Ibriy (Hebrew) Names Transliterated vs Translated

Correct Pronunciations

This is a table of all the names found in the Ibriy language portion of the scripture with the English names from the KJV given alphabetically in the first column and the correct names as found in The Sacred Scripture of Yahuwah, Restored Names Version (RNV) in the second column. The RNV proclaims the names of the Father, Yahwuah and the Son, Yahushua."

This is the first draft of this file. If you note any omissions or errors, please EMAIL them to me so that I can fix them. Thanks.

Note that many of these names as rendered by many translators are seriously flawed in their English spelling and pronunciation when compared to the correct Ibriy spelling and pronunciation. Also, some names that have only one correct spelling and pronunciation are rendered in several different ways by the KJV translators.

In The Sacred Scripture of Yahuwah, Restored Names Version you will find that ALL personal and place names are rendered as accurately as possible. You can download the RNV in various formats from the RNV Links in the above menu bar for your use. It, as is everything else on this site, is free.

NOTE: The "Strong's Number" refers to James Strong's system of identifying words in the KJV for ease of reference. He published this system as "The Strong's Exhaustive Concordance." It is a moderately good system and has been adopted by most scripture programs and other dictionary systems. The book itself is moderately priced and can be obtained from almost any book store. If you buy a copy, make sure it includes the Hebrew (Ibriy) and Greek dictionaries.

English (KJV) Ibriy Pronunciation Strong's Number Meaning
AaronAharowna-har-own'H0175of Ibriy origin - light bearer
AbagthaAbagtha'awb-ag-thaw'H0005of foreign origin
AbanaAbanahawb-aw-naw'H0071perhaps feminine of H0068 - stony
AbarimAbariymawb-aw-reem'H5682plural of H5676 - regions beyond
AbdeelAdbe'elawd-beh-ale'H0110probably from H0109 (in the sense of chastisement) and H0410 - disciplined of El
AbdiAbdiyawb-dee'H5660from H5647; serviceable
AbdielAbdiy'elawb-dee-ale'H5661from H5650 and H0410; servant of El
AbdonAbdownawb-dohn'H5658from H5647 - servitude
AbednegoAbed Negowawb-ade'H5664the same as H5665
AbelAbelaw-bale'H0059from H0058 - a meadow
AbelHebelheh'-belH1893the same as H1892 - son of Adam
AbelbethmaachahAbel Bayith-Ma'akahaw-bale' bayith ma-a-kaw'H0062from H0058 and H1004 and H4601 - meadow of Bayith Ma'akah
AbelKeramimAbel Keramiymaw-bale' ker-aw-meem'H0064from H0058 and the plural of H3754 - meadow (plain) of vineyards
AbelmaimAbel Mayimaw-bale' mah'-yeemH0066from H0058 and H4325 - meadow of water
AbelmeholahAbel Mechowlahaw-bale' mekh-o-law'H0065from H0058 and H4246 - meadow of dancing
AbelmizraimAbel Mitsrayimaw-bale' meets-rah'-yeemH0067from H0058 and H4714 - meadow of Mitsrayim
AbelshittimAbel ha-Shittiymawbale' ha-sheet-teem'H0063from H0058 and the plural of H7848 - meadow of the acacias
AbezEbetseh'-betsH0077from an unused root probably meaning to gleam; conspicuous
AbiAbiyawb-ee'H0021from H0001 - my father
AbiahAbiYahuwawb-ee-yah-hoo'H0029from H0001 and H3050 - my father is Yahuwah
AbiaxxH0029alternate English rendering for H0029
AbialbonAbiy-Albownawb-ee-al-bone'H0045from H0001 and an unused root of unc. der. - probably my father is strength (i.e. valiant)
AbiasaphAbiy'asaphawb-ee-aw-sawf'H0023my father gathers
AbiatharAbiyatharawb-yaw-thawr'H0054contraction from H0001 and H3498 - my father is abundance (i.e. liberal)
AbibAbiybaw-beeb'H0024from an unused root (mean to be tender); i.e. a young ear of grain; hence the name of the month Abib or Nisan
AbidaAbiydaawb-ee-daw'H0028my father is knowledge
AbidahxxH0028alternate English rendering for H0028
AbidanAbiydanawb-ee-dawn'H0027from H0001 and H1777 - my father is judgment (i.e. judge)
AbielAbiy'elawb-ee-ale'H0022from H0001 and H0410 - my father possesses El
AbiezerAbiy'ezerawb-ee-ay'-zerH0044from H0001 and H5829 - my father is help (i.e. helpful)
AbiezriteAbiy ha-Ezriyawb-ee'-haw-ez-ree'H0033from H0044 with the art. inserted - my father is Ezriy
AbigalAbiygal,awb-ee-gal'H0026alternate Ibriy spelling for H0026
AbigailAbiygayilawb-ee-gah'-yilH0026from H001 and H1524 - my father (i.e. source) is joy
AbiGibonAbiy Gib'ownawb-ee' ghib-one'H0025my father is Gibown
AbihailAbiychayilawb-ee-khah'-yilH0032alternate Ibriy spelling for H0032
AbihailAbiyhayilawb-ee-hah'-yilH0032from H0001 and H2428 - my father is mighty
AbihuAbiYahuwawb-ee-yah-hoo'H0030same as H0029
AbihudAbiyhuwdawb-ee-hood'H0031my father is of reknown
AbijahxxH0029alternate English rendering for H0029
AbijamAbiyamawb-ee-yawm'H0038from H0001 and H3220 - my father is of the sea (i.e. seaman)
AbileneAbileneawb-ee-lay-nay'H0009of foreign origin
AbimaelAbiyma'elawb-ee-maw-ale'H0039from H0001 and some other word (probably Arabic)
AbimelechAbiymelekawb-ee-mel'-ekH0040from H0001 and H4428 - my father is king
AbinadabAbiynadabawb-ee-naw-dawb'H0041from H0001 and H5068 - my father is generosity (i.e. liberal)
AbinoamAbiyno'amawb-ee-no'-amH0042from H0001 and H5278 - my father is pleasantness (i.e. gracious)
AbiramAbiyramawb-ee-rawm'H0048from H0001 and H7311 - my father is lofty
AbishagAbiyshagawb-ee-shag'H0049from H0001 and H7686 - my father blundering
AbishaiAbiyshayawb-ee-shah-ee'H0052from H0001 and H7862 - my father is generous
AbishalomAbiyshalowmawb-ee-shaw-lome'H0053my father is peace
AbsalomAbshalowmawb-shaw-lome'H0053alternate Ibriy spelling for H0053
AbishuaAbiyshuwaawb-ee-shoo'-ahH0050from H0001 and H7771 - my father is prosperous
AbishurAbiyshuwrawb-ee-shoor'H0051from H0001 and H7791 - my father is a the wall
AbitalAbiytalawb-ee-tal'H0037from H0001 and H2919 - my father is fresh
AbitubAbiytuwbawb-ee-toob'H0036from H0001 and H2898 - my father is good
AbnerAbiynerawb-ee-nare'H0074from H0001 and H5216 - my father is light (i.e. enlightening)
AbrahamAbrahamawb-raw-hawm'H0085contraction from H0001 and an unused root (probably mean. to be populous) - father of a multitude
AbramAbramawb-rawm'H0087contraction from H0048 - high father
AccadAkkadawk-kad'H0390from an unused root probably meaning to strengthen; a fortress
AcchoAkkowawk-ko'H5910apparently from an unused root mean. to hem in; Akko (from its situation on a bay)
AchanAkanaw-kawn'H5912from an unused root meaning to trouble; troublesome
AchborAkbowrawk-bore'H5907probably for H5909 (a mouse, as nibbling)
AchishAkiyshaw-keesh'H0397of uncertain derivation
AchmethaAchmetha'awkh-me-thaw'H0307of Parsiy derivation
AchorAkowraw-kore'H5911from H5916 - troubled
AchsahAksahawk-saw'H5915feminine of H5914 - anklet
AchshaphAkshaphawk-shawf'H0407from H3784 - fascination
AchzibAkziybawk-zeeb'H0392from H0391 - deceitful (in the sense of a winter-torrent which fails in summer)
AdadahAd'adahawd-aw-daw'H5735from H5712 - festival
AdahAdahaw-daw'H5711from H5710 - ornament
AdaiahAdaYahuwawd-aw-yah-hoo'H5718H5710 - adorned of Yahuwah
AdaliaAdalya'awd-al-yaw'H0118of Parsiy derivation - a son of Haman
AdamAdamaw-dawm'H0121same as H0120 - the first man - ruddy
AdamahAdamahawd-aw-maw'H0128the same as H0127 - reddish soil
AdamiAdamiyawd-aw-mee'H0129from H0127 - earthy
AdarAdarawd-awr'H0143probably of foreign derivation, perhaps meaning fire
AdbeelAbde'elawb-deh-ale'H5655from H5647 and H0410 - serving El
AddanAddanawd-dawn'H0135intensive from the same as H0134 - firm
AddonAddownawd-done'H0114intensive for H0113 - powerful
AdielAdiy'elawd-ee-ale'H5717from H5716 and H0410 - ornament of El
AdinAdiynaw-deen'H5720the same as H5719
AdinaAdiyna'awd-een-naw'H5721from H5719 - effeminacy
AdinoAdiynowawd-ee-no'H5722probably from H5719 in the original sense of slender (i.e. a spear)
AdithaimAdiythayimawd-ee-thah'-yeemH5723dual of a feminine of H5706 - double prey
AdlaiAdlayawd-lah'eeH5724from an unused root of uncertain meaning
AdmahAdmahawd-maw'H0126contraction for H0127 - earthy
AdmathaAdmatha'awd-maw-thaw'H0133probably of Parsiy derivation
AdnaAdna'awd-naw'H5733from H5727 - pleasure
AdnahAdnahawd-naw'H5734from H5727 - pleasure
AdoniBezekAdoniy-Bezeqawd-o'-nee-beh'-zekH0137from H0113 and H0966; master of Bezek
AdonijahAdoniYahuwawd-o-nee-yah-hoo'H0138from H0113 and H3050 - worshipper of Yahuwah
AdonikamAdoniyqamawd-o-nee-kawm'H0140from H0113 and H6965 - master of rising (i.e. high)
AdoniramAdoniyramawd-o-nee-rawm'H0141from H0113 and H7311 - master of height
AdonizedekAdoniy-Tsedeqawd-o'-nee-tseh'-dekH0139from H0113 and H6664 - master of justice
AdoraimAdowrayimawd-o-rah' yeemH0115dual from H0142 (in the sense of eminence); double mound
AdoramAdoramawd-o-rawm'H0151contraction for H0141
AdrammelechAdrammelekawd-ram-meh'-lekH0152from H0142 and H4428 - splendor of (the) king
AdrielAdriy'elawd-ree-ale'H5741from H5739 and H0410 - flock of El
AdullamAdullamawd-ool-lawn'H5725probably from the pass. part. of the same as H5724
AdullamiteAdullamiyawd-ool-law-mee'H5726patrial from H5725 - a native of Adullam
AdummimAdummiymawd-oom-meem'H0131plural of H0121 - red spots
AgagAgagawg-awg'H0090of uncertain derivation [comp. H0089] - flame
AgagiteAgagiyawg-aw-ghee'H0091from H0090 - a descendant (subject) of Agag
AgeeAge'aw-gay'H0089of uncertain derivation
AgurAguwraw-goor'H0094pass. part. of H0103; gathered (i.e. received among the sages)
AhabAch'abawkh-awb'H0256from H0251 and H0001 - brother [i.e. friend] of (his) father
AhamnaharaimAram Naharayimawr-am' nah-har-ah'-yeemH0763from H0758 and the dual of H5104; Aram of (the) two rivers (Euphrates and Tigris)
AharahAchrachawkh-rakhH0315from H0310 and H0251 - after (his) brother
AharhelAcharchelawkh-ar-kale'H0316from H0310 and H2426 - behind (the) intrenchment (i.e. safe)
AhasbaiAchasbayawkh-as-bah'eeH0308of uncertain derivation
AhasuerusAchashwerowshawkh-ash-way-rosh'H0325of Parsiy origin - the title rather than the name of a Parsiy king
AhawaAhawa'aw-haw-aw'H0163probably of foreign origin - a river of Babel
AhazAchazaw-khawz'H0271from H0270 - possessor
AhaziahAchazYahuwawkh-az-yah-hoo'H0274from H0270 and H3050 - seized by Yahuwah
AherAcherawkh-air'H0313the same as H0312
AhiAchiyawkh-ee'H0277from H0251 and H517; my brother is of the mother (i.e. uncle)
AhiahAchiYahuwawkh-ee-yah-hoo'H0281from H0251 and H3050 - my brother is Yahuwah
AhiamAchiy'amawkh-ee-awm'H0279from H0251 and H0517 - my brother is of the mother (i.e. uncle)
AhianAchyanawkh-yawn'H0291from H0251 - my brother is brotherly
AhiezerAchiy'ezerawkh-ee-eh'-zerH0295from H0251 and H5828 - my brother is help
AhihudAchiyhuwdawkh-ee-hood'H0282from H0251 and H1935 - my brother is majesty
Ahikam Achiyqamawkh-ee-kawm'H0296from H0251 and H6965; my brother is rising (i.e. high)
AhiludAchiyluwdawkh-ee-lood'H0286from H0251 and H3205; my brother is born
AhimaazAchiyma'atsawkh-ee-mah'-atsH0290from H0251 and the equiw. of H4619; my brother is anger
AhimanAchiymanawkh-ee-mawn'H0289alternate Ibriy spelling for H0289
AhimanAchiymanawkh-ee-man'H0289from H0251 and H4480 - my brother is a portion (i.e. gift)
AhimelechAchiymelekawkh-ee-meh'-lekH0288from H0251 and H4428 - my brother is (the) king
AhimothAchiymowthawkh-ee-moth'H0287from H0251 and H4191 - my brother is death
AhinadabAchiynadabawkh-ee-naw-dawb'H0292from H0251 and H5068; my brother is liberal
AhinoamAchiyno'amawkh-ee-no'-amH0293from H0251 and H5278; my brother is pleasant
AhioAchyowawkh-yo'H0283from H0251 - my brother is brotherly
AhiraAchiyra'awkh-ee-rah'H0299from H0251 and H7451 - my brother is wrong
AhiramAchiyramawkh-ee-rawm'H0297from H0251 and H7311 - my brother is high (i.e. high)
AhiramitesAchiyramiyawkh-ee-raw-mee'H0298from H0297 - a descendant (collect.) of Achiram
AhisamachAchiysamakawkh-ee-saw-mawk'H0294from H0251 and H5564 - my brother is support
AhishaharAchiyshacharawkh-ee-shakh'-arH0300from H0251 and H7837 - my brother is (the) dawn
AhithopelAchiythophelawkh-ee-tho'-felH0302from H0251 and H8602; my brother is folly
AhitubAchiytuwbawkh-ee-toob'H0285from H0251 and H2898 - my brother is goodness
AhlabAchlabawkh-lawb'H0303from the same root as H2459 - fatness (i.e. fertile)
AhlaiAchlayawkh-lah'eeH0304the same as H0305 - wishful
AhoahAchowachawkh-o'-akhH0265by reduplication from H0251 - brotherly
AhohiteAchowchiyawkh-o-khee'H0266from H0264
AholahOholaho-hol-aw'H0170in form a feminine of H0168 but in fact for Oholahh o-hol-aw'; from H0168 - her tent (i.e. idolatrous sanctuary)
AholiabOholiy'abo'-hol-e-awb'H0171from H0168 and H0001 - tent of (his) father
AholibahOholiybaho'-hol-ee-baw'H0172from H0168 - my tent (is) in her
AholibamahOholiybamaho'-hol-e-baw-maw'H0173from H1068 and H1116 - tent of (the) height
AhumaiAchuwmayawkh-oo-mah'eeH0267from H0251 and H4325 - brother (i.e. neighbour) of water
AhuzamAchuzzamawkh-ooz-zawm'H0275from H0270 - seizure
AhuzzathAchuzzathawkh-ooz-zath'H0276a variation of H0272 - possession
AiAyah'eeH5857for H5856
AiahAyahaw-yaw'H0345the same as H0344
AiathxxH5857alternate English rendering for H5857
AijaAya'aw-yaw'H5857alternate Ibriy spelling (feminine) fro H5857
AijalonxxH0357alternate English rendering for H0357
AijathAyathaw-yawthH5857alternate Ibriy spelling (feminine) fro H5857
Aijeleth ShaharAyeleth Shacharaw-yeh'-leth shakh'-arH0365from H0365 and H7837 - doe (hind) of the dawn (morning)
AinAyinaw'-yinH5871the same as H5869; fountain
AjalonAyalownaw-yaw-lone'H0357alternate Ibriy spelling for H0357
AkanAqanaw-kawn'H6130from an unused root meaning to twist; tortuous
AkkubAqquwbawk-koob'H6126from H6117 - insidious
AkrabbimAqrabawk-rawb'H6137of uncertain derivation - a scorpion; fig. a scourge or knotted whip
AksahAksahawk-saw'H5915feminine of H5914 - anklet
AkzibAkziybawk-zeeb'H0392from H0391 - deceitful (in the sense of a winter-torrent which fails in summer)
AlammelechAllammelekal-lam-meh'-lekH0487from H0427 and H4428 - oak of (the) king
AlemethIyr Nachasheer naw-khawsh'H5904from H5892 and H5175 - city of a serpent
AlianAlyanal-yawn'H5935from H5927 - lofty
AllonAllownal-lone'H0438the same as H0437 (oak)
AllonbachuthAllown Bakuwthal-lone' baw-kooth'H0439from H0437 and a war. of H1068 - oak of walternate English rendering for Hping
AlmightyShaddayshad-dah'eeH7706from H7703 (powerful)
AlmodadAlmowdadal-mo-dawd'H0486probably of foreign derivation
AlmonAlmownal-mone'H5960from H5956 - hidden
AlmondiblathaimAlmon Diblatha-yemahal-mone' dib-law-thaw'-yem-awH5963from the same as H5960 and the dual of H1690 [comp. H1015] with enclitic of direction
AltaschithAl tashchethal tash-kayth'H0516from H0408 and H7843 (you must not destroy)
AlushAluwshaw-loosh'H0442of uncertain derivation
AlwahAlyahal-yaw'H5933alternate Ibriy spelling for H5933
AlwahAlwahal-waw'H5933the same as H5932
AlwanAlyanal-yawn'H5935alternate Ibriy spelling for H5935
AmadAm'adawm-awd'H6008from H5971 and H5703 - people of time
AmalAmalaw-mawl'H6000the same as H5999
AmalekAmaleqawm-aw-lake'H6002probably of foreign origin
Amalekite(s)Amaleqiyam-aw-lay-kee'H6003patron. from H6002 - a descendant of Amaleq
AmamAmamawm-awm'H0538from H0517 - gathering-spot
AmanaAmanahawm-aw-naw'H0549the same as H0548
AmariahAmarYahuwawm-ar-ya' hoo'H0568H559 - said (i.e. promised)
AmasaAmasa'awm-aw-saw'H6021from H6006 - burden
AmasaiAmasayawm-aw-sah'eeH6022from H6006 - burdensome
AmashaiAmashsayawm-ash-sah'eeH6023probably from H6006 - burdensome
AmasiahAmasYahuwawm-as-yah-hoo'H6007from H6006 - loaded
AmaziahAmatsYahuwawm-ats-yah-hoo'H0558from H0553 and H3050 - strength of Yahuwah
AmiAmiyaw-mee'H0532an abbreviation of H0526
AmittaiAmittayawm-it-tah'eeH0573from H0571 - weracious
AmmahAmmahawm-maw'H0522the same as H0520
AmmiAmmiyawmiyH5971from H6004 - a people (as a congregated unit)
AmmielAmmiy'elawm-mee-ale'H5988from H5971 and H0410 - people of El
AmmihudAmmiyhuwdawm-mee-hood'H5989from H5971 and H1935 - people of splendor
AmminadabAmmiynadabawm-mee-naw-dawb'H5992from H5971 and H5068 - people of liberality
AmminadibAmmiy Nadiybawm-mee' naw-deeb'H5993from H5971 and H5081 - my people (is) liberal
AmmishaddaiAmmiyshaddayawm-mee-shad-dah'eeH5996from H5971 and H7706 - people of (the) Almighty
AmmizabadAmmiyzabadawm-mee-zaw-bawd'H5990from H5971 and H2064 - people of endowment
AmmonAmmownawm-mone'H5983from H5971 - tribal; i.e. inbred
Ammonite(s)Ammowniyawm-mo-nee'H5984from H5983
AmnonAmiynownawm-ee-nohn'H0550alternate Ibriy spelling for H0550
AmnonAmnownawm-nohn' H0550from H0539 - faithful
AmokAmowqaw-moke'H5987from H6009; to be deep
AmonAmownaw-mone'H0526the same as H0525
Amorite(s)Emoriyem-o-ree'H0567from an unused name derived from H0559 in the sense of publicity i.e. prominence
AmosAmowsaw-mows'H5986from H6006 - burdensome
AmozAmowtsaw-mohts'H0531from H0553 - strong
AmramAmramawm-rawm'H6019probably from H5971 and H7311 - high people
Amramite(s)Amramiyawm-raw-mee'H6020patron. from H6019 - a descendant of Amram
AmraphelAmraphelawm-raw-fel'H0569of uncertain derivation
AmziAmtsiyawm-tsee'H0557from H0553 - strong
AnabAnabawn-awb'H6024from the same as H6025 - fruit
AnahAnahawn-aw'H6034probably from H6030 - an answer
AnaharathAnacharathawn-aw-kha-rawth'H0588probably from the same root as H5170 - a gorge or narrow pass
AnaiahAnaYahuwawn-aw-yah-hoo'H6043from H6030 and H3050 - Yahwuah has answered
AnakAnaqaw-nawk'H6061the same as H6060
Anakim(s)Anaqiyawn-aw-kee'H6062from H6061
AnamimAnamiman-aw-meem'H6047plural of some Mitsriy word
AnammelechAnammelekawn-am-meh'-lekH6048of foreign origin
AnaniAnaniyawn-aw-nee'H6054from H6051 - cloudy
AnaniahAnanYahuwawn-an-yah-hoo'H6055from H6049 - covered
AnathAnathawn-awth'H6067from H6030 - answer
AnathothAnathowthawn-aw-thoth'H6068plural of H6067
AnemAnemaw-name'H6046from the dual of H5869 - two fountains
AnerAneraw-nare'H6063probably for H5288
AnethothiteAnnethowthiyawn-ne-tho-thee'H6069alternate Ibriy spelling for H6069
AnethothiteAnthothiyawn-tho-thee'H6069patrial from H6068
AniamAniy'amawn-ee-awm'H0593from H0578 and H5971 - groaning of (the) people
AnimAniymaw-neem'H6044for plural of H5869 - fountains
AntothijahAnthothiYahuwawn-tho-thee-yah-hoo'H6070from the same as H6068 and H3050 - answers of Yahuwah
AnubAnuwbaw-noob'H6036pass. part. from the same as H6025 - borne (as fruit)
ApharesiteApharecayaf-aw-re-sah'-eeH0670an inhabitant of an unknown region of Assyria (only in the plural)
