Names of "God"

Exo 6:8 - I am Yahuwah.

The names of God (Eloah) have received much attention as of late, and it seems almost everywhere you look you see a new list, index or directory, said to contain the names of our Eloah. Well I am here to set the record straight and tell you that they all, each and every one of them, have it WRONG!

That's a pretty bold claim to make. You might be wondering on whose authority do I make such a claim, or just where do I get my proof to support such a claim? The answer to that is simple my friend, it is from the same authority and source that all of our articles are taken. This article, and all articles on our website, are completed based in scripture. It is by our Almighty Creator's authority that they are written, and it His Word that is the source of our testimony. We know of no other source to which we can turn which will provide as trustworthy an answer, to do this, we turn to the Restored Names Version of Scripture (RNV). We strongly prefer, and highly recommend the RNV as it uses the proper Ibriy (Hebrew) names for people and places, giving them the due respect they deserve. If you would like to download a FREE COPY of the RNV you may do so from this web page, Consider This. We highly encourage you: DO NOT TAKE OUR WORDS AS FACT, but to search the scripture verses for yourself to prove them.

FACT: Our Eloah has only ONE NAME, it is widely recognized and known by theologians as the Tetragrammaton, which is (from the Greek τετραγράμματον, meaning, "(consisting) of four letters - It originates from tetra "four" + gramma (gen. grammatos) "letter"). The actual four letters of the name of our Eloah are YHWH, Yahuwah , pronounced (Yah-hoo-wah). However, this article is not written to explain our Eloah's name, we have many fine articles on our Eloah's name. To view a complete list of our articles please click here. No, the purpose of this article is to completely refute and absolutely prove false any and all accounts, annotations, articles, books, blogs, comments, commentaries, declarations, descriptions, dictionaries, editorials, essays, explanations, information, interpretations, manuscripts, magazines, notes, observations, proclamations, remarks, reports, statements, testimonies, websites, or other form of communication, that erroneously insist our almighty Eloah has more than one name. Scripture consistently divulges the truth in this matter. Only One Name is found almost 7,000 times for our Almighty Father, and it is very important that we use it. Our Creator always intended for us, His followers, to know and properly use His Sacred Name.

Perhaps you don't believe that all of the numerous authors, who make the claim our Almighty Creator Yahuwah has more than one name, are in fact totally wrong? You may be thinking, "How can so many people agree that He has more than one name, and not be right? Surely they must have something right, don't they?" Well my friends, if there is one thing that history has taught us, and we can be absolutely certain of, is that given the worlds population as a whole, humans are completely happy to put their faith and belief in false teachings. People defend false teachings to the death and eagerly punish anyone and everyone not willing to succumb, that is until some brave soul comes along prepared to set the facts straight. Remember, it was not that very long ago when everyone on Earth believed the world was flat, and that it was the center of our universe with the Sun revolving around it.

It wasn't until the sixteenth century, in the year 1519, when Ferdinand Magellan left Spain with five ships and the goal of sailing around the world so that the "Flat Earth" theory would be seriously challenged. Further, it was commonly accepted that the Sun revoled around the Earth until 24 years later, in 1543, when Renaissance mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus tried to revive the heliocentric theory (a sun-centered hypothesis of the universe). Fear of being branded a heretic by the Church caused him to wait until his deathbed before publishing "De Revolutionibus." In this work Copernicus formulated a fully predictive model of the universe in which the Earth is just another planet orbiting the Sun, and from his publication what is known as the "Copernican Revolution" ensued and is now thought to be the launching point to modern astronomy. It is important to keep in mind that at the time the leaders of the Catholic Church forbade all of the people to read Copernicus’ work and vigorously endeavored to suppress all arguments relating to the heliocentric theory. Prior to the sixteenth century this truth was ignored and suppressed. However, today it is generally accepted and the world's population as a whole believe the world to be round, orbits the sun, and that it is not the center of the universe. (Exception: Certain islmaic mullahs still teach that the earth is flat!)

