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Islam in Scriptural Prophecy

Before we go into this subject it must be emphasized that the ONLY true word of our Creator Yahuwah is to be found in the book called the Sacred Scripture that was written by men of the chosen people, Yisra'el, and a few others from outside that nation that He chose for that purpose. The writings of a demented Arab named muhammad who denies the Savior Yahushua do NOT qualify as scripture and, if you read them for yourself, you will see that they barely qualify as any other kind of literature. In the true scripture is found everything that we need to now about this world and the next. To accept any other is to be found following pagan ideas and traditions and dreams of men instead of the truth of Yahuwah.

Although islam is not mentioned by name in the true scripture (and contrary to what muslims say, neither is muhammad), there are many passages of prophecy that deal with the geographical areas inhabited by muslims, their attitudes, and their coming punishment. Also, the people who inhabit those geographical areas are described in terms that readily relate to the attitudes of today’s muslims toward Yisra’el.

Look at what is happening today all around the world and you will see the muslim practitioners of islam moaning about the "state of Israel" and how it is taking "their land" away from them, and all kinds of idiotic statements similar to that. Unhappily, many otherwise intelligent people believe them and side with them against Yisra’el.

Yahuwah gave the land that stretches from the Euphrates River (Iraq) to the Mediterranean Sea and from Lebanown to the Wadi of Mitsrayim to Yisra’el as a possession forever. No mention was ever made that he would change ownership of one inch of it. He did say that He would remove Yisra’el from that land for a certain period of time, but that in the time of the end He would gather them from wherever they may be and return them to THEIR land that He had given to their fathers.

All of Azzah (erroneously called Gaza), what is termed the West Bank, the Gowlan heights (Yahushua [Joshua] 21:22), the country of Yarden (erroneously called Jordan), and parts of Saudi Arabia and Iraq (Numbers [Bemidbar] 32) actually and truly belong to Yisra’el forever by a covenant of Yahuwah. Man cannot annul his covenants!

Scripture (the TRUE scripture) contains so much evidence concerning the coming destruction of the forces of satanic religion of islam that this article will no doubt miss much of it. But you can find it for yourself if you know what you are looking for. You need to know the boundaries of islamic territory of today and the names of the countries that claim descent from Abraham (Ibrahim, in islam). If you know those few things, then you too will recognize prophecy concerning the state of islam in the world today, and what it will be like tomorrow. At any rate it would behoove you to do some in depth study of scripture for yourself and not just take some person’s word for what it says. (If you will do that study you will make the discovery that much of what the preachers are telling people is in error.)

Below you will find a few short descriptions of some passages of scripture that prophesy the coming destruction by and of islam. You should be able to get the whole picture from these few items and also get an idea of when this destruction will occur. Get out your Bible (I recommend, The Sacred Scriptures of Yahuwah, Restored Names Version, which you can download free from this web site) and look up the referenced scriptural passages. Read the entire book if necessary. Then you will be able to tell whether what I am claiming is there actually is, and if it is in the correct context.

YashaYahuw (Isaiah) states explicitly in the 17th chapter of his book of prophecy that the famous city of Dammeseq (erroneously Damascus) in the modern nation of Syria will be destroyed. He says that it will cease from being a city and become a "ruinous heap." Since that is one of the oldest cities in recorded history, with an unbroken history of existence since records began to be kept, we know this prophecy has yet to come to pass. I wrote the original of this article in 2010 and with the events currently going on in "Syria" with ISIS this prophesied destruction looks almost certain to be a fact before the year 2016 is out. YirmeYahuw (Jeremiah) confirms this destruction of Dammeseq in chapter 49 of his book of prophecy.

Reading the very revealing and explicit psalm below should remove any doubt from any reasonable person's mind about islam, who they are, and how Yahuwah views that satanic religion.

Yechezqe’l (Ezekiel) reports in chapters 35 of his book of prophecy that Yahuwah will make the area of Se’iyr, which is located in the modern nations of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, desolate. He goes further and states the ALL of Edom (Jordan and Saudi Arabia) will be made so. Then in chapter 36 He tells Yisra’el that after He destroys Edom (the muslims) He will return them to their land in peace and prosperity. This is obviously after the promised return of Yahushua, our Savior.

Yahuwah is very explicit in His words to Yo’el (Joel) concerning muslims and the false religion of islam. In the first two chapters He names and places that are to be destroyed and the reasons He will destroy them. Those reasons stated in scripture written 2800 years ago are the every ones we hear on the newscasts of today about islamic nations and their unswerving hatred of Yisra’el.

ObedYahuw (Obadiah) – This entire book of prophecy is about islam and its coming destruction. As you read the book take note specifically of the named nation, Edom. That is the area just east if Yisra’el and today includes parts of the nations of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Of course both of these nations are stolidly muslim and both also, even if they do not overtly state the fact, are dedicated to the destruction of the nation of Yisra’el, just as ObedYahuw reported.

Note also that they are called "brothers," in the sense that Abraham was their father also, and they are the descendants of Esaw. These nations will be totally destroyed in the near future.

Chaggay 1 – This prophet tells of end times destruction caused by a nation called the “Kasdiy” (Chaldeans). After they have done according to His will by destroying the evildoers in His nation, they too will be judged and punished by utter destruction. The modern nation of Kuwait, another islamic nation, is where the Kasdiy are located. With all the blustering, threats, and warlike moves being made today by their friends the Maday (Medes), which is the modern country of Iran, it seems very likely that this prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

TsephanYahuw (Zephaniah) 2 – Yahuwah tells us through this prophet that several more islamic entities are going to get a pretty good bashing in the end times too. He again mentions Mow’ab and how it is going to be like Sedom and Amorah (Sodom and Gomorra), and then he tells about Azzah (Gaza) and the punishment they will receive. What was their crime? Badmouthing the land of Yisra’el. Pretty typical occupation for the inhabitants of these places too.

I plan to add more scriptural excerpts to this article as more prophecy on this subject comes to my attention.

Look at all of the referenced scripture and read it for yourself. If you do not agree with my conclusions I would love to hear from you and what you think they mean.

C.F. Castleberry