ApharsachitesApharsekayaf-ar-sek-ah'eeH0671of foreign origin (only in the plural) - an Apharsekiy
ApharsathchitesApharsathkayaf-ar-sath-kah'eeH0671alternate Ibriy spelling for H0671
AphekAphiyqaf-eek'H0663alternate Ibriy spelling for H0663
AphekApheqaf-ake'H0663from H0662 (in the sense of strength) - fortress
AphiahAphiyachaf-ee'-akhH0647perhaps from H6315 - I will make to breathe
AphikAphiyqaf-eek'H0663alternate Ibriy spelling for H0663
AppaimAppayimap-pah'-yimH0649dual of H0639 - two nostrils
ApsesPitstsetspits-tsates'H6483from an unused root mean. to break
AqanAqanaw-kawn'H6130from an unused root mean. to twist; tortuous
ArArawrH6144the same as H5892; a city
AraAra'awr-raw'H0690for H0738 - lion
ArabArabawr-awb'H0694from H0693 - lurking, ambush
ArabiaArabawr-ab'H6152alternate Ibriy spelling for H6152
ArabiaArabar-awb'H6152from H6150 in the fig. sense of sterility
AradAradawr-awd'H6166from an unused root mean. to sequester itself; fugitive
ArahArachaw-rakh'H0733from H0732 - way-faring
AramAramawr-awm'H0758from the same as H0759 - the highland
AramitessArammiyawr-am-mee'H0761patrial from H0758
AramzobahAram Tsobahawr-am' tso-baw'H0760from H0758 and H6678 - Aram of Tsoba
AranAranawr-awn'H0765from H7442 - stridulous
AraratAraratawr-aw-rat'H0780of foreign origin
ArbaArba'awr-bah'H0704the same as H0702 (four)
ArbahxxH0704alternate English rendering for H0704
ArbathiteArbathiyawr-baw-thee'H6164patrial from H1026; of Arabah
ArbiteArbiyawr-bee'H0701patrial from H0069
ArchewiteArkewayawr-kew-ah'eeH0756patrial from H0751 - a native of Erek
ArchiteArkiyawr-kee'H0757patrial from another place (in Yisra'el) of similar name with H0751 - a native of Erek
ArcturusAyishawh'-yeeshH5906from H5789 - the constellation of the Great Bear (perhaps from its migration through the heawens)
ArdArdawrdH0714from an unused root probably mean. to wander - fugitive
ArditesArdiyawr-dee'H0716from H0714 - a descendant of Ard
ArdonArdownawr-dohn'H0715from the same as H0714 - roaming
AreliAr'eliyawr-ay-lee'H0692from H0691 - heroic
ArelitesxxH0692alternate English rendering for H0692
AretasAretasawr-et'-asH0702of foreign origin
ArgobArgobawr-gobe'H0709from the same as H7263 - stony
ArielAri'elawr-ee-ale'H0740the same as H0739
AriochAryowkawr-yoke'H0746of foreign origin
ArkiteArqiyawr-kee'H6208patrial from an unused name meaning a tush
ArmoniArmoniyawr-mo-nee'H0764from H0759 - palatial
ArnonArnownawr-nohn'H0769from H7442 - a brawling stream
ArodArowdawr-ode'H0720an orth. war. of H0719 - fugitive
Arodi/AroditesArowdiyawr-o-dee'H0722from H0721 - a descendant of Arod
AroerArow'erawr-o-ayr'H6177the same as H6176 - nudity of situation
AroeriteAro'eriyawr-o-ay-ree'H6200from H6177
ArpadArpadawr-pawd'H0774from H7502 - spread out
ArphadxxH0774alternate English rendering for H0774
ArphaxadArpakshadawr-pak-shad'H0775probably of foreign origin
Artaxerxes Artachshashta'awr-takh-shash-taw'H0783of foreign origin
ArubothArubbowthawr-oob-bothH0700plural of H0699
ArumahAruwmahawr-oo-maw'H0725a variation of H7316 - height
ArwadArwadawr-wad'H0719probably from H7300 - a refuge for the rowing
ArwaditeArwadiyawr-waw-dee'H0721patrial from H0719 - a citizen of Arwad
AsaAsa'aw-saw'H0609of uncertain derivation
AsahelAsah'elaw-saw-ale'H6214from H6213 and H0410 - El has made
AsahiahAsaYahuwaw-saw-yah-hoo'H6222from H6213 and - Yahuwah has made
AsaiahxxH6222alternate English rendering of H6222
AsaphAsaphaw-sawf'H0623from H0622 - collector
AsareelAsar'elaws-ar-ale'H0840from H0833 and H0410 - right of El
Asarelah Asar'elahaws-ar-ale'-awH0841from the same as H0840 - right towards Yahuwah
AsenathAsenathaw-se-nath'H0621of Mitsryiy derivation
AshanAshanaw-shawn'H6228the same as H6227
AshbeaAshbea'awsh-bay'-ahH0791from H7650 - adjurer
Ashbel Ashbelawsh-bale'H0788probably from the same as H7640 - flowing
AshbelitesAshbeliyawsh-bay-lee'H0789from H0788 - a descendant of Ashbel
AshdodAshdowdawsh-dode'H0795from H7703 - rawager
AshdoditesAshdowdiyawsh-do-dee'H0796patrial from H0795 - an inhabitant of Ashdowd
AshdothitesxxH0795alternate English rendering for H0795
AshdothpisgahAshdowth ha-Pis-gahash-doth'ha-pees-gaw'H0798from the plural of H0794 and H6449 with the art. interposed - ravines of the Pisgah
AsherAsheraw-share'H0836from H0833 - happy
AsheritesAsheriyaw-shay-ree'H0843from H0836 - a descendant of Asher
AshimaAshiyma'awsh-ee-maw'H0807of foreign origin
AshkenazAshkenazawsh-ken-az'H0813of foreign origin
AshnahAshnahawsh-naw'H0823probably a variation of H3466
AshrielAsri'eliyaws-ree-ale-ee'H0845from H0844 - a descendant of Asriel
AshtarothAshtarothawsh-taw-roth'H6252alternate Ibriy spelling for H6252
AshtarothAshtarowthawsh-taw-roth'H6252plural of H6251 (increase)
AshterathiteAshterathiyawsh-ter-aw-thee'H6254patrial from H6252
Ashteroth KarnaimAshteroth Qarnayimawsh-ter-oth' kar-nah'-yeemH6255from H6252 and the dual of H7161 - Ashtaroth of (the) double horns (a symbol of the deity)
AshurAshshurawsh-shoor'H0804alternate Ibriy spelling for H0804
AshurAshshuwrawsh-shoor'H0804apparently from H0833 (in the sense of successful)
AshuritesxxH0805alternate English rendering for H0805
AsielAsiy'elaws-ee-ale'H6221from H6213 and H0410 - made of El
AskalonxxH0831alternate English rendering for H0831
AskelonAshqelownawsh-kel-one'H0831probably from H8254 in the sense of weighing-place (i.e. mart)
AsnahAsnahaws-naw'H0619of uncertain derivation
AsnapperOsnapparos-nap-par'H0620of foreign derivation
AsrielAsriy'elaws-ree-ale'H0844an orth. war. for H0840
AsrielitesAsri'eliyaws-ree-ale-ee'H0845from H0844 - a descendant of Asriel
AsshurxxH0804alternate English rendering for H0804
AsshurimAshshuwriyawsh-shoo-ree'H0805alternate Ibriy spelling for H0805
AsshurimAshuwriyawsh-oo-ree'H0805from a patrial word of the same form as H0804 - an inhabitant of Ashur
AssirAssiyraws-seere'H0617the same as H0616 - prisoner
AssurxxH0804alternate English rendering for H0804
AssyriaxxH0804alternate English rendering for H0804
AssyriansxxH0804alternate English rendering for H0804
AstarothxxH6252alternate English rendering of H6252
AsuppimAsuphaw-soof'H0624pass. part. of H0622 - collected (only in the plural)
AtadAtadaw-tawd'H0329from an unused root probably mean. to pierce or make fast - a thorn-tree (espec. the buckthorn)
AtarahAtarahawt-aw-raw'H5851the same as H5850
AtarothAtarothawt-aw-roth'H5852alternate Ibriy spelling for H5852
AtarothAtarowthawt-aw-roth'H5852plural of H5850
AterAteraw-tare'H0333from H0332 - maimed
AthachAthakawth-awk'H6269from an unused root meaning to sojourn; lodging
AthaiahAthaYahuwawth-aw-yah-hoo'H6265from H5790 and H3050 - helped by Yahuwah
AthaliahAthalYahuwawth-al-yah-hoo'H6271from H6270 and H3050 - constrained by Yahuwah
AthlaiAthlayawth-lah'eeH6270from an unused root mean. to compress; constringent
AtrothAtrowth Showphanaw-troth' sho-fawn'H5855from the same as H5852 and a name otherwise unused [being from the same as H8226] meaning hidden
AttaiAttayawt-tah'eeH6262for H6261
AwaAwwa'aw-waw'H5755alternate Ibriy spelling for H5755
AwenAwenaw'-wenH0206the same as H0205 - idolatry
AwimAwwiymaw-weem'H5761plural of H5757 - Awwim (as inhabited by Awwites)
AwimsAwwiyaw-wee'H5757patrial from H5755 - an Awwite or native of Awwah (only plural)
AwitesxxH5757alternate English rendering of H5757
AwithAyowthawh-yoth'H5762alternate Ibriy spelling for H5752
AwithAwiythaw-weeth'H5762as if plural of H5857 - ruin
AzaliahAtsalYahuwawts-al-yah'-hooH0683from H0680 and H3050 - Yahuwah has reserved
AzaniahAzanYahuwaz-an-yah-hoo'H0245from H0238 and H3050 - heard by Yahuwah
AzareelAzar'elaz-awr-ale'H5832from H5826 and H0410 - El has helped
AzariahAzarYahuwaz-awr-yah-hoo'H5838from H5826 and H3050 - helped by Yahuwah
AzazAzazaw-zawz'H5811from H5810 - strong
AzaziahAzazYahuwawz-az-yah-hoo'H5812from H5810 and H3050 - strengthened of Yahuwah
AzekahAzeqahawz-ay-kaw'H5825from H5828 - tilled
AzgadAzgadawz-gawd'H5803from H5794 and H1409 - stern troop
AzmawethAzmawethawz-maw'-wethH5820from H5794 and H4194 - strong one of death
AzmonAtsmonawts-mone'H6111alternate Ibriy spelling for H6111
AzmonAtsmownawts-mone'H6111from H6107 - bone-like
Aznoth-taborAwznowth Tabowraznoth' taw-bore'H0243from H0238 and H8396 - flats (i.e. tops) of Tabowr (i.e. situated on it)
AzreelAzar'elawz-ar-ale'H5832from H5826 and H0410 - El has helped
AzrielAzriy'elawz-ree-ale'H5837from H5828 and H0410 - help of El
AzrikamAzriyqamawz-ree-kawm'H5840from H5828 and act. part. of H6965 - help of an enemy
AzubahAzuwbahawz-oo-baw'H5806the same as H5805
AzurAzzuwrawz-zoor'H5809alternate English rendering for H5809
AzzanAzzanawz-zawn'H5821from H5794 - strong one
AzzurAzzurawz-zoor'H5809alternate Ibriy spelling for H5809
AzzurAzzuwrawz-zoor'H5809from H5286 - helpful
BaalBa'albah'-alH1168the same as H1167 (plural Ba'aliym)
BaalahBa'alahbah-al-aw'H1173the same as H1172
BaalathBa Alathbah al-awth'H1191a modification of H1172 - mistresship
Baalath-beerBa'alath Be'erbah al-ath' beh-ayr'H1192 from H1172 and H0875 - mistress of a well
BaalberithBa'al Beriythbah'-al ber-eeth'H1170from H1168 and H1285 - Ba'al of (the) covenant
Baale of JudahBa'aley Yahuwdahbah-al-ay' yah-hoo-daw'H1184 from the plural of H1167 and H3063 - masters of Yahudah
BaalgadBa'al Gadbah'-al gawdH1171from H1168 and H1409 - lord of fortune
BaalhamonBa'al Hamownbah'-al haw-mone'H1174 from H1167 and H1995 - possessor of a multitude
BaalhananBa'al Chananbah'-al khaw-nawn'H1177from H1167 and H2603 - possessor of grace
BaalhazorBa'al Chatsowrbah'-al khaw-tsore'H1178from H1167 and a modification of H2691 - possessor of a village
BaalhermonBa'al Chermownbah'-al kher-mone'H1179from H1167 and H2768 - possessor of Hermon
BaaliBa'aliybah-al-ee'H1180from H1167 with pronoun suffix - my master
BaalisBa'alicbah-al-ece'H1185probably from a der. of H5965 with prep. pref. - in exultation
BaalmeonBa'al Me'ownbah-al meh-on'H1186from H1168 and H4583 - master of (the) habitation
BaalpeorBa'al Pe'owrbah'-al peh-ore'H1187from H1168 and H6465 - master of Peor
BaalperazimBa'al Peratsiymbah'-al per-aw-tseem'H1188 from H1167 and the plural of H6556 - possessor of breaches
BaalshalishaBa'al Shalishahbah'-al shaw-lee-shaw'H1190 from H1168 and H8031 - lord of Shalishah
BaalTamarBa'al Tamarbah'-al taw-mawr'H1193 from H1167 and H8558 - possessor of (the) palm-tree
BaalzebubBa'al Zebuwbbah'-al zeb-oob'H1176 from H1168 and H2070 - master of (the) fly
BaalzephonBa'al Tsephownbah'-al-tsef-one'H1189 from H1168 and H6828 (in the sense of cold) - lord of winter (destroyer)
BaanahBa'ana'bah-an-aw'H1195 the same as H1196
BaaraBa'ara'bah-ar-aw'H1199 from H1198 - brutish
Baaseiah Ba'aseYahuwbah-as-ay-yah-hoo'H1202H6213 - in (the) work of Yahuwah
BaashaBa'sha'bah-shaw'H1201from an unused root meaning to stink; offensiveness
BabelBabelbaw-bel'H0894from H1101 - confusion
BabylonBabelbaw-bel'H0894alternate English rendering for H0894
BabyloniaBabliybab-lee'H0896patrial from H0895 - an inhabitant of Babel
BacaBaka'baw-kaw'H1056from H1058 - weeping
BachritesBakriybak-ree'H1076patron. from H1071 - a descendant of Beker
BaharumiteBacharuwmiybakh-ar-oo-mee'H0978patrial from H0980 (by transp.); an inhabitant of Bachuriym
BahurimBachuriymbakh-oo-reem'H0980masculine plural of H0970 - young men
BajithBayithbah'-yeethH1006the same as H1004
BakbakkarBaqbaqqarbak-bak-kar'H1230redupl. from H1239 - searcher
BakbukBaqbuwqbak-book'H1227the same as H1228
BakbukiahBaqbukYahuwbak-book-yah-hoo'H1229from H1228 and H3050 - emptying (i.e. wasting) of Yahuwah
BalaamBil'ambeel-awm'H1109from H1077 and H5971 - not (of the) people
BaladanBal'adanbal-ad-awn'H1081from H1078 and H0113 (contr.) - Ba'al (is his) master
BalahBalahbaw-law'H1088feminine of H1087 - failure
BalakBalaqbaw-lawk'H1111from H1110 - waster
BamahBamahbaw-maw'H1117 the same as H1116
BamothBamowthbaw-moth'H1120plural of H1116 - heights
BamothbaalBamowth Ba'albaw-moth'; bah'-alH1120from the same (H1116 plural) and H1168 - heights of Ba'al
BaniBaniybaw-nee'H1137from H1129 - built
BarachelBarak'elbaw-rak-ale'H1292from H1288 and H0410 - El has blessed
BarakBaraqbaw-rawk'H1301the same as H1300
BarhumiteBarchumiybar-khoo-mee'H1273by transposition for H0978
BariahBariyachbaw-ree'-akhH1282the same as H1281
BarkosBarqowsbar-kose'H1302of uncertain derivation
BaruchBaruwkbaw-rook'H1263pass. part. from H1288 - blessed
BarzillaiBarzillaybar-zeel-lah'eeH1271from H1270 - iron hearted
BashanBashanbaw-shawn'H1316of uncertain derivation
BashemathBosmathbos-math'H1315feminine of H1314 (the second form) - fragrance
BasmathBosmathbos-math'H1315alternate Ibriy spelling for H1315
BathrabbimBath Rabbiymbath rabbeem'H1337from H1323 and a masculine plural from H7227 - the daughter (i.e. city) of Rabbah
BathshebaBath-Sheba'bayith-sheh'-bahH1339from H1323 and H7651 (in the sense of H7650) - daughter of an oath
BathshuaBath-Shuwa'bayith-shoo'-ahH1340from H1323 and H7771 - daughter of wealth
BazlithxxH1213alternate English rendering for H1213
BazluthBatsluwthbats-looth'H1213from the same as H1211 - a peeling
BealiahBa'alYahuwbeh-al-yah-hoo'H1183from H1167 and H3050 - Yahuwah (is) master
BealothBe'alowthbeh-aw-loth'H1175plural of H1172 - mistresses
BebaiBebaybay-bah'eeH0893probably of foreign origin
BecherBekerbeh'-ker; the same as H1070; BekerH1071the same as H1070
BechorathBekowrathbek-o-rath'H1064feminine of H1062 - primogeniture
BedadBedadbed-ad'H0911from H0909 - separation
BedanBedanbed-awn'H0917probably shortened for H5658 - servile
BedeiahBedeYahuwbay-de-yah-hoo'H0912shortened for H5662 - EbedYahuw
BeeliadaBe'elyada'beh-el-yaw-daw'H1182from H1168 and H3045 - Ba'al has known
BeerBe'erbe-ayr'H0876the same as H0875
BeeraBe'era'be-ay-raw'H0878from H0875 - a well
BeerahBe'erahbe-ay-raw'H0880the same as H0878
BeerelimBe'er Eliymbe-ayr' ay-leem'H0879from H0875 and the plural of H0410 - well of heroes
BeeriBe'eriybe-ay-ree'H0882from H0875 - fountained
BeeritesBeriy'iyber-ee-ee'H1284patron. from H1283 - a descendant of Beriah
BeerlahairoiBe'er la-Chay Ro'iybe-ayr' lakh-ah'ee ro-ee'H0883from H0875 and H2416 (with pref.) and H7203 - well of a living (One) my Seer
BeerothBe'erowthbe-ay-rohth'H0881feminine plural of H0875 - wells
BeerothiteBe'erothiybe-ay-ro-thee'H0886patrial from H0881 - an inhabitant of Be'erowth
BeershebaBe'er Sheba'be-ayr' sheh'-bahH0884from H0875 and H7651 (in the sense of H7650) - well of an oath
BeeshterahBe'eshterahbeh-esh-ter-aw'H1203from H6251 (as sing. of H6252) with prep. pref.; with Ashtoreth
Behemothbehemowthbe-hay-mohth'H0930in form a plural of H0929 - a water ox, i.e. the hippopotamus
BelBelbaleH1078by contraction for H1168
BelaBela'beh'-lahH1106the same as H1105
BelahBela'beh'-lahH1106the same as H1105
BelaitesBal'iybel-ee'H1108patronym. from H1106 - a descendant of Bela
Belialbeliya'albel-e-yah'-alH1100from H1097 and H3276 - without profit
BelshazzarBelsha'tstsarbale-shats-tsar'H1113corresponding to H1112 (Kasdiy origin)
BelteshazzarBeltesha'tstsarbale-tesh-ats-tsar'H1095of foreign derivation
BenBenbaneH1122the same as H1121
BenaiahBenaYahuwben-aw-yah-hoo'H1141from H1129 and H3050 - built of Yahuwah
BenammiBen-Ammiyben-am-mee'H1151from H1121 and H5971 with pron. suff. - son of my people
BeneberakBeney-Beraqben-ay'-ber-ak'H1139from the plural construct of H1121 and H1300 - sons of lightning
BenejaakanBeney Ya'aqanben-ay' yah-ak-awn'H1142from the plural of H1121 and H3292 - sons of YaAkan
BenhadadBen-Hadadben-had-ad'H1130from H1121 and H1908 - son of Hadad
BenhailBen-Chayilben-khah'-yeelH1134from H1121 and H2428 - son of might
BenhananBen-Chananben-khaw-nawn'H1135from H1121 and H2605 - son of Chanan
BenjaminBinyamiynbin-yaw-meen'H1144from H1121 and H3225 - son of (the) right hand
BenjamiteBeniy Yemiyniyben-ee' yem-ee-neeH1145alternate Ibriy spelling for H1145 (plural)
BenjamiteYeminiyyem-ee-nee'H1145alternate Ibriy spelling for H1145 (simple)
BenjamiteBen-Iysh Yemiyniyben-eesh' yem-ee-nee'H1145alternate Ibriy spelling for H1145 (with H0376 inserted)
BenjamiteBen-ha-yeminiyben-hah-yem-ee-nee'H1145alternate Ibriy spelling for H1145 (with the article inserted)
BenjamiteBenyemiyniyben-yem-ee-nee'H1145patron. from H1144 - a descendant of Binyamin
BenobenbaneH1121from H1129 - a son (as a builder of the family name)
BenoniBen-Owniyben-o-nee'H1126from H1121 and H0205 - son of my sorrow
BenzohethBen-Zowehethben-zo-khayth'H1132from H1121 and H2105 - son of Zocheth
BeonBe'onbeh-ohn'H1194probably a contraction of H1010
BeorBe'owrbeh-ore'H1160from H1197 (in the sense of burning) - a lamp
BeraBera'beh'-rahH1298of uncertain derivation
BerachahBerakahber-aw-kaw'H1294the same as H1293
BerachiahBerekYahuwbeh-rek-yah-hoo'H1296from H1290 and H3050 - knee (i.e. blessing) of Yahuwah
BeraiahBera'Yahuwber-aw-yah-hoo'H1256from H1254 and H3050 - Yahuwah has created
BeredBeredbeh'-redH1260from H1258 - hail
BeriBeriybay-ree'H1275probably by contraction from H0882
BeriahBeriy'ahber-ee'-awH1283apparently from the feminine of H7451 with prep. pref. - in trouble
BerithBeriythber-eeth'H1286the same as H1285
BerodachbaladanBero'dak Bal'adanber-o-dak' bal-ad-awn'H1255a variation of H4757
BerothahBerowthahbay-ro-thaw'H1268 probably from H1266 - cypress or cypresslike
BerothaiBerothaybay-ro-thah'eeH1268 alternate 'ibriy spelling for H1268
BerothiteBerothiybay-ro-thee'H1307patrial from H1268
BesaiBesaybes-ah'-eeH1153from H0947 - domineering
BesodeiahBeaowdeYahuwbes-o-deh-yah-hoo'H1152from H5475 and H3050 with prep. pref. - in (the) counsel of Yahuwah
BesorBesowrbes-ore'H1308from H1319 - cheerful
BetahBetachbeh'-takhH0984the same as H0983
BetenBetenbeh'-tenH0991the same as H0990
BethanathBayith Anathbayith an-awth'H1043an orth. war. for H1042
BethanothBayith Anowthbayith anoth'H1042from H1004 and a plural from H6030 - house of replies
BetharamBayith ha-Rambayith haw-rawm'H1027from H1004 and H7311 with the art. interposed - house of the height
BethArbelBayith Arbe'lbayith arbale'H1009from H1004 and H695 and H0410 - house of El's ambush
BethawenBayith Awenbayith aw'-wenH1007from H1004 and H0205 - house of wanity
BethazmawethBayith Azmawethbayith az-maw'-wethH1041from H1004 and H5820 - house of Azmaweth
BethBa'almeonBayith Ba'al Me'ownbayith bah'-al me-own'H1010from H1004 and H1168 and H4583 - house of Ba'al of (the) habitation of [appar. by transp.]
