Greek Names Transliterated vs Translated

Correct Pronunciations

This is the first draft of this file. I have attempted to identify all the names found in the Greek scripture of the KJV and show how I have rendered them correctly in Greek and Ibriy in the Restored Names Version (RNV). If you note any omissions or errors, please email them to me at so that I can fix them. Thanks.

Note that many of these names as rendered by the translators are seriously flawed in their English spelling and pronunciation when compared to the correct Greek spelling and pronunciation. Also, some names that have only one possible correct spelling and pronunciation are rendered in several different ways by the KJV translators and most other translators of Greek to English have followed the lead of the KJV.

Some Ibriy names and words just will not properly transliterate to Greek because of the limitations of the Greek language. That has caused those names/words to come into the English language is such a garbled state that no one in scripture would recognize what or who was being talked about when that English name/word was used. One of those names is Yahushua, the Son of Yahuwah and our Savior. To see how this happened, read the article Jesus or Yahushua?

Also take note of the variations in spelling and pronunciation that occur for Ibriy names when they are rendered in Greek and then into English. These variations, and sometimes just plain garbling, have caused a lot of misunderstanding of scripture over the centuries. All names in The Sacred Scripture of Yahuwah, Restored Names Version (download and use free from the Links to the RNV in the above menu bar), and this table that have an Ibriy origin are displayed as Ibriy without regard to the Greek spelling. Names that originate in the Greek scripture are rendered as they should appear as transliterations into English.

C.F. Castleberry

English (KJV) Greek/Ibriy Pronunciation Strong's Number Source/Meaning
AaronAharownaw-har-one'G0002of Ibriy origin [H175] - light bringer
AbaddonAbaddownawb-ad-down'G0003of Ibriy origin [H0011] - destruction]
AbbaAbawbG0005of Ibriy origin [H0001] - father
AbelHebelhay-bel'G0006of Ibriy origin [H1893]
AbiaAbYahuwawb-ee-yah-hoo'G0007of Ibriy origin [H0029] - father of (i.e. worshipper) Yahuwah
AbiatharAbiyatharawb-ee-ath'-arG0008of Ibriy origin [H0054] - my father is abundance
AbileneAbileneawb-ee-lay-nay'G0009grassy meadow [compare H0058 - 'bel - a meadow]
AbiudAbiyhhuwdawb-ee-huud'G0010of Ibriy origin [H0031 - my father possesses reknown (majesty)
AbrahamAbrahamawb-ra-ham'G0011of Ibriy origin [H0085] - father of a multitude
AceldamaAkeldamaawk-el-dam-ah'G0184of Kasdiy origin [meaning field of blood; corresp. to H2506 and H1818]
AchaiaAchaiaach-ah-ee'-ahG0882of uncertain derivation
AchaicusAchaikosach-ah-ee-kos'G0883from G0882
AchazAchazawkh-adz'G0881of Ibriy origin [H0271 ] - possessor
AchimYowqiymyo-keem'G0885of Ibriy origin [H3137]
AdamAdamawd-awm'G0076of Ibriy origin [H0121] - ruddy
AddiAdiyawd-dee'G0078probably of Ibriy origin [H5716] - finery
AdramyttiumAdramuttenosad-ram-oot-tay-nos'G0098from Adramutteion (a place in Asia Minor) - of Adramyttene or belonging to Adramyttium
AdriaAdriasad-ree'-asG0099from Adria (a place near its shore) - the Adriatic sea (including the Ionian)
AeneasAineasahee-neh'-asG0132of uncertain derivation
Aenonspring (of water)aien'G0137of Ibriy origin [a derivative of H5869 - eye (as a spring of water)]
AgabusChagabkha-gawb'G0013of Ibriy origin [H2285] - locust]
AgarHagarhay-gar'G0028of Ibriy origin [H1904]
AgrippaAgrippasag-rip'-pasG0067apparently from G0066 and G2402 - wild-horse tamer
AlexanderAlexandrosal-ex'-an-drosG0223from the same as (the first part of) G0220 and G0435 - man-defender
AlexandriaAlexandreusal-ex-and-reuce'G0221from (the city so called) - an inhabitant of Alexandreus
AlexandriansxxG0221alternate English rendering for G0221
Almightypantokratorpan-tok-rat'-oreG3841from G3956 and G2904 - the all-ruling
Alphaaal-fahG0001(of Ibriy origin - aleph) - the first letter of the alphabet
AlphaeusChelephkhay-lef'G0256of Ibriy origin [H2501] - change]
AminadabAmmiynadabaw-men-a-dab'G0284of Ibriy origin [H5992] - people of liberality
AmownAmownaw-mown'G0300of Ibriy origin [H0526]
AmosAmowsaw-mowts'G0301of Ibriy origin [H0531] - strong
AmphipolisAmphipolisam-fip'-ol-isG0295from the base of G0297 and G4172 - a city surrounded by a river
AmpliasAmpliasam-plee'-asG0291contraction for Latin ampliatus [enlarged]
AnaniasChananYahuwkhan-an-yah-hoo'G0367of Ibriy origin [H2608] - Yahuwah has favored
AndrewAndreasan-dreh'-asG0406from G0435 - manly
AndronicusAndronikosan-dron'-ee-kosG0408from G0435 and G3534 - man of victory
AnnaChannakhan-naw'G0451of Ibriy origin [H2584] - favored
AnnasChananYahuwkhan-an-yah-hoo'G0452same as G0367
AntiochAntiocheiaan-tee-okh'-i-ahG0490from Antiochus (an Aramiy king)
AntiochAntiocheusan-tee-okh-yoos'G0491from G0490 - an inhabitant of Antiochia
AntipasAntipasan-tee'-pasG0493contraction for a composite of G0473 and a derivative of G3962
AntipatrisAntipatrisan-tip-at-rece'G0494from the same as G0493
ApellesApellesap-el-lace'G0559of Latin origin
ApolloniaApolloniaap-ol-lo-nee'-ahG0624from the pagan deity Apollon (i.e. the sun; from G0622)
ApollosApollosap-ol-loce'G0625probably from the same as G0624
ApollyonApolluonap-ol-loo'-ohnG0623act. part. of G0622 - a destroyer (i.e. Satan)
ApphiaApphiaap-fee'-aG0682probably of foreign origin
Appii'Appiosap'-pee-osG0675of Latin origin
AquilaAkulasak-oo'-lasG0207probably for Latin aquila (an eagle)
ArabiaArabiaar-ab'G0688of Ibriy origin [H6152] - in the sense of sterility
Arabians'Arapsar'-apsG0690from G0688 - an Arab
AramRamrawm'G0689of Ibriy origin [H7410]
ArchelausArchelaosar-khel'-ah-osG0745from G0757 and G2994 - people-ruling
