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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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Setting our Priorities

As we go about the daily business of living this life that our Elohiym, whose name is Yahuwah, has so graciously granted us, we often get so wrapped up in the business of life and making a living that we sometimes forget that we have a higher priority to first do the business of Yahuwah. This is Priority One and must be the first thing to think about in the morning and the last thing on your mind at night. Our Savior Yahushua the Son of Yahuwah is our salvation and that must always be at the forefront of our thoughts and daily life in order to be obedient to Yahuwah and do His will and His work.

When we let this slip, mammon sometimes takes over, and we lose sight of what our priorities must be. If we are to be Child of Yahuwah, we will be in obedience to Yahuwah, as He has revealed to us in His word.

Remember that obedience to Yahuwah is what everything else is predicated upon, and as stated above, our whole duty. If we are not obedient children, our celestial Father will surely discipline us, just as our earthly fathers did for the same reason. If we do not repent of our disobedience and return to the ways of Yahuwah, we can lose that very tenuous grip that we have on eternal life.

Do not fall into the trap of obedience out of fear of the consequences. Be obedient because you love Him, and we know that He loves us.

A good example of the way Yahuwah looks at obedience to Him is shown in YashaYahuw (Isaiah) 58:13-14, and just happens to concern the shabbath observation.

Notice what He said about OUR ways, OUR pleasures, and OUR words. This is just ONE day out of the week that He has set aside. Twenty-four hours that He wants us to concentrate on Him. He doesn't ask much. This obedience to what He does ask has to be Priority One.

The Yisra'eliym throughout their history went between periods of obedience and disobedience to Yahuwah. Every time they were obedient much good was bestowed on them as He promised it would be. Every time they went into the disobedience mode however they suffered the consequences. Again, just as He had promised.

To know His law, and to do it, is what Yahuwah requires of us. This is Priority One. If we do not do this, the apostle Yahuchanan (John) tells us what we are.

If, however, we remain obedient, the following promise is made to us.

To demonstrate that we can get on the outs with the Master through disobedience, look at what Yahushua said to the assembly at Ephesus. They were doing MOST things right, as evidenced by what Yahushua said to them in the preceding verses. But they were not doing EVERYTHING right. They had slipped into a mode that was not acceptable to Him, and if they remained in that mode, they were going to lose the place that they had striven so diligently to attain.

How we get on the outs with our Sovereign is as common as every day life. We forget that He is in charge, and attempt to do our thing instead of His. Usually this involves something of pleasure to us, or, sometimes, the way to do it involves the old bottom line, also known as the profit motive, or mammon. Remember this:

Many people can and will try to rationalize and justify their failure to follow Priority One with words to the effect of, "Well, I have to make a living," or, "I like doing it and I don't see anything wrong with it."

Wrong on both accounts.

You DON'T have to make a living. He said He would provide and we must believe that He is able to perform what He has promised. Yes. He does want you to provide for yourself and others who are not able. But He will provide you the means to do that. You needn't worry about it.

The reason you don't see anything wrong with it is that you have deliberately closed your eyes to the will of the Master. He must always remain before your face. Keep your eye on Him and everything else follows. Obedience, love, faith. Everything. We must make our first priority the word of Yahuwah.

Learn it. Live it. Obey it.

Some would call this idea "legalism," but in fact it is the word of Yahuwah as can be seen throughout scripture.

C.F. Castleberry