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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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To Islamaniacs

To islamaniacs
(or all of those of islam who think that allah is "God" and that he will give you dominion over the earth. Pay attention to what the REAL Eloah of the universe, Yahuwah, has to say about it.)

From the True Scripture
A song and instrumental music of Asaph. You do not keep silence, O Elohiym. Do not hold Your peace and do not be still, O Elohiym. For, lo, Your enemies make a tumult and they that hate You have lifted up their head. They have taken crafty counsel against Your people and deliberated against the ones You have reserved. They have said, "Come! Let us destroy them as a nation so that the name of Yisra'el will not be remembered any more." They have deliberated together with one consent. They have made a compact against You.
The tabernacles of Edom, the Yishma'eliy, Mow'ab, the Hagriy, Gebal, Ammown, Amaleq, and the Pelishtiy with the inhabitants of Tsor. Ashshuwr also is joined with them. They have helped the sons of Lowt. Do to them as to the Midyan at the brook of Qiyshown that perished at Eyn Do'r, Siysera' and Yabiyn. They became dung for the earth. Make their nobles like Arob and like Ze'eb. Yes, all their princes as Zebach and as Tsalmunna' who said, "Let us take to ourselves as possessions the houses of Elohiym."
O my Elohiym, make them like a wheel, as the straw before the wind. As the fire burns wood and as the flame sets the mountains on fire, so persecute them with Your tempest and make them afraid with Your storm. Fill their faces with shame that they may seek Your name, O Yahuwah. Let them be confounded and troubled forever. Yes, let them be put to shame and perish that men may know that You, Whose name alone is Yahuwah, are the Most High over all the earth. -- Psalms 83

For those of you who do not know, all of the places and people mentioned in this end times prophetic passage of scripture, with the exception of Yisra'el, are today considered to be Arabic and are Muslim territories. They are all, except Yisra'el again, in the islamic zone of peace. The Pelishtiy are the so-called Palestinians. Others are listed below.



One of the sons of Lowt is Ammown and he lived in the area named after him (above). Mow'ab was the other son of Lowt and he too lived in the area to which he gave his name (above).

The Yishma'eliy you should know about, since you claim to be one, and are you in big trouble! As the drill sergeant says, "The pain it's a'comin'!"

I am aware that most muslims have been taught and therefore believe that the "Jewish scripture" has been corrupted. If you believe that then you are certainly as lost as muhammad, the pervert. You must disabuse yourself of that idea and recognize that Yahuwah (NOT ALLAH) is the true and ONLY Eloah. He is the Creator and He will also finish His work with the earth. He made a division well before muhammad ever came on the scene and that division should scare the wits out of you if you have any sense.

Below is one of many places in the true scripture where that division is specified and one of many scriptural reasons for you to reconsider your belief in islam and turn to the TRUE Eloah.

Yitschaq (Isaac) and Yishma'el (Ishmael) are contrasted as the son of the flesh (Yishma'el) and the son of promise (Yitschaq). Even though both were sons of our father Abraham, they are not both counted as sons, since one was the son of a concubine and the other was the son of the true wife. To which do you want to be related? The one of the flesh who is to be cast out? Or the one of the spirit to whom the kingdom will be delivered?

Yishma'el is the father of the desert tribes that came to be known by the term Arab of today, even if they are not of the Arabian Peninsula. They are a powerful people. They are a warlike people. They are a HATEFUL people. That is what the true scripture says they will be and they prove that scripture daily in the activities around the world.

(No, all terrorists are not muslim, but all muslims ARE terrorists. Even those who right now are preaching peace and tolerance (a concept foreign to the pagan qur'an) will in due time turn to the murder of innocents if they are true muslims. The qur'an demands it.)

Then comes Ya'aqob and Yishma'el. Take careful note that Esaw (who many muslims also claim as their ancestor) is NOT a favorite of the Creator. The statement that He HATES him would make me distance myself as far from any association with him as possible rather than taking the chance that I would be counted as one of Esaw's people.

Islam may actually be the source of the coming one-world religion with your mahdi (the second beast of true scripture) at the helm, but that will last for only a short period of time. I see that as a distinct possibility as fulfillment of true scriptural prophecy. BUT, even though islam may conquer and rule this world for a short while under Satan (allah, the first beast, etc.) your master, the Son that you deny will return, soon after Satan's reign is declared and world peace is established under that religion, to boot all followers of islam back to hell where they belong. Read all about it in ZekarYahuw 14 and Revelation 19-20.

The only way you can avoid that, as an individual, is to renounce the paganistic religion of islam, turn to Yahuwah, believe on His Son Yahushua, repent, and be immersed in His name for the remission of your sins. Then you too will be a true child of the Creator of the universe and part of His eternal kingdom. If you see the real love and hope in that, let me know and I will be glad to assist you in overcoming Satan and his forces that currently rule your life.

C.F. Castleberry