Another Pagan Holiday (holy-day)

Halloween. All Hallows Eve. The night before All Hallows (Saints) Day, a religious holiday for recognition of all the "Saints" of the Catholic Church.

How much harm can there be in a night of fun for all the children? A night of scary masks, jack-o-lanterns, and trick or treat with all the candy and goodies their precious little tummies can hold until they get a bellyache. If we just don't pay attention to the religious and spiritual overtones of the night, the fact that it is a pagan holiday, and just do the fun things, it's okay, isn't it?

Do you know the origin of this celebration? How about its real meaning to many people of this world, and other worlds? If you did know, would it make any difference to you?

If you believe that you are and profess to be a child of our Eloah, the Father of our Savior Yahushua, whose name is Yahuwah (yah-hoo-WAH), and truly intend to do His will, this night and the happenings associated with it will make all the difference in the world to you. If you are not a child of Yahuwah or do not intend to do His will, don't waste your time by reading the rest of this.

The following has been adapted with permission from a treatise on Halloween presented by Congregation Shema Yisrael, a "Messianic" Yahudiyth (Jewish) congregation.

For most people Halloween is a harmless holiday that enables kids to have fun, wear costumes and collect candy. Or is it something more?

The truth is that the origins of Halloween are deeply rooted in ancient occult pagan practices. There are reasons why ghosts, goblins, coffins, skeletons, mummies, haunted houses and witches are part of Halloween.

October 31st had a great deal of significance among the ancient peoples of the British Isles - the Celts and their priests the Druids. They celebrated this day as the "Feast of the Dead." The Celts believed that on the evening of October 31st, Saman, the lord of the dead, called forth many evil spirits. The Celts believed that the veil between our world and the spirit dimension was especially thin on this day. These pagans were afraid of these evil spirits, so their Druid priests developed various occult practices to keep the spirits away, such as:

Dressing up on Halloween: The ancient Celtic people would dress up in costumes on October 31st to confuse and ward off the evil spirits.

Giving away treats: The Celts would leave treats at their doors to appease the spirits so that they would not destroy their homes or crops.

Carving pumpkins: Witches were said to use a skull with a candle in it to light the way to their meetings. There is also the legend about "Irish Jack." Supposedly, the devil threw a burning coal at Jack, who caught it, and placed it in a turnip. Jack has been roaming the earth ever since with his "jack-o-lantern." Eventually, pumpkins replaced turnips, since it was easier to symbolize the devil's coal inside a pumpkin. Another technique to scare away the evil spirits was to carve a scary face into an object. The people hoped that the frightening face would cause the evil spirit to move on to someplace else. Do any of these pagan and occult practices sound familiar?

Later in history the Catholic Church tried to depaganize this day by calling it "Hallow Eve." However "Halloween," which means "all hallows eve" or "holy evening," is still a most unholy night.

America is rapidly leaving behind its Judeo-Christian heritage and returning to an ancient pagan past. There are growing numbers of people who take this pagan occult day very seriously. Adherents of witchcraft still celebrate Halloween as the "Feast of the Dead." Satanists consider this their most important day.

Whether you believe in Satan or not, there are real spiritual forces that exist in the universe that are not to be played with. You can open yourself up to these dark forces, whether you believe in them or not! Dabbling with ouija boards, crystals, tarot cards, palm readers, psychics, channeling, seances, astrology, meditation techniques, witchcraft, and Satanism all expose us to the dark forces of the supernatural!

The Scriptures speak with authority about the danger of toying with these things. The Scriptures reveal that Satan is a reality. He is a powerful spirit being who is vastly intelligent and totally evil and corrupt. He is the adversary of our Elohiym and man. He has many helpers, who are called "demons" or "evil spirits," who work under him. The Scriptures inform us that these powerful beings greatly influence the life, politics, economics, and morals of this world.

There is a growing preoccupation with the supernatural in our society. We have a spiritual vacuum that longs to be filled. We can fill it with either the evil side or the good side of the supernatural. The good side is the side that our Elohiym wants us to explore. It is opened to us by Yahushua - the Messiah of Yahuwah. He is the key that unlocks the good side of the supernatural and opens the door to our Elohiym's eternal world.

The Scripture tells us that Satan uses his great intelligence to try and deceive us. He wants us to miss out on Yahuwah and the eternal life that He offers us through the Messiah. Don't let Satan TRICK you out of spending eternity with our Elohiym!

Accept Yahuwah's TREAT - a personal relationship with Him that will last forever. Read His supernatural Book - the Scriptures. Pray for Yahuwah to reveal Himself and His Messiah Yahushua to you. Don't fall for Satan's trick. Receive our Elohiym's incredible treat that will last forever. Trick or treat - the choice is yours!

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