BethbarahBayith Barahbayith baw-raw'H1012probably from H1004 and H5679 - house of (the) ford
BethbireiBayith Bir'iybayith beer-ee'H1011from H1004 and H1254 - house of a creative one
BethcarBayith Karbayith karH1033from H1004 and H3733 - house of pasture
BethdagonBayith-Dagownbayith-dawgohn'H1016from H1004 and H1712 - house of Dagown
BethdiblathaimBayith Diblathayimbayith deeb-law-thah'-yeemH1015from H1004 and the dual of H1690 - house of (the) two figcakes
BethelBayith-Elbayith-ale'H1008 from H1004 and H0410 - house of El
BetheliteBayith ha-Eliybayith haw-el-ee'H1017patrial from H1008 with the art. interposed
BethemekBayith ha-Emeqbayith ha-Ay'-mekH1025from H1004 and H6010 with the art. interposed - house of the walley
BetherBetherbeh'-therH1336the same as H1335
BethezelBayith ha-'etselbayith haw-ay'-tselH1018from H1004 and H681 with the art. interposed - house of the side
BethgaderBayith-Gaderbayith-gaw-dare'H1013from H1004 and H1447 - house of (the) wall
BethgamulBayith Gamuwlbayith gawmool'H1014from H1004 and the pass. part. of H1576 - house of (the) weaned
BethhaArabahBayith ha-Arabahbayith ha-ar-aw-baw'H1026from H1004 and H6160 with the art. interposed - house of the Desert
BethhacceremBayith ha-Kerembayith ha-keh'-remH1021from H1004 and H3754 with the art. interposed - house of the vineyard
BethharanBayith ha-Ranbayith ha-rawn'H1028probably for H1027
BethhoglahBayith Choglahbayith chog-law'H1031from H1004 and the same as H2295 - house of a partridge
BethhoronBayith Chowrownbayith kho-rone'H1032from H1004 and H2356 - house of hollowness
BethjeshimothBayith ha-Yeshiy-mowthbayith ha-yesh-ee-moth'H1020from H1004 and the plural of H3451 with the art. interposed - house of the deserts
BethlebaothBayith Leba'owthbayith leb-aw-oth'H1034from H1004 and the plural of H3833 - house of lionesses
BethlehemBayith Lechembayith leh'-khemH1035from H1004 and H3899 - house of bread
BethlehemiteBayith ha-Lachmiybayith ha-lakh-mee'H1022patrial from H1035 with the article inserted
BethmaachahBayith Ma'akahbayith mah-ak-awH1038from H1004 and H4601 - house of MaAkah
BethmarcabothBayith ha-Marka-bowthbayith ha-mar-kaw-both'H1024from H1004 and the plural of H4818 (with or without the art. interposed) - place of (the) chariots
BethmarcabothBayith Mar-kabowthbayith mar-kaw-both'H1024alternate Ibriy spelling for H1024
BethnimrahBayith Nimrahbayith neemraw'H1039from H1004 and the feminine of H5246 - house of (the) leopard
BethpaletBayith Peletbayith peh'-letH1046from H1004 and H6412 - house of escape
BethpazzezBayith Patstsetsbayith pats-tsates'H1048from H1004 and a der. from H6327 - house of dispersion
BethpeorBayith Pe'owrbayith pe-ore'H1047from H1004 and H6465 - house of Peor
BethpheletxxH1046alternate English rendering for H1046
BethraphaBayith Rapha'bayith raw-faw'H1051from H1004 and H7497 - house of (the) giant
BethrehobBayith Rechowbbayith re-khobe'H1050from H1004 and H7339 - house of (the) street
BethshanBayith Shanbayith shawn'H1052alternate Ibriy spelling for H1052
BethsheanBayith SheAnbayith she-awn'H1052from H1004 and H7599 - house of ease
BethshemeshBayith Shemeshbayith sheh'-meshH1053from H1004 and H8121 - house of (the) sun
BethshemiteBayith hash-Shimshiybayith hash-sheem-shee'H1030patrial from H1053 with the article inserted
Bethtappuah.Bayith Tappuwachbayith tap-poo'-akhH1054from H1004 and H8598 - house of (the) apple
BethuelBethuw'elbeth-oo-ale'H1328apparently from the same as H1326 and H0410 - destroyed of El
BethuelBethuwlbeth-ool'H1329for H1328
BethzurBayith Tsuwrbayith tsoor'H1049from H1004 and H6697 - house of (the) rock
BetonimBetoniymbet-o-neem'H0993probably plural from H0992 - hollows
BeulahBa'albaw-al'H1166a primary root - to be master; hence (as denom. from H1167) to marry
BezaiBetsaybay-tsah'eeH1209perhaps the same as H1153
BezaleelBetsal'elbets-al-ale'H1212probably from H6738 and H0410 with prep. pref. - in (the) shadow (i.e. protection) of El
BezekBezeqbeh'-zekH0966from H0965 - lightning
BezerBetserbeh'-tserH1221the same as H1220 - an inaccessible spot
BichriBikriybeek-ree'H1075from H1069 - youthful
BidkarBidqarbeed-car'H0920probably from H1856 with prep. pref. - by stabbing
BigthaBigtha'beeg-thaw'H0903of Parsiy derivation
BigthanBigthanbeeg-thawn'H0904of similar derivation to H0903
BigthanaBigthanbeeg-thawn'H0904alternate Ibriy spelling for H0904
BigwaiBigwaybeeg-wah'eeH0902probably of foreign origin
BildadBildadbeel-dad'H1085of uncertain derivation
BileamBil'ambeel-awm'H1109alternate Ibriy spelling for H1109
BilgahBilgahbeel-gaw'H1083from H1082 - desistance
BilhahBilhahbeel-haw'H1090from H1089 - timid
BilhanBilhanbeel-hawn'H1092from H1089 - timid
BilshanBilshanbeel-shawn'H1114of uncertain derivation
BimhalBimhalbeem-hawl'H1118probably from H04107 with prep. prefixed - with pruning
BineaBin'a'been-aw'H1150of uncertain derivation
BineahBin'ahbeen-aw'H1150alternate Ibriy spelling for H1150
BinnuiBinnuwybeen-noo'eeH1131from H1129 - built up
BirshaBirsha'beer-shah'H1306probably from H7562 with prep. prefixed; with wickedness
BirzawithBirzowthbeer-zoth'H1269probably feminine plural from an unused root (appar. meaning to pierce) - holes
BishlamBishlambeesh-lawm'H1312of foreign derivation
BithiahBithYahuwbeeth-yah-hoo'H1332from H1323 and H3050 - daughter (i.e. worshipper) of Yahuwah
BithronBithrownbeeth-rone'H1338from H1334 (with the art.) - the craggy spot
BizjothjahbizyowtheYahuwbeez-yo-the-yah-hoo'H0964from H0959 and H3050 - contempts of Yahuwah
BizthaBiztha'beez-thaw'H0968of Kasdiy origin
BocheruBokeruwbo-ker-oo'H1074from H1069 - first-born
BochimBokiymbo-keem'H1066plural act. part. of H1058 (with the art.) - the weepers
BohanBohanbo'-hanH0932an orth. war. of H0931 - thumb
BoskathBotsqathbots-cath'H1218from H1216 - a swell of ground
BozcathxxH1218alternate English rendering for H1218
BozcathBotsqathbots-cath'H1218from H1216 - a swell of ground
BozezBowtsetsbo-tsates'H0949from the same as H0948 - shining
BozrahBotsrahbots-raw'H1224the same as H1223
BukkiBuqqiybook-kee'H1231from H1238 - wasteful
BukkiahBuqqiYahuwbook-kee-yah-hoo'H1232from H1238 and H3050 - wasting of Yahuwah
BulBuwlboolH0945the same as H0944 (in the sense of rain)
BunahBuwnahboo-naw'H0946from H0995 - discretion
BunniBunniyboo-nee'H1138from H1129 - built
BuzBuwzboozH0938the same as H0937
BuziBuwziyboo-zee'H0941 the same as H0940
BuziteBuwziyboo-zee'H0940 patron. from H0938 - a descendant of Buz
CabbonKabbownkab-bone'H3522from an unused root meaning to heap up; hilly
CabulKabuwlkaw-bool'H3521from the same as H3525 in the sense of limitation - sterile
CainQayinkah'-yeenH7014the same as H7013 (with a play upon the affinity to H7069)
CainanxxH7018alternate English rendering for H7018
CalahKelachkeh'-lakhH3625the same as H3624
CalcolKalkolkal-kole'H3633from H3557 - sustenance
CalebKalebkaw-labe'H3612perhaps a form of H3611
CalnehKalnehkal-nay'H3641alternate Ibriy spelling for H3641
CalnehKalnehkal-neh'H3641of foreign derivation
CalnoKalnowkal-no'H3641alternate Ibriy spelling for H3641
CamonQamownkaw-mone'H7056from H6965 - an elevation
CanaanKena'anken-ah'-anH3667from H3665 - humiliated
CanaaniteKena'aniyken-ah-an-ee'H3669patrial from H3667 - an inhabitant of KenaAn
CannehKannehkan-neh'H3656for H3641
CaphtorKaphtowrkaf-tore'H3731alternate Ibriy spelling for H3731
CaphtorKaphtorkaf-tore'H3731apparently the same as H3730 - a wreath-shaped island
Caphtorim(s)Kaphtoriykaf-to-ree'H3732patrial from H3731- a native of Kaphtor
CarcasKarkaskar-kas'H3752of Parsiy origin
CarchemishKarkemiyshkar-kem-eesh'H3751of foreign derivation
CareahxxH7143alternate English rendering for H7143
CarmelKarmelkar-mel'H3760the same as H3759 - fruitful
CarmelitessKarmeliythkar-mel-eeth'H3762feminine of H3761
CarmiKarmiykar-mee'H3756from H3754 - gardener
CarmitesKarmiykar-mee'H3757from H3756 - a Karmiy
CarshenaKarshena'kar-shen-aw'H3771of foreign origin
CasiphiaKasiphya'kaw-seef-yaw'H3703perhaps from H3701 - silvery
CasluhimKasluchiymkas-loo'-kheemH3695a plural probably of foreign derivation
ChalcolxxH3633alternate English rendering for H3633
ChaldeaKasdiykas-dee'H3778(occasionally with enclitic - Kasdiymah)
ChaldeansKasdiykas-dee'H3778alternate English rendering for H3778
ChaldeansKasdiymahkas-dee'-mawH3778alternate Ibriy spelling for H3778
ChaldeesxxH3778alternate English rendering for H3778
CharashimCharashiymkhar-aw-sheem'H2798plural of H2796 - mechanics
ChebarKebarkeb-awr'H3529the same as H3528 - length
ChedorlaomerKedorla'omerked-or-law-o'-merH3540of foreign origin
ChefarhaamonaiKephar ha-Ammowniykef-ar' haw-am-mo-nee'H3726from H3723 and H5984 with the article interposed - village of the Ammoniy
ChelalKelalkel-awl'H3636from H3634 - complete
ChelluhKeluwhaykel-oo-hah'eeH3622from H3615 - completed
ChelubKeluwbkel-oob'H3620the same as H3619
ChelubaiKeluwbaykel-oo-bay'eeH3621a form of H3612
Chemarimskamarkaw-mawr'H3649from H3648 - properly an ascetic (as if shrunk with self-maceration)
ChemoshKemiyshkem-eesh'H3645alternate Ibriy spelling for H3645
ChemoshKemowshkem-oshe'H3645from an unused root meaning to subdue - the powerful
ChenaanahKenaAnahken-ah-an-aw'H3668feminine of H3667
ChenaniKenaniyken-aw-nee'H3662from H3661 - planted
ChenaniahKenanYahuwken-an-yah-hoo'H3663from H3661 and H3050 - Yahuwah has planted
ChephirahKephiyrahkef-ee-raw'H3716feminine of H3715 - the village (always with the article)
CheranKeranker-awn'H3763of uncertain derivation
CherethimsxxH3774alternate English rendering for H3774
CherethitesKerethiyker-ay-thee'H3774probably from H3772 in the sense of executioner
CherithKeriythker-eeth'H3747from H3772 - a cut
CherubKeruwbker-oob'H3743the same as H3742
ChesalonKecalownkes-aw-lone'H3693from H3688 - fertile
ChesedKesedkeh'-sedH3777from an unused root of uncertain meaning
ChesilKeciylkes-eel'H3686the same as H3684
ChesullothKesullowthkes-ool-loth'H3694feminine plural of pass. part. of H3688 - fattened
ChezibKeziybkez-eeb'H3580from H3576 - falsified
ChidonKiydownkee-dohn'H3592the same as H3591
ChileabKil'abkeel-awb'H3609apparently from H3607 and H0001 - restraint of (his) father
ChilionKilyownkeel-yone'H3630a form of H3631
ChilmadKilmadkeel-mawd'H3638of foreign derivation
ChimhamKimhamkeem-hawm'H3643from H3642 - pining
ChinnerethKinnerethkee-ner-ethH3672respectively plural and singinghular feminine from the same as H3658 - perhaps harp-shaped
ChinnerothKinnerowthkeen-ner-othH3672alternate Ibriy spelling for H3672
ChisleuKislewkees-lawe'H3691probably of foreign origin
ChislonKislownkees-lone'H3692from H3688 - hopeful
ChislothtaborKisloth Taborkees-loth' taw-bore'H3696from the feminine plural of H3689 and H8396 - flanks of Tabor
ChittimxxH3794alternate English rendering for H3794
ChiunKiyuwnkee-yoon'H3594from H3559 - prop. a statue
ChorashanKowr Ashankore aw-shawn'H3565from H3564 and H6227 - furnace of smoke
ChosebaKozeba'ko-zeb-aw'H3578from H3576 - fallacious
ChubKuwbkoobH3552of foreign derivation
ChunKuwnkoonH3560probably from H3559 - established
ChushKuwshkooshH3568black - (Ethiopia)
ColhozehKol-Chozehkol-kho-zeh'H3626from H3605 and H2374 - ewery seer
ConaniahKownanYahuwko-nan-yah-hoo'H3562from H3559 and H3050 - sustained of Yahuwah
ConiahKonYahuwkon-yah-hoo'H3659Shortened H3204 - YekonYahuw
CononiahxxH3562alternate English rendering for H3562
CozxxH6976alternate English rendering of H6976
CozbiKozbiykoz-bee'H3579from H3576 - false
CushxxH3568alternate English rendering for H3568
CushanKuwshankoo-shawn'H3572perhaps from H3568
CushiKuwshiykoo-shee'H3569from H3568
CushitexxH3569alternate English rendering for H3569
CuthKuwthahkoo-thaw'H3575feminine of H3575
CuthKuwthkoothH3575of foreign origin
CyrusKoreshko'-reshH3566alternate Ibriy spelling for H3566
CyrusKowreshko'-reshH3566from the Parsiy
DabarehDaberathdaw-ber-ath'H1705from H1697 (perhaps in the sense of H1699)
DabbeshethDabbeshethdab-beh'-shethH1708the same as H1707
DaberathxxH1705alternate English rendering for H1705
DagonDagowndaw-gohn'H1712from H1709 - the fish-god
DalmanuthaDalmanouthadal-man-oo-thah'H1148probably of Kasdiy origin
DalphonDalphowndal-fone'H1813from H1811 - dripping
DamascusDammeseqdam-meh'-sekH1834of foreign origin
DanDandawnH1835from H1777 - judge
DanielDaniye'ldaw-nee-yale'H1840from H1835 and H0410 - judge of El
Danite(s)Daniydaw-nee'H1839patron. from H1835 - a descendant of Dan
DanjaanDan Ya'andawn yah'-anH1842from H1835 and (appar.) H3282 - judge of purpose
DannahDannahdan-naw'H1837of uncertain derivation
DaraDara'daw-rah'H1873probably contraction for H1862
DardaDarda'dar-dah'H1862apparently from H1858 and H1843 - pearl of knowledge
DariusDareyaweshdaw-reh-yaw-waysh'H1867a Parsiy title (rather than name) of seweral Parsiy kings
DarkonDarqowndar-kone'H1874of uncertain derivation
DathanDathandaw-thawn'H1885of uncertain derivation
DawidDawiyddaw-weed'H1732alternate Ibriy spelling for H1732
DawidDawiddaw-weed'H1732from the same as H1730 - loving
DebirDebirdeb-eer'H1688alternate Ibriy spelling for H1688
DebirDebiyrdeb-eer'H1688the same as H1687
DeborahDeborahdeb-o-raw'H1683alternate Ibriy spelling for H1683
DeborahDebowrahdeb-o-raw'H1683the same as H1682
DedanDedanehdeh-daw'-nehH1719alternate Ibriy spelling for H1719
DedanDedanded-awn'H1719of uncertain derivation
DedanimDedaniymded-aw-neem'H1720plural of H1719 - inhabitants of Dedan
DehawitesDahawa'dah-haw-aw'H1723a people colonized in Shomerown
DekarDeqerdeh'-kerH1857from H1856 - a stab
DelaiahDelaYahuwdel-aw-yah-hoo'H1806from H1802 and H3050 - Yahuwah has delivered
DelilahDeliylahdel-ee-law'H1807from H1809 - languishing
DeuelDe'uw'eldeh-oo-ale'H1845from H3045 and H0410 - known of El
DiblaimDiblayimdeeb-lah'-yeemH1691dual from the masculine of H1690 - two cakes
DiblathDiblahdeeb-law'H1689probably an ortho error for H7247
DibonDiybondee-bone'H1769alternate Ibriy spelling for H1769
DibonDiybowndee-bone'H1769from H1727 - pining
DibongadDiybown-Gaddee-bone'-gawdH1769from H1727 and with H1410 added - pining (for) a Gad
DibriDibriydeeb-ree'H1704from H1697 - wordy
DiklahDiqlahdeek-law'H1853of foreign origin
DileanDilAndeel-awn'H1810of uncertain derivation
DimnahDimnahdeem-naw'H1829feminine from the same as H1828 - a dung-heap
DimonDiymowndee-mone'H1775perhaps for H1769
DimonahDiymownahdee-mo-naw'H1776feminine of H1775
DinahDiynahdee-naw'H1783feminine of H1779 - justice
DinaiteDiynaydee-nah'eeH1784patrial from an uncertain prime - an inhabitant of some unknown Asshuwr prowince
DinhabanDinhabahdeen-haw-baw'H1838of uncertain derivation
DishanDiyshandee-shawn'H1789another form of H1787 (the leaper)
DishonDishondee-shone'H1787alternate Ibriy spelling for H1789
DishonDishowndee-shone'H1787alternate Ibriy spelling for H1789
DishonDiyshondee-shone'H1787alternate Ibriy spelling for H1789
DishonDiyshowndee-shone'H1787the same as H1788
DishonxxH1789alternate English rendering for H1789
DizahabDiy zahabdee zaw-hawb'H1774as if from H1768 and H2091 - of gold
DodaiDowdaydo-dah'eeH1737formed like H1736 - amatory
DodanimDodaniymdo-daw-neem'H1721a plural of uncertain derivation
DodawahDowdaYahuwdo-daw-yah-hoo'H1735from H1730 and H3050 - love of Yahuwah
DodoDowdowdo-do'H1734from H1730 - his beloved
DoegDo'egdo-ayg'H1673act. part. of H1672 - anxious
DoegDow'egdo-ayg'H1673alternate Ibriy spelling for H1673
DophkahDophqahdof-kaw'H1850from H1849 - a knock
DorDo'rdoreH1756alternate Ibriy spelling for H1756
DorDowrdoreH1756from H1755 - dwelling
DothanDothayindo-thah'-yeenH1886alternate Ibriy spelling for H1886
DothanDothando'-thawnH1886of uncertain derivation
DumahDuwmahdoo-maw'H1746 the same as H1745 (to be mute)
DuraDuwra'doo-raw'H0175probably from H1753 - circle or dwelling
EbalEybalay-bawl'H5858perhaps from an unused root probably meaning to be bald; bare
EbedEbedeh'-bedH5651the same as H5650 (servant)
EbedmelechEbed Melekeh'-bed meh'-lekH5663from H5650 and H4428 - slave of a king
EbenezerEben ha-'ezereh'-ben ha e'-zerH0072from H0068 and H5828 with the article inserted - stone of the help
EberEberay'-berH5677the same as H5676
EbiasaphEbyasapheb-yaw-sawf'H0043contraction from H0023
EbronahEbronaheb-raw-naw'H5684feminine of H5683 (transitional)
EdxxxAdded word. Not in original text.
EdarxxH5740alternate English rendering for H5740
EdenEdenay'-denH5731the region of Adam's home
EderEderay'-derH5740the same as H5739
EdomEdowmed-ome'H0123alternate Ibriy spelling for H0123
Edom(ites)Edomed-ome'H0123from H0122 - red [see Genesis 25 : 25]
EdomiteEdomiyed-o-mee'H0130a descendant of Edom
EdomiteEdowmiyed-o-mee'H0130alternate Ibriy spelling for H0130
Edrei'edre'iyed-reh'-eeH0154from the equiwalent of H0153 - mighty
EglahEglaheg-law'H5698the same as H5697 (female calf)
EglaimEglayimeg-lah'-yeemH0097dual of H0096 - a double pond
EglonEglowneg-lawn'H5700from H5695 - wituline
EgyptxxH4714alternate English rendering for H4714
EgyptianMitsriymeets-ree'H4713inhabitant of Mitsrayim (Egyptian)
EgyptiansxxH4714alternate English rendering for H4714
EhiEchiyay-khee'H0278probably the same as H0277
EhudEchuwday-khood'H0261from H0258 - united
EkerEqeray'-kerH6134the same as H6133 (naturalized citizen)
EkronEqrownek-rone'H6138from H6131 - eradication
EkroniteEqroniyek-ro-nee'H6139alternate Ibriy spelling for H6139
EkroniteEqrowniyek-ro-nee'H6139patrial from H6138 - an inhabitant of Eqrown
EladahEl'adahel-aw-daw'H0497from H0410 and H5710 - El has decked
ElahElahay-law'H0425the same as H0424
ElamOwlamo-lawm'H5867alternate Ibriy spelling for H5867
ElamEylamay-lawm'H5867probably from H5956 - hidden
ElamiteAlmiyal-mee'H5962patrial from a name corresponding to H5867 contraction - an inhabitant of Elam
ElasahEl'asahel-aw-saw'H0501from H0410 and H6213 - El has made
ElathEylathay-lath'H0359alternate Ibriy spelling for H0359
ElbethelEl Bayith-Elale bayith-ale'H0416from H0410 and H1008 - the miighty one of the house of El
EldaahElda'ahel-daw-aw'H0420from H0410 and H3045 - El of knowledge
EldadEldadel-dad'H0419from H0410 and H1730 - El has lowed
EleadEl'adel-awd'H0496from H0410 and H5749 - El has testified
ElealehEl'alehel-aw-lay'H0500alternate Ibriy spelling for H0500
ElealehEl'ale'el-aw-lay'H0500from H0410 and H5927 - El (is) going up
EleazarEl'azarel-aw-zawr'H0499from H0410 and H5826 - El (is) helper
EleloheIsraelEl 'elohey Yisra'elale el-o-hay' yees-raw-ale'H0415from H0410, H0430, and H3478 - the mighty El of Yisra'el
ElephElepheh'-lefH0507the same as H0505
ElhananElchananel-khaw-nawn'H0445from H0410 and H2603 - El (is) gracious
EliEliyay-lee'H5941from H5927 - lofty
EliabEliy'abel-ee-awb'H0446from H0410 and H0001 - El of (his) father
EliadaElyada'el-yaw-daw'H0450from H0410 and H3045 - El (is) knowing
EliahxxH0452alternate English rendering for H0452
EliahbaElyachba'el-yakh-baw'H0455from H0410 and H2244 - El will hide
EliakimElyaqiymel-yaw-keem'H0471from H0410 and H6965 - El of raising
EliamEliy'amel-ee-awm'H0463from H0410 and H5971 - El of (the) people
EliasaphElyasaphel-yaw-sawf'H0460from H0410 and H3254 - El (is) gatherer
EliashibElyashiybel-yaw-sheeb'H0475from H0410 and H7725 - El will restore
EliathahEliyathahel-ee-yaw-thaw'H0448alternate Ibriy spelling for H0448
EliathahEliy'athahel-ee-aw-thaw'H0448from H0410 and H225 - El of (his) consent
ElidadEliydadel-ee-dawd'H0449from the same as H0419 - El of (his) love
ElielEliy'elel-ee-ale'H0447from H0410 repeated - El of (his) El
ElienaiEliy'eynayel-ee-ay-nah'eeH0462probably a contraction for H0454