Furthermore, for years people held the belief that man would never fly and that man would never reach the moon. There are countless more examples from history where popular belief has been proven wrong. However none of these examples are of actual significance as it applies to our salvation. What is of actual significance is learning and accepting the truth as given by our Creator, our Almighty Father Yahuwah. It is from His Word that we can learn the truth, but it is up to us to accept it, and just as in the days of Copernicus, there are still those today who vigorously labor suppress the truth.

Scripture firmly establishes that there are forces constantly working to deceive those who seek the truth. We learn from the book of Revelation, in chapter 12, verse 9 "And the great dragon was thrown out, that old serpent called the Diablos and Satan, that deceives the whole world." It is crucial to recognize that the verse asserts SATAN DECEIVES THE WHOLE WORLD. This literally means that what the world as a whole believes, or popular opinion, is wrong. They have been deceived! As well, in His parable of the Sower and the seed, our Savior Yahushua the anointed (Jesus Christ) revealed to His delegates that Satan works to take away the truth from those who have heard it: "Moreover these are the ones by the wayside where the word is sown. When they hear, Satan comes immediately and takes away the word that was sown in their hearts." Markos (Mark) 4:15

How can our loving Eloah allow this to happen you might wonder? Well scripture reveals this to us too, and we find the answer in 2 Thessalonikeos (Thessalonians) 2:10-11, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish because they did not receive the loving affection of the truth that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason Yahuwah will send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie. Scripture plainly states that we must cultivate a loving affection of the truth in order for us to be saved, otherwise Yahuwah allows us to believe in the lies and we will surely perish.

FACT: Did you know that Yahushua publicly declared that His name would not be accepted! It is recorded by Yahuchanan (John) in Yah 5:43 "I have come in My Father's name and you do not receive Me. If another comes in his own name, him you will receive." Yahushua also gave clear instruction regarding the importance of knowing and using his name, and that it is exceedingly vital to our very salvation, as we learn in the book of Acts 4:11-12, where we read, "This is the 'stone that was rejected by you builders, that has become the head of the corner. 12 And there is not salvation in any other, for there is no other name under the sky given among men by which we must be saved."

Let me restate this verse as it is truly essential for us to understand - there is not salvation in any other,... there is no other name... by which we must be saved!

Do you perceive the significance of Acts 4:11-12? Do you comprehend the consequences of not using His correct name?

My friends, do not let this scripture be taken from you by Satan, for if Yahuwah's Word is taken from you, all that is left is deceit and lies. Instead, cultivate a strong loving affection of the truth and hold on to it with all your might that you may be saved. We learn in YirmeYahuw (Jeremiah) 29:13 "And you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart." We will find Him when we search for Him with all our heart! To learn more about the names of our Creator and Savior please visit the following articles:

From LORD to Yahuwah, The Father's Name, and Jesus or Yahushua.

We have just provided evidence from scripture why it is imperative for us to call on the name of Yahushua, but you may still be wondering, why should an English speaking person call on the Ibriy (Hebrew) name of Yahuwah? One answer is actually quite simple. Personal names do not translate across languages. For instance, Sue Smith is still Sue Smith in any country or language. Personal names do not translate, they transliterate. In other words, they retain their original pronunciation o matter in what language they are spoken. Given this fact, most of the so-called names for our Eloah, such as "The LORD," are by no means a translation of His name "Yahuwah" at all. "The LORD" is in fact a direct replacement of His name, completely rejecting our Creator's most sacred name! What a slap in His face, care to guess who is behind it?

Rest assured Satan most certainly does not want us to come to know, and to use our Almighty Father's name Yahuwah and that of His son Yahushua. For in so doing we accept the truth and begin to comprehend the extensive deception Satan has pulled on the world. Are you ready to believe?

But, maybe you are thinking, is there scriptural proof that states Gentiles (non-Ibriy) people should be calling on His name giving in Ibriy? The answer is, "Yes there is." Let us look at these verses:

Mal 1:11 "because from the place of the rising of the sun and its going in, My name will be great among the nations, and in every place a sacrifice will be made to draw near to My name with a pure offering, for My name will be great among the nations," says Yahuwah of hosts.

Act 9:15 But the Master said to him, "Go, for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before nations, kings, and the sons of Yisra'el."

Act 15:14 Shim’own (Simon) has declared how Yahuwah at the first visited the nations to take out of them a people for His name.

