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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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What is the Truth?

The Webster's dictionary gives many explanations for the word truth, i.e., the quality or fact of being true, honest, sincere, accurate, etc.; agreement of fact or reality; something that is true; a true statement or the real facts; an established or verified fact.

In the Greek language portion of the Scripture, the word truth is translated from the Greek word aletheia, which is defined by the Strong's concordance as; true, truly, truth, verity.

These are two definitions of the word truth. By this point in your life, hopefully, you recognize the difference between good and evil, the truth and a lie.

Do you always know when you tell a lie? Do you know when you are telling the truth?

Hopefully, you are able to answer yes. Whether or not you are telling the truth is usually fairly easy to for you to determine. However, do you always know whether or not you are being lied to? Now things begin to get more difficult. It is not always easy to determine when someone has lied to you and when someone has told you the truth, especially without the help of our Eloah, whose name is Yahuwah!

Many people will come to you preaching Yahushua who is the Anointed (the Messiah or the Christ), claiming to be telling you the truth, and telling you that their way is the way to salvation. Some people will tell you that as long as you are a pretty good person and go to "church" on Sundays that you will go to "Heaven." The Catholics will tell you that they have the power to forgive you of your sins, and they forbid people to do things such as eating meat during Lent, they also forbid their so called "priests" to marry, yet they will tell you that their way is the right way. The Baptists will tell you to pray the sinner's prayer and you shall be saved, and they will tell you that their way is the right way. The Pentecostals will tell you that they have the ability to speak in tongues and to perform miracles, and they will tell you that their way is the right way. Most of the TV preachers will tell you that if you send them your money that they will increase your financial situation, and that they can grant you eternal salvation in the "Lord's" name, and still tell you that their way is the right way. The Atheists will tell you that if you believe in Yahuwah that you are nuts, and they will tell you that their way is the right way.

Their way? What about the way of Yahuwah?

Just because someone comes to you preaching the name of Yahushua the Anointed, that does not automatically mean that they are saved, or that you will be if you believe them, or that they are telling the truth concerning the gospel. Remember that Satan also believes in Yahushua.

Does that mean that Satan will be saved?

Yahushua tells us in the book of MattithYahuw (Matthew) that not everybody who calls on the Master will be saved.

When looking for the truth concerning Yahuwah and His things, always remember that there is only one truth, and anything that is not that one truth is either a lie, intentionally or otherwise, or a perversion of that truth. Also, please understand that what you acknowledge as the truth, and how you react to what you believe to be the truth, is a matter of life and death.

If you desire to get closer to Yahuwah, you must have a love of the truth. Quite simply, love and truth is what Yahuwah is all about. How can one walk with Yahuwah, if one refuses to acknowledge Yahuwah's truth?

If you desire to know the truth, the first and most important thing is to sincerely seek Yahuwah's truth. Then ask Yahuwah the Father to reveal it to you, and He will.

The second thing that you must do if you desire to know Yahuwah's truth is to study the word for yourself. Don't take my word for it, don't take your preacher's word for it, and don't take your parent's word for it. Take only Yahuwah's word for it. All of us can be wrong, Yahuwah can't!

If you sincerely seek Yahuwah's truth, and you study with love in your heart it is certain that you will come closer to Yahuwah the Father, and his son Yahushua.

C.F. Castleberry