EliezerEliy'ezerel-ee-eh'-zerH0461from H0410 and H5828 - El of help
ElihorephEliychorephel-ee-kho'-refH0456from H0410 and H2779 - El of autumn
ElihuEliyhuwel-ee-hoo'H0453from H0410 and H1931- El of him
ElijahEliYahuway-lee-yah-hoo'H0452from H0410 and H3050 - mighty one of Yahuwah
ElikaEliyqa'el-ee-kaw'H0470from H0410 and H6958 - El of rejection
ElimEylimay-leem'H0362plural of H0352 - palm-trees
ElimelechEliymelekel-ee-meh'-lekH0458from H0410 and H4428 - El of (the) king
ElioenaiElyehow'eynayel-ye-ho-ay-nah'eeH0454from H0413 and H3068 and H5869 - towards Yahuwah (are) my eyes
ElionaiElyow'eynayel-yo-ay-nah'eeH0454alternate Ibriy spelling for H0454
EliphalEliyphalel-ee-fawl'H0465from H0410 and H6419 - El of judgment
EliphaletxxH0467alternate English rendering for H0467
EliphazEliyphazel-ee-faz'H0464from H0410 and H6337 - El of gold
ElipheletElpeletel-peh'-letH0467alternate Ibriy spelling for H0467
ElipheletEliypheletel-ee-feh'-letH0467from H0410 and H6405 - El of deliverance
ElishaEliysha'el-ee-shaw'H0477contraction for H0474
ElishahEliyshahel-ee-shaw'H0473probably of foreign derivation
ElishamaEliyshama'el-ee-shaw-maw'H0476from H0410 and H8085 - El of hearing
ElishaphatEliyshaphatel-ee-shaw-fawt'H0478from H0410 and H8199 - El of judgment
ElishebaEliysheba'el-ee-sheh'-bahH0472from H0410 and H7651 (in the sense of H7650) - El of (the) oath
ElishuaEliyshuwa'el-ee-shoo'-ahH0474from H0410 and H7769 - El of supplication (or of riches)
ElizaphanEliytsaphanel-ee-tsaw-fawn'H0469from H0410 and H6845 - El of treasure
ElizurEleytsuwrel-ee-tsoor'H0468from H0410 and H6697 - El of (the) rock
ElkanahElqanahel-kaw-naw'H0511from H0410 and H7069 - El has obtained
ElkoshiteElqoshiyel-ko-shee'H0512 patrial from a name of uncertain derivation - a native of Elkosh
EllasarEllasarel-law-sawr'H0495probably of foreign derivation (an early country of Asia)
ElnaamElna'amel-nah'-amH0493from H0410 and H5276 - El (is his) delight
ElnathanElnathanel-naw-thawn'H0494from H0410 and H5414 - El (is the) giver
ElonElownay-lone'H0356 alternate Ibriy spelling for H0356
ElonEylonay-lone'H0356 alternate Ibriy spelling for H0356
ElonEylownay-lone'H0356 from H0352 - oak-growe
ElonbethhananEylown Bayith Chananay-lone' bayith-chawnawn'H0358oak-growe of (the) house of favor
ElonitesEloniyay-lo-nee'H0440alternate Ibriy spelling for H0440
ElonitesElowniyay-lo-nee'H0440patron. from H0438 - a descendant of Elon
ElothEylowthay-loth'H0359tralternate English rendering for Hs or a growe (i.e. palms)
ElpaalElpa'alel-pah'-alH0508from H0410 and H6466 - El (is) act
ElpaletxxH0467alternate English rendering for H0467
ElparanEl Pa'ranale paw-rawn'H0364oak of Paran
EltekehElteqehel-te-kay'H0514alternate Ibriy spelling for H0514
EltekehElteqeel-te-kay'H0514of uncertain derivation
EltekonElteqonel-te-kone'H0515from H0410 and H8626 - El (is) straight
EltoladEltowladel-to-lad'H0513probably from H0410 and a masculine form of H8435 - El (is) generator
ElulEluwlel-ool'H0435the sixth Yahudith month
EluzaiEl'uwzayel-oo-zah'eeH0498from H0410 and H5756 (in the sense of H5797) - El (is) defensive
ElzabadElzabadel-zaw-bawd'H0443from H0410 and H2064 - El has bestowed
ElzaphanEltsaphanel-tsaw-fawn'H0469alternate Ibriy spelling for H0469
EnaimEynamay-nawm'H5879alternate Ibriy spelling for H5879
EnaimEynayimay-nah'-yeemH5879dual of H5869 - double fountain
EnamEynamay-nawm'H5879alternate Ibriy spelling for H5879
EnanEynanay-nawn'H5881from H5869 - having eyes
EndorEyn Dowrane doreH5874alternate Ibriy spelling for H5874
EndorEyn-Dorane-dore'H5874alternate Ibriy spelling for H5874
EndorEyn-Do'rane-dore'H5874from H5869 and H1755 - fountain of dwelling
EneglaimEyn Eglayimane eg-lah'-yeemH5882from H5869 and the dual of H5695 - fountain of two calwes
EngannimEyn Ganniymane gan-neem'H5873from H5869 and the plural of H1588 - fountain of gardens
EngediEyn Gediyane geh'-deeH5872from H5869 and H1423 - fountain of a kid
EnhaddahEyn Chaddahane khad-daw'H5876from H5869 and the feminine of a der. from H2300 - fountain of sharpness
EnhakhoreEyn ha-Qowre'ane ha-ko-ray'H5875from H5869 and the act. part. of H7121 - fountain of One calling
EnhazorEyn Chatsowrane khaw-tsore'H5877from H5869 and the same as H2674 - fountain of a village
EnmishpatEyn Mishpatane meesh-pawt'H5880from H5869 and H4941 - fountain of judgment
EnosEnowshen-owsh'H0583a mortal man (in general)
EnrimmonEyn Rimmownane ree-mone'H5884from H5869 and H7416 - fountain of a pomegranate
EnrogelEyn Rogelane ro-gale'H5883from H5869 and the act. part. of H7270 - fountain of a traweller
EnshemeshEyn Shemeshane sheh'-meshH5885from H5869 and H8121 - fountain of the sun
EntappuahEyn Tappuwachane tappoo'-akhH5887from H5869 and H8598 - fountain of an apple-tree
EphahEyphahay-faw'H5891the same as H5890 (obscurity)
EphaiOwphayo-fah'-eeH5778from H5775 - birdlike
EpherEpheray'-ferH6081probably a war. of H6082; gazelle
EphesdammimEphes Dammiymeh'-fes dam-meem'H0658from H0657 and the plural of H1818 - boundary of blood-drops
EphlalEphlalef-lawl'H0654from H6419 - judge
EphodEphoday-fode'H0641the same as H0646
EphraimEphrayimef-rah'-yeemH0669dual of a masculine form of H672 - double fruit
EphratahEphrathahef-raw'-thawH0672alternate Ibriy spelling for H0672
EphrathEphrathef-rawth'H0672another name for Bayith Lechem
EphrathiteEphrathiyef-rawth-ee'H0673patrial from H0672 - an descendant of Ephrayim
ErErayrH6147from H5782 - watchful
EranEranay-rawn'H6197probably from H5782 - watchful
Eranite(s)Eraniyay-raw-nee'H6198patron. from H6197 - descendant (collect.) of Eran
ErechErekeh'-rekH0751a place in Babel
EriEriyay-ree'H6179from H5782 - watchful
EritesEriyay-ree'H6180patron. from H6179 - descendant of Eri
Esar-haddonEsar-Chaddownay-sar' chad-dohn'H0634of foreign derivation
EshBa'alEshBa'alesh-bah'-alH0792from H0376 and H1168 - man of Ba'al
EshbanEshbanesh-bawn'H0790probably from the same as H7644 - wigorous
EshcolEshkolesh-kole'H0812the same as H0811 (bunch of grapes)
EsheanEsh'anesh-awn'H0824from H8172 - support
EshekEsheqay-shek'H6232from H6231 - oppression
EshkalonitesEshqelowniyesh-kel-o-nee'H0832patrial from H0831 - an inhabitant of Ashkelon
EshtaolEshta'owlesh-taw-ole'H0847alternate Ibriy spelling for H0847
EshtaolEshta'olesh-taw-ole'H0847probably from H7592 - intreaty
EshtaulitesEshta'uliyesh-taw-oo-lee'H0848patrial from H0847 - an inhabitant of Eshta'owl
EshtemoaEshtemohesh-tem-o'H0851alternate Ibriy spelling for H0851
EshtemoaEshtemowa'esh-tem-o'-ahH0851alternate Ibriy spelling for H0851
EshtemoaEshtemoa'esh-tem-o'-ahH0851from H8085 (in the sense of obedience)
EshtemohxxH0851alternate English rendering for H0851
EshtonEshtownesh-tone'H0850probably from the same as H7764 - restful
EstherEsteres-tare'H0635of Parsiy derivation
EtamEytamay-tawm'H5862from H5861 - hawk-ground
EthamEthamay-thawm'H0864of Mitsrayiy derivation
EthanEythanay-thawn'H0387the same as H0386 - permanent
EthanimEythaniymay-thaw-neem'H0388plural of H386; always with the article - the permanent brooks
EthBa'alEthBa'aleth-bah'-alH0856from H0854 and H1168 - with Ba'al
EtherEthereh'-therH6281from H6280 - abundance
EthiopianKuwshiykoo-shee'H3569patron. from H3568 - an ihabitabt of Kuwsh
EthnanEthnaneth-nan'H0869the same as H0868 in the sense of H0867
EthniEthniyeth-neeH0867perhaps from H0866 - munificence
EuphratesPerathper-awth'H6578to break forth
EviEwiyew-ee'H0189probably from H0183 - desirous
EvilmerodachEwiyl Merodakew-eel' mer-o-dak'H0192of Kasdiy derivation and probably means soldier of Merodak
EzbaiEzbayez-bah'eeH0229probably from H0231 - hyssop-like
EzbonEtsbonets-bone'H0675alternate Ibriy spelling for H0675
EzbonEtsbownets-bone'H0675of uncertain derivation
EzekielYechezq'elyekh-ez-kale'H3168from H2388 and H0410 - El will strengthen
Ezel'ezeleh'-zelH0237from H0235 - departure
EzemEtsemeh'-tsemH6107the same as H6106 - bone
EzerEtseray'-tserH0687from H0686 - treasure
EzionEtsyonets-yown'H6100alternate Ibriy spelling for H6100
EziongaberEtsyown Geberets-yown' gheh'-berH6100from H6096 and H1397 - backbone-like of a man
EziongeberxxH6100alternate English rendering for H6100
Eznite'etsenay'-tsenH6112from an unused root mean. to be sharp or strong; a spear
EzraEzra'ez-raw'H5830a variation of H5833 (aid)
EzrahiteEzrachiyez-raw-khee'H250patron. from H2246 - a descendant of Zerach
EzriEzriyez-ree'H5836from H5828 - helpful
GaalGa'algah'-alH1603from H1602 - loathing
GaashGa'ashga'-ashH1608from H1607 - a quaking
GabaGeba'gheh'-bahH1387from the same as H1375 - hillock
GabbaiGabbaygab-bah'eeH1373from the same as H1354 - collective
GabrielGabriy'elgab-ree-ale'H1403from H1397 and H0410 - man of El
GadGadgawdH1410from H1464
GaddiGaddiygad-dee'H1426intensive for H1424
GaddielGaddiy'elgad-dee-ale'H1427from H1409 and H0410 - fortune of El
GaditesGadiygaw-dee'H1425patron. from H1410 - a descendant of Gad
GahamGachamgah'-khamH1514from an unused root meaning to burn - flame
GalalGalalgaw-lawl'H1559from H1556 in the sense of H1560 - great
GaleedGal'edgal-ade'H1567from H1530 and H5707 - heap of testimony
GalileeGaliylahgaw-lee-law'H1551Ibriy wariant for H1551
GalileeGaliylgaw-leel'H1551the same as H1550 - a circle (with the article)
GamalielGamliy'elgam-lee-ale'H1583from H1580 and H0410 - reward of El
Gammadimsgammadgam-mawd'H1575from the same as H1574 - a warrior (as grasping weapons)
Gamulgamuwlgaw-mool'H1577pass. part. of H1580 - rewarded
GarebGarebgaw-rabe'H1619from the same as H1618 - scabby
GarmiteGarmiygar-mee'H1636from H1634 - bony
GatamGa'tamgah-tawm'H1609of uncertain derivation
GathGathgathH1661the same as H1660
GathrimmonGath-Rimmowngath-reem-mone'H1667from H1660 and H7416 - wine-press of (the) pomegranate
GazaAzzahaz-zaw'H5804feminine of H5794 - strong
GazathitesAzzathiyaz-zaw-thee'H5841patrial from H5804 - an inhabitant of Azzah
GazerxxH1507alternate English rendering for H1507
GazezGazezgaw-zaze'H1495from H1494 - shearer
GazitexxH5841English variation for H5847
GazzamGazzamgaz-zawm'H1502from the same as H1501 - devourer
GebaxxH1387alternate English rendering for H1387
GebalGebalgheb-awl'H1381the same as H1380
GeberGebergheh'-berH1398the same as H1397
GebimGebiymgay-beem'H1374plural of H1356 - cisterns
GedaliahGedalYahuwghed-al-yah-hoo'H1436from H1431 and H3050- Yahuwah has become great
GederGedergheh'-derH1445the same as H1444
GederothaimGederothayimghed-ay-ro-thah'-yeemH1453dual of H1448 - double wall
GehaziGeychaziygay-khah-zee'H1522apparently from H1516 and H2372 - walley of a visionary
GehaziGechaziygay-khah-zee'H1522alternate Ibriy spelling for H1522
GelilothGeliylowthghel-ee-lowth'H1553plural of H1552 - circles
GemalliGemalliyghem-al-lee'H1582probably from H1581 - camel-driver
GemariahGemarYahuwghem-ar-yah-hoo'H1587from H1584 and H3050 - Yahuwah has perfected
GenesisBereshiythber-ee-sheethH7725with bayith, literally "in the beginning"
GenubathGenubathghen-oo-bath'H1592from H1589 - theft
GeraGera'gay-raw'H1617perhaps from H1626 - a grain
GerarGerargher-awr'H1642probably from H1641 - a rolling country
GerizimGeriziymgher-ee-zeem'H1630plural of an unused noun from H1629 [comp. H1511] - cut up (i.e. rocky)
GershomGereshowmgay-resh-ome'H1648from H1644 - a refugee
GershonGereshowngay-resh-own'H1648Ibriy wariant for H1648
GershonitesGereshunniygay-resh-oon-nee'H1649from H1648 - a descendant of Gereshon
GeshurGeshuwrghesh-oor'H1650from an unused root (meaning to join) - bridge
GeshuriGeshuwriyghe-shoo-ree'H1651patrial from H1650 - an inhabitant of Geshur
GeshuritesxxH1651alternate English rendering for H1651
GetherGethergheh'-therH1666of uncertain derivation
GeuelGe'uw'elgheh-oo-ale'H1345from H1342 and H0410 - majesty of El
GezerGezergheh'-zerH1507the same as H1506
GiahGiyachgee'-akhH1520from H1518 - a fountain
GibbarGibbargeeb-bawr'H1402intensive of H1399
GibbethonGibbethowngeeb-beth-one'H1405intensive from H1389 - a hilly spot
GibeahxxH1387alternate English rendering for H1387
GibeahGib'ahgeeb-aw'H1390the same as H1389 (the hill)
GibeonGib'owngeeb-ohn'H1391from the same as H1387 - hilly
GiblitesGibliygeeb-lee'H1382patrial from H1380 - inhabitant of Gebal
GiddelGiddelgeed-dale'H1435from H1431 - stout
GideonGid'owngeed-ohn'H1439from H1438 - feller (i.e. warrior)
GideoniGid'oniygeed-o-nee'H1441from H1438 - warlike [comp. H1439]
GihonGiychowngee-khone'H1521from H1518 - stream
GihonGichowngee-khone'H1521ii' Ibriy wariant for H1521
GilalaiGilalaygee-lal-ah'eeH1562from H1561 - dungy
GilboaGilboa'geel-bo'-ahH1533from H1530 and H1158 - fountain of ebullition
GileadGil'adgeel-awd'H1568probably from H1567
GileaditesGil'adiygeel-aw-dee'H1569patron. from H1568 - a descendant of Gilad
GilgalGilgalgeel-gawl'H1537the same as H1536 (with the art. as a prop. noun)
GilohGilohgee-lo'H1542from H1540 - open
GilohGiylohgee-lo'H1542alternate Ibriy spelling for H1542
GimzoGimzowgeem-zo'H1579of uncertain derivation
GinathGiynathgee-nath'H1527of uncertain derivation
GirgashiteGirgashiygeer-gaw-shee'H1622patrial from an unused name [of uncert. der.]
GirgasitexxH1622alternate English rendering for H1622
GispaGishpa'geesh-paw'H1658of uncertain derivation
GittaimGittayimgeet-tah'-yeemH1664dual of H1660 - double wine-press
GittitesGittiygeet-tee'H1663patrial from H1661 - an inhabitant of Gath
GoathGo'ahgo-aw'H1601feminine act. part. of H1600 - lowing
GobGobgobeH1359from H1461 - pit
GobGowbgobeH1359alternate Ibriy spelling for H1359
GODYehowihyeh-ho-wee'H3069a disguise of the tetragrammaton perpetrated by the Masoretes
God Almighty'elaleH0410from H0352 - strength, might, mighty, mighty one
God AlmightyEl Shadday'el shad-dah'eeH7706phrase from H0410 and H7703 - to be burly (i.e. powerful)
God/god'elohiymel-o-heem'H0430plural of H0433 - gods in the ordinary sense
GogGowggohgH1463of uncertain derivation
GolanGowlango-lawn'H1474from H1473 - captive
GoliathGolyathgol-yath'H1555perhaps from H1540 - exile
GomerGomergo'-merH1586from H1584 - completion
GomorrahAmoraham-o-raw'H6017from H6014 - a (ruined) heap
GoshenGoshengo'-shenH1657probably of Mitsrayim origin
GozanGowzango-zawn'H1470probably from H1468 - a quarry (as a place of cutting stones)
GudgodahGudgodahgud-go'-dawH1412by re-duplication from H1413 (in the sense of cutting) - cleft
GuniGuwniygoo-nee'H1476probably from H1598 - protected
GunitesGuwniygoo-nee'H1477patron. from H1476 - a descendant of Guwniy
GurGuwrgoorH1483the same as H1482
GurBa'alGuwr-Ba'algoor-bah'-alH1485from H1481 and H1168 - dwelling of Ba'al
HaahashtariAchashtariyakh-ash-taw-ree'H0326probably of Parsiy derivation - an achastarite (i.e. courier); the designation (rather than name)
HabaiahChabaYahuwkhab-ah-yah-hoo'H2252from H2247 and H3050 - Yahuwah has hidden
HabakkukChabaqquwqkhab-ak-kook'H2265by reduplication from H2263 - embrace
HaborChabowrkhaw-bore'H2249from H2266 - united
HachaliahChakalYahuwkhak-al-yah-hoo'H2446from H2447 - dullness of Yahuwah
HachilahChakiylahkhak-ee-law'H2444from the same as H2447 - dullness
HachmoniChakmowniykhak-mo-nee'H2453from H2449 - skilful
HadadHadadhad-ad'H1908probably of foreign origin [comp. H0111]
HadadezerHadad'ezerhad-ad-eh'-zerH1909from H1908 and H5828 - Hadad (is his) help
HadadrimmonHadadrimmownhad-ad-reem-mone'H1910from H1908 and H7417
HadarHadarhad-ar'H1924the same as H1926
HadarezerHadar'ezerhad-ar-eh'-zerH1928from H1924 and H5828 - Hadar is his help
HadashahChadashahkhad-aw-shaw'H2322feminine of H2319 - new
HadassahHadaccahhad-as-saw'H1919feminine of H1918 (the myrtle)
HadidChadiydkhaw-deed'H2307from H2300 - a peak
HadlaiChadlaykhad-lah'eeH2311from H2309 - idle
HadoramHadoramhad-o-rawm'H1913alternate Ibriy spelling for H1913
HadoramHadowramhad-o-rawm'H1913probably of foreign derivation
HadrachChadrakkhad-rawk'H2317of uncertain derivation
HagabChagabkhaw-gawb'H2285the same as H2284 - locust
HagarenexxH1905alternate English rendering for H1905
HagaritexxH1905alternate English rendering for H1905
HaggaiChaggaykhag-gah'eeH2292from H2282 - festive
HaggeriHagri'hag-ree'H1905alternate Ibriy spelling for H1905
HaggeriHagriyhag-ree'H1905perhaps patron. from H1904 - a Hagriy or member of a certain Arabian clan
HaggiChaggiykhag-gee'H2291from H2287 - festive
HaggiahChaggiYahuwkhag-gee-yah-hoo'H2293from H2282 and H3050 - festiwal of Yahuwah
HaggitesxxH2291alternate English rendering for H2291
HaggithChaggiyithkhag-ee-yeeth'H2294feminine of H2291 - festive
HaixxH5857alternate English rendering for H5857
HakkatanQatankaw-tawn'H6997the same as H6996 - small
Hakkozha-Qowtsha-kotseH6976the same as H6975 - (the) thorn (with the article included)
HakuphaHaquwpha'hah-oo-faw'H2709from an unused root probably meaning to bend; crooked
HalahChalachkhal-akh'H2477probably of foreign origin
HalakChalaqkhaw-lawk'H2510the same as H2509 - bare
HalhulChalchuwlkhal-khool'H2478by reduplication from H2342 - contorted
HaliChaliykhal-ee'H2482the same as H2481
HamChamkhawmH2526the same as H2525 - hot (from the tropical habitat)
HamanHamanhaw-mawn'H2001of foreign derivation
HamathChamathkham-awth'H2574from the same as H2346 - walled
HamathiteChamathiykham-aw-thee'H2577patrial from H2574 - a native of Chamath
HamathzobahChamath Tsowbahkham-ath' tso-baw'H2578from H2574 and H6678 - Chamath of Tsobah
HammedathaMedathamed-aw-thaw'H4099of Parsiy origin (with the article) - the father of Medatha
Hammelechha-Melekha-meh'-lekH4429the same as H4428 with the article - (the) king
HammonChammownkham-mone'H2540from H2552 - warm spring
HamonahHamownahham-o-naw'H1997feminine of H1995 - multitude
HamongogHamown Gowgham-one' gohgH1996from H1995 and H1463 - the multitude of Gowg
HamorChamowrkham-ore'H2544the same as H2543 - ass
HamulChamuwlkhaw-mool'H2538from H2550 - pitied
HamulitesChamuwliykhaw-moo-lee'H2539patrial from H2538 - a descendant of Chamuwl
HamutalChamiytalkham-ee-tal'H2537alternate Ibriy spelling for H2537
HamutalChamuwtalkham-oo-tal'H2537from H2524 and H2919 - father-in-law of dew
HanameelChanam'elkhan-am-ale'H2601probably by orth. war. for H2606
HananChanankhaw-nawn'H2605from H2603 - favor
HananeelChanan'elkhan-an-ale'H2606from H2603 and H0410 - El has favored
HananiChananiykhan-aw-nee'H2607from H2603 - gracious
HananiahChananYahuwkhan-an-yah-hooH2608from H2603 and H3050 - Yahuwah has favored
HanesChaneskhaw-nace'H2609of Mitsrayiy derivation
HanielChanniy'elkhan-nee-ale'H2592from H2603 and H0410 - favor of El
HannahChannahkhan-naw'H2584from H2603 - favored
HannathonChannathonkhan-naw-thone'H2615probably from H2603 - favored
HanochChanowkkhan-oke'H2585from H2596 - initiated
HanochitesChanokiykhan-o-kee'H2599patrial from H2585 - a descendant of Chanowk
HanunChanuwnkhaw-noon'H2586from H2603 - favored
HaraHara'haw-raw'H2024perhaps from H2022 - mountainousness
HaradahCharadahkhar-aw-daw'H2732the same as H2731
HaranHaranhaw-rawn'H2039perhaps from H2022 - mountaineer
HarbonaxxH2726alternate English rendering for H2726
HarbonahCharbownahkhar-bo-naw'H2726alternate Ibriy spelling for H2726
HarbonahCharbowna'khar-bo-naw'H2726of Parsiy origin
HarephCharephkhaw-rafe'H2780from H2778 - reproachful
HarhaiahCharhaYahuwkhar-hah-yah-hoo'H2736from H2734 and H3050 - fearing Yahuwah
HarhurHarchuwrhar-khoor'H2744a fuller form of H2746 - inflammation
HarimCharimkhaw-reem'H2766from H2763 - snub-nosed
HarnepherCharnepherkhar-neh'-ferH2774of uncertain derivation
HarodEyn Charodane khar-ode'H5878from H5869 and a derivative of H2729 - fountain of trembling
HaroshethCharoshethkhar-o'-shethH2800the same as H2799