ArchippusArchipposar'-khip-posG0751from G0746 and G2462 - horse-ruler
AreopagiteAreopagitesar-eh-op-ag-ee'-taceG0698from G0697 - a member of the court held on Mars' Hill
AreopagusAreios Pagosar'-i-os pag'-osG0697from Ares (the name of the Greek deity of war or Mars) and a derivative of G4078 - rock of Ares
AretasAretasar-et'-asG0702of foreign origin
ArimathaeaRamahraw-mah'G0707of Ibriy origin [H7414]
AristarchusAristarchosar-is'-tar-khosG0708from the same as G0712 and G0757 - best ruling
AristobulusAristoboulosar-is-tob'-oo-losG0711from the same as G0712 and G1012 - best counseling
ArmageddonHar Meggidownhar-megiy-down'G0717of Ibriy origin [H2022 and H4023] (mountains [hills] of Meggidown)
ArphaxadArpakshadar-pax-shad'G0742of Ibriy origin [H0775]
ArtemasArtemasar-tem-as'G0734contraction from a comparison of G0735 and G1435 - gift of Artemis
AsaAsaaws-aw'G0760of Ibriy origin [H0609]
AserAsheraw-shoor'G0768of Ibriy origin [H0836] - happy
AsiaAsiaas-ee'-ahG0773of uncertain derivation
AssosAssosas'-sosG0789probably of foreign origin
AsyncritusAsugkritosas-oong'-kree-tosG0799from G0001 (as a neg. particle) and a derivative of G4793 - incomparable
AtheniansAthenaiosath-ay-nah'-yosG0117from G0116 - an inhabitant of Athenae
AthensAthenaiath-ay'-naheeG0116plural of Athene (the goddess of wisdom who was supposed to have founded the city)
AttaliaAttaleiaat-tal'-i-ahG0825from Attalos (a king of Pergamus)
AugustusAugoustosow'-goos-tosG0828from Latin -august
AzorAzzuwraz-zoor'G0107of Ibriy origin [H5809] - helpful
AzotusAshdowdawsd-dowd'G0108of Ibriy origin [H0795] - ravager
BaalBa'albah-ail'G0896of Ibriy origin [H1168] - a master, lord (a Phenician diety)
BabylonBabelbaw-bel'G0897of Ibriy origin [H0894]
BalaamBal'awmbil-awm'G0903of Ibriy origin [H1109] - symbolic of a false teacher
BalacBalaqbal-ak'G0904of Ibriy origin [H1111] - waster
BarabbasBarabbasbar-ab-bas'G0912of Kasdiy origin [H1247 and G0005] - son of Abba
BarachiasBerekyahuwber-akh-yah-hoo'G0914of Ibriy origin [H1296]
BarakBaraqbar-ak'G0913of Ibriy origin [H1301]
BarjesusBar-Yahushuabar-yah-hoo-shoo-ah'G0919of Kasdiy origin [H1247 and H3091] - son of Yahushua
Barjonason of YonahxG0920of Kasdiy origin [H1247 and H3124] -
BarnabasBar-Nabiybar-nab-ee'G0921of Kasdiy origin [H1247 and H5029] - son of nebiy' (i.e. prophecy)
BarsabasBarsabasbar-sab-as'G0923of Kasdiy origin [H1247 and prob. H6634] - son of Tsaba
BartholomewBartholomaiosbar-thol-om-ah'-yosG0918of Kasdiy origin [H1247 and H8526] - son of Tolmai
BartimaeusBartimaiosbar-tim-ah'-yosG0924of Kasdiy origin [H1247 and H2931] - son of the unclean
BeelzebubBeelzeboulbeh-el-zeb-ool'G0954of Kasdiy or [by parody upon H1176 - Ba'al Zebuwb] - dung-god
BelialworthlessnessxG0955of Ibriy origin [H1100]beliya`al {bel-e-yah'-al}
BenjaminBeniaminben-ee-am-een'G0958of Ibriy origin [H1144 - Binyamin] - son of the right hand
BereaBeroiaber'-oy-ahG0960perhaps a provincial from a derivative of G4008
BerniceBernikeber-nee'-kayG0959from a provincial form of G5342 and G3529 - victorious
BethabaraBayith Abarahbayiyth awb-ar-ah'G0962of Ibriy origin [H1004 and H5679] - ferry-house
BethanyBayith Anybayiyth awn-ee'G0963of Kasdiy origin - date-house
BethesdaBayiyth Chesedbayiyth khe-sed'G0964of Kasdiy origin [compare H1004 and H2617] - house of kindness
BethlehemBayith Lechembayith le-kheem'G0965of Ibriy origin [H1035] - house of bread.
Bethphage.Bayith Phagebayith-fag-ay'G0967of Kasdiy origin [compare H1004 and H6291] - fig-house
Bethsaida.Bayith Tsayadbayith say-ahd'G0966of Kasdiy origin [compare H1004 and H6719] - fishing-house
BithyniaBithuniabee-thoo-nee'-ahG0978of uncertain derivation
BlastusBlastosblas'-tosG0986perhaps the same as the base of G0985
BoanergesBeniym Regazbaneem regaz'G0993of Kasdiy origin [H1123 and H7266] - sons of violent anger
BoozBo'azbo-ahz'G1003of Ibriy origin [H1162]
BosorBe'owrbee-owr'G1007of Ibriy origin [H1160] - a lamp (in the sense of burning)
CaesarKaisarkah'-ee-sarG2541of Latin origin - a title of the Roman emperor
CaesareaKaisareiakahee-sar'-i-aG2542from G2541
CaiaphasKaiaphaskah-ee-af'-asG2533of Kasdiy origin - the dell
CainQayinkah-yin'G2535of Ibriy origin [H7014]
CainanQeynankay-nan'G2536of Ibriy origin [H7018] - fixed
Calvarykranionkran-ee'-onG2898dimin. of a derivation of the base of G2768 - a skull (cranium)
CanaQanahkan-ah'G2580of Ibriy origin [H7071] - a place of reediness
CanaanChanaanaioskhan-ah-an-ah'-yosG5478from G5477
CanaaniteKananiteskan-an-ee'-taceG2581of Kasdiy origin [compare H7065 - qana'] - zealous
CandaceKandakekan-dak'-ayG2582of foreign origin
CapernaumKaphar Nachuwmka-far nach-oom'G2584of Ibriy origin [H3723 and H5151] - comfortable village
CappadociaKappadokiakap-pad-ok-ee'-ahG2587of foreign origin
CarpusKarposkar'-posG2591perhaps for G2590
CastorDioskouroidee-os'-koo-royG1359from the alternate of G2203 and a form of the base of G2877 - sons of Jupiter
CedronQidrwonkid-rown'G2748of Ibriy origin [H6939] - a dusky place
CenchreaKegchreaikeng-khreh-a'heeG2747probably from kegchros (millet)
CephasKephaskay-fas'G2786of Kasdiy origin [compare H3710 - keph] - a hollow rock
ChaldaeansKasdiykhas-diy'G5466of Ibriy origin [H3778] - a descendant of Kesed
ChanaanKena'ankina-ahn'G5477of Ibriy origin [H3667] - humiliated
CharranCharankha-rawn'G5488of Ibriy origin [H2771] - parched
ChiosChioskhee'-osG5508of uncertain derivation - Chios; an island in the Mediterranean
ChloeChloekhlo'-ayG5514feminine of apparently a primary word - green
ChorazinChorazinkhor-ad-zin'G5523of uncertain derivation
ChristChristoskhris-tos'G5547from G5548 - HaMashiach; (see H4899) anointed, i.e. an epithet of Yahushua
ChristiansChristianoskhris-tee-an-os'G5546from G5547 - a follower of the Anointed (Yahushua)
ChuzaChouzaskhood-zas'G5529of uncertain origin
CiliciaKilikiakil-ik-ee'-ahG2791probably of foreign origin
