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The Mark of the Beast?

What is the Mark of the Beast?

Scripture speaks of the “mark of the beast” in the book of Revelation, chapter 13 verses 15 through 18.

Scripture reveals that a time is coming when no man or woman, be they rich or poor, will be able to buy or sell any type of merchandise unless they have the mark of the beast upon their right hand or upon their forehead

Scripture discloses that those people who will be allowed to purchase or sell any type of merchandise must be identified by having either the mark, the name of the wild beast, or the number of his name. In verse 18, Scripture makes known that the number of his name will be six hundred sixty six [666].

So we see that there are three different indicators that could be used to identify the people who have freely chosen to worship the beast by receiving one of his identifiers. This mark acts as a certification or guarantee that those who have received it will be able to purchase food, water, and other necessities to sustain their lives. However, it is also a guarantee that everyone who willingly receives the mark has forfeited their gift of salvation and eternal life.

Friends, this is going to be a very difficult time for those people who are in the body of the anointed, and the temptation to receive the mark will be fierce, still Scripture tells us we can endure and that while some of the followers of Yahushua will be persecuted, tortured and killed, others will survive and be called up to meet Yahushua in the sky at the time of His second coming.

But what exactly is the mark of the beast?

Well Scripture tells us that either the mark, the name of the wild beast, or the number of his name must be upon the right hand or upon the forehead. So this identifier will be literally placed upon the hand or upon the forehead so it can not simply be a card that someone carries. That said however, we believe that the precursor to the mark of the beast has already been put in place.

In America, in order to work and earn wages, everyone must have a social security card, in order to drive you must have a drivers license, and most people currently use their credit cards to purchase what they need or want. These are all types of identifiers used in our society, which have been made available through different systems via the Internet. As technology advances, so to will the identifiers advance that are used which allow us to buy and sell.

Now please keep in mind that we are not claiming that the identifiers we each currently have, our social security cards, drivers licenses, and credit cards, are the mark of the beast. No, these are just the prototypes which have been used to pave the way making people more receptive to the idea of having the Mark of the Beast, which will be the identifier everyone must have in order to buy or sell.

There are many different theories as to what exactly the mark of the beast will be. Speculations include ID cards, implanted microchips, tattooed barcodes or the tattooed mark / name / number. Whatever the mark will be, we can be certain that it is coming in these the last days. It seems only logical that since we are currently living in the age of technology, that the mark of the beast will be technology based as well.

Advances in Technology
We have had satellites orbiting the earth since October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik 1. Sputnik 1 only contained a thermometer, a battery, and a transmitting radio, however it caught the attention of the world and marked the beginning of the age of space exploration. Since then there have been many technological advancements over the last 60 years which allow satellites to perform all types of data collection and transmission, including such systems that support telecommunication, television, and the Internet. The Goddard Space Flight Center lists 2,271 satellites currently in orbit.

Now there is a new revolution in the satellite industries known as L.E.O. transmission (Low Earth Orbit satellites), which is claimed to improve the telecommunication, television, and internet quality and speed by 10 times over what is currently available. This new technology is known as “Halo-Fi” and consists of highly-advanced "micro-routers" installed in the low earth orbiting satellites and are capable of covering every square inch of our planet with uninterrupted, high-speed internet from space.

Instead of orbiting at 22,000 miles above the earth’s surface like the old satellites, these new micro-satellites are positioned in Low Earth Orbit, which is just 750 miles away. Which is one reason that Halo-Fi will be so much faster, as the micro-satellites are thirty times closer to earth. Each satellite sends ten internet transmission beams down to earth, and each beam covers 400 miles. Which means that it will takes just three Halo-Fi Micro-Router satellites to cover an area the size of India. And to blanket the entire earth in high-speed internet, it could take as few as 648 micro-router satellites.

This new internet will require no spotty modems, no outdated copper wiring, or no fiber optics. We will not even need to buy an antenna. You simply need to be near a school, public building or municipal building which has a receiver on its roof and your phones and computers will automatically be able to log on. Or, if you prefer, you could purchase your own receiver for an estimated one-time payment of about $200, bringing this new technology into your home.

You can also purchase a mobile receiver (shown right) for any vehicle which can pick up high speed Halo-Fi signals anywhere you travel.

And here is where it gets even more incredible...

Even though it only takes 648 satellites to cover the surface of the earth with Halo-Fi, the company who is behind this new technology isn’t stopping there. The demand is so high, they are looking at adding an additional 2,000 “micro-router” satellites to their constellation. 2,648 micro-satellites have the power to blanket the earth more than 4 times over with nonstop internet access for every single human being.

Bringing Halo-Fi to Everyone On Earth Will Cost 98% LESS Than what laying Fiber Optic cable across just the United States alone!

