The Caliph of the New Order

The Antichrist Reigns

Scripture clearly says that in the time just before the end that this earth will suffer under a one-world government, and that government will be anything but benevolent. In the article The Second Beast I have explained why I believe this government of the New World Order will be the islamic caliphate so desired and even prophesied by muslims. All signs point to islam as the source of the evil which will engulf the world for at least three and one half years just prior to the return of our Savior Yahushua, the Son of our Creator Yahuwah.

Some very unusual items of news that indicate fulfillment of scriptural prophecy and the approach of this caliphate are being brought to light as we approach the end of times. As part of that fulfillment we should be expecting the second beast to be getting ready to take over the reins of government around the world in order to establish his one-world order, but who could this man be? Can we recognize him from what scripture says compared to what we see in the news media of today? Does scripture give us any clue about his identify? Can we recognize and identify him at all?

I believe it does and we can.

We know from scripture that this coming leader is the son of perdition (2 Thess 2:1-4) and the "lawless one," and that he will be very and noticeably evil, yet mankind is going to welcome him with open arms and adulation. He will take control of the ten nation coalition that will be the base of this caliphate, and that coalition is already forming up in Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. They are right now calling themselves the "Islamic State," also known as ISIS, and their control of the middle east will continue to increase regardless of what the western nations and the the shi'a muslim countries do to stop them. All they need is for this charismatic leader to step forward and take control.

Yahuhsua identified satan, who is also the son of perdition and will be this caliph, BY NAME in His discourse to the seventy just before He sent them into the "harvest." This is found in Loukas (Luke) 10:18 and is amazing in that we never noticed it until now. What He said as translated into English from the Greek is below.

    Loukas 10:18 (RNV) And He said to them, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from the sky.

I have said many times that Yahushua did NOT speak Greek in His teachings but His native Ibriy language and sometimes even Kasdiy, but mostly Ibriy. This same verse spoken in His native Ibriy language would say that Yahushua "saw satan fall as baraq o'bama." That is a straightforward rendering of the Ibriy words transliterated into English. What could be more plain than that?

It might be said by some that such a coming together of words to point to an individual man is just coincidence, but I personally do not believe in coincidence, and especially when it is scripture related.

Something else related to that evil man (see the article Hate - The Destructive Emotion) that has just come into the public eye is below. This is really something when put together with other indicators of the identity of the lawless one.

To begin with, Obama is a proven homosexual and his "wife" Michelle should be called Michael because all the evidence points to "her" being born a man, so the two girls they claim as daugters have to be adopted. This is apparent too as neither of the girls resembles either of their "parents" and don't even resemble each other. More than likely these girls were adopted from Kenya as no birth records can be found for them in the United States.

These girls names are Natasha and Malia. In and of itself this is nothing of any real interest. However, consider the fact that Obama is also a muslim, regardless of his claims to be a "Christian," and muslims, as do the Ibriy from whom they copied this and most other things of their society, write their script from right to left. Using that standard and writing the girls names in that manner produces "Ailam + Ahsatan = ailamahsatan." Removing the name "alah" from that produces the phrase "I am satan." In light of the comparisons I have already made and stated, that is just too wierd to be a coincidence. It would also be typical of satan, AND Barak Obama, to name them like this as an in your face type of action because he thought the world was too stupid and dull-witted to see it.

I will make the statement that based on all the evidence I have seen to date that Barry Soetero, aka Barak Hussein Obama, is the son of perdition and will head the caliphate of the new world order. I realize that I could be wrong, and if I am I will admit it when proven, but the evidence is strong at this point.

As always, make up your own mind about the meaning of what I have written above, but also check it out to see if it is true and correct. In these times we MUST keep our eyes open to events so that we are not caught off-guard when things occur that we have to know about.

As more evidence of this nature comes to light, and I believe it will over the next eighteen months, I will add it to this article.

Buck Castleberry