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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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Gods, Angels, and Man

Most modern theologians usually will acknowledge only three classes of living sentient entities in the universe.

The first and foremost is our Eloah (Whom they call God), whose name is Yahuwah. He is the Creator of the universe and all that is in it. Included here are His manifestations as the Father, the Son, and the Sacred Spirit. One Entity in three expressions. (All other beings are creatures of that Eloah.)

The second class is erroneously called angels (see definition below). These entities are looked on as being any being not part of the so-called “Godhead” and not human. All beings not elohiym or man are erroneously grouped in this class.

Third is man. Some theologians in the past have attempted, and some still do, to deny certain races of humanity the quality of being truly human based on the color of their skin. They do not allow that these people are really people, but some sub-class that cannot attain to salvation. Or if they can attain to salvation, it will be in the form of servants to the "real" children of their Eloah. This is in direct contradiction to statements made in scripture. (Available upon request)

To any student of the Sacred Scriptures who is really looking at what is written, and not just following his instructor in a reading practice, this system of classification will soon be very apparently and woefully inadequate to describe the different creatures described there.

I have found the following classes of entities in the scripture. If you know of more, share them with me and we can discuss it.

Yahuwah - The Almighty Eloah of the universe. The Creator.

Elohiym - Plural of El (Eloah) - A class of creature that isn't explained very well. They are obviously endued with some of the power of Yahuwah, have access to the throne and the earth, but do His bidding, as all of creation must. (B'ereshiyth (Genesis) 6:2, 4; Iyowb (Job) 1:6, 2:1, 38:7) If we are in obedience to His will, we can become one of these "sons of Eloah." (Yahuchanan [John] 1:12, Rhomaios [Romans] 8:14, Philippians 2:15, 1 Yahuchanan [John] 3:1-2). This is what the rest of creation is waiting for. (Rhomaios 8:19) These sons of Eloah are NOT "angels" or "angelic beings."

Cherub - Pronounced “ker-oob.” This is an imaginary figure, or a figure whose appearance we cannot particularly describe. The description that certain theologians put on this creature as a baby with wings (such as the pagan deity Cupid) is fallacious and unsupported in scripture. Satan was a cherub. (Yechezq'el [Ezekiel] 28:16). We know that they had wings and faces. Yechezq'el describes a creature that had hands "like man" in his description of the thing that he saw (similar to Isaiah's sighting). These cherubs are NOT "angels" or "angelic beings."

Seraphim - Pronounced “saw-rawf',” singular, and “saw-raw-feeym,” plural. This means burning or fiery. The only places this word appears is in Bemidbar (Numbers), Dabar (Deuteronomy), and YashaYahuw (Isaiah). The instances in the books of Bemidbar and Dabar are describing fire, fiery serpents, and the serpent that Mosheh (Moses) lifted up on the pole. The sight and description by YashaYahuw sounds very much like the "Splendor of Yahuwah" that was seen and described by Yechezq'el. The entity that YashaYahuw described had wings, hands, and could talk. These seraphim are NOT angels or angelic beings.

Angel - This word is a very poor transliteration of the Greek word aggelos. It literally means a "messenger." In the Ibriy (Hebrew) the word mal'ak means substantially the same thing, which is to "dispatch as a deputy or a messenger." There are no instances in the scripture of these beings described as having wings. There are instances of them flying, but that does not mean they had wings sticking out of their shoulders. Most mentions of them give no clue as to what their gender, if any, may be. Several passages do identify them with a masculine term, but it is not clear if they were male in the same sense that we think of as male. There are no instances of any of them being identified as female. Contrary to popular opinion, when the obedient children of Yahuwah depart this life, they DO NOT become “angels,” wear white gowns and halos, sit around on clouds, and play harps all day. Where this idiotic idea got its start is beyond me, but it certainly is not in scripture.

Man - There are several mentions of men who were apparently earthly being associated with some activity of Yahuwah.
(B'ereshiyth 18-19, Yechezq'el 10:2 for instance)

Woman - Several mentions are made of women with wings. Some are plainly symbolic (Revelation 12:14), yet some appear to be literal (ZekarYahuw [Zechariah] 5:9). Again, the women with wings ARE NOT angels or angelic beings. Angels are messengers, period.

Spirits - Literally "breath" or "wind." Every living being has a spirit. It is the part of a living being that imparts "life." Sometimes used interchangeably with "soul." Also used to describe some actions of Yahuwah, such as Him sending a "spirit" to the prophets of the king of Yisra'el (Israel). (1 Kings 22:21-23). There are of course evil spirits too. They abound in scripture, and the term literally means a "bad spirit" in the Ibriy and a "hurtful spirit" in the Greek. These spirits are all around us all the time, but most of us do not have the ability to perceive them. Demons and devils are "unclean" spirits.

Many will disagree with what I have written here. If you desire to refute what I have written, I suggest that you start with the scripture. If you cannot refute scriptural subjects with the scripture, maybe it doesn't need refuting.

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