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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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Expert Witnesses Against Darwin

Dr. George Wald, Professor Emeritus at Harvard, a Nobel Prize winner in biology, and an ardent evolutionist in the Darwinian scheme of things, once said:

That pernicious attitude still pervades the academic institutions of today. These are the people who are supposed to strictly rely on the "scientific method" of testing, proving or disproving a question, and then testing the result until they get to a point where the answer to their question is obvious for all to see. On the subject of Darwinian evolution they have failed miserably in doing this.

Even Darwin questioned his results because they failed to meet that criterion, yet he published anyway.

Below are some quotes from non-evolutionists and evolutionists that show the weakness of the theory, and keep in mind that it is just a theory until and unless it has been proven to be fact which in this case they cannot do even though the search for proof has been intense from the time the book "Origin of the Species" was first published on Nov 24, 1859. Too many people, and especially those in our halls of learning, teach this theory as fact and will brook no arguments about it. Maybe it is time for us to get some clear-headed individuals who still believe in the scientific method as our children's instructors and tutors.

So there you have it. What will you believe? An obvious satanic lie that attempts to discredit our Creator and Father, or the scriptural truth?

C.F. Castleberry