Very soon the Internet, Television, and telecommunications industries will change dramatically. What does this mean for us, lower costs, improved availability, and 10 times better speed and quality. Who wouldn't want to welcome that?

This new technology also promises to make our nation safer by improving the communication services for our military and law enforcement agencies.

Quantum Vision
Something that goes hand in hand with Halo-FI is known as Quantum Vision, and it is already here and in use. However, along with Halo-FI, Quantum Vision is about to solve one of the Pentagon’s biggest problems: How to get real time intelligence to the soldier.

Every single day, military surveillance drones collect up to 1 million terabytes of time-sensitive data. To put that into context, that’s 5,000 hours of video, or, the equivalent of watching Gone with the Wind 1,250 times, and that’s just the data stream from one single drone. The military has at least 59 of drones which have been made public. So EVERY DAY there is over 259,000 hours of video, photo and audio intelligence which needs be filtered and sent to the soldier on the frontline.

The goal is to provide real time feeds from drones, satellites, and each soldier’s helmet cam directly into the eyes of every soldier on the battlefield. And yes, I did say “directly into the eyes” of each soldier, which is why it is called Quantum Vision.

Quantum Vision is capable of changing what the soldier sees from this:

to this:

Or from this:

to this:

All delivered into their normal field of vision in real time.

Current quantum vision devices look something like this:

But they are working on turning the goggles into this, a device that can give soldiers all the benefits of Quantum Vision and then some, with something as simple and inconspicuous as a contact lens.

It is reported that these new quantum vision lenses come equipped with:

In addition, to improve what the soldier and law enforcement personnel hear, advancements to their communications equipment is coming very soon as well, which will have the ability to amplify and increase the distance range as well as being able to reduce and filter unwanted sounds.

It is also our understanding that each squad will be issued a handheld sweeping device which can be used to scan any area that may not be accessible to aerial reconnaissance, and fed into Quantum Vision device, thus identifying friend from foe via using the Night Vision, Infrared, Thermal, Zoom, Telescopic Sight, and Sound functions.

Almost sounds like science fiction and just to good to be true does it not?

Now bear in mind that it is only one very small step after the roll out of Halo-FI to the general public, which will require tiny receivers to be in all of our communication devices, IPhones, IPads, Laptops, etc., that the brilliant idea of a cashless society will be permanently put into place. The way for this has already been paved as well, with the "pay from your phone" services currently in use at many different merchants.

We believe it will not be very long after Halo-FI and cashless societies are established, that it will become mandatory for everyone to have one of the devices and/or an ID card containing a Micro-electromechanical system (MEMS), also known as micro-electro-mechanical, Micro-Electro-Mechanical or microelectronic (micro-electro-mechanical system) technology containing microscopic devices capable of identification and tracking.

There is even talk on the internet that this technology is currently in use in our US driver licenses, license plates, and in all of the new credit cards containing a chip. If you look close at a credit card that contains a chip, you will notice by holding the card under a light and examine the chip, you can see the circuitry in the chip.

Just prior to the mark of the beast being put into place, we believe every person will be required to carry their ID on them at all times, for some yet unknown reason, but in reality it will be so that they can be tracked via the Halo-FI satellites, and other aerial reconnaissance airplanes, drones, and any land reconnaissance vehicle or handheld sweeping device.  Courthouses, airports, military, schools and hospitals already have metal detectors in place, and it would be very easy to add chip scanning technology to them as well.

I personally use to have a hard time seeing how the mark of the beast could be implemented without people seeing it happening and standing up for their believes. However, now I see the beginning of it rolling out right before my eyes, and with almost everyone cheering at its arrival.

On The Hand or Forehead
With the recent breakthroughs in microchip and RFID technologies, it is very likely that these technologies that we are currently seeing today, represent the beginning stages of what will become the actual mark of the beast.

Remember that the mark of the beast will be a visible identification mark, name or number, which will be located on the forehead or right hand, and will most likely include some sort of a microchip or MEM's system underneath the symbol, name, or number.

Below are images of what the microchip or MEM's system may look like before it is hidden under the visible mark of the beast.

We believe it is of vital importance that we stay awake now more than ever before, keeping our eyes on these new technology advancements, so that if this is truly the method which Satan is choosing to use for his soon coming mark of the beast, that we may inform as many members of the body of Yahushua, giving them time to prepare for the coming turmoil. All those who receive the mark will be judged as worshiping the wild beast and his image, and will drink of the wrath of Yahuwah, and will be tormented in fire and brimstone.

Brothers and sisters, we must remain steadfast in our faith, we must remain strong in our commitment to keep Yahuwah's commandments, and we must be confident in our faith in Yahushua Who is our salvation.

This article was researched and written by Brother Craig Timmreck of the Consider This Ministry. To discuss this with one of the brothers click on "Contact Us" on the home page.