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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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Scriptural Ways to be Saved
Referenced Passages Are From the KJV

Saved by heeding the doctrine

Saved by enduring to the end

Saved by faith

Saved by calling on the name of the Sovereign

Saved by hope

Saved by grace

Saved by mercy

Saved by fire

Saved by water

Saved by immersion

Saved by believing

Saved by confession and belief

Saved by Yahushua

Saved by preaching

Saved by spouse

Saved by prayer

Saved by the love of the truth

Saved by fear

Saved by words

Saved in childbearing

Saved by emulating Paul

Saved by the name of Yahushua

Saved by being converted

This article is intended to demonstrate that whatever you choose to be your doctrine or means of salvation, you can find Scripture that seems to support your choice. Then you can make the claim that your way is the only way, to the exclusion of all others, to be saved, and you can prove it by the Scripture, as do so many denominations.

Claims of this nature are made by several groups who have decided that only those certain parts of the Scripture that they like and are comfortable with apply to the subject of salvation because they do not want to believe that water immersion is a necessary and required part or condition of salvation. This attitude comes under the heading of "Cafeteria Christianity" where you can pick and choose the parts of the Scripture you want to believe, just like going down a cafeteria serving line and picking and choosing the foods you want to eat. The problem with treating the word of Yahuwah in this manner is that He said to obey Him completely and without reservation, and to do that, you must believe ALL that He said.

Because of the evidence presented in the Scripture, I am convinced that immersion is a VITAL PART of the obedience required of us in order to become children of Yahuwah. Just being dunked in water will only get you wet if you do not believe that Yahushua is the Mashiach (the Anointed, or the Christ), and unless you have totally given yourself over to Him. Notice that although Markos 16:16 and 1 Keph 3:21 seem to say that immersion saves us, I do not make the claim that if you are immersed then you are saved. (The transliterated term baptism which should have been translated as immersion is the physical act of being completely covered with a fluid. In the case of scriptural baptism, that fluid is water, and you must be completely and totally immersed (buried) in it. To help you get the picture of the physical part of baptism, remember that the Greeks made pickles by baptizing the cucumbers. 1 Keph 3:21 shows clearly that the physical part of immersion in water is required and that although the body is washed in the immersion, that isn't the real point. The spiritual part of immersion is what Yahuwah is looking at, and that's the spiritual condition of your heart. That's also in 1 Keph 3:21. Read it and you'll see.)

There are other conditions that must be met also. Markos 16:16 also says that you must FIRST believe. Acts 2:38 says you must also repent, and if you haven't heard the word by preaching, you'll not have anything to believe and therefore no reason to repent. All of these things are part of the path that leads to salvation. They are not in and of themselves the things that save you. Believing that Yahushua is haMashiach by itself can not and will not save you, otherwise all of the demons that recognized Him before He cast them out also have salvation. These demons not only knew who He was, they also called on His name!

The blood of Yahushua washes you clean of your sins but you must have the means of attaining to that blood, and that is what immersion, real scriptural immersion, by total and complete immersion in the water of a repentant and humble believer for the remission of sins is all about. Read Rhomaios chapter six for an excellent explanation of this event.

Yahushua is salvation. He is the Light and the Life, and there is no other way to the Father except by Him. In order to be saved, you must first believe that He is, that He died and was buried for our sins, and that He rose again by the power of the Father to splendor. When you believe this then you must repent, which literally means that you must begin to think differently about your life style (NOT that you are sorry for your sins). You must quit doing and thinking about the things of the world and begin to do and think about the things of the Spirit. Then, and only then, are you ready to be immersed in the name (authority) of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. Immersion is NOT because He was immersed, because His immersion was for completely different reasons than that of a sinner. Remember that He had no sin. His immersion was for the completion or fulfillment of justification, which means that if He hadn't been immersed, you would not have the opportunity to be. Immersion is NOT done as an outward sign of inward faith, as Yahuwah doesn't need that outward sign. He requires the INWARD sign of the answer of a clean conscience (1 Keph 3:21). When these things happen and you rise out of the watery grave of immersion, you are rising as a new person to walk in the light and likeness of Yahushua. Your sins have been "washed away" (Acts 22:16) and you are "born again." Just as He died, was buried, and resurrected, so must you also be if you are to truly be "in His likeness." Your death, burial, and resurrection takes place in the immersion.

Once you believe, all of these things should all occur in a period of a few short minutes. Look at all of the immersion events in the Scripture and you will see that when someone believed, they were IMMEDIATELY immersed. There were none who believed and confessed His name who had to make an appointment for some future date for immersion. They didn't come back next "Sunday" or when the preacher had enough together to make it worth his while to get wet.

Understand clearly. Faith alone will NOT save. Repentance alone will NOT save. Confession alone will NOT save. Immersion alone will NOT save. No combination of these conditions except that of meeting them ALL in scriptural order satisfies the requirements of Yahuwah for entrance into His kingdom.

Obey Yahuwah and live. Disobey Yahuwah and die. It's your choice.

C.F. Castleberry