The Challenge

If you consider yourself to be a Christian, that is, a follower of our Savior, the Anointed Yahushua, the Son of our Creator Yahuwah (see Proverbs 30:4), I challenge you to gather all of your religious doctrines and beliefs into one place and then prove to yourself from scripture that those doctrines and beliefs are found there in their entirety and without having to play any semantictal tricks to make them fit. He said, "If you love Me, keep My commandments." You cannot be His follower if you are not in obedience to Him and you cannot be in obedience to Him if your beliefs and doctrines are not totally supported by His word.

In the vein of that challenge I have put this page together so that you can easily compare the doctrines of scripture to those of "churchianity" (which is what I call all denominational religions that do not adhere completely to scripture, which means all of them).

You may or may not believe or agree with what is written here. That is your prerogative. All of the subjects have been researched thoroughly and reflect what the scriptures say whether you choose to believe it or not. I am a fallible human, so understand that I too am open to scriptural correction and further enlightenment, but I am not open to argument. I will discuss. I will not argue. If we discuss some subject and you are right, I will change my beliefs accordingly, and I would expect the you to do the same.

Certain subjects have been presented to me so many times, and I have researched them as thoroughly as I know how, that now I no longer have any desire to "discuss" those subjects. I know what scripture says about them and I have heard all the possible arguments in support of them. Those arguments are not scripturally valid as you will see if you read the articles on this page concerning them. Those subjects are the so-called "feasts" and the clean/unclean diet of the Law of Mosheh.

As you can see on the menu bar above there is a "Resources" page from which many items that you may find interesting and/or useful in your study are available for download. All of the items are free, without any kind of obligation, and with few exceptions, in the public domain. Follow the instructions on the page and you can install them on your hard drive. I highly recommend the included Sacred Scripture of Yahuwah, Restored Names Version as a study tool to read along with and compare to whatever version of scripture you are currently using. You may be surprised at some of the things you discover.

What most people have learned in their lives about the written word of our Creator has come from parents, preachers, or other members of whatever local "church" they attended as children. Usually the things they were taught (or "inherited") were accepted without question and so became their "religion" for life. In the greatest majority of cases among the so-called modern "church," these are the very "lies, worthlessness, and unprofitable things" that YirmeYahuw (Jeremiah) wrote about in 16:19.

On occasion some people have questioned this "faith of their fathers" and found it to be wanting. When these questions deal with scriptural accuracy and adherence to the scripture, questions on subjects such as those found on this web page will become predominant. These questions can only be answered from the scripture, without adding any theories, "man's traditions," or anything else that are not absolutely supported in scripture. If it isn't in the scripture, it must not be part of our beliefs, for it will then be as our Savior said, "And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men." (MattiythYahuw [Matthew] 15:9) Many of these traditions that are being taught as commandments of Yahuwah in the Protestant faiths actually come from the Roman Catholic Church or its early predecessor as it sought to add all of the followers of pagan religions to its roster. In that effort many pagan ideas, pagan doctrines, and pagan philosophies were allowed into the practices and beliefs of that "church." There they remain today and very few people even question them anymore. The single item of pagan worship that is most evident today is the practice of worshipping on "Sunday" or the "day of the invincible sun," as the pagans called it. Scripture shows plainly that those who are truly in the body of haMashiach (the Christ or the Anointed) will show the "sign" of keeping the seventh-day shabbath in accordance with scripture.

Download these subjects freely. Study them carefully with the scripture and some good original language lexicons (and interlinears if possible) in hand. Compare what you read here with what you read in the scripture and compare what you read in the scripture with your current beliefs. Do it with the love of Yahushua in your heart and the recognition that it is His love for you that generated this site.

If you find that your beliefs don't coincide with what you read in the scriptures, it's time for you to change your beliefs.

Not all of the answers on every subject or all of the information you will ever need on a particular subject are included here, but enough is included to give you a good starting point to study for yourself what is contained in the written word of our Eloah, Whose name is Yahuwah (pronounced yah-hoo-WAH), how it has been perverted by many people, and how you can begin to understand through the guidance of His Sacred Spirit what is really there. Make sure that you take no man's word for the things of the Kingdom, for man can be fatally wrong, and you will be the one who suffers the fatal wound. Man has also been known to lie intentionally.

Read for yourself, study for yourself, and try the spirits, no matter from where or whom they may claim to be. Trust no one except Yahuwah (this includes His manifestations as the Father, the Son, and the Sacred Spirit). This principle also applies to all quoted references on any scriptural subject and must be adhered to rigorously. Always check what you are told and what you read against the standard of scripture to make sure that you are getting the true and correct information. We have been lied to about so much already, and before it's over, we will be lied to again. Remember that Satan is called a "liar and a murderer from the beginning."

C. F. "Buck" Castleberry

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