CisQiyshkeeshG2797of Ibriy origin [H7027] - a bow
ClaudaKlaudeklow'-dayG2802of uncertain derivation - an island near Crete
ClaudiaKlaudiaklow-dee'-ahG2803feminine of G2804
ClaudiusKlaudiosklow'-dee-osG2804of Latin origin
ClementKlemesklay'-maceG2815of Latin origin - merciful
CleopasKleopaskleh-op'-asG2810probably contracted from Kleopatros (comp. of G2811 and G3962)
CleophasKlopasklo-pas'G2832of Kasdiy origin (corresponding to G0256)
CnidusKnidosknee'-dosG2834probably of foreign origin
ColosseKolossaikol-os-sah'-eeG2857appararently feminine plural of kolossos (colossal)
CoosKoskoceG2972of uncertain origin - an island in the Mediterranean
CoreQorachkor-ach'G2879of Ibriy origin [H7141] - ice
CorinthKorinthoskor'-in-thosG2882of uncertain derivation
CorinthiansKorinthioskor-in'-thee-osG2881from G2882 - an inhabitant of Korinthos
CorneliusKornelioskor-nay'-lee-osG2883of Latin origin
CosamQesemke-seem'G2973of Ibriy origin [H7081] - a lot
CrescensKreskeskrace'-kaceG2913of Latin origin - growing
CreteKretekray'-tayG2914of uncertain derivation - the island of Kaphtor in the Mediterranean (see H3731)
CretesxxG2912alternate English rendering for G2912
CretiansKreskraceG2912from G2914 - an inhabitant of Kaphtor (see H3731)
CrispusKrisposkris'-posG2921of Latin origin - crisp
CyprusKuproskoo'-prosG2954of uncertain origin - an island in the Mediterranean
CyreneKurenekoo-ray'-nayG2957of uncertain derivation - a region of Africa
Cyrenian(s)Kurenaioskoo-ray-nah'-yosG2956from G2957 - an inhabitant of Kurene
CyreniusKurenioskoo-ray'-nee-osG2958of Latin origin
DalmanuthaDalmanouthadal-man-oo-thah'G1148probably of Kasdiy origin
DalmatiaDalmatiadal-mat-ee'-ahG1149probably of foreign derivation
DamarisDamarisdam'-ar-isG1152probably from the base of G1150; perh. gentle
DamascenesDamaskenosdam-as-kay-nos'G1153from G1154 - an inhabitant of Dammeseq
DamascusDammeseqdam-e-sek'G1154of Ibriy origin [H1884]
DanielDaniy'eldawn-ee-ale'G1158of Ibriy or [H1840] - Judge of the Mighty One (El)
DavidDawiyddaw-weed'G1138of Ibriy origin [H1732] - loving
Deaththanatosthan'-at-osG2288from G2348 - (properly an adjective used as a noun) death (lit. or fig.)
DecapolisDekapolisdek-ap'-ol-isG1179from G1176 and G4172 - the ten-city region
DemasDemasday-mas'G1214probably for G1216 (Demetrios)
DemetriusDemetriosday-may'-tree-osG1216from Demeter (Ceres)
DerbeDerbeder'-bayG1191of foreign origin
Devildiabolosdee-ab'-ol-osG1228from G1225 - a traducer, i.e. false accuser
DianaArtemisar'-tem-isG0735probably from the same as G0736 - prompt
DidymusDidumosdid'-oo-mosG1324from G1364 - double (twin)
DionysiusDionusiosdee-on-oo'-see-osG1354from Dionusos (Bacchus) - reveller
DiotrephesDiotrephesdee-ot-ref-ace'G1361from the alt. of G2203 and G5142 - Jove-nourished
DrusillaDrousilladroo'-sil-lahG1409a feminine diminutive of Drusus (a Roman name)
EasterxxG3957incorrect English pagan name rendering G3957 (should be Passover)
EgyptAiguptosah'ee-goop-tosG0125of uncertain derivation - Mitsrayim
Egyptian(s)Mitsriymeets-ree'G0124of Ibriy origin [H4713] - an inhabitant of Mitsrayim
ElamitesElamiyail-a-mee'G1639of Ibriy origin [H5867] - hidden
EleazarEl'azarail-a-zar'G1648of Ibriy origin [H0499] - (The) Mighty One [El] is helper
EliEliyail-ee'G2241of Ibriy origin [H0410 with pronoun suffix] - my Mighty One [El]
EliakimElyaqiymail-yaw-keem'G1662of Ibriy origin [H0471] - Mighty One [El] of raising
EliasEliyahuwail-ee-yah-hoo'G2243of Ibriy origin [H0452] - Mighty One [El] of Yahuwah
EliezerEliy'ezerail-ee-ezer'G1663of Ibriy origin [H0461] - Mighty One [El] of help
ElisabethEliysheba'el-ee-shaw'-ahG1665of Ibriy origin [H0472] - Mighty One [El] of oath
EliseusEliysha'eliy-shaw'G1666of Ibriy origin [H0477]
EliudElhuwdel-hoowd'G1664of Ibriy origin [H0410 and H1935] - Mighty One (El) of majesty
AlmowdadAlmowdadal-mo-dad'G1678of Ibriy origin [H0486]
Eloieloiel-o-ee'G1682of Kasdiy origin [H0426 with pronoun suffixed] - my Mighty One (El)
ElymasElumasel-oo'-masG1681of foreign origin - a wizard
EmmanuelImmanuw'elem-man-oo-ale'G1694of Ibriy origin [H6005] - with us is [El] (the) Mighty One
Emmauswarm springxG1695of Ibriy origin [comp. H3222] - warm spring
EmmorChamowrkham-mor'G1697of Ibriy origin [H2544] - donkey
EnochChanowkkhan-nowk'G1802of Ibriy origin [H2585] - initiated
EnosEnowshee-nowsh'G1800of Ibriy origin [H0583]
EpaenetusEpainetosep-a'hee-net-osG1866from G1867 - praised
EpaphrasEpaphrasep-af-ras'G1889contraction from G1891
EpaphroditusEpaphroditosep-af-rod'-ee-tosG1891from G1909 (in the sense of devoted to) and Aphrodite (Venus)
Ephesian(s)Ephesiosef-es'-ee-osG2180from G2181 - an inhabitant of Ephesos
EphesusEphesosef'-es-osG2181probably of foreign origin
EphraimEphrayimef-rah-yeem'G2187of Ibriy origin [H0669] - fawn-like
EpicureansEpikoureiosep-ee-koo'-ri-osG1946from Epikouros [compare G1947] (a noted philosopher) - an Epicurean or follower of Epicurus
ErErayrG2262of Ibriy origin [H6147] - watchful
ErastusErastoser'-as-tosG2037from erao (to love) - beloved
EsaiasYashayahuwyash-a-yah-hoo'G2268of Ibriy origin [H3470] - Yahuwah has saved
EsauEsaway-sow'G2269of Ibriy origin [H6215] - rough
EsliElyehow'eynayel-ee-how-ee-now-ee'G2069of Ibriy origin [H0454] - my eyes are toward Yahuwah
EsromChetsrownkhets-rown'G2074of Ibriy origin [H2696] - courtyard
EthiopiaKuwshkuwshG0128from aitho (to scorch) and ops (the face) - a Kushiy (as black)
EthiopiansxxG0128alternate English rendering of G0128
EubulusEuboulosyoo'-boo-losG2103from G2095 and G1014 - good-willer
EuniceEunikeyoo-nee'-kayG2131from G2095 and G3529 - victorious
EuodiasEuodiayoo-od-ee'-ahG2136from the same as G2137 - fine travelling
EuphratesEuphratesyoo-frat'-aceG2166of foreign origin [comp. H6578]
EuroclydonEurokludonyoo-rok-loo'-dohnG2148from Euros (the east wind) and G2830 - a storm from the East (or S.E.)