Rom 10:13 For "whoever calls on the name of Yahuwah may be saved."

To remove Yahuwah's name from scripture was wrong, it is a colossal mistake, absolutely no one had the authority to do so, and we are certainly not the only ones who believe this. Here are some quotes from other authors regarding the replacement of our Creator's name:

"...the suppression of The Name (Yahuwah) has entailed upon the reader, and especially upon the hearer, irreparable loss...its suppression was a MISTAKE..." --Rotherham, 1, Ch. IV, 22-29

"The substitution of the word "Lord" is most unhappy; in NO WAY represents the meaning of the sacred name (Yahuwah)..."- The 1872 edition of Smith's Scripture Dictionary

"...the most common "ERROR" made by most translators in the last 3500 their elimination of heaven's revealed Name of the Most High, YAHUWAH" - A. B. Traina; in the Preface of the Holy Name Scripture

Now there are perhaps as many different reasons as to why our Eloah's name has been removed from scripture as there are different versions of scripture, but one thing is for certain, each and everyone of them redirect worship away from Yahuwah the one and only true Eloah.

Next I will attempt to briefly discuss seven of the most popular reasons given as to why translators have removed Yahuwah's name from scripture:

Reason 1. Anti-Semitic Feelings

The Ibriy Eloah Yahuwah and the foretold Yahushua the Anointed were hated and despised by the Greeks and Romans. When Christianity became a State Religion of Rome every attempt to blot out the Ibriy origins of Yahuwah and Yahushua were employed and Removing Yahuwah's name from scripture was a major attempt to obscure its heritage.

Reason 2. Support of Trinitarian Doctrine

When Rome voted to adopt the doctrine of the Trinity in her empire the name Yahuwah interfered and hindered the newly adopted teaching that Yahushua was the Almighty God. Rome paid her translators to remove our Eloah's name from the Scripture.

Reason 3. MONEY (perhaps should be number one reason today)

Because Yahuwah was not popular with the world of mankind, they sought to remove Him from their scriptures. Translators knew that for their scriptures to be purchased they would need to appeal to their readers. They also knew that if they used the Divine Name Yahuwah, then people would not purchase their Version and thus they would lose money. The name Yahuwah appears in the original Ibriy text nearly Seven Thousand times, but the NIV version fails to mention it even once.

When asked about this, Edwin H. Palmer, Th.D., Executive Secretary for the NIV's committee wrote: "Here is why we did not: You are right - that Yahuwah is a distinctive name for God and ideally we should have used it. But we put 2 1/4 million dollars into this translation and a sure way of throwing that down the drain is to translate, for example, Psalm 23 as, 'YAHUWAH is my shepherd.' Immediately, we would have translated for nothing. Nobody would have used it (or purchased it). Oh, maybe you and a handful [of] others. But a Christian has to be also wise and practical. We are the victims of 350 years of the King James tradition. It is far better to get two million to read it-that is how many have bought it to date-and to follow the King James, than to have two thousand buy it and have the correct translation of YAHUWAH. It was a hard decision, and many of our translators agree with you." - The Reason NIV removed Yahuwah's Name Edwin H. Palmer, Th.D., Executive Secretary for the NIV's committee.


It was a tradition of the Yahudiym (Jews) to avoid using Elohiym's name altogether. They stopped all mention of him. No longer using Elohiym's Divine Name, they no longer used it in their prayers, even making it a sin to say his name out loud. They considered it "blasphemy" to utter the name of God, Yahuwah. Many translators admit to following this "Jewish Tradition" and have thus removed Yahuwah's name and replaced it with Titles such as "LORD" and "GOD" - all in capitals - to show that they have removed Elohiym's name in those places. Yahushua [Jesus] condemned the man-made tradition of the Yahudiym (Jews). Following their lead in this would be directly against the teachings of Yahushua on this issue. "...YAHUWAH, is the proper personal name of the God of Israel...the term Adonai, ‘My Lord’ was later used as a SUBSTITUTE. The word LORD in the present version represents the TRADITIONAL usage." - New American Scripture (Catholic) Introduction to the O. T., Page XI.


