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His Name Restored

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His Name Restored

The members of The Consider This Ministry to whom this web site belongs assert that they DO know His name and His Son's name and we are proclaiming them daily to this lost and evil world.

Our Creator, whose name is Yahuwah, has been called by many names by many people throughout the history of mankind, yet He gave us the only name by which He wants to be called and He gave it almost 7,000 times in scripture. Not only is He jealous of His name, as seen in so many passages of scripture, He has also determined that in the end times, where we are right now, that He will make sure that everyone knows that name and calls on Him using it.

Looking closely at the names He was called you will see that with few exceptions they were all pagan titles and names. For instance, the phrase "the LORD" is in fact ONE word in the ibriy (Hebrew) scripture, and that word is the "four-lettered name" (Tetragrammaton) YHWH. The Tetragrammaton is correctly rendered as "Yahuwah," pronounced "yah-hoo-wah'" and it literally means "I AM THAT I AM" or "the Self-Existent."

Yahuwah made sure that there was no misunderstanding of what He was to be called by the sons of Yisra'el, and we too are among those sons today IF we are in obedience to His words of salvation taught by Yahushua and His apostles (seen elsewhere on this web page).

We now stand solidly in the day of which He spoke through Howshea'.

You can see on the nightly news reports of fires, floods, storms, and every other "natural" catastrophe and disaster you can think of happening all over the world and the islamic devils rising up to complete the prophesies of scripture concerning these times of the end. This is to the discerning sure signs of the wrath of Yahuwah and shows just how serious He was when He had TsephanYahuw (Zephaniah) pen the words below. The "pure language" of which He spoke is called in the Ibriy language a "pure lip," and all evidence points directly at that "pure lip" being the Ibriy language. That can be seen happening all over the world too. When this web page first went on-line in 2001 a search on the name "Yahuwah" produced two or three other web sites using His true name. Now if that same search is done hundreds if not thousands of sites will be in the search results. As I said, STRONG evidence.

The apostle Sha'uwl (Paul) summed up the responsibility of the assembly with his words in the below passage. Those not of the assembly are in even more dire straits than the believers who have "received the trace of Yahuwah in vain." They believe, but not in Yahuwah and His word.

To those who have prayed a sinner's prayer or tried to use some other backdoor way to get into the body of the Anointed, I beseech you to read the articles on how to attain to salvation found elsewhere on this web page. Obey Yahuwah and His words in scripture and you too will have salvation. The decision is yours, and so is the destination.

C.F. Castleberry