EutychusEutuchosyoo'-too-khosG2161from G2095 and a derivative of G5177 - well-fated
EveChawwahkhaw-wah'G2096of Ibriy origin [H2332] - life-giver
EzekiasChizqiyahuwchiz-kee-yah-hoo'G1478of Ibriy origin [H2396] - strengthened of Yahuwah
FelixPhelixfay'-lixG5344of Latin origin - happy
FestusPhestosface'-tosG5347of Latin derivation - festal
FortunatusPhortounatosfor-too-nat'-osG5415of Latin origin -fortunate
Gabbathagabbathagab-bath-ah'G1042of Kasdiy origin [compare H1355 - gab] - the knoll
GabrielGabriy'elgawb-ree-ale'G1043of Ibriy origin [H1403] - man of (the) Mighty One (El)
GadGawdgawdG1045of Ibriy origin [H1410]
GadarenesGadarenosgad-ar-ay-nos'G1046a town east of the Yarden
GaiusGaiosgah'-ee-osG1050of Latin origin
GalatiaGalatiagal-at-ee'-ahG1053of foreign origin
GalatiaGalatikosgal-at-ee-kos'G1054from G1053 - relating to Galatia
GalatiansGalatesgal-at'-aceG1052from G1053 - an inhabitant of Galatikos
Galilaean(s)Galilaiosgal-ee-lah'-yosG1057from G1056 - of or belonging to Galiylah
GalileeGaliylahgal-ee-lah'G1056of Ibriy origin [H1551] - a circle (or circuit)
GallioGalliongal-lee'-ownG1058of Latin origin
GamalielGamliy'elgam-lee-ale'G1059of Ibriy origin [H1583] - reward of (the) Mighty One (El)
GazaAzzahawz-zawG1048of Ibriy origin [H5804] - strong
GedeonGidownghed-own'G1066of Ibriy origin [H1439] - fellow (i.e warrior)
GennesaretKinnerowthken-ner-rowth'G1082of Ibriy origin [H3672] - harp shaped
Gentile(s)xxG1672alternate Engllish rendering for G1672
Gentilesethnoseth'-nosG1484probably from G1486 - a race (as of the same habit), specifically a foreign (non-Yisra'eliy) nation (compare Hgoy)
GergesenesGirgashiyger-gesh-shee'G1086of Ibriy origin [H1622] - a native tribe of Kena'an
GethsemaneGethsemanegheth-say-man-ay'G1068of Kasdiy origin [compare H1660 gath] - an oil or winepress
GodYahuwahyah-hoo-wah'G2316original word theos - of uncertain affinity - a deity or magistrate
GogGowggogueG1136of Ibriy origin [H1463]
GolgothaGulgolethgul-go-leth'G1115of Kasdiy origin - the skull
GomorrhaAmorahawm-mo-rah'G1116of Ibriy origin [H6017] - a (ruined) heap
Grecian(s)Hellenisteshel-lay-nis-tace'G1675from a derivative of G1672 - a Hellen-speaking Yahudiy
GreeceHellashel-las'G1671of uncertain affinitiy
GreekHellenikoshel-lay-nee-kos'G1673from G1672 - Hellenic in language
GreekHellenistihel-lay-nis-tee'G1676adverb from the same as G1675 - in the Hellen language
Greek(s)Hellenehel'-laneG1672from G1671 - an inhabitant of Yawan or a Hellen-speaking person
Greek(s)Hellenishel-lay-nis'G1674feminine of G1672 - a Hellene (i.e. non-Yahudiy) woman
HeberEbereh-bare'G1443of Ibriy origin [H5677]
HebrewIbriyee-bree'G1447adverb from G1446 - in the language
HebrewIbriyee-bree'G1444from G1443 - the Ibriy language
HebrewIbriyee-bree'G1446from G1443 - the Ibriy langauge
HebrewsIbriyee-bree'G1445from G1443 - those from afar
HeliEliyail-ee'G2242of Ibriy origin [H5941]
Hellshe'owlshe-ol'G0086 Ibriy H7585 - the abode of the dead
HermasHermasher-mas'G2057probably from G2060
HermesHermesher-mace'G2060perhaps from G2046
HermogenesHermogenesher-mog-en'-aceG2061from G2060 and G1096 - born of Hermes
HerodHerodeshay-ro'-daceG2264composite of heros (a hero) and G1491 - heroic
HerodiansHerodianoihay-ro-dee-an-oy'G2265plural of a derivative of G2264 - partisans of Herodace
HerodiasHerodiashay-ro-dee-as'G2266from G2264
HerodionHerodionhay-ro-dee'-ohnG2267from G2264
HierapolisHierapolishee-er-ap'-ol-isG2404from G2413 and G4172 - sacred city
HolySacredxG0000first part of a compound name describing the Sacred Spirit
GhostSpiritxG0000second part of a compound name describing the Sacred Spirit
HosannaOh save!xG5614of Ibriy origin [H3467 - yasha', and H4994 - na'] - exclamation
HymenaeusHumenaioshoo-men-ah'-yosG5211from Humen (the diety of weddings)
IconiumIkonionee-kon'-ee-onG2430perhaps from G1504 - image-like
IdumaeaEdomee-dowmG2401of Ibriy origin [H0123] - red
IllyricumIllurikonil-loo-ree-kon'G2437neutral of an adjective from a name of uncertain derivation - (the) Illyrican (shore)
IsaacYitschaqyeets-kakh'G2464of Ibriy origin [H3327] - laughter
IscariotIysh Qiyrya'eesh keer-ya'G2469of Ibriy origin [H0377 and H7149] - man of the city
IsraelYisra'elyees-rah-ale'G2474of Ibriy origin [H3478] - he will rule as (the) Mighty One (El)
Israelite(s)Yira'eliyyee-ra-ale-ee'G2475from G2474 - a descendant of Yisra'el
IssacharYissaskaryees-sas-kar'G2466of Ibriy origin [H3485] - he will bring a reward
ItalianItalikosee-tal-ee-kos'G2483from G2482
ItalyItaliaee-tal-ee'-ahG2482probably of foreign origin
IturaeaYetuwryeh-toorG2484of Ibriy origin [H3195] - encircled (i.e. enclosed)
JacobYa'aqobya-a-kowb'G2384of Ibriy origin [H3290] - heel-catcher
JairusYa'iyryah-eer'G2383of Ibriy origin [H2971] - enlightener
JambresIambresee-am-brace'G2387of Mitsrayiy origin
JamesYa'aqobya-a-kowb'G2385the same as G2384
JannaYanahyaw-naw'G2388of Ibriy origin [H3238] - oppressor
JannesIannesee-an-nace'G2389of Mitsrayiy origin
JaredYeredyeh-red'G2391of Ibriy origin [H3382] - a descent
JasonIasonee-as'-oanG2394fut. act. part. masc. of G2390 - about to cure
JechoniasYekonyahuwyekh-on-yah-hoo'G2423of Ibriy origin [H3204] - Yahuwah will establish
JephthaeYiphtachyeef-thakh'G2422of Ibriy origin [H3316] - he will open
JeremiasYirmeYahuwyeer-me-yah-hoo'G2408of Ibriy origin [H3414] - Yahuwah will rise
JeremyxxG2408alternate English rendering for G2408
