about satan falling, and when it would occur.

Indeterminate tense in the Greek.

As an added note, what Yahushua said above in the Ibriy language, which He and others DID speak in the first century, was that He "saw satan as baraq o'bama."

Present or near future tense in the Greek.

C.F. Castleberry