HarshaCharsha'khar-shaw'H2797from H2792 - magician
HarumHarumhaw-room'H2037of the same as H2036 - high
HarumaphCharuwmaphkhar-oo-maf'H2739of H2763 and H0639 - snubnosed
HaruphiteCharuwphiykhar-oo-fee'H2741a patrial from (probably) a collat. form of H2756 - an inhabitant of Charuph (or Chariph)
HaruzCharuwtskhaw-roots'H2743the same as H2742 - earnest
HasadiahChasadYahuwkhas-ad-yah-hoo'H2619from H2617 and H3050 - Yahuwah has favored
HashabiahChashabYahuwkhash-ab-yah-hoo'H2811from H2803 and H3050 - Yahuwah has regarded
HashabnahChashabnahkhash-ab-naw'H2812feminine of H2808 - inventiveness
HashabniahChashabneYahuwkhash-ab-neh-yah-hoo'H2813from H2808 and H3050 - thought of Yahuwah
HashemHashemha-shame'H2044literally - the name
HashmonahChashmonahkhash-mo-naw'H2832feminine of H2831 - fertile
HashubChashshuwbkhash-shoob'H2815from H2803 - intelligent
HashubahChashubahkhash-oo-baw'H2807from H2803 - estimation
HashumChashumkhaw-shoom'H2828from the same as H2831 - enriched
HashuphaChasupha'khas-oo-faw'H2817alternate Ibriy spelling for H2817
HashuphaChasuwpha'khas-oo-faw'H2817from H2834 - nakedness
HasrahChasrahkhas-raw'H2641from H2637 - want
HasshubxxH2815alternate English rendering for H2815
HasuphaxxH2817alternate English rendering for H2817
HatachHathakhath-awk'H2047probably of foreign origin
HathathChathathkhath-ath'H2867the same as H2866
HatitaChatiyta'khat-ee-taw'H2410from an unused root apparently meaning to dig out; explorer
HattilChattiylkhat-teel'H2411from an unused root apparently meaning to wave; fluctuating
HattushChattuwshkhat-toosh'H2407from an unused root of uncertain significance
HauranChawrankhaw-rawn'H2362apparently from H2357 (in the sense of H2352) - cavernous
HavilahChawiylahkhaw-ee-law'H2341probably from H2342 - circular
HavothjairChawwowth Ya'iyrkhaw-wothe' yaw-eer'H2334from the plural of H2333 and a modification of H3265 - hamlets of Ya'iyr
HazaelChazah'elkhaz-aw-ale'H2371alternate Ibriy spelling for H2371
HazaelChaza'elkhaz-aw-ale'H2371from H2372 and H0410 - El has seen
HazaiahChazaYahuwkhaz-aw-yah-hoo'H2382from H2372 and H3050 - Yahuwah has seen
HazaraddarChatsar Addarkhats-ar' ad-dawr'H2692from H2691 and H0146 - (the) village of Addar
HazarenanChatsar Eynankhats-ar' ay-nawn'H2704from H2691 and the same as H5881 - village of springs
HazargaddahChatsar Gaddahkhats-ar' gad-daw'H2693from H2691 and a feminine of H1408 - (the) village of (female) Fortune
HazarhatticonChatsar haTiykownkhats-ar' ha-tee-kone'H2694from H2691 and H8484 with the article interposed - village of the middle
HazarmawethChatsarmawethkhats-ar-maw'-wethH2700from H2691 and H4194 - village of death
HazarshualChatsar Shuw'alkhats-ar' shoo-awl'H2705from H2691 and H7776 - village of (the) fox
HazarsusahChatsarsuwsahkhats-ar' soo-saw'H2701from H2691 and H5484 - village of cavalry
HazelelponiTselelpowniytsel-el-po-nee'H6753from H6752 and the act. part. of H6437 - shade-facing
HazerimChatseriymkhats-ay-reem'H2699 masculine plural of H2691 - yards
HazerothChatserowthkhats-ay-roth'H2698feminine plural of H2691 - yards
HazezontamarChatsatson Tamarkhats-ats-one' taw-mawr'H2688alternate Ibriy spelling for H2688
HazezontamarChatsetsown Tamarkhats-ets-one' taw-mawr'H2688from H2686 and H8558 - division [i.e. perhaps row] of (the) palm-tree
HazoChazowkhaz-o'H2375from H2372 - alternate English rendering for Chazow
HazorChatsowrkhaw-tsore'H2674a collective form of H2691 - village
HeberxxH5677alternate English rendering for H5554
HeberitesChebriykheb-ree'H2277patron. from H2268 - a descendant of Cheber
HebrewIbriyib-ree'H5680patron. from H5677 - a descendant of Eber
HebronChebrownkheb-rone'H2275from H2267 - seat of association
HebronitesChebroniykheb-ro-nee'H2276alternate Ibriy spelling for H2276
HebronitesChebrowniykheb-ro-nee'H2276from H2275 - an inhabitant of Chebrown
HegaiHegayhay-gah'eeH1896probably of Parsiy origin
HegeHege'hay-gay'H1896alternate Ibriy spelling for H1896
HelamChelAmkhay-lawm'H2431alternate Ibriy spelling for H2431
HelamCheylamkhay-lawm'H2431from H2428 - fortress
HelbahChelbahkhel-baw'H2462feminine of H2459 - fertility
HeldaiCheldaykhel-dah'-eeH2469from H2466 - worldliness
HelekCheleqkhay'-lekH2507the same as H2506 - portion
HelekitesChelqiykhel-kee'H2516patron. from H2507 - a descendant of Chelek
HelemChelemkhay'-lemH2494from H2492 - a dream
HelephChelephkheh'-lefH2501the same as H2500 - change
HelezChe-letskhay'-letsH2503alternate Ibriy spelling for H2503
HelezCheletskheh'-letsH2503from H2502- perhaps strength
HelkaiChelqaykhel-kah'eeH2517from H2505 - apportioned
HelkathChelqathkhel-kath'H2520a form of H02513 - smoothness
HelkathhazzurimChelqath haTsuriymkhel-kath' ha-tsoo-reem'H2521from H2520 and the plural of H6697 - smoothness of the rocks
HelonChelonkhay-lone'H2497from H2428 - strong
HemamHeymamhay-mawm'H1967another form for H1950
HemanHeymanhay-mawn'H1968probably from H0539 - faithful
HemathxxH2574alternate English rendering for H2574
HemdanChemdankhem-dawn'H2533from H2531 - pleasant
HenChenkhaneH2581the same as H2580 - grace
HenaHena'hay-nah'H2012probably of foreign derivation
HenadadChenadadkhay-naw-dawd'H2582probably from H2580 and H1908 - favor of Hadad
HepherChepherkhay'-ferH2660from H2658 or H2659 - a pit or shame
HepheritesChephriykhef-ree'H2662from H2660 - a descendant of Chepher
HephzibahChephtsiy bahhkhef-tsee'; bawH2657from H2656 with suffixes - my delight (is) in her
HeresChereskheh'-resH2776the same as H2775 - shining
HereshChereshkheh'-reshH2792the same as H2791
HermonChermownkher-mone'H2768from H2763 - abrupt
HeshbonCheshbownkhesh-bone'H2809the same as H2808
HeshmonCheshmownkhesh-mone'H2829the same as H2831 - opulent
HethChethkhaythH2845from H2865 - terror
HethlonChethlonkheth-lone'H2855from H2853 - enswathed
HezekiahChizqiYahuwkhiz-kee-yah-hoo'H2396from H2388 and H3050 - Yahuwah (has) strengthened
HezekiahYechizqiYahuwyekh-eez-kee-yah-hoo'H3169from H3388 and H3050 - strengthened of Yahuwah
HezraiChetsrowkhets-ro'H2695by an orth. war. for H2696 - enclosure
HezroxxH2695alternate English rendering for H2695
HezronChetsrownkhets-rone'H2696from H2691 - court-yard
HezronitesChetsrowniykhets-ro-nee'H2697patron. from H2696 - a descendant of Chetsrown
HiddaiHiddayheed-dah'eeH1914of uncertain derivation
HiddekelChiddeqelkheed-deh'-kelH2313probably of foreign derivation - the river Chiddeqel (Tigris)
HielChiy'elkhee-ale'H2419from H2416 and H0410 - living of El
HiggaionHiggayownheeg-gaw-yone'H1902intensive from H1897 - a murmuring sound
HilenChiylenkhee-lane'H2432from H2428 - fortress
HilkiahChilqiYahuwkheel-kee-yah-hooH2518from H2506 and H3050 - portion of Yahuwah
HillelHillelheel-layl'H1985from H1984 - praising (namely El)
HinnomHinnomheen-nome'H2011probably of foreign origin
HirahChiyrahkhee-raw'H2437from H2357 in the sense of splendor
HiramChiyrowmkhee-rome'H2438alternate Ibriy spelling for H2438
HiramChiyramkhee-rawm'H2438another form of H2361
Hittite(s)Chittiykheet-tee'H2850patron. from H2845
Hiwite(s)Chiwwiykheew-wee'H2340perhaps from H2333 - a villager
HizkiahxxH2396alternate English rendering for H2396
HizkijahxxH2396alternate English rendering for H2396
Hobahchowbahkho-baw'H2327feminine act. part. of H2247 - hiding place
HodHowdhodeH1936the same as H1935
HodawiahHowdawYahuwho-daw-yah-hoo'H1938from H1935 and H3050 - majesty of Yahuwah
HodaiahHowdayYahuwho-dah-yeh-yah-hoo'H1939form of H1938
HodeshChodeshkho'-deshH2321the same as H2320
HodijahHowdiYahuwho-dee-yah-hoo'H1941feminine of H3064
HoglahChoglahkhog-law'H2295of uncertain derivation - probably a partridge
HohamHowhamho-hawm'H1944of uncertain derivation
HolonCholonkho-lone'H2473alternate Ibriy spelling for H2473
HolonCholownkho-lone'H2473probably from H2344 - sandy
HomamHowmamho-mawm'H1950from H2000 - raging
HorHorhoreH2023another form for H2022 - mountain
HoramHoramho-rawmH2036from an unused root (mean. to tower up) - high
HorebChorebkho-rabe'H2722from H2717 - desolate
HoremChoremkhor-ame'H2765from H2763 - devoted
HorhagidgadChor hag-Gidgadkhore hag-ghid-gawd'H2735from H2356 and a collat. (masc.) form of H1412 - hole of the cleft
HoriChowriykho-ree'H2753alternate Ibriy spelling for H2753
HoriChoriykho-ree'H2753the same as H2752
HorimsChoriykho-ree'H2752from H2356 - cave-dweller or troglodyte (a Choriy or aboriginal Edomiy)
Horite(s)xxH2752alternate English rendering for H2752
HormahChormahkhor-maw'H2767from H2763 - devoted
HoronaimChoronayimkho-ro-nah'-yeemH2773dual of a derivative from H2356 - double cave-town
HoroniteCheroniykho-ro-nee'H2772patrial from H2773 - an inhabitant of Choronaim
HosahChosahkho-saw'H2621from H2620 - hopeful
HoseaxxH1954alternate English rendering for H1954
HoshaiahHowshaYahuwho-shah-yah-hoo'H1955from H3467 and H3050 - Yahuwah has saved
HoshamaHowshama'ho-shaw-maw'H1953from H3068 and H8085 - Yahuwah has heard
HosheaHowshea'ho-shay'-ahH1954from H3467 - deliverer
HothamChowthamkho-thawm'H2369the same as H2368 - seal
HothanxxH2369alternate English rendering for H2369
HothirHowthiyrho-theer'H1956from H3498 - he has caused to remain
HukkokChuqqoqkhook-koke'H2712from H2710 - appointed
HukokChuwqoqkhoo-koke'H2712alternate Ibriy spelling for H2712
HulChuwlkhoolH2343from H2342 - a circle
HuldahChuldahkhool-daw'H2468feminine of H2467
HuphamChuwphamkhoo-fawm'H2349from the same as H2348 - protection
HuphamitesChuwphamiykhoo-faw-mee'H2350patron. from H2349 - a descendant of Chuwpham
HuppimChuppiymkhoop-peem'H2650plural of H2646 [comp. H2349]
HurChuwrkhoorH2354the same as H2353 or H2352
HuramChuwramkhoo-rawm'H2361probably from H2353 - whiteness, i.e. noble
HuramxxH2438alternate English rendering for H2438
HuriChuwriykhoo-ree'H2359probably from H2353 - linen-worker
HushahChuwshahkhoo-shaw'H2364from H2363 - haste
HushaiChuwshaykhoo-shah'eeH2365from H2363 - hasty
HushamChushamkhoo-shawm'H2367alternate Ibriy spelling for H2367
HushamChuwshamkhoo-shawm'H2367from H2363 - hastily
HushathiteChushathiykhoo-shaw-thee'H2843patron. from H2364- a descendant of Chuwshah
HushimChushiymkhoo-sheem'H2366alternate Ibriy spelling for H2366
HushimChushimkhoo-sheem'H2366alternate Ibriy spelling for H2366
HushimChuwshiymkhoo-sheem'H2366plural from H2363 - hasters
HuzUwtsootsH5780apparently from H5779 - consultation
HuzxxH5780alternate English spelling for H5780
Huzzabnatsabnaw-tsab'H5324a primary root - to station (translator mistook for a proper name)
IbharYibcharyeeb-khar'H2984from H0977 - choice
IbleamYible'amyeeb-leh-awm'H2991from H1104 and H5971 - devouring people
IbneiahYibneYahuwyeeb-neh-yah-hoo'H2997from H1129 and H3050 - built of Yahuwah
IbnijahYibniYahuwyeeb-nee-yah-hoo'H2998from H1129 and H3050 - building of Yahuwah
IbriIbriyeeb-ree'H5681the same as H5680
IbzanIbtsaneeb-tsawnH0078from the same as H0076 - splendid
IchabodIy-kabowdee-kaw-bode'H0350from H0336 and H3519 - (there is) no splendor
IdalahYidalahyeed-al-aw'H3030of uncertain derivation
IdbashYidbashyeed-bawsh'H3031from the same as H1706 - perhaps honeyed
IddoYiddowyeed-do'H3035from H3034 - praised
IdumeaxxH0123alternate English rendering for H0123
IgalYig'alyeeg-awl'H3008from H1350 - awenger
IgdaliahYigdalYahuwyeeg-dal-yah-hoo'H3012from H1431and H3050 - magnified of Yahuwah
IgealxxH3008alternate English rendering of H3008
IimIyiymee-yeem'H5864plural of H5856 - ruins
IjeabarimIyey ha-Abariymee-yay' haw-ab-aw-reem'H5863from the plural of H5856 and the plural of the act. part. of H5674 with the art. interposed - ruins of the passers
IjonIyownee-yone'H5859from H5856 - ruin
IkkeshIqqesheek-kashe'H6142the same as H6141 - perverse
ImlaYimla'yeem-law'H3229from H4390 - full
ImlahYimlahyeem-law'H3229alternate Ibriy spelling for H3229
ImmanuelImmanuw'eleem-maw-noo-ale'H6005from H5973 and H0410 - with us (is) El
ImmerImmereem-mare'H0564from H0559 - talkative
ImnaxxH3232alternate English rendering of H3232
ImnahxxH3232alternate English rendering of H3232
ImrahYimrahyeem-raw'H3236probably from H3235 - interchange
ImriImriyeem-ree'H0566from H0564 - wordy
IndiaHoduwho'-dooH1912of foreign origin - (i.e. Hindu-stan)
IphedeiahYiphdeyahyeef-deh-ya'H3301from H6299 and H3050 - Yahuwah will liberate
IrIyreerH5893the same as H5892
IraIyra'ee-raw'H5896from H5782 - wakefulness
IradIyradee-rawd'H5897from the same as H6166 - fugitive
IramIryamee-rawm'H5902from H5892 - citywise
IriIyriyee-ree'H5901from H5892 - urbane
IrijahYir'iyaYahuwyeer-ee-yah-hoo'H3376from H3373 and H3050 - fearful of Yahwuah
IrpeelYirpe'elyeer-peh-ale'H3416from H7495 and H0410 - El will heal
IrshemeshIyr Shemesheer sheh'-meshH5905from H5892 and H8121 - city of the sun
IsaacYitschaqyeets-khawk'H3327from H6711 - laughter (i.e. mockery)
IsaiahYashaYahuwyash-ah-yah-hoo'H3470from H3467 and H3050 - Yahuwah has saved
IscahYickahyees-kaw'H3252from an unused root mean. to watch; observant
IshbakYishbaqyeesh-bawk'H3435from an unused root corresp. to H7662 - he will leave
IshbibenobYishbow be-Nobyeesh-bo' beh-nobeH3430from H3427 and H5011 - his dwelling is in Nob
IshboshethIysh-Boshetheesh-bo'-shethH0378from H0376 and H1322 - man of shame
IshiYish'iyyeesh-ee'H3469from H3467 - saving
IshiahYishshiYahuwyeesh-shee-yah-hoo'H3449from H5383 and H3050 - Yahuwah will lend
IshijahxxH3449alternate English spelling for H3449
IshmaYishma'yeesh-maw'H3457from H3456 - desolate
IshmaelYishma'e'lyeesh-maw-ale'H3458from H8085 and H0410 - El will hear
IshmaiahYishmaYahuwyeesh-mah-yah-hoo'H3460from H8085 and H3050 - Yahuwah will hear
IshmeelitesYishma'e'liyyeesh-maw-ay-lee'H3459from H3458 - a descendant of Yishma'el
IshmeraiYishmerayyeesh-mer-ah'eeH3461from H8104 - preservative
IshodIyshhowdeesh-hode'H0379from H0376 and H1935 - man of renown
IshpanYishpanyeesh-pawn'H3473probably from the same as H8227 - he will hide
IshtobIysh-Towbeesh-tobe'H0382from H0376 and H2897 - man of Tob
IshuahYishwahyeesh-waw'H3438from H7737 - he will level
IshuaixxH3440alternate English rendering for H3440
IshwahxxH3440alternate English rendering for H3440
IshwixxH3440alternate English rendering for H3440
IsmachiahYismakyahuwyees-mak-yaw-hoo'H3253from H5564 and H3050 - Yahuwah will sustain
IsmaiahxxH3460alternate English spelling for H3460
IspahYishpahyeesh-paw'H3472perhaps from H8192 - he will scratch
IsraelYisra'elyees-raw-ale'H3478from H8280 and H0410 - he will rule as El
IssacharYissaskaryees-saws-kawr'H3485from H5375 and H7939 - he will bring a reward
IsshiahxxH3449alternate English spelling for H3449
IsuixxH3449alternate English rendering for H3440
IswahxxH3449alternate English rendering of H3438
IthaiIythayee-thah'eeH0863alternate Ibriy spelling for H0863
IthamarIythamareeth-aw-mawr'H0385from H0339 and H8558 - coast of the palm-tree
IthielIythiy'eleeth-ee-ale'H0384perhaps from H837 and H0410 - El has arrived
IthmahYithmahyeeth-maw'H3495from the same as H3490 - orphanage
IthranYithranyeeth-rawn'H3506from H3498 - excellent
IthreamYithreAmyeeth-reh-awm'H3507from H3499 and H5971 - excellence of people
IttahkazinEth Qatsiynayth-kaw-tseen'H6278from H6256 and H7011 - time of a judge
IttaiIttayeet-tah'eeH0863from H0854 - near
IwahIwwaheew-waw'H5755for H5754
IzeharYitsharyeets-hawr'H3324the same as H3323 (oil)
IzeharitesYitshariyyeets-haw-ree'H3325patron. from H3324 - descendant of Yitshar
IzharxxH3324alternate English rendering of H3324
IzrahiahYizrachYahuwyeez-rakh-yah-hoo'H3156from H2224 and H3050 - Yahuwah will shine
IzriYitsriyyeets-ree'H3339from H3335 - formative
JaakanYa'aqanyah-ak-awn'H3292from the same as H6130
JaakobahYa'aqobahyah-ak-o'-bawH3291from H3290
JaalaYa'ala'yah-al-aw'H3279the same as H3280 or direct from H3276
JaalahYa'alahyah-al-aw'H3279alternate Ibriy spelling for H3279
JaalamYa'lamyah-lawm'H3281from H5956 - occult
JaanaiYa'anayyah-an-ah'eeH3285from the same as H3283 - responsive
JaasauYa'asuwyah-as-oo'H3299from H6213 - they will do
JaasielYa'asiy'elyah-as-ee-ale'H3300from H6213 and H0410 - made of El
JaazaniahYa'azanYahuwyah-az-an-yah-hoo'H2970from H0238 and H3050 - heard of Yahuwah
JaazerYa'azeyryah-az-ayr'H3270from H5826 - helpful
JaaziahYa'aziYahuwyah-az-ee-yah-hoo'H3269from H3267 and H3050 - emboldened of Yahuwah
JabalYabalyaw-bawl'H2989the same as H2988
JabbokYabboqyab-boke'H2999probably from H1238 - pouring forth
JabeshYabeshyaw-bashe'H3003the same as H3002
JabezYa'betsyah-bates'H3258from an unused root - probably meaning to grieve; sorrowful
JabinYabiynyaw-been'H2985from H0995 - intelligent
JabneelYabne'elyab-neh-ale'H2995from H1129 and H0410 - built of El
JabnehYabnehyab-neh'H2996from H1129 - a building
JachinYakiynyaw-keen'H3199from H3559 - he (or it) will establish
JachinitesYakiyniyyaw-kee-nee'H3200patron. from H3199 - a descendant of Yakiyn
JacobYa'aqobyak-ak-obe'H3290from H6117 - heel-catcher (i.e. supplanter)
JadaYada'yaw-daw'H3047from H3045 - knowing
JadauYiddowyeed-do'H3035from H3034 - praised
JadduaYadduwa'yad-doo'-ahH3037from H3045 - knowing
JadonYadownyaw-done'H3036from H3034 - thankful
JaelYa'elyaw-ale'H3278the same as H3277
JagurYaguwryaw-goor'H3017from H1481 - a lodging
JAHYahuwyah-hooH3050contraction for H3068 (external evidence says this should be Yahu)
JahathYachathyakh'-athH3189from H3161 - unity
JahazYahatsyah'-hatsH3096from an unused root mean. to stamp - perhaps threshing-floor
JahazaxxH3096alternate English rendering for H3096
JahazahYah-tsahyah'-hatsH3096alternate Ibriy spelling of H3096
JahaziahYachzeYahuwyakh-zeh-yah-hoo'H3167from H2372 and H3050 - Yahuwah will behold
JahazielYachaziy'elyahk-az-ee-ale'H3166from H2372 and H0410 beheld of El
JahdielYachdiy'elyakh-dee-ale'H3164from H3162 and H0410 - unity of El
JahdoYachdowyakh-doe'H3163from H3162 with pronoun suffix - his unity
JahleelYachle'elyakh-leh-ale'H3177from H3176 and H0410 - expectant of El
JahleelitesYachle'eliyyakh-leh-ay-lee'H3178patron. from H3177 - a descendant of Yachle'el
JahmaiYachmayyakh-mah'-eeH3181probably from H3179 - hot
JahzahxxH3096alternate English rendering of H3096
JahzeelYachtse'elyakh-tseh-ale'H3183from H2673 and H0410 - El will allot
JahzeelitesYachtse'eliyyakh-tseh-ay-lee'H3184patron. from H3183 - a descendant of Yachtse'el
JahzielxxH3166alternate English rendering for H3166
JairYa'iyryaw-eer'H2971from H0215 - enlightener
JairiteYa'iriyyaw-eer-eeH2972descendant of Ya'iyr
JakanYa'aqanyah-ak-awn'H3292alternate Ibriy spelling for H3292
JakehYaqehyaw-keh'H3348from an unused root probably meaning to obey; obedient
JakimYaqiymyaw-keem'H3356from H6965 - he will raise
JalamYa'lamyah-lawm'H3281from H5956 - occult
JalonYalownyaw-lone'H3210from H3885 - lodging
JaminYamiynyaw-meen'H3226the same as H3225
JaminitesYamiyniyyah-mee-nee'H3228from H3226 - a descendant of Yamiyn
JamlechYamlekyam-lake'H3230from H4427 - he will make king
JanoahYanowachyaw-no'-akhH3239from H3240 - quiet
JanohahYanowchahyaw-no'-khawH3239alternate Ibriy spelling for H3239
JanumYaniymyaw-neem'H3241from H5123 - asleep
JaphaYaphow'yaw-fo'H3305alternate Ibriy spelling for H3305
JaphaYapho'yaw-fo'H3305from H3302 - beautiful
JaphethYephethyeh'-fethH3315from H6601 - expansion
JaphiaYaphiya'yaw-fee'-ahH3309from H3313 - bright
JaphletYaphletyaf-late'H3310from H6403 - he will deliver
JaphletiYaphletiyyaf-lay-tee'H3311from H3310 - a descendant of Yaphlet
JarahYa'rahyah-raw'H3294a form of H3295
JarebYarebyaw-rabe'H3377from H7378 - he will contend
JaredYeredyeh'-redH3382from H3381 - a descent
JaresiahYa'areshYahuwyah-ar-esh-yah-hoo'H3298from an unused root of uncert. signif.