JerichoYerichowyeh-ree-kho'G2410of Ibriy origin [H3405] - fragrant
JerusalemYeruwshalomyeh-roo-sha-lome'G2414of Ibriy origin [H3389] - founded peaceful
JesseYishayyish-a-ee'G2421of Ibriy origin [H3448] - extant
JesusYahushuayah-hoo-shoo-ah'G2424of Ibriy origin [H3091 - salvation of Yahuwah
Jew(s)Yahudiy(m)yah-hoo-dee' (deem')G2453from G2448 (in the sense of G2455 as a country) - belonging to Yahudah
JewishYahudiythyah-hoo-deeth'G2451from G2453 - resembling a Yahudiy
JewessYahuwdiythyah-hoo-deeth'G2453alternate English rendering for G2453
JewryYahudahyah-hoo-dah'G2499alternate English rendering for G2499
JewsYahudiymyah-hoo-deem'G2452adverb from G2451 - in a manner resembling the Yahudiym
JewsYahudiymyah-hoo-deem'G2450verb from G2453 - to become a Yahudiy
JewsYahudiythyah-hoo-deeth'G2454from G2450 - the Yahudiy faith and usages
JezebelIyzebeleets-a-bale'G2403of Ibriy origin [H0348] - chaste
JoannaYahuchananyah-hoo-kha-nawn'G2489feminine of the same as G2491
JoathamYowthamyo-thawmG2488of Ibriy origin [H3147] - Yahuwah is perfect
JobIyowbee-obe'G2492of Ibriy origin [H0347] - hated
JoelYo'elyo-ail'G2493of Ibriy origin [H3100] - Yahuwah is his Mighty One (El)
JohnYahuchananyah-hoo-cha-nawn'G2491of Ibriy origin [H3110] - Yahuwah favored
JonaxxG2495alternate English rendering for G2495
JonanIonanee-o-nan'G2494probably for G2491 or G2495
JonasYonahyo-nah'G2495of Ibriy origin [H3124] - a dove
JoppaYaphoyaf'fo'G2445of Ibriy origin [H3305] - beautiful
JoramYoramyo-rawm'G2496of Ibriy origin [H3141] - Yahuwah raised
JordanYardenyar-dane'G2446of Ibriy origin [H3383] - a descender
JorimYoramyo-rawm'G2497of Ibriy origin [H2496] - Yahuwah has exalted
JosaphatYahuwshaphatyah-hoo-sha-fat'G2498-judged by Yahuwah
JosephYowsephyo-safe'G2501of Ibriy origin [H3130] - let him add
JosexxG2499alt. English spelling of G2501
JosesxxG2500alt. English spelling of G2501
JosiasYo'shiYahuwyo-she-yah-hoo'G2502of Ibriy origin [H2977] - founded of Yahuwah
JudaYahudahyah-hoo-dah'G2448of Ibriy origin [H3063]
JudaxxG2455alternate English rendering for G2455
JudaeaIoudaiaee-oo-dah'-yahG2449feminine of G2453 (with G1093 impl.) - the land Yahudah
JudaeaxxG2453alternate English rendering for G2453
JudahYahudahyah-hoo-dah'G2455of Ibriy origin [H3063] - celebrated
JudasxxG2455alternate English rendering for G2455
JudexxG2455alternate English rendering for G2455
JuliaIouliaee-oo-lee'-ahG2456feminine of the same as G2457
JuliusIouliosee-oo'-lee-osG2457of Latin origin
JuniaIouniasee-oo-nee'-asG2458of Latin origin
JupiterZeusdzyooceG2203of uncertain affinity
JustusIoustosee-ooce'-tosG2459of Latin origin - just
Lambamnosam-nos'G0286apparently a primary word - a lamb
LamechLemekleh-mekh'G2984of Ibriy origin [H3929]
LaodiceaLaodikeialah-od-ik'-i-ahG2993from a composite of G2992 and G1349
LaodiceansLaodikeuslah-od-ik-yooce'G2994from G2993
LaseaLasaialas-ah'-yahG2996of uncertain origin
LatinRhomaikoshro-mah-ee-kos'G4513from G4514
LazarusEl'azarail-azar'G2976of Ibriy origin [H0499] -
LebbaeusLebbaiosleb-bah'-yosG3002of uncertain origin
Legionlegeonleg-eh-ohn'G3003of Latin origin - a Roman regiment
LeviLawiylay-wee'G3017of Ibriy origin [H3878] - attached
LeviLawiylyoo-is'G3018a form of G3017
Levite(s)Lawiymlay-weem'G3019from G3017 - a descendant of Leviy
LeviticalLaywiyiymlay-wee-eem'G3020from H3019 - of or relating to the Lawiyiym
LibertinesLibertinoslib-er-tee'-nosG3032of Latin origin - a Roman freedman
LibyaLibuelib-oo'-ayG3033probably from G3047 - a region of Africa
LinusLinoslee'-nosG3044perhaps from G3043
LoisLoislo-ece'G3090of uncertain origin
LordxxG2962alternate English pagan word rendering for G2912
LotLowtloteG3091of Ibriy origin [H3876] - a veil, i.e. covering
LucasLoukasloo-kas'G3065contraction from Latin Lucanus
LuciusLoukiosloo'-kee-osG3066of Latin origin - illuminative
LukexxG3065alternate English rendering for G3065
LycaoniaLukaonialoo-kah-on-ee'-ahG3071perhaps remotely from H3074
LyciaLukialoo-kee'-ahG3073probably remotely from G3074
LyddaLowdlowd'G3069of Ibriy origin [H3850]
LydiaLudialoo-dee'-ahG3070prop. feminine of Ludios [of foreign origin]
LysaniasLusaniasloo-san-ee'-asG3078from G3080 and ania (trouble) - grief-dispelling
LysiasLusiasloo-see'-asG3079of uncertain affinity
LystraLustraloos'-trahG3082of uncertain origin
MaathMe'atmeh-at'G3092of Ibriy origin [H4592]
MacedoniaMakedonmak-ed-ohn'G3110of uncertain derivation
MadianMidyanmid-yawn'G3099of Ibriy origin [H4080]
MagdalaMigdalmag-dal-ah'G3093of Kasdiy origin [H4026] - the tower
MagdaleneMigdalmag-dal-ay-nay'G3094feminine of a derivative of G3093 - a female of Migdal
MagogMagowgmaw-gogue'G3098of Ibriy origin [H4031]
Majestymegalosunemeg-al-o-soo'-nayG3172from G3173 - greatness
MalchusMelekme-lekhG3124of Ibriy origin [H4429] - king
MaleleelMahalal'elma-hawl-awl-ail'G3121of Ibriy origin [H4111] - praise of (the) Mighty One (El)
ManaenManaenman-ah-ane'G3127of uncertain origin
ManassesMenashshehman-as-sace'G3128of Ibriy origin [H4519] - causing to forget
MarcusMarkosmar'-kosG3138of Latin origin
MarkxxG3138alternate English rendering for G3138
Mars HillxxG0697alternate English rendering for G0697
MarthaMarthamar'-thahG3136probably of Kasdiy origin (meaning mistress)
MaryMariamar-ee'-ahG3137alternate Greek rendering for G3137
MaryMiryammeer-yam'G3137of Ibriy origin [H4813] - rebelliously
Masterdidaskalosdid-as'-kal-osG1320from G1321 - an instructor (gen. or spec.)
