The Coming Deaths of the Saints


    And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of Yahuwah and for the testimony which they held. -- Revelation 6:9

    And I saw thrones and they sat upon them and judgment was given to them and the souls of them that were beheaded through the witness of Yahushua and for the word of Yahuwah and that had not worshipped the wild beast, neither his image and had not received the mark upon their foreheads and in their hands, and they lived and reigned with the Anointed a thousand years. -- Revelation 20:4

Over the last two millennia there have been many innocent believers in Yahushua slain for the word of Yahuwah. Many were slain by the Roman Catholic Church or at her instigation in her bid to totally dominate the world by controlling the faith of the people with her pagan abominations. Even after the so-called Protestant Reformation Roman Catholics of all countries made many successful and unsuccessful attempts to regain full control and not allow Protestants any say in government or social endeavors. All of those efforts invariably resulted in much loss of life and property for the Protestants.

One of the best known of these attempts is the slaughter of around 100,000 unarmed French Protestants in what is referred to as the "Saint Bartholmew's Day Massacre" of 1524 CE. There are many others with an accumulated total of well over several million souls. For these she will be punished severely in the coming cataclysm (See Revelation chapters 14-18).

There were many more, even many loyal Catholics who were falsely accused, who were tortured and killed in the Inquisitions so that the local "priests" could confiscate their property for the "Church" and extend their rule of fear to all areas of the known world. These same "priests" were involved in atrocities of sexual excess and gluttony that the Roman Catholic Church had much rather modern people never heard about.

Something that most people of the Western World don't realize is that of the tremendous number of people who have died for their witness of Yahushua, even considering the large numbers slain by the Roman Catholic Church, the greatest majority have been murdered in cold blood by muslims in their quest to assimilate the entire world under the banner of islam. Some were killed in battle but the greatest majority were innocent noncombatants who merely wanted to be left alone to live and worship as they saw fit. Islam does not allow that in territories they have conquered however. Contrary to the propaganda that is being circulated today there is not now nor has there ever been any such thing as tolerance for other faiths in the islamic controlled areas. Just as the "Borg" of Star Trek say, "Resistance is futile. You shall be assimilated," so has the intent of islam always been. The word from islam is now and has always been "submit or die." (The word islam literally means "submission."

By the way, islam has had several inquisitions very similar to those of the Roman Catholic Church where loyal muslims were falsely accused, tortured, and murdered because some caliph or other imam wanted their wives or property.

Did you know that the qur'an actually calls for a jihad ("holy war") against all unbelievers (infidels) of islam and also says that any muslim "holy warrior" who dies in that effort will receive an instant translation to paradise where he will be tended by virginal girls AND boys? (Yes, followers of islam are heavily homosexually oriented, both male and female.) No wonder so many of them violate other qur'anic passages that forbid suicide. They are told by their "imam" (leaders) that as long as their death is in the service of allah and for the murder of "infidels" then it does not matter how they die. Note however that you do not see any of the "imam" out blowing themselves up.

Although there were many methods of execution used by muslims in enforcing their "sharia," or islamic law, the primary method of killing the "infidels" whom they had conquered, no matter whether the "infidel" was an orthodox Yahudiy, a follower of the Anolnted, a pagan, or an ex-member of islam who had recanted his faith in islam, was by decapitation. Although they are not the only society who has used this method on occasion, they are the ONLY people who have consistently used this method as their primary means of executing those they considered to be their enemies.

The history of islam is replete with the atrocities perpetrated by the muslims in the name of allah. No tolerance. No mercy. No benevolence. No forgiveness. Just murder of the innocent and rapine. Those they did not murder they took as slaves for themselves or sold into slavery. This is also permitted by the qur'an. Muhammad always made sure that all of his murderous binges were okayed by "revelation" from allah too. Soon after anything was done that anybody questioned, he had a revelation that said it was okay. Sounds sort of like Joseph Smith of Mormon infamy, doesn't it?