During the time when Israel was in slavery to Babel (Babylon), she absorbed and adopted many Babylonian customs and ideas. One of these was the "Superstition" against using the name of a God - for fear that bad things would happen to them. As the Babel called their Chief God, Marduk, by the title "LORD" so as not to offend him, so too the Yahudiym adopted this idea in reference to Yahuwah.


Some Scripture Translators say that they have removed Elohiym's name from the Scripture - because Yahuwah is not the proper way to say Elohiym's name in Ibriy. This reasoning is merely an excuse and not a reason at all. For if this reason was valid, then we would also have to remove Yahushua [Jesus] name from the Scripture, since the name "Jesus " is not the way that it was written or spoken in Ibriy either. Many Ibriy names are written in the Scripture not as they were in Ibriy and yet we do not remove them. Therefore this reasoning is truly invalid. Examples of Ibriy names in scripture which are translated into English - much differently than their original Ibriy counterparts are: Jesus, Jeremiah, Jonah, Joel, Jerusalem, Joshua, etc.

"... the Committee... is, omitting the name of God (because) the word 'Yahuwah' does not accurately represent any form of the Name ever used in Hebrew..." - The Preface of the Revised Standard Version.


"God does not need to be distinguished from other gods." Some translators have made this statement. WOW, you have to wonder if these guys even read the scripture that they translated? Yahuwah deemed it necessary to name all the stars in the heavens, and to place his name upon His people, and upon places that were important to Him. His word emphasizes the importance of a name. So why didn't the translators remove the names of numerous false elohiym from the Scripture?

In the Review and Herald, December 16, 1971 it stated "Where the Philistines worshipped Dawgon, the Egyptians, Amen, and the Ammonites, Milcom, the Ibriy worshipped YAHUWAH. The title 'god' is ALSO applied to many false deities in Scriptures as well as to YAHUWAH Himself, hence it is NOT a term by which one can be distinguished from the others. When the voice said, 'I am YAHUWAH,' there was no doubt in any listener's mind as to the identity of the speaker. He was the Ibriy Eloah. So far as is known, no other peoples called their god by this name."

In the preface of the Revised Standard Version under reasons for the removal of our Eloah's personal name Yahuwah we read "the use of any proper name for the one and only God... is entirely inappropriate for the universal faith of the Christian Church."

So where did all these writers get this idea that our Eloah Yahuwah has many names?

Well, what all of these misguided, albeit perhaps well meaning, authors have done is to attach the Ibriy adjectives, the words used to describe the noun, to the word(s) used to replace our Almighty Eloah Yahuwah. Now adjectives as you know may come before or after the noun or pronoun they describe, identify, or further define. However, the adjective’s purpose is always used to reveal an attribute or charateristic of that noun or pronoun. As an example, the word elephant is a noun. It could be a Large elephant, a Grey elephant, or even a Friendly elephant. The words Large, Gray, and Friendly are all adjectives. Except, we do not add the adjective describing the elephant as part of its name. Adjectives are necessary to help explain the meaning of a sentence, to make it more comprehensible or more precise.

I do genuinely apologize for giving that brief grammar lesson, nevertheless, I believe it truly was necessary if we are to fully understand how all of these attributes and charateristic have erroneously been used to replace Yahuwah's one true name.

The authors of these books that claim our Eloah has many different names have chosen to use for their research the most popular English versions of scripture. Regrettably all of the most popular English versions of scripture have replaced the sacred name of Yahuwah. In so choosing, they were left with out a good identity for the Eloah of Scripture, and instead found generic words such as "God" or "the LORD." In an effort to better identify with this nonspecific words; "God" and "the LORD", it made sense to include the adjectives. Remember, adjectives describe, identify or further define. How else could one identify with a generic word. Our names truly are our identities. In removing the name Yahuwah from scripture, these popular versions have removed our Eloah's very identity.