Masterepistatesep-is-tat'-aceG1988from G1909 and a presumed derivative of G2476 - an appointee over, i.e. commander (teacher)
Masterkathegeteskath-ayg-ay-tace'G2519from a composite of G2596 and G2233 - a guide
Masterkurioskoo'-ree-osG2962from kuros (supremacy) - supreme in authority, governor
MasterxxG4461alternate English rendering for G4461
MathusalaMethuwshelachmeth-oo-she-lakh'G3103of Ibriy origin [H4968] - man of a dart
MattathaMattattahmat-tath-ah'G3160probably a shortened form of G3161 [H4992] - gift of Yahuwah]
MattathiasMattithyahuwhma-teeth-yah-hoo'G3161of Ibriy origin [H4993] - gift of Yahuwah
MatthanMattanmat-tan'G3157of Ibriy origin [H4977]
MatthatMatthatmat-that'G3158probably a shortened form of G3161
MatthewMatthaiosmat-thah'-yosG3156a shorter form of G3161
MatthiasxxG3159apparently a shortened form of G3161
MedesMedosmay'-dosG3370of foreign origin [compare H4074 - Maday]
MelchiMelekmeh-lekh'G3197of Ibriy origin [H4428] - king
MelchisedecMelekiy-Tsedeqmel-lekh-ee tsa'dek'G3198of Ibriy origin [H4442] - king of right
MeleaMeleasmel-eh-as'G3190of uncertain origin
MelitaMelitemel-ee'-tayG3194of uncertain origin
MenanMainanmahee-nan'G3104probably of Ibriy origin
MercuriusxxG2060alternate English rendering for G2060
MesopotamiaMesopotamiames-op-ot-am-ee'-ahG3318from G3319 and G4215 - Mesopotamia (as lying between the Euphrates and the Tigris)
MessiasAnointedxG3323of Ibriy origin [H4899] - anointed
MichaelMiyka'elmeey-kha-ale'G3413of Ibriy origin [H4317] - Who is like (the) Mighty One (El)
MiletumxxG3399error by translators that was compounded by Strong
MiletusMiletosmil'-ay-tosG3399of uncertain origin
MityleneMitulenemit-oo-lay'-nayG3412for mutilene (abounding in shell-fish)
MnasonMnasonmnah'-sohnG3416of uncertain origin
MolochMolekmo-lek'G3434of Ibriy origin [H4432] - the chief diety of the Amonniy
MosesMosesmo-sace'G3475alternate Greek spelling for G3475
MosesMoshehmo-shay'G3475of Ibriy origin [H4872] - drawing out (of the water), i.e. rescued
MosesxxG3475alternate Greek spelling for G3475
MyraMuramoo'-rahG3460of uncertain derivation
MysiaMusiamoo-see'-ahG3465of uncertain origin
NaamanNa'amannah-ah-man'G3497of Ibriy origin [H5283] - pleasantness
NaassonNachshownnakh-shown'G3476of Ibriy origin [H5177] - enchanter
NachorNachowrna-khore'G3493of Ibriy origin [H5152] - snorer
NaggeNogahhno-gah'G3477of Ibriy origin [H5052]
NainNa'ahnaw-aw'G3484of Ibriy origin [H4999] - a home or pasture]
NarcissusNarkissosnar'-kis-sosG3488from narke (stupefaction as a narcotic)
NathanNathannaw-than'G3481of Ibriy origin [H5416] - given
NathanaelNathan'elnawth-an-ale'G3482of Ibriy origin [H5417] - given of (the) Mighty One (El)
NaumNachuwmnaw-khoom'G3486of Ibriy origin [H5151] - comfortable
NazarenesNazoraiosnad-zo-rah'-yosG3480from G3478 - an inhabitant of Nazareth
NazarethNazaretnad-zar-et'G3478alternate Greek spelling for G3478
NazarethNazarethnad-zar-eth'G3478of uncertain derivation
NeapolisNeapolisneh-ap'-ol-isG3496from G3501 and G4172 - new town
NephthalimNaphtaliynaf-tal-ee'G3508of Ibriy origin [H5321] - my wrestling
NereusNereusnare-yoos'G3517apparently from a derivative of the base of G3491 (meaning wet)
NeriNeriYashuwnay-ree-yah-hoo'G3518of Ibriy origin [H5374] - light of Yahuwah
NicanorNikanornik-an'-oreG3527probably from G3528 - victorious
NicodemusNikodemosnik-od'-ay-mosG3530from G3534 and G1218 - victorious among his people
NicolaitanesNikolaitesnik-ol-ah-ee'-taceG3531from G3532 - a follower of Nikolaos
NicolasNikolaosnik-ol'-ah-osG3532from G3534 and G2992 - victorious over the people
NicopolisNikopolisnik-op'-ol-isG3533from G3534 and G4172 - victorious city
NigerNigerneeg'-erG3526of Latin origin - black
NineveNiynevehnin-ah-vayG3535of Ibriy origin [H5210] - of foreign origin
NinevehNineuitesnin-yoo-ee'-taceG3536from G3535
NinevitesxxG3536alternate English rendering of G3536
NoahNoachno-awkh'G3575of Ibriy origin [H5146] - rest
NoexxG3575alternate English rendering of G3575
NymphasNumphasnoom-fas'G3564probably contracted for a compositeof G3565 and G1435 - nymph-given (i.e. -born)
ObedOwbedo-bade'G5601of Ibriy origin [H5744]
Olivetelaionel-ah-yone'G1638from G1636 - an olive-orchard
OlympasOlumpasol-oom-pas'G3652probably a contraction from Olumpiodoros (Olympian-bestowed, heaven descended)
Omegaoo'-meg-ahG5598the last letter of the Greek alphabet
OnesimusOnesimoson-ay'-sim-osG3682from G3685 - profitable
OnesiphorusOnesiphoroson-ay-sif'-or-osG3683from a der. of G3685 and G5411 - profit-bearer
OseeHoshea'ho-shay-ah'G5617of Ibriy origin [H1954]
OziasUzziyahuwoo-zee-yah-hoo'G3604of Ibriy origin [H5818]
PamphyliaPamphuliapam-fool-ee'-ahG3828from a composite of G3956 and G5443 - every-tribal, i.e. heterogeneous
PaphosPaphospaf'-osG3974of uncertain derivation
ParmenasParmenaspar-men-as'G3937prob. by contr. for Parmenides (a der. of a comp. of G3844 and G3306) - constant
ParthiansParthospar'-thosG3934probably of foreign origin
PassoverPassover pas'-khahG3957of Kasdiy origin [H6453] - the Passover (the meal, the day, or the festival)
PataraPatarapat'-ar-ahG3959probably of foreign origin
PatmosPatmospat'-mosG3963of uncertain derivation
PatrobasPatrobaspat-rob'-asG3969perhaps contraction for Patrobios (a composition of G3962 and G0979) - father's life
PaulxxG3972alternate English rendering of G3972
PaulusPaulospow'-losG3972of Latin origin - little
Pavementlithostrotoslith-os'-tro-tosG3038from G3037 and a derivative of G4766 - stone-strewed, a tesselated mosaic on which the Roman tribunal was held
