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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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The Law of Yahuwah. Which Commandments?

What Law?
If asked, many church-going and supposedly "God fearing" people will tell you that they believe the "Ten Commandments" of Yahuwah are His commandments which we should live by today. Sometimes these "commandments" are even posted in their "church" buildings on fancy scrolled tablets. When pressed about some of the items of their faith that don't adhere those commandments, however, they will also just as adamantly say that the "Mosaic Law" was "nailed to the cross" when Yahushua was impaled, and the "Ten Commandments" are part of that "Mosaic Law." They will say that the first day of the week is the "Christian Shabbath" and therefore the correct day of worship, even though the fourth commandment of those ten plainly states and commands the seventh day. But they still say that they believe the "Ten Commandments" are valid. How confusing! They will tell you all kinds of things that dispute their stated belief in the "Ten Commandments" being the rule for today. It can't be both ways. Either those commandments are part of the Law of Mosheh (Moses) and not valid today, or they are not part of that law and ARE valid today. Or maybe it's something else!

Which is it? Who has the authority to say? Can we find the answers to these questions?

All questions concerning the Scripture can be answered ONLY from the Scripture. The ONLY authority that can answer any questions of Scripture is Scripture. If you believe that the Scripture is the inspired word of our Eloah (Mighty One), whose name is Yahuwah (yah-hoo-wah), then you must be willing to believe what it says. ALL OF IT! If you are going to treat it any other way, then you must discard it as not being inspired, and therefore not being worthy of believing. If you can't believe it ALL, you cannot believe any of it.

In order to get a correct scriptural answer to a scriptural question, you must realize that scripture confirms scripture, and it is through this means that its authority is made evident. If you read some little tidbit over here, for instance, that you don't understand, don't build some theory on what you think it means and put that theory into practice as doctrine. If you do this, you are doing what the scribes and Paroshiym (Pharisees) did. You are making the doctrines of man supplant the commandments of Yahuwah.

What you must do is find other scripture that confirms and supports what you read in the first instance, and if you do, it will expand and explain the first passage. This is exactly what will happen when you open yourself to the Spirit and let Him be your guide in Scripture study. When you begin to do this, you will be amazed at the things you THOUGHT you knew about the Scripture that are not really there. You will begin to see what Yahuwah's plan really is, instead of what some man has decided Yahuwah's plan should be. You will learn what Yahuwah's will is for you, instead of what some man has told you it is.

One of the first things you will see is that what people commonly call the Old Testament in fact is not. The true Old Testament is Yahuwah's system of law that He estsablished at His creation and later spoke to the people at Mount Siynay (Sinai) (Choreb [Horeb] means the mountains of Siynay) during the exodus from Mitsrayim (Egypt). It is not a collection of books of Ibriy (Hebrew) Scripture. You will also begin to understand that the New Testament is the new dispensation of Yahuwah's law that applies to us, and it became of force at the death of Yahushua. Both of these dispensations used the Ten Words (Commandments) as their framework.

After this He took Mosheh aside and gave him a set of stautes and rituals for publication that are known as the Law of Mosheh. Both of these systems ceased to be in effect at the death of Yahushua when the "new covneant" came into being, which is also based on the precepts found in the the Ten Words.

For those people who can't seem to get it straight whether or not to obey the precepts of the Ten Words (Commandments).

So ask! Then believe the answer He gives and live by it.

If someone is telling you one thing, while believing and/or practicing something else, they meet the criteria for these words of Yahushua.

Any who do not obey Yahuwah, but instead obey the doctrines and traditions of man;

Then Yahushua will say these words to those who refuse to believe Him, but go about trying to establish their own righteousness.

Here's what Yahushua had to say about obedience to the precepts found in the ten words (commandments).

Yahushua defines the New Testament:
Obviously, what Yahushua is speaking of below in verse 40 are the ten PLUS everything else. Note that the first five of the original Ten Commandments are included in what He says in verse 37. The rest of them are covered in verse 39.

Then He speaks of the Ten Words, period.

This shows that the precepts were in force while He walked the earth and the statement in MattithYahuw 22:36-40 shows how those precepts were to be obeyed for all time.

Old Testament abrogated and New Testament in force:

The shabbath being observed by followers of Yahushua after His death. Remember that the New Testament became of force AT His death, so if these rested on the seventh day according to the commandments, they were obeying the fourth commandments as His followers.

This is what Yahushua has to say about His NEW commandments.

Without a speed limit, no one can ever be guilty of speeding. Without a law, no one can ever be guilty of disobeying Yahuwah. Without the commandments, we do not need Yahushua and His sacrifice, for we would not be sinners. When we are immersed into His death, the old man of sin dies. Then we rise to walk in the likeness of Yahushua. Then the commandments will not apply to you SO LONG AS YOU CAN REFRAIN FROM SIN (See Rhomaios (Romans) 6). As soon as you violate one of them, in fact or in principle, you have fallen back into the world, are once again guilty of sin, and you must repent and pray to the Father for forgiveness for those sins through Yahushua, who became your mediator with the Father at your immersion. Prior to your immersion you had no mediator but were totally in the world and without hope.

Sha'uwl (Paul) talking about which commandments we are supposed to observe.

Here is where the LAW was abolished (somewhere in the vicinity of 600 laws that Yisra'el (Israel) had to observe).

The administrators of the Mosaic Law.

To sum it up:

On the sins of the fathers being visited on their children even to the fourth generation found in the ten words, as with any command from Yahuwah, the only authority to change it is Yahuwah Himself. He made the law, and only He can change it. This commandment was modified by Him in YirmeYahuw (Jeremiah) 31:29-30.

If you are wondering what the big deal is about all of this, read the entire twenty-fourth chapter of YashaYahuw (Isaiah). There you will see that Yahuwah will destroy this earth totally for the transgressions of the people on it, after the children of obedience are removed. He will cause it to "reel to and fro," and "turn it upside down" because:

Transgressing His law is violating the precepts of the ten words which have been compressed into TWO laws, called the law of Grace. Changing the ordinance is observing "Sunday" as the "Sabbath of Yahuwah" and the everlasting covenant that is being broken is the observance of the seventh day shabbath (Shemot 31:16, where perpetual is "owlam," which means everlasting). If you continue to disregard His will, you will be among those that perish.

C.F. Castleberry