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False Deities in Scripture

Some people are surprised to learn that scripture speaks not only of the supreme deity whom most Christians refer to as "God" or "Lord," but it also speaks of many other deities as well. Please take note that we teach not use the words "God" or "Lord" as these are actually names of false deities, which we will cover in more detail later, and you can learn more about in our articles From LORD to Yahuwah, and Why the Fathers name is pronounced Yahuwah. Yahushua Scripture actually speaks of many false deities, a list of which can be found in the table below, with the corresponding Scripture verse(s). For your all names and scriptural references in the following table use the KJV misspellings.

Name Of False Deity


Worshipped By

Bible References

AdrammelechSun-godSepharvites2Ki 17:31
AmonSun-godThebes In EgyptJer 46:25
AnammelechMoon-goddessSepharvites2Ki 17:31
Asherah (Asherim)Fertility goddessCanaanJdg 6:25,26,28,30
AshimaHammath In Syria2Ki 17:30
Ashtoreth (Ashtaroth)Love fertility goddessSyria/Phoenicia/ Canaan1Ki 11:5,33
BaalPrincipal god (Lord)Syria/Phoenicia/Canaan2Ki 10:18-23,25-28
Baal-berith"lord of covenant"Shechem in CanaanJudg 8:33, Jdg 9:4
Baal-Peor"lord of the gap"MoabitesNum 25:3,5
Baal-Zebuwb (Beelzebub)"lord of flies"Ekron In Philistine2Ki 1:2,3,6,16
Bel (same as Baal)Principal god (Lord)Moabiym/Babylonians /AmmonitesIsa 46:1 Jer 50:2, Jer 51:44
Castor/PolluxTwin sons of Zeus.GreeksActs 28:11
ChemoshDestroyerMoabiym1Ki 11:7,33
DagonGrain godPhilistines1Sa 5:2-5,7
Diana/Artemis/VenusMoon, virginity goddessEphesus In GreeceActs 19:24,27-28,34-35
Gad/Gawd deity of luck/fortuneIsrael in Babylon captivityIsa 65:11
Golden CalfPossibly from the "horns" of the comet VenusIsrael (from Egypt)Story in Ex 32
Ishtar - Queen Of HeavenLove fertility goddessAssyria/BabylonJer 7:18, Jer 44:17,18,19,25
Jupiter/ZeusGod King, ruler of godsGreekActs 14:12
Kalwan (Chiun)Possibly star godBabyloniansAmos 5:26; Acts 7:43
Meni deity of destinyIsraelIsa 65:11
Mercury/HermesMessenger of godsGreekActs 14:12
Merodach/MardukPossibly Mars - war godBabyloniansJer 50:2
Milcom (Malcham, Malcam)Ammonites1Ki 11:5,33
Molech (Moloch)DestroyerAmmonitesLev 20:2,3,4,5
NeboLanguage, arts godChaldea In BabylonIsa 46:1
NergalWar and hunting godCuth in Babylon2Ki 17:30
NibhazAvvites2Ki 17:31
RimmonWeather godSyria2Ki 5:18
SikkuthSaturn godBabyloniansAmos 5:26
Succoth BenothgoddessBabylonians/Samarians2Ki 17:30
TammuzVegetation godBabylonians/SamariansEze 8:14
TartakPrince of darknessAvvites2Ki 17:31

Who are these False deities?
Scripture gives us the answers as we read in the book of Shemot [Exodus]:

For deeper understanding of the Ibriy words, Elohiym and Eloah, please see our article El, Eloah, and Elohiym.

We read that Yahuwah commanded the descendants of Abraham not to have any other elohiym or deities besides Him. The basis of the covenant relationship Yahuwah established between Himself and the people of Yisra'el [Israel] was first and foremost dependent upon their steadfast loyalty. In the next verses we can obtain a good understanding of what some of those false deities actually were when Yahuwah defined for His people some of the things that they were NOT to worship:

Here Yahuwah clearly teaches us that many of the deities that were worshipped by other people at that time were in fact carved images or idols of things that were in the sky, the earth, or in the water under the earth. So we comprehend that those things Yahuwah was speaking about were birds, animals, reptiles, insects, fish and mammals, that other people chose to worship.

How many False Deities were there?
Through His word, Yahuwah makes known to us that there are many that are called gods, not just the carved and graven images, but also including those in the form of man and spiritual beings. In the popular King James Version of Scripture, (which uses the words God and god, as well as, LORD and Lord), in the book of 1 Korinthios [Corinthians], it is revealed that there are many so-called gods and lords:

Upon further examination, we also learn that men have been called "gods," as seen in the book of Shemot [Exodus]:

Most all historians agree that the Par'oh's [Pharaoh] of Mitsrayim (Egypt) claimed to be living gods and this fact is well documented in most references on Egyptology. In Shemot 7:1 we see that Yahuwah made Mosheh (Moses) a "god" over Par'oh who was a self proclaimed "god" who was but human. The Par'ohs were not the only men to self proclaim themselves to be "gods," other men also set their selves up to be deities, and most of them said they were the "sun-god."

One such man was Nimrowd (Nimrod) claims Bible archaeologist Dr. David P. Livingston on his web page titled Who was Nimrod? ( Nimrowd, was the grandson of Cham [Ham] and the great-grandson of Noach [Noah]. Nimrowd started his kingdom at Babel [Babylon] as found in the book of B'ereshiyth [Genesis]. We know that the tower of Babel was built in the kingdom of Babel and Dr. Livingston asserts that the reason for building the tower was not to try and reach the Almighty Yahuwah as many Christians believe, but rather to openly defy Him.