Pentecostpentekostepen-tay-kos-tay'G4005feminine of the ordinal of G4004 - fiftieth day (G2250 being implied) from Passover
PergaPergeperg'-ayG4011probably from the same as G4010 - a tower
PergamosPergamosper'-gam-osG4010from G4444 - fortified
PersisPersisper-sece'G4069a Parsiy woman
PeterKephkef'G4074apparently a primary word - a (piece of) rock (larger than G3037)
PhalecPelegpay-legG5317of Ibriy origin [H6389]
PhanuelPenuw'elpin-oo-ail'G5323of Ibriy origin [H6439] - face of (the) Mighty One (El)
PharaohPar'ohpay-ro'G5328of foreign origin [H6547]
PharesPeretspay-retz'G5329of Ibriy origin [H6557]
PhariseesParoshpay-rowsh'G5330of Ibriy origin [H6567] - separate]
PhebePhoibefoy'-bayG5402feminine of phoibos - bright (probably akin to the base of G5457)
PhenicePhoinikefoy-nee'-kayG5403from G5404 - palm-country
PheniciaPhoinikefoy-nee'-kayG5403alternate English rendering of G5403
PhiladelphiaPhiladelpheiafil-ad-el'-fee-ahG5359from Philadelphos (the same as G5361) - a king of Pergamos
PhilemonPhilemonfil-ay'-moneG5371from G5368 - friendly
PhiletusPhiletosfil-ay-tos'G5372from G5368 - amiable
PhilipPhilipposfil'-ip-posG5376from G5384 and G2462 - fond of horses
PhilippiPhilippoifil'-ip-poyG5375plural of G5376
PhilippiansPhilippesiosfil-ip-pay'-see-osG5374from G5375 - an ihabitabt of Philippos
PhilologusPhilologosfil-ol'-og-osG5378from G5384 and G3056 - fond of words
PhlegonPhlegonfleg'-oneG5393act. part. of the base of G5395 - blazing
PhrygiaPhrugiafroog-ee'-ahG5435probably of foreign origin
PhygellusPhugellosfoog'-el-losG5436probably from G5343 - fugitive
PilatePilatospil-at'-osG4091of Latin origin - close-pressed, i.e. firm
PisidiaPisidiapis-id-ee'-ahG4099probably of foreign origin
PolluxDioskouroidee-os'-koo-royG1359from the alternate of G2203 and a form of the base of G2877 - sons of Jupiter
PontiusPontiospon'-tee-osG4194of Latin origin - apparently bridged
PontusPontospon'-tosG4195a sea
PorciusPorkiospor'-kee-osG4201of Latin origin - apparently swinish
PriscaPriskapris'-kahG4251of Latin origin - feminine of Priscus
PriscillaPriscillapris'-cil-lahG4252diminutitive of Priscilla (i.e. little Prisca)
ProchorusProchorosprokh'-or-osG4402from G4253 and G5525 - before the dance
PtolemaisPtolemaisptol-em-ah-is'G4424from Ptolemaios (Ptolemy after whom it was named)
PubliusPopliospop'-lee-osG4196of Latin origin - apparently popular
PudensPoudespoo'-daceG4227of Latin origin - modest
PuteoliPotioloipot-ee'-ol-oyG4223 of Latin origin - little wells
QuartusKouartoskoo'-ar-tosG2890of Latin origin (fourth)
Rabbirhabbihrab-bee'G4461of Ibriy origin [H7227] - (with pronoun suffixed - rab) - my master
RabbonixxG4462alternate Greek spelling for G4462
RachabRhachabhrakh-ab'G4477from the same as G4460
RachelRachelraw-khale'G4478of Ibriy origin [H7354]
RagauRe'uwray-oo'G4466of Ibriy origin [H7466] - friend
RahabRachabraw-khab'G4460of Ibriy origin [H7343] - proud
RamaRamahraw-mah'G4471of Ibriy origin [H7414]
RebeccaRibqahreeb-kaw'G4479of Ibriy origin [H7259] - fettering
Red seaRed SeaxG2063of uncertain affinity - red, i.e (with G2281) Red Sea
RemphanxxG4481by incorrect transliteration for a word of Ibriy origin [H3594 - Kiyuwn - a statue]
ReubenRe'uwbenray-oo-bane'G4502of Ibriy origin [H7205] - you see a son
RhegiumRhegionhrayg'-ee-onG4484of Latin origin
RhesaRephaYahuwref-aw-yah-hoo'G4488of Ibriy origin [H7509] - Yahuwah has cured
RhodaRhodehrod'-ayG4498probably for rhode (i.e. a rose)
RhodesRhodoshrod'-osG4499probably from rhodon (i.e. a rose)
RoboamRechab'amrekh-ah-bo-am'G4497of Ibriy origin [H7346] - a people has enlarged
Rockpetrapet'-raG4073feminine of the same as G4074 - a (mass of) rock (lit. or fig.)
Roman(s)Rhomaioshro-mah'-yosG4514from G4516
RomeRhomehro'-mayG4516from the base of G4517 - strength
RufusRhouphoshroo'-fosG4504of Latin origin - red
RuthRuwthrooth'G4503of Ibriy origin [H7327Ruwth] - friend
SabaothhostsxG4519of Ibriy origin [H6635] - a mass of persons, especially as assembled for war
SadducceesTsawdowqtsaw-dok'G4523probably from G4524 - a certain sect of the Yahudiym
SadocTsawdowqxG4524of Ibriy origin [H6659]
SalaShelachshe-lakh'G4527of Ibriy origin [H7974]
SalamisSalamissal-am-ece'G4529probably from G4535 (from the surge on the shore)
SalathielShe'altiy'elshe'al-tee-ail'G4528of Ibriy origin [H7597] - I have asked (the) Mighty One (El)
SalemShalomshaw-lowm'G4532of Ibriy origin [H8004] - complete. i.e. friendly
SalimxxG4530probably from the same as G4531
SalmonSalmownsal-mown'G4533of Ibriy origin [H8012 - Salmown] - investure
SalmoneSalmownsal-mown'G4534perhaps of similar origin to G4529
SalomeShalomshaw-lown'G4539of Ibriy origin [feminine from H7965]
SamariaShomerownshowm-ar-rown'G4540of Ibriy origin [H8111] - watch station
Samaritan(s)Shomerowniyshowm-ar-rown-ee'G4541from G4540
SamosSamossam'-osG4544of uncertain affinity
SamothraciaSamothraikesam-oth-rak'-ayG4543from G4544 and Thraike (Thrace); Samo-thrace (Samos of Thrace)
SamsonShimshownshim-shown'G4546of Ibriy origin [H8123] - sunlight
SamuelShemuw'elsham-yoo-ail'G4545of Ibriy origin [H8050] - heard of (the) Mighty One (El)
SapphiraSappheiresap-fi'-rayG4551feminine of G4552
SaraSarasar'-raw'G4564of Ibriy origin [H8283] - mistress
Sarah(s)xxG4564alternate English rendering for G4564
SardisSardeissar'-diceG4554plural of uncertain derivation
SareptaTsarephathtsara-fath'G4558of Ibriy origin [H6886] - refinement
SaronSharownsha-rown'G4565of Ibriy origin [H8289] - plain
