The Destructive Emotion

In recent years “hate” has been given free rein in the United States of America and around the world. Most of the hateful actions that occur around the world (excluding the US) are a direct action of terror or other evil perpetrated by muslims in their quest for world dominion in the name of their pagan deity allah. In the United States the catalyst for the amount of hate being demonstrated by the individuals and organizations is the election and reelection of Barry Soetero (aka Barack Hussein Obama) as president and the subsequent racially divisive, economically disastrous, and just plain evil acts this evil illegal alien homosexual muslim lying man has perpetrated on the US since entering the white house the first time. Even now many years after his reign ended his legacy lives on. He has even instituted a "shadow government" that is working hard to undermine the lawful governmnent of the US, and it is having much success as of this date. You can even see it in the political arena as politicans publicly spue hatred for other politicians who disagree with their particular socialist stances.

I have had several question me about how the follower of Yahushua should respond to this man and his actions. That is a tough one for me, as he evokes the same kind of negative response in me as he does other people of good conscience and moral character. I can hardly stand the sight of him much less the thought of what he has done to this country. I fear that his plans for further destruction will be realized too, as he implements a socialist state with himself as the overlord or dictator. I believe that he is either the coming islamic mahdi (second beast of Revelation) or the forerunner to usher in that man’s reign of terror in the world.

So how do we respond to this evil man? Yahushua said that we are to love our enemies, which he certainly is, and so we must. That is not to say that we also must love his actions, and so I don’t. Even Yahushua said that He hates the doctrines of the Nikolaites so we can also hate the ideology and doctrines that this evil man has perpetrated on the nation.

The only saving grace in all of this is that I know it is all part of the end times scenario and Yahuwah is in control, even when we can’t seem to see that. I have said before that I believed that America had to fall in order for certain scriptural prophecy to be fulfilled, and fall it will as it is doing this day. The above mentioned prophecy deals with the Yisra’el and how it is attacked and subjugated in the last days. With America standing with Yisra’el that nation was always able to fight off any attempts to destroy it or subjugate it. Now with America getting out of the way with Barry Soetero actively encouraging and financially supporting his muslim brothers that want to destroy Yisra’el, the prophecy will certainly be fulfilled soon.

Hate is a common emotion mentioned many times in scripture, and one of the most common mentions is the fact that Yahuwah hates certain things AND people. He makes the statement that Ya’aqob He loves, but Esaw He hates (Mal. 1:2-3). Dawiyd writes again and again how he hates those that hate Yahuwah, how he hates the congregation of evil, and many other things. The occurrences are too numerous to list, but you can see them for yourself in Psalms and other books where Dawiyd was active.

So can a follower of Yahushua have hatred in his heart? The answer is yes, but he must be very careful about what that hatred is for.

Everywhere the word “hate” and variants, such as "hated" and "hateful," appear in the RNV of scripture it is rendered from one of the two words below:

    Ibriy {H8130} sane' {saw-nay') to hate, be hateful

    Greek {G3404} miseo {mis-eh'-o} - to hate, pursue with hatred, detest

C.F. Castleberry