Dr. Livingston believes, and many scholars agree, that the Nimrowd of scripture, is one and the same person found in extra-Biblical literature known as Gilgamesh. In the Gilgamesh Epic the hero is a vile, filthy, perverted person, yet he is presented as the greatest, strongest, hero that ever lived (Alexander Heidel, 1963: 18). The story goes that Gilgamesh, sets out to kill Huwawa, the god who sent the Flood upon the earth, so that he will never trouble them again. Dr. Livingston proclaims on his website that the deity Huwawa is the exact same deity the Yisra'eliym [Israelites] were instructed in scripture to call Yahuwah. Nimrowd was a bold man, of great strength, and must have also been a very charismatic man as he persuaded his followers not to credit their happiness to Huwawa or Yahuwah, but rather that it was through his means that they were happy. He convinced the people to believe that it was their own courage that procured their happiness. Later to ensure the people would continue to follow him, he gradually changed the government into a tyranny, seeing no other way of turning men from the fear of Huwawa or Yahuwah, in order to bring them into a constant dependence upon his own power. Asserting he is looking out for the people's best interest, Nimrowd sets out to build the tower of Babel to protect his followers from Huwawa or Yahuwah should He have a mind to drown the world again. In absolute defiance of Huwawa or Yahuwah, Nimrowd would build a tower too high for the waters to be able to reach, thus removing the people from the reach of Huwawa or Yahuwah!

Satan the most well known self professed deity of scripture
Even satan himself is described as being a god, as we discover within the pages of 2 Korinthios [Corinthians]:

We read in YashaYahuw [Isaiah] chapter 14 that satan, like Nimrowd, rebelled against Yahuwah, wanting to be like Yahuwah setting himself up as a deity.

Satan, whom some call Lucifer, translated from the Ibriy word "helel," (which means the shining star in the sense of brightness) did not want to worship or obey Yahuwah; he wanted to be Yahuwah. In B'ereshiyth 3:1-5, as satan tempts Chawwah (Eve) to eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, he tells her,

Right from the very beginning Satan has tempted humans, telling them, you will be like Elohiym, (RNV)

Scripture Documents the Worship of False Deities
Despite the many miraculous events and insurmountable evidence provided by Yahuwah that He alone is supreme, scripture documents numerous times Yahuwah's chosen people turned away from Him to worship a strange "god" or "goddess."

One such "god" who tempted the Yisra'eliym was Ba'al, whose name derives from the Semitic word ba'lu, meaning "lord."

We can read in the book of Judges, how the Yisra'eliym had only been in the promised land a short time before turning their attention to the deities of the Kenananiy [Canaanites]. Many Yisra'eliym deserted Yahuwah to serve Asherah (Ashteroth), and her husband Ba'al. Yisra'el fell deep into the Kenananiyth religion and constructed a temple for the worship of Ba'al at Shomerown [Samaria] during the time of Achab [Ahab] and Iytzabel [Jezebel] (869-850 B.C.) when Ba'al was declared the official national deity (see 1 Kings 16:29-34). The final chapter concerning Ba'al worship was written during the reigns of Yahuw and Yo'shiYahuw, when the southern kingdom and its capital were purged of the worship of Ba'al (see 2 Kings 10; 23:1-30).

Sadly this scenario of falling away from Yahuwah to worship false deities is repeated again and again by the Yisra'eliym. Yahuwah allowed this to continue until a little over 2,000 years ago, when He sent His son Yahushua to be the very last sacrificial lamb. Yahushua who would shed His blood not just for the Yisra'eliym, but for all whom would accept His gift of redemption for their sins of disobedience to Yahuwah.

Does Scripture Tell of False Deities in Our Time?
Yes it does! In fact, scripture warns that as time draws closer to the end, more and more people will be deceived.

Matthew 24:4-5 And Yahushua answered and said to them, "Take heed that no one deceives you 5 for many will come in My name saying, 'I am the Anointed' and will deceive many.

It stands to reason that if satan has deceived the whole world, that he has deceived the world regarding the deity in the book in which he himself is written about. Another way of saying this is that satan has deceived the world into believing in a false deity, a false God and Savior. Satan successfully removed the Almighty Creators name from most all copies of scripture, replacing His name Yahuwah with words "the LORD" and "God". Satan also changed the name of Yahuwah's only begotten to what has become known around the world to Christians as Jesus Christ. Jesus is not our Saviors name, but rather it is a very poor attempt at transliteration of His name, from Ibriy to Greek to Latin to English. Yahushua is His name, which literally means "salvation of Yahuwah."

Some say that Jesus Christ is the English translation (names are NEVER translated, but rather transliterated) of Yahushua, but there was another individual in scripture whose name was also Yahushua, His name translated into English became Joshua, so why did not the translators translate our Savior's name the same? Because how else could satan deceive the entire world into believing in a false deity and savior. You can read much more on this in our article Yahushua vs Joshua vs Jesus.

Are the names of our Savior and our Creator really that important? You bet they are! Your eternal salvation depends on it. Scripture tells us this in the book of Acts.

So you see, using the correct name of our creator, Yahuwah, and the correct name of His son Yahushua is the only way to find salvation. By choosing to use any other names, you are choosing to worship a false deity. It really is that simple.

Some people are hurt when they read this because they have given their lives over to Jesus, the person they thought scripture was written about, and that they have felt His presence in their lifes. Scripture tells us that Yahuwah knows a persons heart, and He knows who is sincere in their worship of Him. Are we saying that any person who has died or will die calling on the name of Jesus will not be saved? Yes, because He does not hear them.

We also say that once you are made aware of satan's deception, and once you know of our Creator's true name and that of His Son our Savior, that you are responsible for the choices you make with that information. We hope after reading this article you will take the time to research the scripture verses given, to prove to yourself if what is written here is true. Please do not take our word for it, as you are responsible for searching out the truth yourself.

Craig Timmreck