JaribYariybyaw-reeb'H3402the same as H3401
JarmuthYarmuwthyar-mooth'H3412from H7311 - elevation
JashenYashenyaw-shane'H3464the same as H3463 (sleepy)
Jasheryasharyaw-shawr'H3477from H3474 - straight (literally or figuratively)
JashobeamYashob'amyaw-shob-awm'H3434from H7725 and H5971 - people will return
JashubYashiybyaw-sheeb'H3437alternate Ibriy spelling for H3440
JashubYashuwbyaw-shoob'H3437from H7725 - he will return
Jashubi-lehemYashubiy Lechemyaw-shoo'-bee leh'-khemH3433from H7725 and H3899 - returner of bread
JashubitesYashubiyyaw-shoo-bee'H3432patron. from H3437 - a descendant of Yashub
JasielxxH3300alternate English rendering of H3300
JathnielYathniy'elyath-nee-ale'H3496from an unused root mean. to endure and H0410 - continued of El
JattirYattiyryat-teer'H3492from H3498 - redundant
JawanYawanyaw-wawn'H3120probably from the same as H3196 - effervescing (i.e. hot and active)
JazerYa'zeryah-zare'H3270alternate Ibriy spelling for H3270
JazizYaziyzyaw-zeez'H3151from the same as H2123 - he will make prominent
JearimYe'ariymyeh-aw-reem'H3297plural of H3293 - forests
Jeateraiyeatherayyeh-aw-ther-ah'eeH2979from the same as H0871 - stepping
JeberechiahYeberekYahuwyeb-eh-rek-yah-hoo'H3000from H1288 and H3050 - blessed
JebusYebuwsyeb-oos'H2982from H0947 - trodden
JebusiYebuwsiyyeb-oo-see'H2983from H2982 - an inhabitant of Yebus
Jebusite(s)xxH2983alternate English rendering for H2983
JecamiahYeqamYahuwyek-am-yah-hoo'H3359from H6965 and H3050 - Yahuwah will rise
JecholiahYekolYahuwyek-ol-yah-hoo'H3203from H3201 and H3050 - Yahuwah will enable
JecoliahxxH3203alternate English rendering for H3203
JeconiahYekonYahuwyek-on-yah-hoo'H3204from H3559 and H3050 - Yahuwah will establish
JedaiahYedaYahuwyed-aw-yah-hoo'H3042from H3034and H3050 - praised of Yahuwah
JedaiahYekdaYahuwyek-daw-yah-hoo'H3048from H3045 and H3050 - Yahuwah has known
JediaelYediy'a'elyed-ee-ah-ale'H3043from H3045 and H0410 - knowing El
JedidahYediydahyed-ee-daw'H3040feminine of H3039 - beloved
JedidiahYediydeyahyed-ee-deh-yaw'H3041from H3039 and H3050 - Yahuwah's beloved
JeduthunYeduthuwn yed-oo-thoon'H3038alternate Ibriy spelling for H3038
JeduthunYediythuwn yed-ee-thoon'H3038alternate Ibriy spelling for H3038
JeduthunYeduwthuwnyed-oo-thoon'H3038probably from H3034 - laudatory
JeezerIy'ezeree-eh'-zerH0372from H0336 and H5828 - helpless
JegarSahaduthaYegar Sahaduwtha'yegar' sah-had-oo-thaw'H3026from a word derived from an unused root (mean. to gather) and a der. of a root corresp. to H7717 - heap of the testimony
JehaleleelYehallel'elyah-hal-lel-ale'H3094from H1984 and H0410 - praising El
JehalelelxxH3094alternate English rendering of H3094
JehdeiahYechdiyahuwyekh-dee-yaw'-hooH3165from H3162 and H3050- unity of Yahuwah
JehezekelxxH3168alternate English rendering for H3168
JehiahYechiyahyekh-ee-yaw'H3174from H2421 - he will live
JehielYe'iy'elyeh-ee-ale'H3273from H3261 and H0410 - carried away of El
JehizkiahxxH3196alternate English rendering for H3169
JehoadahYahuw'addahyah-hoo-ad-daw'H3085from H3068 and H5710 - adorned of Yahuwah
JehoaddanYahuwaddanyah-hoo-ad-dawn'H3086alternate Ibriy spelling for H3086
JehoaddanYahuw'addiynyah-hoo-ad-deen'H3086from H3068 and H5727 - Yahuwah pleased
JehoahazYahuw'achazyah-hoo-aw-khawz'H3059from H3068 and H0270 - Yahuwah-seized
JehoashYahuw'ashyah-hoo-awsh'H3060from H0784 and H3050 - Yahuwah fired
JehohananYahuwchananyah-hoo-khaw-nawn'H3076from H3068 and H2603 - favored of Yahuwah
JehoiachinYahuwyakiynyah-hoo-yaw-keen'H3078from H3068 and H3559 - Yahuwah will establish
JehoiadaYahuwyada'yah-hoo-yaw-daw'H3077from H3068 and H3045 -Yahuwah known
JehoiadaYowyada'yo-yaw-daw'H3111a form of H3077
JehoiakimYahuwyaqiymyah-hoo-yaw-keem'H3079from H3068 and H6965 - Yahuwah will raise
JehoiaribYahuwyariybyah-hoo-yaw-reeb'H3080from H3068 and H7378 - Yahuwah will contend
Jehonadab Yahuwnadabyah-hoo-naw-dawb'H3082from H3068 and H5068 - largessed of Yahuwah
JehonathanYahuwnathanyah-hoo-naw-thawn'H3083from H3068 and H5414 - given of Yahuwah
JehoramYahuwramyah-hoo-rawm'H3088from H3068 and H7311 - raised of Yahuwah
JehoshabeathYahuwshab'athyah-hoo-shab-ath'H3090a form of H3089
JehoshaphatYahuwshaphatyah-hoo-shaw-fawt'H3092from H3068 and H8199 - judged of Yahuwah
JehoshebaYahuwsheba'yah-hoo-sheh'-bahH3089H7650 - sworn
JehoshuaxxH3091alternate English rendering for H3091
JehoshuahxxH3091alternate English rendering for H3091
JehowahYahuwahyah-hoo-wah'H3068from H1961- (the) Self-Existent
Jehowah-jirehYahuwah yirehyah-hoo-wah' yeer-eh'H3070from H3068 and H7200 - Yahuwah will see (to it)
JehowahnissiYahuwah nissiyyah-hoo-waw' nees-see'H3071from H3068 and H5251- Yahuwah (is) my banner
JehowahshalomYahuwah shalowmyah-hoo-waw' shaw-lome'H3073from H3068 and H7965 - Yahuwah (is) peace
JehozabadYahuwzabadyah-hoo-zaw-bawd'H3075from H3068 and H2064 - endowed by Yahuwah
JehozadekYahuwtsadaqyah-hoo-tsaw-dawk'H3087from H3068 and H6663 - righted by Yahuwah
JehuYehuw'yay-hoo'H3058from H1931 and H3050 - He is Yahuwah
JehubbahYechubbahyekh-oob-baw'H3160from H2247 - hidden
JehucalYahuwkalyah-hoo-kal'H3081from H3201 - potent
JehudYehudyeh-hood'H3055a briefer form of one corresponding to H3061
JehudiYahudiyyah-hoo-dee'H3065the same as H3064
JehudijahYahudiyahyah-hoo-dee-yaw'H3057feminine of H3064
JehushYe'uwshyeh-oosh'H3266from H5789 - hasty
JeielxxH3273alternate English rendering of H3273
JekabzeelYeqabtse'elyek-ab-tseh-ale'H3343from H6908 and H0410 - El will gather
JekamiahxxH3359alternate English rendering for H3369
JekuthielYequwthiy'elyek-ooth-ee'-aleH3354from the same as H3348 and H0410 - obedience of El
JemimaYemiymahyem-ee-maw'H3224perhaps from the same as H3117 - prop. warm; i.e. affectionate; hence dove [comp. H3123]
JemuelYemuw'elyem-oo-ale'H3223from H3117 and H0410 - day of El
JerahYerachyeh'-rakhH3392the same as H3391
JerahmeelYerachme'elyer-akh-meh-ale'H3396from H7355 and H0410 - El will be compassionate
JeremaiYeremayyer-ay-mah'eeH3413from H7311 - elevated
JeremiahYirmeyahuwyeer-meh-yaw'-hooH3414alternate Ibriy spelling for H3414
JeremiahYirmeyahyeer-meh-yaw'H3414from H7311 and H3050 - Yahuwah will rise
JeremothYeremowthyeer-ay-mohth'H3406alternate Ibriy spelling for H3406
JeremothYereymowthyer-ay-mohth'H3406alternate Ibriy spelling for H3406
JeriahYeriyahuwyer-ee-yaw'-hooH3404alternate Ibriy spelling for H3404
JeriahYeriyahyer-ee-yaw'H3404from H3384 and H3050 - Yahuwah will throw
JerichoYeriychowyer-ee-kho'H3405alternate Ibriy spelling for H3405
JerichoYerechowyer-ay-kho'H3405alternate Ibriy spelling for H3405
JerichoYeriychohyer-ee-kho'H3405alternate Ibriy spelling for H3405
JerichoYeriychowyer-ee-kho'H3405perhaps from H3394, its month, or else from H7306 - fragrant
JerielYeriy'elyer-ee-ale'H3400from H3384 and H0410 - thrown of El
JerijahxxH3404alternate English rendering for H3404
JerimothYeriymowthyer-ee-mohth'H3406feminine plural from H7311 - elevations
JeriothYeriy'owthyer-ee-ohth'H3408plural of H3407 - curtains
JeroboamYarob'amyaw-rob-awm'H3379from H7378 and H5971 - (the) people will contend
JerohamYerochamyer-o-khawm'H3395from H7355 - compassionate
JerubBa'alYerubBa'alyer-oob-bah'-alH3378from H7378 and H1168 - Ba'al will contend
JerubbeshethYerubbeshethyer-oob-beh'-shethH3380from H7378 and H1322 - shame (i.e. the idol) will contend
JeruelYeruw'elyer-oo-ale'H3385from H3384 and H0410 - founded of El
JerusalemYeruwshalomyeh-roo-sha'-lowmH3389teaching of peace (the capital of Yisra'el)
JerushaYeruwsha'yer-oo-shaw'H3388feminine passive participle of H3423 - possessed
JerushahYeruwshahyer-oo-shaw'H3388alternate Ibriy spelling for H3388 (feminine)
JesaiahxxH3470alternate English spelling for H3470
JeshaiahxxH3470alternate English spelling for H3470
JeshanahYeshanahyesh-aw-naw'H3466feminine of H3465
JesherYesheryay'-sherH3475from H3474 - the right
Jeshimonyeshiymownyesh-ee-mone'H3452from H3456 - a desolation or desert
JeshishaiYeshiyshayyesh-ee-shah'eeH3454from H3453 - aged
JeshohaiahYeshowchayahyesh-o-khaw-yaw'H3439from H3445 and H3050 - Yahuwah will empty
JeshuaYeshuwa'yay-shoo'-ahH3442for H3091 - he will save
JeshurunYeshuruwnyesh-oo-roon'H3484from H3474 - upright
JesiahxxH3449alternate English spelling for H3449
JesimielYesiymi'elyes-eem-ee-ale'H3450from H7760 and H0410 - El will place
JesseYishayyee-shah'-eeH3448from the same as H3426 - extant
JesseIyshayee-shah'eeH3448Kasdiy for H3448
JesuiYishwiyyish-wee'H3440from H7737 - level
JesuitesYishwiyyish-wee'H3441from H3440 - a descendant of Yishwiy
JetherYetheryeh'-therH3500the same as H3499 (overhanging)
JethethYethethyeh-thayth'H3509of uncertain derivation
JethlahYithlahyeeth-law'H3494probably from H8518 - it will hang
JethroYithrowyeeth-ro'H3503from H3499 with pronoun suffix - his excellence
JeturYetuwryet-oor'H3195probably from the same as H2905 - encircled (i.e. inclosed)
JeuelYe'uw'elyeh-oo-ale'H3262from H3261 and H0410 - carried away of El
JeushxxH3266alternate English rendering of H3266
JewYahhuda'iyyah-hoo-daw'-eeH3062from H3061
JewYahudiyyah-hoo-dee'H3064from H3063 - a descendant of Yahudah
Jew(ry)Yahuwdyah-hood'H3061contraction from a form corresp. to H3063
JewishYahuwdiythyah-hoo-deeth'H3066feminine of H3064 - in the "Jews" language
JewsYahudiymyah-hoo'-deemH3064plural of H3064 (not shown correctly in Strong's)
JezaniahYezanyahuwyez-an-yaw'-hooH3153alternate Ibriy spelling of H3153
JezaniahYezanyahyez-an-yaw'H3153same as H2970
JezebelIyezebelee-ed-zab-ale'H0348of Ibriy origin [H0348] - Yisobel
JezerYetseryay'-tserH3337the same as H3336
Jezerite(s)Iy'ezriyee-ez-ree'H0373patron. from H0372 - a descendant of Iy'ezer
JezeritesYitsriyyeets-ree'H3340from H3337- a descendant of Yetser
JeziahYizziyahyeez-zee-yaw'H3150from H3149 and H3050 - sprinkled of Yahuwah
JezoarYitscharyeets-khar'H3328from the same as H6713 - he will shine
JezrahiahxxH3156alternate English rendering for H3156
JibsamYibsamyeeb-sawm'H3005from the same as H1314 - fragrant
JidlaphYidlaphyeed-lawf'H3044from H1811 - tearful
JimnaYimnahyeem-naw'H3232from H3231 - prosperity (as betokened by the right hand)
JimnahYimnahyeem-naw'H3232alternate Ibriy spelling of H3232
JimnitesxxH3232alternate English rendering of H3232
JiphtahYiphtachyeef-tawkh'H3316from H6605 - he will open
JoabYow'abyo-awb'H3097from H3068 and H0001 - fathered of Yahuwah
JoahYow'achyo-awkh'H3098from H3068 and H0251 - brother of Yahuwah
JoahazYow'achazyo-aw-khawz'H3098Yahuwah has grasped
Joash Yow'ashyo-awsh'H3101a form of H3060
JobIyowbee-yobe'H0347from H0340 - hated (i.e. persecuted)
JobYowbyobeH3102a form of H3103 - but more probably by error transcribed for H3437
JobabYowbabyo-bawb'H3103from H2980 - howler
JochebedYowkebedyo-keh'-bedH3115from H3068 and H3513 - Yahuwah-magnified
JoedYow'edyo-ade'H3133appar. act. part. of H3259 - appointer
JoelYow'elyo-ale'H3100from H3068 and H0410 - Yahuwah (is his) 'elohiym
JoelahYow'e'lahyo-ay-law'H3132feminine act. part. of H3276 - furthermore
JoezerYow'ezeryo-eh'-zerH3134from H5828 and H3050 - Yahuwah (is his) help
JogbehahYogbehahyog-beh-haw'H3011feminine from H1361 - hillock
JogliYogliyyog-lee'H3020from H1540 - exiled
JohaYowcha'yo-khaw'H3109from H3068 and H2421 - revived by Yahuwah
JohananxxH3076alternate English rendering for H3076
JohananYowchananyo-khaw-nawn'H3110a form of H3076
JoiadaxxH3111alternate English rendering for H3111
JoiakimYowyaqiymyo-yaw-keem'H3113a form of H3079
JoiaribYowyariybyo-yaw-reeb'H3114a form of H3080
JokdeamYoqde'amyok-deh-awm'H3347from H3344 and H5971 - burning of (the) people
JokimYowqiymyo-keem'H3137a form of H3113 (Yowyaqiym)
JokmeamYoqme'amyok-meh-awm'H3361from H6965 and H5971 - (the) people will be raised
JokneamYoqne'amyok-neh-awm'H3362from H6969 and H5971 - (the) people will be lamented
JokshanYoqshanyok-shawnH3370from H3369 - insidious
JoktanYoqtanyok-tawn'H3355from H6994 - he will be made little
JonadabYownadabyo-naw-dawb'H3122a form of H3082
Jonadab xxH3082alternate English rendering for H3082
JonahYonahyo-naw'H3124the same as H3123
JonathanxxH3083alternate English rendering for H3083
JonathanYownathanyo-naw-thawn'H3129a form of H3083
Jonathelemrechokimyownath 'elem rechoqeeymyo-nath' ay'-lem rekh-o-kheem'H3128from H3123 and H0482 and the plural of H7350 - dove of (the) silence (i.e. dumb Israel) of (i.e. among) distances (i.e. strangers; the title of a ditty (used for a name of its melody
Joppaxxxalternate English rendering for H3305
JorahYowrahyo-raw'H3139from H3384 - rainy
JoramxxH3088alternate English rendering for H3088
JoramYowramyo-rawm'H3141a form of H3088
JordanYardenyar-dane'H3383from H3381 - a descender
JosabadYowzabadyo-zaw-bawd'H3107a form of H3075
JosedechxxH3087alternate English rendering for H3087
JosephYowsephyo-safe'H3130fut. of H3254 - let him add
JoshahYowshahyo-shaw'H3144probably a form of H3145
JoshaphatYowshaphatyo-shaw-fawt'H3146a form of H3092
JoshawiahYowshawyahyo-shaw-yaw'H3145H7737 - set
JoshuaYahushuayah-hoo-shoo'-ahH3091from H3068 and H3467 - salvation of Yahuwah
JoshuaYahuwshuayah-hoo-shoo'-ahH3091alternate Ibriy spelling of H3091
JosiahYo'shiyahuwyo-shee-yaw'H2977from H0803 and H3050 - founded of Yahuwah
JosibiahYowshibyahyo-sheeb-yaw'H3143from H3427 and H3050 - Yahuwah will cause to dwell
JosiphiahYowsiphyahyo-seef-yaw'H3131from H3254 and H3050 - Yahuwah (is) adding
JotbathYotbathahyot-baw'-thawH3193from H3192
JotbathahxxH3193alternate English rendering of H3193
JothamYowthamyo-thawm'H3147from H3068 and H8535 - Yahuwah (is) perfect
JozabadxxH3107alternate English rendering for H3107
JozacharYowzakaryo-zaw-kawr'H3108from H3068 and H2142 - remembered of Yahuwah
JozadakYowtsadaqyo-tsaw-dawk'H3136a form of H3087
JubalYuwbalyoo-bawl'H3106from H2986 - stream
JucalYuwkalyoo-kal'H3116a form of H3081
JudahYahuwdahyah-hoo-daw'H3063from H3034 - celebrated
JudeaxxH3063alternate English rendering of H3063
JudithYahuwdiythyah-hoo-deeth'H3067the same as H3066
JushabhesedYuwshab Chesedyoo-shab' kheh'-sedH3142from H7725 and H2617 - kindness will be returned
JuttahYuwtahyoo-taw'H3194alternate Ibriy spelling of H3194
JuttahYuttahyoot-taw'H3194from H5186 - extended
KabzeelQabtse'elkab-tseh-ale'H6909from H6908 and H0410 - El has gathered
KadeshQadeshkaw-dashe'H6946the same as H6945 - sanctuary
KadeshbarneaQadesh Barnea'kaw-dashe' bar-nay'-ahH6947from the same as H6946 and an otherwise unused word (appar. compounded of a correspondent to H1251 and a deriv. of H5128) meaning desert of a fugitive
KadmielQadmiy'elkad-mee-ale'H6934from H6924 and H0410 - presence of God El
KadmonitesQadmoniykad-mo-nee'H6935the same as H6931 - ancient
KallaiQallaykal-lah'eeH7040from H7043 - friwolous
KanahQanahkaw-naw'H7071feminine of H7070 - ralternate English rendering for Hdiness
KareahQareachkaw-ray'-akhH7143from H7139 - bald
KarkaaQarqa'kar-kah'H7173the same as H7172 - ground-floor
KarkorQarqorkar-kore'H7174from H6979 - foundation
KarnaimAshteroth Qarnayimash-ter-oth' kar-nah'-yeemH6255from H6252 and the dual of H7161 - Ashtaroth of (the) double horns (a symbol of the deity)
KartahQartahkar-taw'H7177from H7176 - city
KedarQedarkay-dawr'H6938from H6937 - dusky (of the skin or the tent)
KedemahQedemahkayd'-maw'H6929from H6923 - precedence
KedemothQedemowthked-ay-mothe'H6932from H6923 - beginnings
KedeshQedeshkeh'-deshH6943from H6942 - a sanctum
KehelathahQehelathahkeh-hay-law'-thawH6954from H6950 - convocation
KelaiahQelayahkay-law-yaw'H7041from H7034 - insignificance
KelitaQeliyta'kel-ee-taw'H7042from H7038 - maiming
KemuelQemuw'elkem-oo-ale'H7055from H6965 and H0410 - raised of El
KenanQeynankay-nawn'H7018from the same as H7064 - fixed
KenathQenathken-awth'H7079from H7069 - possession
KenazQenazken-az'H7073probably from an unused root meaning to hunt; hunter
KeneziteQenizziyken-eez-zee'H7074patron. from H7073 - a descendant of Qenaz
Kenite(s)Qiyniykee-nee'H7017alternate Ibriy spelling of H7017
Kenite(s)Qeyniykay-nee'H7017patron. from H7014 - a member of the tribe of Qeyniy
KenizzitesxxH7074alternate English rendering for H7074
Kerenhappuchqeren hap-puwkkeh'-ren hap-pook'H7163from H7161 and H6320 - horn of cosmetic
KeriothQeriyowthker-ee-yoth'H7152plural of H7151 - buildings
KerosQerockay-roce'H7026alternate Ibriy spelling of H7026
KerosQeyrockay-roce'H7026from the same as H7166 - ankled
KeshonxxH7191alternate English rendering for H7191
KesullothKesullowthkes-ool-loth'H3694feminine plural of H3688 - fattened
KeturahQetuwrahket-oo-raw'H6989feminine pass. part. of H6999 - perfumed
KeziaQetsiy'ahkets-ee-aw'H7103the same as H7102
KezizQetsiytskets-eets'H7104from H7112 - abrupt
KibrothhattaawahQibrowth ha-Ta'awahkeeb-roth' ha-tah-aw-aw'H6914from the feminine plural of H6913 and H8378 with the article interposed - graves of the longing
KibzaimQibtsayimkeeb-tsah'-yeemH6911dual from H6908 - a double heap
KidronQidrownkeed-rone'H6939from H6937 - dusky place
KinahQiynahkee-naw'H7016the same as H7015
KirQiyrkeerH7024the same as H7023 - fortress
KirharasethQiyr Charesethkeer khar-eh'-sethH7025feminine of H7025
KirharesethxxH7025alternate English rendering for H7025
KirhareshxxH7025alternate English rendering for H7025
KirheresQiyr Chereskeer kheh'-resH7025from H7023 and H2789 - fortress of earthenware
KiriothxxH7152alternate English rendering for H7152
KirjathxxH7157alternate English rendering for H7157
KirjatharbaQiryath ha-Arba'keer-yath' haw-ar-bah'H7153alternate Ibriy spelling of H7153 (with the article interposed)
KirjatharbaQiryath Arba'keer-yath' ar-bah'H7153from H7151 and H704 or H0702 - city of the four giants
KirjatharimQiryath Ariymkeer-yath' aw-reem'H7157from H7151 and the plural of H3293 or H5892 - city of forests
KirjathBa'alQiryath Ba'alkeer-yath' bah'-alH7154from H7151 and H1168 - city of Ba'al
KirjathhuzothQiryath Chutsowthkeer-yath' khoo-tsoth'H7155from H7151 and the feminine plural of H2351 - city of streets
KirjathjearimQiryath Ye'ariymkeer-yath' yeh-aw-reem'H7157alternate Ibriy spelling of H7157
KirjathsannahQiryath Sannahkeer-yath' san-naw'H7158from H7151 and a simpler feminine from the same as H5577 - city of branches
KirjathsepherQiryath Sepherkeer-yath' say'-ferH7158from H7151 and the same as H5612 - city of books
KishQiyshkeeshH7027from H6983 - a bow
KishiQiyshiykee-shee'H7029from H6983 - bowed
KishionxxH7191alternate English rendering for H7191
KishonQishyownkeesh-yone'H7191from H7190 - hard ground
KithlishKithliyshkeeth-leesh'H3798from H3796 and H0376 - wall of a man
KitronQitrownkeet-rone'H7003from H6999 - fumigative
KittimKittiyiykeet-tee-ee'H3794alternate Ibriy spelling of H3794
KittimKittiykeet-tee'H3794patrial from an unused name denoting Cyprus (only in the plural) - an islander in general
KoaQowa'ko'-ahH6970probably from H6972 in the original sense of cutting off; curtailment
KohathQehathkeh-hawth'H6955from an unused root meaning to ally oneself; allied
KohathitesQohathiyko-haw-thee'H6956patron. from H6955 - a descendant of Qohath
KolaiahQowlayahko-law-yaw'H6964H6963 - voice of
KorahQorachko'-rakhH7141from H7139 - ice
KorahitexxH7145alternate English rendering for H7145
KorathitexxH7145alternate English rendering for H7145
KorhitesQorchiykor-khee'H7145patron. from H7141 - a descendant of Qorach
KozQowtskotseH6976the same as H6975 (thorn)
KushaiahQuwshayahuwkoo-shaw-yaw'-hooH6984from H6983 and H3050 - entrapped
LaadahLa'dahlah-daw'H3935from an unused root of uncertain meaning
LaadanLa'danlah-dawn'H3936from the same as H3935
LabanLabanlaw-bawn'H3837the same as H3836
LachishLachiyshlaw-keesh'H3923from an unused root of uncertain meaning
LaelLa'ellaw-ale'H3815from the prep. pref. and H0410 - (belonging) to El
LahadLahadlah'-hadH3855from an unused root meaning to glow [comp. H3851] or else to be earnest [comp. H3854]
LahairoixxH0883inconsistent translation error - should be be'er la hairoi (well of a living one)
LahmamLachmaclakh-maws'H3903probably by error transcribed for Lachmam
LahmiLachmiylakh-mee'H3902from H3899 - foodful
LaishLayishlah'-yeeshH3919the same as H3918
LamechLemekleh'-mekH3929from an unused root of uncertain meaning
LapidothLappiydowthlap-pee-doth'H3941feminine plural of H3940
LashaLesha'leh'-shahH3962from an unused root thought to meaning to break through; a boiling spring
LasharonSharownshaw-rone'H8289H8289 with the article
LeahLe'ahlay-aw'H3812from H3811 - weary
LebanonLebanownleb-aw-nohn'H3844from H3825 - (the) white mountain (from its snow)
LebaothLeba'owthleb-aw-oth'H3822plural of H3833 - lionesses
LebonahLebownahleb-o-naw'H3829the same as H3828
Lecahlekahlay-kaw'H3922from H3212 - a journey
LehabimLehabiymleh-haw-beem'H3853plural of H3851 - flames
LehiLechiylekh'-eeH3896a form of H3895
LemuelLemow'ellem-o-ale'H3927alternate Ibriy spelling for H3927
LemuelLemuw'ellem-oo-ale'H3927from H3926 and H0410 - (belonging) to El
LeshemLeshemleh'-shemH3959the same as H3958
LetushimLetuwshimlet-oo-sheem'H3912masculine plural of pass. part. of H3913 - hammered (i.e. oppressed) ones
LeummimLe'ummiymleh-oom-meem'H3817plural of H3816 - communities
LeviLawiylay-wee'H3878from H3867 - attached
Levite(s)Lawiyiylay-wee-ee'H3881a descendant of Lawiy
Levite(s)Lawiylew-wee'H3881alternate Ibriy spelling for H3881
LibnahLibnahleeb-naw'H3841the same as H3839
LibniLibniyleeb-nee'H3845from H3835 - white
LibnitesxxH3864alternate English rendering for H3864
LibyaLubbiy loo-bee'H3864alternate Ibriy spelling for H3864
LibyaLuwbiyloo-bee'H3864patrial from a name probably derived from an unused root meaning to thirst, i.e. a dry region
LibyansxxH3864alternate English rendering for H3864
LibyansxxH6316alternate English rendering for H6316
LoammiLo' Ammiylo am-mee'H3818from H3808 and H5971 with pron. suffix - not my people
LodLodlodeH3850from an unused root of uncertain significance
lordAdonaw-done'H0113alternate Ibriy spelling for H0113
lordAdownaw-done'H0113from an unused root (meaning to rule) - sovereign, i.e. controller, human or divine, master
LordAdonayad-o-noy'H0136a supposed emphatic form of H0113
LORDYahuwahyah-hoo-wah'H3068from H1961 - (the) self-Existent or Eternal paganized to a title of Ba'al
LoruhamahLo' Ruchamahlo roo-khaw-maw'H3819from H3808 and H7355 - not pitied
LotLowtloteH3876the same as H3875
Lubim(s)xxH3864alternate English rendering for H3864
Luciferheylelhay-lale'H1966from H1984 (in the sense of brightness) - the morning-star
LudLuwdloodH3865probably of foreign derivation
LudimLuwdiyiyloo-dee-ee'H3866alternate Ibriy spelling for H3866
LudimLuwdiyloo-dee'H3866patrial from H3865 - an inhabitant of Luwd (only in plural)
LuhithLuchowthloo-khoth'H3872alternate Ibriy spelling for H3972
LuhithLuwchiythloo-kheeth'H3872from the same as H3871 - floored
LuzLuwzloozH3870probably from H3869 (as growing there)
LydiaxxH3865alternate English rendering for H3865
LydiansxxH3866alternate English rendering for H3866
MaachahMa'akath mah-ak-awth'H4601alternate Ibriy spelling for H4601
MaachahMa'akahmah-ak-aw'H4601from H4600 - depression
MaachathiMa'akathiymah-ak-aw-thee'H4602patrial from H4601 - a descendant of Ma'akah
Maachathite(s)xxH4602alternate English rendering for H4602
MaadaiMa'adaymah-ad-ah'eeH4572from H5710 - ornamental
MaadiahMa'adyahmah-ad-yaw'H4573from H5710 and H3050 - ornament of Yahuwah
MaaiMa'aimaw-ah'eeH4597probably from H4578 - sympathetic
MaarathMa'arathmah-ar-awth'H4638a form of H4630 - waste
MaaseiahMachseyahmakh-say-yaw'H4271from H4268 and H3050 - refuge of (i.e. in) Yahuwah
MaaseiahMa'aseyahuwmah-as-ay-yaw'-hooH4641alternate Ibriy spelling for H4641
MaaseiahMa'aseyahmah-as-ay-yaw'H4641from H4639 and H3050 - work of Yahuwah
MaasiaiMa'saymah-as-ah'eeH4640from H6213 - operative
MaazMa'atsmah'-atsH4619from H6095 - closure
MaaziahMa'azyahuwmah-az-yaw'-hooH4590alternate Ibriy spelling for H4590
MaaziahMa'azyahmah-az-yaw'H4590from H5756 (in the sense of protection) and H3050 - rescue of Yahuwah
MachbenahMakbena'mak-bay-naw'H4343from the same as H3522 - knoll
MachiMakiymaw-kee'H4352probably from H4134 - pining
MachirMakiyrmaw-keer'H4353from H4376 - salesman
MachiritesMakiyriymaw-kee-ree'H4354patron. from H4353 - a descendant of Makiyr
MachnadebaiMaknadbaymak-nad-bah'eeH4367from H0410 and H5068 with a particle interposed - what (is) like (a) liberal (man)?