It is interesting to note that, when Americans reach for their Bibles, more than one half of them (55 percent) pick up a King James Version (KJV). Nineteen percent read the New International Version (NIV), with the percentages dropping into the single digits for such versions as the New Revised Standard Version, New America Bible, and the Living Bible, as reported in a new study by Mark Noll titled, "The Bible in American Life," developed at the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Again it is of great significance to recognize that in many cases these versions of scripture have intentionally omitted or replaced our creator’s name Yahuwah. In fact, you will find that all of the popular English versions of scripture as listed in the preceding paragraph DO NOT use His name. They have chosen to replace our Almighty Creator's name Yahuwah in their versions of scripture, with a title, "the LORD," in all caps. This important information was at one time included in the preface of those versions, however, it has long since been removed so that any uninformed reader will have no idea of what they have done, or that our Almighty Creator even has a name.

In the following table we have provided some of the more popular Ibriy words, along with the adjectives, which are said to be some of our Creator's names. As well, we have included the English translation of the Ibriy word and the English words used in scripture with some examples of where in scripture they may be found. As you study the table a concept will begin to grow in your mind. By the time you reach the bottom of the table we believe that what you will have easily discerned the truth.

WARNING: - We caution you that by studying the table you may determine: 1) all of these so called names are actually nothing more than adjectives, and 2) they were used by the writer of scripture to aid in defining His character so that we may grow closer to Him.

Ibriy Word, Definition

English Word Used

Scripture Location

Elohiym (Mighty Ones)

God - (Should be plural)

Gen 1:1

El (Might, Power)

God or the LORD

Gen 14:18

Eloah (Mighty One)

God or the LORD

Neh 9:17

YHWH (Yahuwah)

Jehovah, God, the LORD

Gen 2:4; 15:2; Ex 6:3

Yahuw (poetic abbreviation of Yahuwah)


Psalm 68:4

Adon (Lord, Ruler)


Jos 3:11

Adonai (Lords, Rulers)

Lords, Rulers - plural

Gen 15:2

Eheyeh asher Eheyeh

I Am That I Am

Ex 3:14


I Am

Ex 3:14; Isa 40-55

El-Elyon (Supreme Might)

Most High God

Gen 14:18

El-Roiy (Sight)

The God Of Sight

Gen 16:13

El-Shaddai (All Powerful)

Almighty God

Gen 17:1

El-Olam: (Everlasting)

Everlasting God

Gen 21:33

EL-Sabaoth (Lord of Armies)

God or the LORD of Hosts

1 Sam 1:3

EL-Jireh: will see or provide

God or the LORD will provide

Gen 22:14 

EL-Rapha: heals

I, God or the LORD, am your healer.

Ex 15:26 

EL-Nissi: our banner or victory

God or the LORD is my banner

Ex 17:15 

EL-M'kaddesh: sanctifies

God or the LORD who sanctifies you

Ex 31:13

EL-Shalom: peace

God or the LORD is peace

Jud 6:24 

EL-Raah: my shepherd

God or the LORD is my shepherd

Psalm 23:1 

EL-Hoseenu: creator

God or the LORD our maker

Psalm 95:6 

EL-Tsidkenu: righteousness

God or the LORD our righteousness

Jer 23:6 

EL-Shammah: Present

God or the LORD who is there

Ezk 48:35 

HaShem: the Name

The name

Lev 24:16

This reference table is by no means all inclusive of the numerous adjectives that are used throughout scripture to help us increase our knowledge of the Almighty Father. However I am absolutely confident that you have come to the conclusion, through the examples we have provided, that these so-called names of our Eloah are exactly what I have declared them to be, adjectives. In fact this becomes extremely obvious in the last half of the table where the adjective has been merely added to the Ibriy word El. If you have not reached the conclusion that the words mistakenly used for His name are indeed adjectives, then I would ask you to spend just a few more minutes studying the table.

Once we clearly understand that our Almighty Father has only one name,and that it is Yahuwah, we can start to develop a close personal relationship with Him. Through daily reading of His word we come to appreciate all of His wonderful attributes, a clear picture is formed of who He is, and what He wants for us.

We earnestly hope we have answered all of your questions surrounding Yahuwah's name and that you will choose to develop a close personal relationship with our Eloah Yahuwah. You will be totally blessed for doing so!

If you have more questions or would like to further discuss how to get into and stay in the body of Yahushua the Anointed, please feel free to contact any of us at the email addresses in the menu bar above.

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