SaruchSeruwgsay-roog'G4562of Ibriy origin [H8286] - tendril
SatanSatansat-an-as'G4567of Kasdiy origin corresp. to G4566 (with the def. affix) - the accuser
SaulSha'uwlsha-oowl'G4549of Ibriy origin [H7586] - asked (the same as G4549)
SaulxxG4569Greek spelling for H7586
SaviourSaviorso-tare'G4990from G4982 - a deliverer
ScevaSkeuasskyoo-as'G4630appararently of Latin origin - left-handed
ScythianSkuthesskoo'-thaceG4658probably of foreign origin
SecundusSekoundossek-oon'-dosG4580of Latin origin - second
SeleuciaSeleukeiasel-yook'-i-ahG4581from Seleukos
SemShemshameG4590of Ibriy origin [H8035] - name
SemeiShim'iyshee-mee'G4584of Ibriy origin [H8096] - famous
Sentapostelloap-os-tel'-loG0649from G0575 and G4724 - set apart
SergiusSergiosserg'-ee-osG4588of Latin origin
SethShethshaythG4589of Ibriy origin [H8352] - substituted
SidonTsiydontsee-downG4605of Ibriy origin [H6721] - fishery
SilasSilassee'-lasG4609contraction for G4610
SiloamShiloach/TD>shil-o-akh'G4611of Ibriy origin [H7975] - rill
SilvanusSilouanossil-oo-an-os'G4610of Latin origin
SimeonSumeonsoom-eh-one'G4826from the same as G4613
SimonShi'mownshee-mown'G4613of Ibriy origin [H8095] - hearing
SimonxxG4826alternate English rendering for G4826
SinaSiynaysee-nah-ee'G4614of Ibriy origin [H5514]
SinaixxG4614alternate English rendering for G4614
SionTsiyowntsee-own'G4622of Ibriy origin [H6726] - a mountain in Yeruwshalaim
SmyrnaSmurnasmoor'-nahG4667the same as G4666
SodomSedomsee-dowm'G4670plural of Ibriy origin [H5467] - burnt district
SodomaxxG4670alternate English rendering for G4670
SolomonShelomohshel-o-mo'G4672of Ibriy origin [H8010] - peaceful
SopaterSopatrosso'-pat-rosG4986from the base of G4982 and G3962 - of a safe father
SosipaterSosipatrosso-sip'-at-rosG4989prol. for G4986
SosthenesSosthenessoce-then'-aceG4988from the base of G4982 and that of G4599 - of safe strength
SpainSpaniaspan-ee'-ahG4681probably of foreign origin
StachysStachusstakh'-oosG4720the same as G4719
StephanasStephanasstef-an-as'G4734probable contraction for stephanotos
StephenStephanosstef'-an-osG4736the same as G4735
StoicksStoikossto-ik-os'G4770from G4745 - a Stoic (as occupying a particular porch in Athens)
SusannaShuwshanshoo-shan'G4677of Ibriy origin [H7799] - a lily (from its whiteness)
SycharShekarshay-khar'G4965of Ibriy origin [H7941 - shekar] - an intoxicant
SychemShekemshay-kem'G4966of Ibriy origin [H7927] - ridge
SyntycheSuntuchesoon-too'-khayG4941from G4940 - an accident
SyracuseSurakousaisoo-rak'-oo-saheeG4946plural of uncertain derivation
SyriaAramah-rawm'G4947of Ibriy origin [H0758] - the highland
SyrianAramiyah-rawm-ee'G4948from the same as G4947 - a native of Aram (Syria)
SyrophenicianSurophoinissasoo-rof-oy'-nis-sahG4949feminine of a composite of G4948 and the same as G5403
TabithaTabithatab-ee-thah'G5000of Kasdiy origin [compare H6646 - tsebiyah] - a female gazelle
TarsusTarseustar-syoos'G5018from G5019
TertullusTertulloster'-tool-losG5061of uncertain derivation
ThaddaeusThaddaiosthad-dah'-yosG2280of uncertain origin
ThamarTamartaw-mar'G2283of Ibriy origin [H8559]
TharaTerachter-awkh'G2291of Ibriy origin [H8646]
TheophilusTheophilostheh-of'-il-osG2321from G2316 and G5384 - friend of deity
ThessaloniansThessalonikeusthes-sal-on-ik-yoos'G2331from G2332 - an ihabitant of Thessalonike
ThessalonicaThessalonikethes-sal-on-ee'-kayG2332from Thessalos (a Thessalian) and G3529
TheudasTheudasthyoo-das'G2333of uncertain origin
ThomasThomastho-mas'G2381of Kasdiy origin [compare H8380 - ta'owm] - twins
ThyatiraThuateirathoo-at'-i-rahG2363of uncertain derivation
TiberiasTiberiastib-er-ee-as'G5085from G5086
TiberiusTiberiostib-er'-ee-osG5086of Latin origin - probably pertaining to the river Tiberis or Tiber
TimaeusTimaiostim'-ah-yosG5090probably of Kasdiy origin [compare H2931 - tame' - foul or defiled]
TimonTimontee'-moneG5096from G5092 - valuable
TimotheusTimotheostee-moth'-eh-osG5095from G5092 and G2316 - dear to deity
TimothyxxG5095alternate English rendering for G5095
TitusTitostee'-tosG5103Latin origin but uncertain significance
TrachonitisTrachonitistrakh-o-nee'-tisG5139from a derivative of G5138 - rough district
TroasTroastro-as'G5174from Tros (a Trojan); the Troad (or plain of Troy)
TrogylliumTrogulliontro-gool'-lee-onG5175of uncertain derivation
TrophimusTrophimostrof'-ee-mosG5161from G5160 - nutritive
TryphenaTruphainatroo'-fahee-nahG5170from G5172 - luxurious
TryphosaTruphosatroo-fo'-sahG5173from G5172 - luxuriating
TychicusTuchikostoo-khee-kos'G5190from a derivative of G5177 - fortuitous
TyrannusTurannostoo'-ran-nosG5181a provincial form of the derivative of the base of G2962; a tyrant
TyreTsortsor'G5184of Ibriy origin [H6865]
UrbaneOurbanosoor-ban-os'G3773of Latin origin - Urbanus (of the city urbane)
UriasUriYahuwoo-ree-yah-hooG3774of Ibriy origin [H0223]
ZabulonZebuwluwntseb-oo-loon'G2194of Ibriy origin [H2074] - habitation
ZacchaeusZakkaytsak-ah-ee'G2195of Ibriy origin [H2140] - pure]
ZachariasZekaryahuwtsek-ar-yah-hooG2197of Ibriy origin [H2148] - Yahuwah has remembered
ZaraZerachtsar-awkh'G2196of Ibriy origin [H2226] - rising of light
ZebedeeZabdiytsab-dee'G2199of Ibriy origin [H2067] - giving]
ZelotesZelotesdzay-lo-tace'G2208the same as G2207 - a zealot, specifically a partisan of Yisra'eliy political independence
ZenasZenasdzay-nas'G2211probably contracted from a poetic form of G2203 and G1435 - Jove-given
ZorobabelZerubbabeltser-oo-baw-bel'G2216of Ibriy origin [H2216] - descended of Babel