MachpelahMakpelahmak-pay-law'H4375from H3717 - a fold
MadaiMadaymaw-dah'eeH4074of foreign derivation
MadmannahMadmannahmad-man-naw'H4089a variation for H4087
MadonMadownmaw-dohn'H4068the same as H4067
MagbishMagbiyshmag-beesh'H4019from the same as H1378 - stiffening
MagdielMagdiy'elmag-dee-aleH4025from H4022 and H0410 - preciousness of El
MagogMagowgmaw-gogue'H4031from H1463
MagormissabibMagowr mis-Sabiybmaw-gore' mees-saw-beebH4036from H4032 and H5439 with the preposition inserted - fear from all sides
MagpiashMagpiy'ashmag-pee-awsh'H4047apparently from H1479 or H5062 and H6211 - exterminator of (the) moth
MahalahMachlahmakh-law'H4244from H2470 - sickness
MahalaleelMahalal'elmah-hal-al-ale'H4111from H4110 and H0410 - praise of El
MahalathMachalathmakh-al-ath'H4258the same as H4257 - sickness
MahaliMachliymakh-lee'H4249from H2470 - sick
MahanaimMachanayimmakh-an-ah'-yeemH4266dual of H4264 - double encampmet
MahanehdanMachaneh-Danmakh-an-ay'-dawnH4265from H4264 and H1835 - encampmet of Dan
MaharaiMaharaymah-har-ah'eeH4121from H4116 - hasty
MahathMachathmakh'-athH4287probably from H4229 - erasure
MahaviteMachawiymmakh-aw-eem'H4233an inhabitant of some place named Machaweh
MahaziothMachaziy'owthmakh-az-ee-oth'H4238feminine plural from H2372 - visions
MahershalalhashbazMaher Shalal Chash Bazmah-hare' shaw-lawl' khawsh bazH4122from H4118 and H7998 and H2363 and H957 - hasting (is he [the enemy] to the) booty
MahlahMachlahmakh-law'H4244alternate Ibriy spelling for H4244
MahliMachliymakh-lee'H4249alternate Ibriy spelling for H4249
MahlitesMachliymakh-lee'H4250patron. from H4249 - a descendant of Machliy
MakhelothMaqhelothmak-hay-loth'H4722plural of H4721 (feminine) - assemblies
MakkedahMaqqedahmak-kay-daw'H4719from the same as H5348 in the denominational sense of herding (comp. H5349); fold
MalachiMal'akiymal-aw-kee'H4401from the same as H4397 - ministrative
MalchamMalkammal-kawm'H4445from H4428 for H4432
MalchiahMalkiyahuwmal-kee-yaw'-hooH4441alternate Ibriy spelling for H4441
MalchiahMalkiyahmal-kee-yaw'H4441from H4428 and H3050 - king of (i.e. appointed by) Yahuwah
MalchielMalkiy'elmal-kee-ale'H4439from H4428 and H0410 - king of (i.e. appointed by) El
MalchielitesMalkiy'eliymal-kee-ay-lee'H4440patron. from H4439 - a descendant of Malkiy'el
MalchijahxxH4441alternate English rendering for H4441
MalchishuaMalkiyshuwa'mal-kee-shoo'-ahH4444from H4428 and H7769 - king of wealth
MallothiMallowthiymal-lo'-theeH4413apparently from H4448 - I have talked (i.e. loquacious)
MalluchMalluwkiymal-loo-kee'H4409alternate Ibriy spelling for H4409
MalluchMalluwkmal-luke'H4409from H4427 - regnant
Mammonmammonasmam-mo-nas'H3126of Kasdiy origin; (i.e. fig. wealth personified) (i.e. awarice personified)
MamreMamre'mam-ray'H4471from H4754 (in the sense of wigor) - lusty
ManahathManachathmaw-nakh'-athH4506from H5117 - rest
ManahethitesChatsiy ha-Menu-chowthchat-tsee' ha men-oo-khoth'H2679from H2677 and the plural of H4496 with the aerticle interposed - midst of restingplaces
ManassehMenashshehmen-ash-sheh'H4519from H5382 - causing to forget
ManassitesMenashshiymen-ash-shee'H4520from H4519 - a descendant of Menashsheh
ManoahManowachmaw-no'-akhH4495the same as H4494 - rest
MaonMa'ownmaw-ohn'H4584the same as H4583 - a residence
MaraMara'maw-raw'H4755for H4751 - (feminine) bitter
MarahMarahmaw-raw'H4785the same as H4751(feminine) - bitter
MaralahMarAlahmar-al-law'H4831from H7477 - perhaps earthquake
MareshahMareshahmar-ay-shaw'H4762alternate Ibriy spelling for H4762
MareshahMar'eshahmar-ay-shaw'H4762formed like H4761 - summit
MarothMarowthmaw-rohth'H4796plural of H4751 (feminine) - bitter springs
MarsenaMarcena'mar-sen-aw'H4826of foreign derivation
MashMashmashH4851of foreign derivation
MashalMashalmaw-shawl'H4913for H4861
MasrekahMasreqahmas-ray-kaw'H4957a form for H7796 used denominationally - vineyard
MassaMassa'mas-saw'H4854the same as H4853 - burden
MassahMassahmas-saw'H4532the same as H4531
MatredMatredmat-rade'H4308from H2956 - propulsive
MatriMatriymat-ree'H4309from H4305 - rainy
MattanMattanmat-tawn'H4977the same as H4976
MattanahMattanahmat-taw-naw'H4980the same as H4979
MattaniahMattanyahuwmat-tan-yaw'-hooH4983alternate Ibriy spelling for H4983
MattaniahMattanyahmat-tan-yaw'H4983from H4976 and H3050 - gift of Yahuwah
MattithiahMattithyahuwmat-tith-yaw'-hooH4993alternate Ibriy spelling for H4993
MattithiahMattithyahmat-tith-yaw'H4993from H4991 and H3050 - gift of Yahuwah
Mazzarothmazzarahmaz-zaw-raw'H4216apparently from H5144 in the sense of distinction; some noted constellation (only in the plural)
MeahMe'ahmay-aw'H3968the same as H3967
MearahMe'arahmeh-aw-raw'H4632the same as H4631 - cave
MebunnaiMebunnaymeb-oon-nah'eeH4012from H1129 - built up
MedadMeydadmay-dawd'H4312from H3032 in the sense of loving; affectionate
MedanMedanmed-awn'H4091the same as H4090
MedebaMeydeba'may-deb-aw'H4311H4325 and H1679 - water of quiet
MedesxxH4074alternate English rendering for H4074
MediaxxH4074alternate English rendering for H4074
MegiddoMegiddowmeg-eed-do'H4023alternate Ibriy spelling for H4023
MegiddonMegiddownmeg-eed-done'H4023from H1413 - rendezvous
MehetabeelxxH4105alternate English rendering for H4105
MehetabelMeheytab'elmeh-hay-tab-ale'H4105from H3190 (augmented) and H0410 - bettered of El
MehidaMechiyda'mekh-ee-daw'H4240from H2330 - junction
MehirMechiyrmekh-eer'H4243the same as H4242 - price
MehujaelMechiyya'elmekh-ee-yaw-ale'H4232alternate Ibriy spelling for H4232
MehujaelMechuwya'elmekh-oo-yaw-ale'H4232from H4229 and H0410 - smitten of El
MehumanMehuwmanmeh-hoo-mawn'H4104of Parsiy origin
Mehunim(s)xxH4586alternate English rendering for H4586
MejarkonMey ha-Yarqownmay ha 'ee-yar-kone'H4313from H4325 and H3420 with the article interposed - water of the yellowness
MekonahMekonahmek-o-naw'H4368the same as H4350 - a base
MelatiahMelatyahmel-at-yaw'H4424from H4423 and H3050 - (whom) Yahuwah has delivered
MelchiahxxH4441alternate English rendering for H4441
MelchishuaxxH4444alternate English rendering for H4444
MelchizedekMelekiy-Tsedeqmel-ee-kee-tseh'-dekH4442from H4428 and H6664 - my king of right
MelechMelekmeh'-lekH4429the same as H4428 - king
MelichuxxH4409alternate English rendering for H4409
Melzarmeltsarmel-tsawr'H4453of Parsiy derivation
MemphisMophmofeH4644of Mitsrayiy origin
MemucanMowmukanmo-moo-kawnH4462alternate Ibriy spelling for H4462
MemucanMowmukanmo-moo-kawn'H4462alternate Ibriy spelling for H4462
MemucanMemuwkanmem-oo-kawn'H4462of Parsiy derivation
MenahemMenachemmen-akh-ame'H4505from H5162 - comforter
MeonenimAnanaw-nan'H6049a primary root; to produce, make appear
MephaathMeypha'athmeyphaAthH4158alternate Ibriy spelling for H4158
MephaathMepha'athmay-fah'-athH4158alternate Ibriy spelling for H4158
MephaathMowpha'athmo-fah'-athH4158from H3313 - illuminative
MephiboshethMephiboshethmef-ee-bo'-shethH4648alternate Ibriy spelling for H4648
MephiboshethMephiyboshethmef-ee-bo'-shethH4648probably from H6284 and H1322 - dispeller of shame (i.e. of Ba'al)
MerabMerabmay-rawb'H4764from H7231 - increase
MeraiothMerayowthmer-aw-yohth'H4812plural of H4811 - rebellious
MerariMerariymer-aw-ree'H4847from H4843 - bitter
MeredMeredmeh'-redH4778the same as H4777
MeremothMeremowthmer-ay-mohth'H4822plural from H7311 - heights
MeresMeresmeh'-resH4825of foreign derivation
MeribahMeriybahmer-ee-baw'H4809the same as H4808
Meribah-KadeshMeriybah Qadeshmer-ee-baw' kaw-dashe'H4809with H6946 - sanctuary in the desert
MeribBa'alMeriyb Ba'almer-eeb' bah'-alH4807from H7378 and H1168 - quarreller of Ba'al
MerodachMerodakmer-o-dawk'H4781of foreign derivation
MerodachbaladanMero'dak Bal'adanmer-o-dak' bal-aw-dawn'H4757of foreign derivation
MeromMerowmmay-rome'H4792formed like H4791 - height
MeronothiteMeronothiymay-ro-no-thee'H4824patrial from an unused noun; an inhabitant of a place called Mero-noth
MerozMerowzmay-roze'H4789of uncertain origin
MesechxxH4902alternate English rendering for H4902
MeshaMeysha'may-shaw'H4331from H4185 - departure
MeshachMeyshakmay-shak'H4335borrowed from H4336
MeshechMeshekmeh'-shekH4902the same in form as H4901 but probably of foreign derivation
MeshelemiahMeshelemyahuwmesh-eh-lem-yaw'-hooH4920alternate Ibriy spelling for H4920
MeshelemiahMeshelemyahmesh-eh-lem-yaw'H4920from H7999 and H3050 - ally of Yahuwah
MeshezabeelMesheyzab'elmesh-ay-zab-ale'H4898from an equiw. to H7804 and H0410 - delivered of El
MeshullamMeshullammesh-ool-lawm'H4918from H7999 - allied
MesobaiteMetsobayahmets-o-baw-yaw'H4677apparently from H4672 and H3050 - found of Yahuwah
MesopotamiaxxH0758alternate English rendering for H0758
Messiahmashiyachmaw-shee'-akhH4899from H4886 - anointed
MethegammahMetheg ha-Ammahmeh'-theg ha-am-maw'H4965from H4964 and H0520 with the article interposed - bit of the metropolis
MethusaelMethuwsha'elmeth-oo-shaw-ale'H4967from H4962 and H0410 - man who is of El
MethuselahMethuwshelachmeth-oo-sheh'-lakhH4968from H4962 and H7973 - man of a dart
MeunimMe'iyniymeh-ee-nee'H4586alternate Ibriy spelling for H4586
MeunimMe'uwniymeh-oo-nee'H4586probably patrial from H4584 - habitations
MezahabMey Zahabmay-zaw-hawb'H4314from H4325 and H2091- water of gold
MiaminMiyaminmee-yaw-meen'H4326a form for H4509
MibharMibcharmeeb-khawr'H4006the same as H4005
MibsamMibsammeeb-sawm'H4017from the same as H1314 - fragrant
MibzarMibtsarmeeb-tsawr'H4014the same as H4013
MicahMiykahmee-kaw'H4318abbreviation for H4320
MicahMiykaYahuwmee-kaw-yahuw'H4320from H4310 and (the pref. der. from) H3588 and H3050 - who (is) like Yahuwah
MicahMiykaYahuwmee-kaw-yah-hoo'H4321abbreviation for H4322
MicahMiykayahuwmee-kaw-yah-hoo'H4321alternate Ibriy spelling for H4321
MicaiahMiykYahuwmeek-kaw'-hooH4319contraction for H4321
MicaiahxxH4321alternate English rendering for H4321
MicaiahMiykaYahuwmee-kaw-yaw'-hooH4322for H4320
MichaMiyka'mee-kaw'H4316a variation for H4318
MichaelMiyka'elmee-kaw-ale'H4317from H4310 and (the pref. der. from) H3588 and H0410 - who (is) like El?
MichahxxH4318alternate English rendering for H4318
MichaiahxxH4320alternate English rendering for H4320
MichaiahxxH4321alternate English rendering for H4321
MichalMiykalmee-kawl'H4324apparently the same as H4323 - riwulet
MichmethahMikmethathmeek-meth-awth'H4366apparently from an unused root meaning to hide; concealment
MichriMikriymeek-ree'H4381from H4376 - salesman
Michtammiktammeek-tawm'H4387from H3799 - an engraving
MiddinMiddiynmeed-deen'H4081a variation for H4080
MidianMidyanmeed-yawn'H4080the same as H4079
Midianite(s)Midyaniymeed-yaw-neeH4084patrial from H4080 - a descendendant (native) of Midyan
MidianitesxxH4080alternate English rendering for H4080
MidianitesMedaniymed-aw-neeH4092a variation of H4084
MidianitishxxH4084alternate English rendering for H4084
MigdalelMigdal-Elmeeg-dal-ale'H4027from H4026 and H0410 - tower of El
MigdalgadMigdal-Gadmeegdal-gawd'H4028from H4026 and H1408 - tower of Fortune
MigdolMigdolmeeg-dole'H4024alternate Ibriy spelling for H4024
MigdolMigdowlmeeg-dole'H4024probably of Mitsrayiy origin
MigronMigrownmeeg-rone'H4051from H4048 - precipice
MijaminxxH4326alternate English rendering for H4326
MiklothMiqlowthmeek-lohth'H4732plural of H4731 (feminine) - rods
MikneiahMiqneYahuwmeek-nay-yaw'-hooH4737from H4735 and H3050 - possession of Yahuwah
MilalaiMilalaymee-lal-ah'-eeH4450from H4448 - talkative
MilcahMilkahmeel-kaw'H4435a form of H4436 - queen
MilcomMilkowmmeel-kome'H4445alternate Ibriy spelling for H4445
Millomil-lo' meel-lo'H4407alternate Ibriy spelling for H4407
Millomillow'meel-lo'H4407from H4390 - a rampart (as filled in) i.e. the citadel
MiniaminMinyamiynmeen-yaw-meen'H4509from H4480 and H3225 - from (the) right hand
MinniMinniymeen-nee'H4508of foreign derivation
MinnithMinniythmeen-neeth'H4511from the same as H4482 - enumeration
MiriamMiryammeer-yawm'H4813from H4805 - rebelliously
MirmaMirmahmeer-maw'H4821the same as H4820
MishaelMiysha'elmee-shaw-ale'H4332from H4310 and H0410 with the abbrew. insep. rel. [see H0834] interposed - who (is) what El (is)?
MishalMish'almeesh-awl'H4861from H7592 - request
MishamMish'ammeesh-awm'H4936apparently from H8159 - inspection
MishealxxH4861alternate English rendering for H4861
MishmaMishma'meesh-maw'H4927the same as H4926
MishmannahMishmannahmeesh-man-naw'H4925from H8080 - fatness
MishraitesMishra'iymeesh-raw-ee'H4954patrial from an unused noun from an unused root; probably meaning to stretch out; extension
MisrephothmaimMisrephowth mayimmees-ref-ohth' mah'-yeemH4956from the plural of H4955 and H4325 - burnings of water
MithcahMithqahmeeth-kaw'H4989feminine of H4987 - sweetness
MithniteMithniymeeth-nee'H4981probably patrial from an unused noun meaning slenderness
MithredathMithredathmeeth-red-awth'H4990of Parsiy origin
MizarMits'armeets-awr'H4706the same as H4705
MizpahMitspahmeets-paw'H4709feminine of H4708
MizpehMitspehmeets-peh'H4708the same as H4707
MizpehxxH4709alternate English rendering for H4709
MizraimMitsrayimmeets-rah'-yimH4714dual of H4693
MizzahMizzahmeez-zaw'H4199probably from an unused root meaning to faint with fear; terror
MoabMow'abmo-awb;H4124from a prol. form of the prep. pref. m- and H0001 - from (her [the mother's]) father
MoabitesxxH4124alternate English rendering for H4124
MoadiahMow'adyahmo-ad-yaw'H4153from H4151 and H3050 - assembly of Yahuwah
MoanitesxxH4584alternate English rendering for H4584
MoladahMowladahmo-law-daw'H4137from H3205 - birth
MolechMolekmo'-lekH4432from H4427 - (i.e. king)
MolidMowliydmo-leed'H4140from H3205 - genitor
MordecaiMordekaymor-dek-ah'eeH4782of foreign derivation
MorehMorehmo-reh'H4176alternate Ibriy spelling for H4176
MorehMowrehmo-reh'H4176the same as H4175
MoriahMoriyahmo-ree-yaw'H4179alternate Ibriy spelling for H4179
MoriahMowriyahmo-ree-yaw'H4179from H7200 and H3050 - seen of Yahuwah
MoseraMoserowthmo-ser-othe'H4149alternate Ibriy spelling for H4149 (plural)
MoseraMowserahmo-say-raw'H4149feminine of H4147 - correction or corrections
MoserothxxH4149alternate English rendering for H4149
MosesMoshehmo-sheh'H4872from H4871 - drawing out (of the water)
MozahMotsahmo-tsaw'H4681act. part. feminine of H4680 - drained
MuppimMuppiymmoop-peem'H4649a plural apparently from H5130 - wawings
MushiMushshiymush-shee'H4187alternate Ibriy spelling for H4187
MushiMuwshiymoo-shee'H4187from H4184 - sensitive
MushitesMuwshiymoo-shee'H4188patronage from H4187 - a descendant of Muwshiy
MyraMuramoo'-rahH3460of uncertain origin
MysiaMusiamoo-see'-ahH3465of uncertain origin
NaamNa'amnah'-amH5277from H5276 - pleasure
NaamahNa'amahnah-am-aw'H5279feminine of H5277 - pleasantness
NaamanNa'amannah-am-awn'H5283the same as H5282
NaamitesNa'amiynah-am-ee'H5280patron. from H5283 - a descendant of Na'aman
NaarahNa'arahnah-ar-aw'H5292the same as H5291
NaarathxxH5292alternate English rendering for H5292
NaashonNachshownnakh-shone'H5177from H5172 - enchanter
NabalNabalnaw-bawl'H5037the same as H5036 - dolt
NabothNabowthnaw-both'H5022feminine plural from the same as H5011 - fruits
NachorNachowrnaw-khore'H5152from the same as H5170 - snorer
NadabNadabnaw-dawb'H5070from H5068 - liberal
NahalalxxH5096alternate English rendering for H5096
NahalielNachaliy'elnakh-al-ee-ale'H5160from H5158 and H0410 - walley of El
NahallalNahalolnah-hal-ole'H5096alternate Ibriy spelling for H5096
NahallalNahalalnah-hal-awl'H5096the same as H5097
NahamNachamnakh'-amH5163from H5162 - consolation
NaharaiNacharaynakh-ar-ah'eeH5171from the same as H5170 - snorer
NahariNachraynakh-rah'eeH5171alternate Ibriy spelling for H5171
NahashNachashnaw-khawsh'H5176the same as H5175
NahathNachathnakh'-athH5184the same as H5183 - quiet
NahbiNachbiynakh-bee'H5147from H2247 - occult
NahorxxH5152alternate English rendering of H5152
NahshonxxH5177alternate English rendering for H5177
NahumNachuwmnakh-oom'H5151from H5162 - comfortable
NaiothNawiythnaw-weeth'H5121from H5115 - residence
NaomiNo'omiyno-om-ee'H5281from H5278 - pleasant
NaphishNaphiyshnaw-feesh'H5305from H5314 - refreshed
NaphtaliNaphtaliynaf-taw-lee'H5321from H6617 - my wrestling
NaphtuhimNaphtuchiymnaf-too-kheemH5320of foreign origin (plural)
NathanNathannaw-thawn'H5416from H5414 - given
NathanmelechNethan-Melekneth-an' meh'-lekH5419from H5414 and H4428 - given of (the) king
Nazaritenazirnaw-zeer'H5139alternate Ibriy spelling for H5139
Nazaritenaziyrnaw-zeer'H5139from H5144 - separate, i.e. consecrated
NeahNe'ahnay-aw'H5269from H5128 - motion
NeariahNe'arYahuwneh-ar-yaw'H5294H5288 - servant of Yahuwah
NebaiNowbayno-bah'eeH5109from H5108 - fruitful
NebaiothNebayowthneb-aw-yoth'H5032feminine plural from H5107 - fruitfulness
NebajothxxH5032alternate English rendering for H5032
NeballatNeballatneb-al-lawt'H5041apparently from H5036 and H3909 - foolish secrecy
NebatNebatneb-awt'H5028from H5027 - regard
NebayothNebayothneb-aw-yoth'H5032alternate Ibriy spelling for H5032
NeboNebowneb-o'H5015probably of foreign derivation
NebuchadnezzarNebu-kadne'tstsarneb-oo-kad-nets-tsar'H5019alternate Ibriy spelling for H5019
NebuchadnezzarNebuwkadnetstsarneb-oo-kad-nets-tsar'H5019alternate Ibriy spelling for H5019
NebuchadnezzarNebuwkadne'tstsarneb-oo-kad-nets-tsar'H5019of foreign derivation
NebuchadrezzarNebuwkadre'tstsarneb-oo-kad-rets-tsar'H5019alternate Ibriy spelling for H5019
NebuchadrezzarNebuwkadre'tstsowrneb-oo-kad-rets-tsore'H5019alternate Ibriy spelling for H5019
NebuzaradanNebuwzaradanneb-oo-zar-ad-awn'H5018of foreign origin
NechoNekownek-o'H5224probably of Mitsrayiy origin
NedabiahNedabyahned-ab-yaw'H5072H5068 - largess of Yahuwah
NehelamiteNechelamiynekh-el-aw-mee'H5161apparently a patron. from an unused name (appar. pass. part. of H2492) - dreamed
NehemiahNechemYahuwnekh-em-ya-hoo'H5166from H5162 and H3050 - consolation of Yahuwah
NehumNechuwmneh-khoom'H5149from H5162 - comforted
NehushtaNechushta'nekh-oosh-taw'H5179from H5178 - copper
NehushtanNechushtannekh-oosh-tawn'H5180from H5178 - something made of copper
NeielNe'iy'elneh-ee-ale'H5272from H5128 and H0410 - moved of El
NekodaNeqowda'nek-o-daw'H5353feminine of H5348 (in the fig. sense of marked) - distinction
NemuelNemuw'elnem-oo-ale'H5241apparently for H3223
NemuelitesNemuw'eliynem-oo-ay-lee'H5242from H5241
NephegNephegneh'-fegH5298from an unused root probably meaning to spring forth; a sprout
NephishxxH5305alternate English rendering for H5292
NephishesimNephuwshesiymnef-oo-shes-eem'H5300for H5304
NephusimNephiysiymnef-ee-seem'H5304plural from an unused root meaning to scatter; expansions
NerNernareH5369the same as H5216 - lamp
NergalNergalnare-gal'H5370of foreign origin (the planet Mars and a pagan 'elohiym)
NergalsharezerNergal Shar'etsernare-gal' shar-eh'-tserH5371from H5370 and H8272
NeriahNeriYahuwnay-ree-ya-hoo'H5374alternate Ibriy spelling for H5374
NeriahNeriYahuwnay-ree-ya-hoo'H5374from H5216 and H3050 - light of Yahuwah
NethaneelNethane'lneth-an-ale'H5417from H5414 and H0410 - given of El
NethaniahNethanYahuwneth-an-ya-hoo'H5418alternate Ibriy spelling for H5418
NethaniahNethanYahuwneth-an-yah-oo'H5418H5414 - given of Yahuwah
NethinimsNathuwnmaw-thoon'H5411alternate Ibriy spelling for H5411
NethinimsNathiynnaw-theen'H5411from H5414 - one given
Neziahnetsiyachnets-ee'-akhH5335from H5329 - conspicuous
NezibNetsiybnets-eeb'H5334the same as H5333 - station
NibhazNibchazneeb-khaz'H5026of foreign origin
NibshanNibshanneeb-shawn'H5044of uncertain derivation
NimrahNimrahneem-raw'H5247from the same as H5246 - clear water
NimrodNimrodneem-rode'H5248alternate Ibriy spelling for H5248
NimrodNimrowdneem-rode'H5248probably of foreign origin
NimshiNimshiyneem-shee'H5250probably from H4871 - extricated
NinewehNiynewehnee-new-ayH5210of foreign origin
NisanNiysannee-sawn'H5212probably of foreign origin
NisrochNisroknees-roke'H5268of foreign origin
NoNo'noH4996of Mitsriy origin
NoadiahNow'adYahuwno-ad-yah-hoo'H5129from H3259 and H3050 - convened of Yahuwah
NoahNoahno'-ahH5146rest (the name of the patriarch of the flood)
NoahNo'ahno-aw'H5270from H5128 - movement
NobNobnobeH5011the same as H5108 - fruit
NobahNobachno'-bachH5025from H5024 - a bark
NodNowdnodeH5113the same as H5112 - vagrancy
NodabNowdabno-dawb'H5114from H5068 - noble
NogahNogahhno'-gahH5052the same as H5051
NonNownnohnH5126alternate Ibriy spelling for H5126
NophNophnofeH5297a variation of H4644
NophahNophachno'-fakhH5302from H5301 - a gust
NunNuwnnoonH5126from H5125 - perpetuity
ObadiahEbedYahuwee-bed-yah-hoo'H5662act. part. of H5647 and H3050 - slave of Yahuwah
ObadiahEbedYahuwee-bed-yah-hoo'H5662alternate Ibriy spelling for H5662
ObalOwbalo-bawl'H5745of foreign derivation
ObedOwbedo-bade'H5744act. part. of H5647 - serving