This qur'anic okay of the slaughter of innocents in the conquest of non-muslim territory is more evident in the "Medina" period of the "suras" or chapters that he "revealed" of the qur'an than it is from the earliest periods, which is known as the "Mecca" period. The difference is that after his military foothold was secure in Medina, he no longer had to speak softly and convince people with words that islam was right. All he had to do was kill anyone who refused to be converted and since he was the "prophet" of allah, no one could tell him no. Another example of absolute power corrupting absolutely. Muhammad was not the friendly and peaceful "prophet of God" that muslims would like for you to believe he was either. He was a ferocious, bloodthirsty, and immoral murdering pedophile and history attests to that fact.

Something else of which most Westerners are also not aware is the continuing muslim traffic in human slaves, most of them from the African sub-continent. Some are from other areas, but most are Negro children who are sold into slavery by their parents. If those in America like that bigot Jesse Jackson and his racist buddy Al Sharpton, who like to rant and rave about being slaves 400 hundred years ago, are really so dead set against slavery, then they should be taking steps to publicize and correct this situation now. But they won't even acknowledge that it is happening. This is happening TODAY, and although the race of the slave is immaterial to the muslim, it is mostly young African blacks who are being enslaved (see the French Newspaper Le Monde for stories on this subject).

(Revelation 20:4) And I saw thrones and they sat upon them. And judgment was given to them. And the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Yahushua and for the word of Yahuwah and which had not worshipped the beast or his image. Neither had received his mark upon their foreheads or in their hands, and they lived and reigned with haMashiach for a thousand years.

As this world age draws to a close, we can expect islam to gain in strength, no matter how hard, how well, or how long, or by whom the fight against their terrorist tactics is waged. Islam is a horrifying and virulent cancer on the body of civilized society. Just look at all of the muslim enclaves and terrorist training camps in the United States and other "democratic" countries that serve as platforms to support and launch attacks against the citizens of those nations. Even the charitable organizations to which people innocently contribute with the intent to ease the suffering in islamic countries have been turned to the murder of their non-muslim contributors. EVERY mosque in the world has the potential to be a front for terrorism and is most likely supporting terrorism in one way or another. Even the so-called "moderate" muslims are bound by the qur'an to support the efforts of the "jihad" against the unbelievers (infidels or non-Muslims). As one "imam" said, "Behind closed doors there is no such thing as a moderate muslim."

The single best indicator of how virulent and decadent islam really is that in all democratic countries where they have gained a foothold they are now clamoring for control of their own "culture" under the islamic law instead of the secular laws of those nations. Rather than being assimilated into the society which is offering them haven from a harsh and barely subsistent life in their native countries and becoming a productive part of that host country they are trying to make their host countries change to be just like the countries they left. Recent history shows that the societies of every country that has gone from a democratic or parliamentary form of government to one of islamic law has returned to the middle ages in terms of food production, human rights, sanitation, housing, and every other thing that is considered normal in modern Western society. Now the muslims are trying to leave those backward and stagnant countries and migrate to the Western nations who still have a secular government. Yet when they get there, they immediately want to set up a regime just like the one they just left. How stupid is that?

The really bad thing is that those host nations in the name of politcal correctness are accommodating their demands. Now that is REALLY stupid!

In order for scripture to be fulfilled, the United States will be overrun or at least lose her effectiveness as the leader of the "free world." This is necessary for Yeruwshalom to be attacked as scripture states it must be. The United States is basically the bulwark that currently stands between Yisra'el and total annihilation from Islamic sources. That bulwark is cracked and losing its effectiveness. Once we are out of the way, the kings of the earth, under the flags of islam, will attack and fulfill the battle that will be staged from Har-Meggidown.

So be aware that islam is not the kind, tolerant, and peaceful religion being touted by the liberal elitists who have no real idea about the state of this world or the one to come. Because of the extreme hatred of those like us who eat bacon and worship the Son of Yahuwah, who they claim is a prophet but NOT the Son of Yahuwah, expect for this spirit of antichrist religion to begin a purge of all those who refuse to accept that muhammad was a prophet instead of a murdering butcher with no morals. That purge will be with the sword and the loss of our heads.

Even so, come, Master Yahushua.

C.F. Castleberry