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The Great Tribulation

There are several periods equaling 3½ years mentioned in scripture. These periods all pertain to the endtimes and a lot of people have the mistaken idea that this period is called “The Great Tribulation.”

The way I understand it these people that believe this is “The Great Tribulation” and that is in two segments of 3½ years each, get it from Daniy’el 9:24-27 (below).

Verse 25 specifically says that when the command is given to rebuild Yeruwshalom there will be 69 weeks before Yahushua the Son of Yahuwah comes on the scene as haMashiach (starts His ministry). Since the entire prophesied time for this is 70 weeks, one week needs to be explained. The followers of the “Great Tribulation” theory believe that week, or even years, is the period of tribulation at the end. If that were true, then there has already been a period of tribulation for 3½ years.

Actually, haMashiach (Yahushua) started His ministry at the end of 69 weeks, just as was prophesied. The prophesy sequence continues to run and Yahushua preached the kingdom for 3½ years before He was killed. When He was impaled 69½ weeks of the prophecy had been fulfilled. Verse 27 gives us the period of His ministry and it is plain that only half of it was accomplished. Verse 26 tells us that He was “cut off” in the middle of the week. This statement is in fact true in two ways. One of the meanings is that His ministry was 3½ years in His first appearance and the other is that the actual day of the week on which He was impaled was the fourth day (middle day of the week). That leaves the other half of His seven year ministry remaining. That this will be a period of tribulation is sure, but it is not “The Great Tribulation” talked about by the adherents of that doctrine. In fact it is the last half of Yahushua’s ministry and it will be fulfilled on the manner of which He stated in MattithYahuw 10:34-36.

There are many errors of doctrine that are seen in the denominations due to them trying to “exoticize” the scriptures with this theory or that theory. The only way to avoid being pulled in by them is to study scripture for yourself and see if what you are being told is really true. I do not mean just to see if the verses quoted by them are really there, but that the meanings and context they have applied really exist.

C.F. Castleberry