Doctrinal Statement

What We Surely Believe to be True

  • GOD: Is a pagan title and name that must not be used to name or describe our Creator. There is only One who is, was, and will always be, the one true Eloah (rendered as God in most English versions), with no others before Him or after Him. Through His power the universe and all that is in it was created. His name is Yahuwah (yah-hoo-WAH).

  • SAVIOR: is Yahushua (yah-hoo-SHOO-ah) the Anointed (Christ) and the living Son of the living Eloah, Yahuwah. He died for us, was buried, and arose after the third day by the power of Yahuwah as He said He would, and now sits on the right hand of our Eloah and Father awaiting His triumphal return to this planet sometime in the very near future. He is the cornerstone of the foundation of His called out assembly (ekklesia), and must be believed and confessed in order to gain the hope of salvation. His name is Yahushua. (MattiythYahuw [Matthew] 16:16, Yahuchanan [John] 20:30-31, Acts 2:38, 1 Korinthios (Corinthians) 15:1-3, Rhomaios (Romans) 4:24, 10:9-10.)

  • SCRIPTURE: is the only written and true word of Yahuwah, revealing His will in different dispensations, and that the portion erroneously referred to as the "New Testament" reveals, describes, and explains the requirements for a life as a child of Yahuwah.

  • GOSPEL" is the "good news" for the world. It is the "power of Yahuwah towards salvation" (Rhomaios 1:16), it is "concerning Yahuwah's Son" (Rhomaios 1:1-4), and so includes the truth seen above.

  • BAPTISM: (baptizo - to whelm completely, or submerge) is full immersion in water and should have been translated as such instead of being transliterated as it was. It is commanded by Yahushua to be administered to all new believers as seen in MattiythYahuw 28:19 and Markos (Mark) 16:16. That it is an immersion in water is seen in Acts 8:36-38 and 10:47, Rhomaios 6:4, and many others. Since the transliterated word "baptize" literally means to immerse we therefore reject the actions of sprinkling or pouring as unauthorized in the scriptures. Immersion is for induction into the Divine Name, into the Anointed, into the Anointed's death, and so "unto (or into) the remission of sins" (Acts 2:38, Rhomaios 6:1-2). It is in the likeness of His death, burial, and resurrection and is where sins are washed away (Acts 22:16). Only truly penitent believers are qualified for this immersion, as seen in Markos 16:16, Acts 2:38, and other scripture. Since an infant by definition cannot be a penitent believer, the "baptism" of infants, by whatever means and for whatever reason, is contrary to scripture.

  • CHURCH: is a pagan word that is derived from the name of a pagan witch that modern man uses to talk about the ekklesia (an assembly of the called out) of our Sovereign. That assembly consists of those who have heard the word of Yahuwah, who have believed the word of Yahuwah and as a result are penitent (thinking differently), have confessed that Yahushua is the Anointed, and have been scripturally immersed for the remission of their sins. This appears from the fact that the assembly was enlarged by obeying the "Great Commission" (MattiythYahuw 28:19-20; Markos 16:16;) and from the accounts of the origin of the "churches" as in Acts 2:38-42, 18:8, and from the references in the epistles to members as immersed believers. Rhomaios 6:1-2, and others. This assembly was opened to everyone on the day of Pentecost following Yahushua's resurrection and, except for number of physically living members, has not changed in any way. As they taught and believed then, so must we teach and believe today.

  • ORGANIZATION: Each of the assemblies is local in nature, as shown by the salutations of Sha'uwl (Paul) in his epistles, and is under no authority but that of Yahushua the Anointed, who is the head, and His authorized delegates. We therefore deny and reject the authority in the assembly of any and all Conferences, Synods, Sees, Councils, Popes, or any other manmade and headed organization.

  • NAMES: of the assembly must be in accordance with the scripture. Sectarian names, such as Methodist Church, First Baptist Church, Roman Catholic Church, etc., are indicated to be sinful in the scriptures (1 Korinthios [Corinthians] 1:10-17, 3:1-5). If you must call an assembly by a name, there are several perfectly adequate names given in the scripture for that purpose. The individual member is referred to as Brother, Sister, Disciple, etc. (See Acts 11:26, 1 Keph [Peter] 4:16, and other scripture.) The title Reverend means "awe inspiring" and is a description of Yahuwah and Yahuwah ALONE (See Psalms 111:9). No man is worthy of that title.

    As a matter of courtesy and scriptural accuracy, if for no other reasons, all personal names in scripture must be pronounced just as they were in the days when the person being addressed was being spoken to and place names should be pronounced as they were by the person who named them.

  • MINISTRY: A separate order of clergy, an order of "priests," salaried career ministers ordained and hired by some manmade group, etc., are all unscriptural. All children of Yahuwah are "priests" in the sense of being ministers of the Anointed. (See 1 Keph 2:5-9 and Revelation 1:6.) Each congregation must have overseers (Greek - episkopos) who are men and elders (Greek - presbyters, from which the term "priest" is derived) both in physical age and time in the body, under whom all members edify one another in love and according to their gifts.

    Deacons are appointed to minister to the assembly in temporal matters. The qualifications for both of these offices are found in 1 Timotheos 3:1-13. Women are not qualified, and if in fact they are in obedience to Yahuwah, they will remain silent in the assembly (see 1 Korinthios 14:34-35).

  • COMMUNION: is in fact the proclamation and remembrance of the death of our Master until He returns (1 Korinthios 11:17-34). His death is therefore proclaimed, and not His birth.

  • SUPPORT: only the members of the assembly give monetary or other goods to the assembly for the use of the assembly. These monies and goods must be given willingly and from a cheerful heart, as Yahuwah has prospered the givers.

This is a brief summary of what we believe in the Assembly of Yahushua concerning our Sovereign Yahushua the Anointed and His Kingdom. You are welcome to contact us for discussion (see the menu bar above for contact link).