ObededomObed Edowmo-bade' ed-ome'H5654from the act. part. of H5647 and H0123 - worker of Edom
ObilOwbiylo-beel'H0179probably from H0056 - mournful
Oboth'obotho-both'H0088plural of H178 - water-skins
OcranOkranok-rawn'H5918from H5916 - muddler
OdedOdedo-dade'H5752alternate Ibriy spelling for H5752
OdedOwdedo-dade'H5752from H5749 - reiteration
OgOwgogueH5747probably from H5746 - round
OhadOhado'-hadH0161from an unused root mean. to be united - unity
OhelOhelo'-helH0169the same as H0168 (a tent)
OmarOwmaro-mawr'H0201from H0559 - talkative
OmriOmriyom-ree'H6018from H6014 - heaping
OnOnownH0204alternate Ibriy spelling for H0204
OnOwnownH0204of Mitsrayiy derivation
OnamOwnamo-nawm'H0208a variation of H0209 - strong
OnanOwnano-nawn'H0209a variation of H0207 - strong
OnoOnowo-no'H0207alternate Ibriy spelling for H0207
OnoOwnowo-no'H0207prol. from H0202 - strong
OphelOphelo'-felH6077the same as H6076 (mound)
OphirOphiyro-feer'H0211alternate Ibriy spelling for H0211
OphirOwphiro-feer'H0211alternate Ibriy spelling for H0211
OphirOwphiyro-feer'H0211of uncertain derivation
OphniOphniyof-nee'H6078inhabitant of Ophen
OphrahOphrahof-raw'H6084feminine of H6082 - female fawn
OrebArobaw-robe'H6157from H6148 - a mosquito (from its swarming)
OrnanOrnanor-nawn'H0771probably from H0766 - strong
OrpahOrpahor-paw'H6204feminine of H6203 - mane
OsheaxxH1954alternate English rendering for H1954
OthniOthniyoth-nee'H6273from an unused root mean. to force - forcible
OthnielOthniy'eloth-nee-ale'H6274from the same as H6273 and H0410 - force of El
OzemOtsemo'-tsemH0684from an unused root probably mean. to be strong; strength (i.e. strong)
OzniOzniyoz-nee'H0244from H0241 - having (quick) ears
OznitesxxH0244alternate English rendering for H0244
PaaraiPa'araypah-ar-ah'eeH6474from H6473 - yawning
PadanPaddanpad-dawn'H6307from an unused root meaning to extend; a plateau
PadanaramPaddanpad-dan' arawm'H6307from the same (H6307) and H0758 - the table-land of Aram
PadonPadownpaw-done'H6303from H6299 - ransom
PagielPag'iy'elpag-ee-ale'H6295from H6294 and H0410 - accident of El
PahathMoabPachath Mow'abpakh'-ath mo-awb'H6355from H6354 and H4124 - pit of Moab
PaiPa'iypaw-ee'H6464from H6463 - screaming
PalalPalalpaw-lawl'H6420from H6419 - judge
PalestinaPeleshethpel-eh'-shethH6429from H6428 - rolling, i.e. migratory
PalestinexxH6429alternate English rendering for H6429
PalluPalluw'pal-loo'H6396from H6395 - distinguished
PalluitesPallu'iypal-loo-ee'H6384patron. from H6396 - a descendant of Pallu
PaltiPaltiypal-tee'H6406from H6403 - delivered
PaltielPaltiy'elpal-tee-ale'H6409from the same as H6404 and H0410 - deliverance of El
ParahParahpaw-raw'H6511the same as H6510
ParanPa'ranpaw-rawn'H6290from H6286 - ornamental
ParbarParwarpar-wawr'H6503alternate Ibriy spelling for H6503
ParbarParbarpar-bawr'H6503of foreign origin
ParmashtaParmashta'par-mash-taw'H6534of Parsiy origin
ParnachParnakpar-nak'H6535of uncertain derivation
ParoshPar'oshpar-oshe'H6551the same as H6550
ParshandathaParshandatha'par-shan-daw-thaw'H6577of Parsiy origin
ParuahParuwachpaw-roo'-akhH6515pass. part. of H6524 - blossomed
PasachPasakpaw-sak'H6457from an unused root meaning to divide; divider
PaseahPaseachpaw-say'-akhH6454from H6452 - limping
PashurPashchuwrpash-khoor'H6583probably from H6582 - liberation
PathrosPathrowspath-roce'H6624of Mitsrayiy derivation
PathrusimPathrusiypath-roo-see'H6625patrial from H6624
PauPa'uwpaw-oo'H6464alternate Ibriy spelling for H6464
PedahelPedah'elped-ah-ale'H6300from H6299 and H0410 - El has ransomed
PedahzurPedahtsuwrped-aw-tsoor'H6301from H6299 and H6697 - a rock (i.e. El) has ransomed
PedaiahPedaYahuwped-aw-yah-hoo'H6305from H6299 and H3050 - Yahuwah has ransomed
PekahPeqachpeh'-kakhH6492from H6491 - watch
PekahiahPeqachYahuwpek-akh-yah-hoo'H6494from H6491 and H3050 - Yahuwah has obserwed
PekodPeqowdpek-ode'H6489from H6485 - punishment (symbolic name for Babel)
PelaiahPela'Yahuwpel-aw-yah-hoo'H6411from H6381and H3050 - Yahuwah has distinguished
PelaliahPelalYahuwpel-al-yah-hoo'H6421from H6419 and H3050 - Yahuwah has judged
PelatiahPelatYahuwpel-at-yah-hoo'H6410from H6403 and H3050 - Yahuwah has delivered
PelegPelegpeh'-legH6389the same as H6388 - earthquake
PelethPelethpeh'-lethH6431from an unused root meaning to flee; swiftness
PelethitesPelethiypel-ay-thee'H6432from the same form as H6431 - a courier (collectively) or official messenger
PelonitePelowniypel-o-nee'H6397patron. from an unused name (from H6395) meaning separate - an inhabitant of an unknown Palon
PenielPeniy'elpen-ee-ale'H6439from H6437 and H0410 - face of El
PeninnahPeninnahpen-een-naw'H6444probably feminine of H6443 contraction
PenuelPenuw'elpen-oo-ale'H6439alternate English rendering for H6439
PeorPe'owrpeh-ore'H6465from H6473 - a gap
Perazimperatsiymper-aw-tseem'H6559plural of H6556 - breaks
PereshPereshpeh'-reshH6570the same as H6569
PerezPeretspeh'-retsH6557the same as H6556
PerezUzzaPerets Uzza'peh'-rets ooz-zaw'H6560from H6556 and H5798 - break of Uzza
PeridaPeriyda'per-ee-daw'H6514from H6504 - dispersion
Perizzite(s)Perizziyper-iz-zee'H6522for H6521 - inhabitant of the open country
PersiaParaspaw-ras'H6539of foreign origin
PerudaPeruwda'per-oo-daw'H6514alternate Ibriy spelling for H6514
PethahiahPethachYahuwpeth-akh-yah-hoo'H6611from H6605 and H3050 - Yahuwah has opened
PethorPethowrpeth-ore'H6604of foreign origin
PethuelPethuw'elpeth-oo-ale'H6602from H6601 and H0410 - enlarged of El
PeulthaiPeull'thaypeh-ool-leh-thah'eeH6469from H6468 - laborious
PhalluPalluw'pal-loo'H6396alternate Ibriy spelling for H6396
PhaltixxH6406alternate English rendering for H6406
PhaltielPaltiy'elpal-tee-ale'H6409alternate Ibriy spelling for H6409
PharaohPar'ohpar-o'H6547of Mitsrayiy derivation
PharezxxH6557alternate English rendering for H6557
PharoshxxH6551alternate English rendering for H6551
PharparParparpar-par'H6554probably from H6565 in the sense of rushing; rapid
PharzitesPartsiypar-tsee'H6558patron. from H6557 - a descendant of Perets
PhaseahxxH6454alternate English rendering for H6454
PhicholPiykolpee-kole'H6369apparently from H6310 and H3605 - mouth of all
PhilistiaxxH6429alternate English rendering for H6429
PhilistimxxH6430alternate English rendering for H6430
PhilistinexxH6429alternate English rendering for H6429
Philistine(s)Pelishtiypel-ish-tee'H6430patrial from H6429 - an inhabitant of Pelesheth
PhinehasPiynechaspee-nekh-aws'H6372apparently from H6310 and a war. of H5175 - mouth of a serpent
PhurahPurahpoo-raw'H6513for H6288 - foliage
PhutPuwtpootH6316of foreign origin
PhuwahPuwwahpoow-waw'H6312alternate Ibriy spelling for H6312
PibesethPiy-Besethpee beh'-sethH6364of Mitsrayiy origin
PihahirothPi haChiyrothpee ha-khee-roth'H6367from H6310 and the feminine plural of a noun - mouth of the gorges
PildashPildashpeel-dawsh'H6394of uncertain derivation
Pinonpiynonpee-none'H6373probably the same as H6325
PiramPir'ampeer-awm'H6502from H6501 - wildly
PirathonPir'athownpeer-aw-thone'H6552from H6546 - chieftaincy
PisgahPisgahpees-gaw'H6449from H6448 - a cleft
PisonPiyshownpee-shone'H6376from H6335 - dispersive
PithomPithompee-thome'H6619of Mitsrayiy derivation
PithonPiythownpee-thone'H6377probably from the same as H6596 - expansive
PocherethPokereth Tsebayiympo-keh'-reth tseb-aw-yeem'H6380from the act. part. (of the same form as the first word) feminine of an unused root (mean. to entrap) and plural of H6643 - trap of gazelles
PorathaPowratha'po-raw-thaw'H6334of Parsiy origin
PotipharPowtiypharpo-tee-far'H6318of Mitsrayiy derivation
PotipherahPowtiy Phera'po'-tee feh'-rahH6319of Mitsrayiy derivation
PuaxxH6312alternate English rendering for H6312
PuahPuw'ahpoo-aw'H6312from H6284 - blast
PulPuwlpoolH6322of foreign origin
PunitesPuwniypoo-nee'H6324patron. from an unused name meaning a turn - a descendant of an unknown Pun
PunonPuwnonpoo-none'H6325from H6323 - perplexity
PurPuwrpoorH6332from H6331 - a lot (as by means of a broken piece)
PurimPuwriympoo-reem'H6332alternate Ibriy spelling for H6332
PurimPuriympoo-reem'H6332plural of H6332
PutxxH6316alternate English rendering for H6316
PutielPuwtiy'elpoo-tee-ale'H6317from an unused root (probably mean. to disparage) and H0410 - contempt of El
RaamahRa'mahrah-maw'H7484the same as H7483
RaamiahRa'amYahuwrah-am-yah-hoo'H7485H7481 - Yahuwah has shaken
RaamsesRa'amsesrah-am-sace'H7486alternate Ibriy spelling for H7486
RabbahRabbahrab-baw'H7237feminine of H7227 - great
RabbathxxH7237alternate English rendering for H7237
RabmagRab-Magrab-mawg'H7248from H7227 and a foreign word for a Magian; chief Magician
RabsarisRab-Sariysrab-saw-reece'H7249from H7227 and a foreign word for a eunuch - chief chamberlain
RabshakehRabshaqehrab-shaw-kay'H7262from H7227 and H8248 - chief butler
RachalRakalraw-kawl'H7403from H7402 - merchant
RachelRachelraw-khale'H7354the same as H7353
RaddaiRaddayrad-dah'eeH7288intensive from H7287 - domineering
RagauRhagauhrag-owH4466of Ibriy origin [H7466]
RaguelRe'uw'elreh-oo-ale'H7467from the same as H7466 and H0410 - friend of El
RahabRachabraw-khawb'H7343the same as H7342 - proud
RahamRachamrakh'-amH7357the same as H7856 - pity
RakkathRaqqathrak-kath'H7557from H7556 in its original sense of diffusing; a beach (as expanded shingle)
RakkonRaqqownrak-kone'H7542from H7534 - thinness
RamRamrawmH7410act. part. of H7311 - high
RamahRamahraw-maw'H7414the same as H7413
RamathRamath Negebraw'-math neh'-ghebH7418alternate Ibriy spelling for H7418
RamathRamowth-Negebraw-moth-neh'-ghebH7418from the plural or construct. of H7413 and H5045 - heights (or height) of the South
RamathaimzophimRamathayim Tsow-phiymraw-maw-thah'-yeem tso-feem'H7436from the dual of H7413 and the plural of the act. part. of H6822 - double height of watchers
RamathlehiRamath Lechiyraw'-math lekh'-eeH7437from H7413 and H3895 - height of a jaw-bone
RamathmizpehRamath ha-Mits-pehraw-math' ha-meets-peh'H7434from H7413 and H4707 with the art. inter. - height of the watch-tower
RamesesRa'mesesrah-mes-ace'H7486of Mitsrayiy origin
RamiahRamYahuwram-yah-hoo'H7422from H7311 and H3050 - Yahuwah has raised
RamothRamothraw-moth'H7216alternate Ibriy spelling for H74216
RamothRa'mowthraw-moth'H7216plural of H7215 - heights
RaphaRa-phahraw-faw'H7498alternate Ibriy spelling for H7498
RaphaRapha'raw-faw'H7498probably the same as H7497 - giant
RaphuRaphuw'raw-foo'H7505pass. part. of H7495 - cured
ReaiaRe'aYahuwreh-aw-yah-hoo'H7211from H7200 and H3050 - Yahuwah has seen
ReaiahxxH7211alternate English rendering for H7211
RebaReba'reh'-bahH7254the same as H7253
RebekahRibqahreeb-kaw'H7259from an unused root probably meaning to clog by tying up the fetlock; fettering (by beauty)
RechabRekabray-kawb'H7394from H7392 - rider
ReelaiahRe'elaYahuwreh-ay-law-ya-hoo'H7480H7477 - bearer of Yahuwah
RegemRegemreh'-gemH7276from H7275 - stone-heap
RegemmelechRegem Melekreh'-gem meh'-lekH7278from H7276 and H4428 - king's heap
RehabiahRechabYahuwrekh-ab-yah-hoo'H7345from H7337 and H3050 - Yahuwah has enlarged
RehobRechowbrekh-obe'H7340alternate Ibriy spelling for H7340
RehobRechobrekh-obe'H7340the same as H7339
RehoboamRechab'amrekh-ab-awm'H7346from H7337 and H5971 - a people has enlarged
RehobothRechobothrekh-o-both'H7344alternate Ibriy spelling for H7344
RehobothRechobowthrekh-o-both'H7344plural of H7339 - streets
RehumRechuwmrekh-oom'H7348a form of H7349
ReiRe'iyray-ee'H7472from H7453 - social
RekemReqemreh'-kemH7552from H7551 - versicolor
RemaliahRemalYahuwrem-al-yah-hoo'H7425from an unused root and H3050 (perh. mean. to deck) - Yahuwah has bedecked
RemmonxxH7417alternate English rendering for H7417
RephaelRepha'elref-aw-ale'H7501from H7495 and H0410 - El has cured
RephaiahRephaYahuwref-aw-yah-hoo'H7509from H7495 and H3050 - Yahuwah has cured
Rephaim(s)raphahraw-faw'H7497alternate Ibriy spelling for H7497
Rephaim(s)rapha'raw-faw'H7497from H7495 in the sense of invigorating; a giant
RephidimRephiydiymref-ee-deem'H7508plural of the masculine of the same as H7507 - ballusters
ResenResenreh'-senH7449the same as H7448
ReuRe'uwreh-oo'H7466for H7471 in the sense of H7453 - friend
ReubenRe'uwbenreh-oo-bane'H7205from the imper. of H7200 and H1121 - you see a son
ReubenitesRe'uwbeniyreh-oo-bay-nee'H7206patron. from H7205 - a descendent of Re'uwben
ReuelxxH7467alternate English rendering for H7467
ReumahRe'uwmahreh-oo-maw'H7208feminine pass. part. of H7213 - raised
RezephRetsephreh'-tsefH7530the same as H7529
RezinRetsiynrets-een'H7526probably for H7522
RezonRezownrez-one'H7331from H7336 - prince
RibaiRiybayree-bah'eeH7380from H7378 - contentious
RiblahRiblahreeb-law'H7247from an unused root meaning to be fruitful; fertile
RimmonRimmonreem-mone'H7417alternate Ibriy spelling for H7417
RimmonRimmownow reem-mo-no'H7417alternate Ibriy spelling for H7417
RimmonRimmownreem-mone'H7417the same as H7416
RimmonparezRimmon Peretsreem-mone' peh'-retsH7428from H7416 and H6556 - pomegranate of the breach
RinnahRinnahreen-naw'H7441the same as H7440
RiphathRiyphathree-fath'H7384of foreign origin
RiphathDiyphathdee-fath'H7384probably a scribal error
RissahRiccahree-saw'H7446from H7450 - a ruin (as dripping to pieces)
RithmahRithmahreeth-maw'H7575feminine of H7574
RizpahRitspahreets-paw'H7532the same as H7531
RodanimRodaniymro-daw-neem'H1721alternate Ibriy spelling for H1621 (Chronicles 1:7)
RogelimRogeliymro-gel-eem'H7274plural of act. part. of H7270 - fullers (as tramping the cloth in washing)
RohgahRowhagahro-hag-aw'H7303from an unused root probably meaning to cry out; outcry
RomamtiezerRomamtiy Ezerro-mam'-tee eh'-zerH7320alternate Ibriy spelling for H7320
RomamtiezerRowmamtiy Ezerro-mam'-tee eh'-zerH7320from H7311 and H5828 - I have raised up a help
RoshRo'shrosheH7220probably the same as H7218
Ruhamahrachamraw-kham'H7355a primary root - to fondle; by impl. to love, especially to compassionate
RumahRuwmahroo-maw'H7316from H7311 - height
RuthRuwthroothH7327probably for H7468 - friend
SabeansxxH7614alternate English rendering for H7614
SabtahSabtahsab-taw'H5454alternate Ibriy spelling for H5454
SabtahSabtasab-taw'H5454probably of foreign derivation
SabtechaSabteka'sab-tek-aw'H5455probably of foreign derivation
SabtechahxxH5455alternate English rendering for H5455
SacarSakarsaw-kar'H7940the same as H7939 - recompense
SalahShelachsheh'-lakhH7974the same as H7973
SalathielxxH7597alternate English rendering for H7597
SalcahSalkahsal-kaw'H5548from an unused root meaning to walk; walking
SalchahxxH5548alternate English rendering for H5548
SalemShalemshaw-lame'H8004the same as H8003 - peaceful
SallaiSallaysal-lah'eeH5543from H5541 - weighed
SalluSalluwsal-loo'H5543alternate Ibriy spelling for H5543
SalluSalluw'sal-loo'H5543alternate Ibriy spelling for H5543
SalmaSalma'sal-maw'H8007probably for H8008 - clothing
SalmonSalmownsal-mone'H8012from H8008 - investiture
SaluSaluw'saw-loo'H5543alternate Ibriy spelling for H5543
SamariaShomerownsho-mer-one'H8111from the act. part. of H8104 - watch-station
SamgarneboSamgar Nebowsam-gar' neb-o'H5562of foreign derivation
SamlahSamlahsam-law'H8072probably for the same as H8071
SamsonShimshownsheem-shone'H8123from H8121 - sunlight
SamuelxxH8050alternate English rendering for H8050
SanballatSanballatsan-bal-lat'H5571of foreign derivation
SansannahSansannahsan-san-naw'H5578feminine of a form of H5577 - a bough
SaphSaphsafH5593the same as H5592
SaphirShaphiyrshaf-eer'H8208from H8231 - beautiful
SarahSarahsaw-raw'H8283the same as H8282
SaraiSaraysaw-rah'eeH8297from H8269 - dominative
SarditesSardiysar-dee'H5625patron. from H5624 - a descendant of Sered
SargonSargownsar-gone'H5623of foreign derivation
SaridSariydsaw-reed'H8301the same as H8300
SarsechimSarsekiymsar-seh-keem'H8310of foreign derivation
Satansatansaw-tawn'H7854from H7853 - an opponent
SaulxxH7586alternate English rendering for H7586
SebaSeba'seb-aw'H5434of foreign derivation
SebatShebatsheb-awt'H7627of foreign derivation
SecacahSekakahsek-aw-kaw'H5527from H5526 - inclosure
SechuSekuwsay'-kooH7906from an unused root appararently meaning to surmount; an obserwatory (with the art.)
SegubSeguwbseg-oob'H7687from H7682 - aloft
SeirSe'iyrsay-eer'H8165formed like H8163 - rough
SelaSela'seh'-lahH5554the same as H5553
SelahxxH5554alternate English rendering for H5554
SelahammahlekothSela' ha-machle-qowthseh'-lah ha-makh-lek-oth'H5555from H5553 and the plural of H4256 with the art. interposed - rock of the divisions
SeledSeledseh'-ledH5540from H5539 - exultation
SemxxH8035alternate English rendering for H8035
SemachiahSemakYahuwsem-ak-yah-hoo'H5565from H5564 and H3050 - supported of Yahuwah
SenaahSena'ahsen-aw-aw'H5570from an unused root meaning to prick; thorny
SenehSenehseh'-nehH5573the same as H5572 - thorn
SenirSeniyrsen-eer'H8149alternate Ibriy spelling for H8149
SenirSeniyrsen-eer'H8149alternate Ibriy spelling for H8149
SennacheribSancheriybsan-khay-reeb'H5576of foreign derivation
SeorimSe'oriymseh-o-reem'H8188masculline plural of H8184 - barley grains
SepharSepharsef-awr'H5611the same as H5610
SepharadSepharadsef-aw-rawd'H5614of foreign derivation
SepharwaimSephariymsef-aw-reem'H5617alternate Ibriy spelling for H5617 (plural)
SepharwaimSepharwayimsef-ar-wah'-yeemH5617of foreign derivation
SerahSerachseh'-rakhH8294by perm. for H5629 - superfluity
SeraiahSeraYahuwser-aw-yah-hoo'H8304from H8280 and H3050 - Yahuwah has prevailed
SeredSeredseh'-redH5624from a primary root meaning to tremble; trembling
SerugSeruwgser-oog'H8286from H8276 - tendril
SethxxH8352alternate English rendering for H5444
SethurSethuwrseth-oor'H5639from H5641 - hidden
ShaalabbinSha'alabbiynshah-al-ab-been'H8169alternate Ibriy spelling for H8169
ShaalbimSha'albiymshah-al-beem'H8169plural from H7776 - fox-holes
ShaalboniteSha'alboniyshah-al-bo-nee'H8170patrial from H8169 - an inhabitant of Sha'albiyn
ShaaraimSha'arayimshah-ar-ah'-yeemH8189dual of H8179 - double gates
ShaashgazSha'ashgazshah-ash-gaz'H8190of Parsiy derivation
ShabbethaiShabbethayshab-beth-ah'eeH7678from H7676 - restful
ShachiaShobyahshob-yaw'H7634feminine of the same as H7629 - captivation
ShadrachShadrakshad-rak'H7714probably of foreign derivation
ShageShageshaw-gay'H7681probably from H7686 - erring
Shalemshalemshaw-lame'H8003from H7999 - complete (lit. or fig.); especially friendly
ShalimSha'aliymshah-al-eem'H8171plural of H7776 - foxes
ShalishaShalishahshaw-lee-shaw'H8031feminine from H8027 - trebled land
ShallumShallumshal-loom'H7967alternate Ibriy spelling for H7967
ShallumShalluwmshal-loom'H7967the same as H7966
ShalmaiShamlaysham-lah'eeH8073for H8014
ShalmanShalmanshal-man'H8020of foreign derivation
ShalmaneserShalman'esershal-man-eh'-serH8022of foreign derivation
ShalthielxxH7597alternate English rendering for H7597
ShalthielShaltiy'elshal-tee-ale'H7597alternate Ibriy spelling for H7597
ShamariahxxH8114alternate English rendering for H5444
ShamedxxH8106alternate English rendering for H5444
ShamerxxH8106alternate English rendering for H5444
ShamgarShamgarsham-gar'H8044of uncertain derivation
ShamhuthShamhuwthsham-hooth'H8049for H8048 - desolation
ShamirShamiyrshaw-meer'H8069the same as H8068
ShammaxxH8092alternate English rendering for H8092
ShammahShammahsham-maw'H8048the same as H8047
ShammaiShammaysham-mah'eeH8060from H8073 - destructive
ShammothShammowthsham-moth'H8054plural of H8047- ruins
ShammuaShammuwa'sham-moo'-ahH8051from H8074 - renowned
ShammuahxxH8051alternate English rendering for H8051
ShamsheraiShamsheraysham-sher-ah'eeH8125apparently from H8121 - sunlike
ShaphamShaphamshaw-fawm'H8223formed like H8221 - baldly
ShaphatShaphatshaw-fawt'H8202from H8199 - judge
ShapherShephersheh'-ferH8234the same as H8233
SharaiSharayshaw-rah'eeH8298probably from H8324 - hostile
ShararShararshaw-rawr'H8325from H8324 - hostile
SharezerShar'etsershar-eh'-tserH8272of foreign derivation
SharonSharownshaw-rone'H8289probably abridged from H3474 - plain (La-sharon)
SharoniteSharowniyshaw-ro-nee'H8290patrial from H8289 - an inhabitant of Sharon
ShashaiShashayshaw-shah'eeH8343perhaps from H8336 - whitish
ShashakShashaqshaw-shak'H8349probably from the base of H7785 - pedestrian
ShaulSha'uwlshaw-ool'H7586pass. part. of H7592 - asked
ShaulitesSha'uwliyshaw-oo-lee'H7587patron. from H7856 - a descendant of Shaul
ShawehShawehshaw-way'H7740from H7737 - plain
Shaweh KiriathaimShaweh Qiryathayimshaw-way' keer-yaw-thah'-yeemH7741from the same as H7740 and the dual of H7151 - plain of a double city
ShealtielxxH7597alternate English rendering for H7597
ShealtielShaltiy'elshal-tee-ale'H7597alternate Ibriy spelling for H7597
ShealtielShe'altiy'elsheh-al-tee-ale'H7597from H7592 and H0410 - I have asked El
SheariahShe'arYahuwsheh-ar-yah-hoo'H8187from H8176 and H3050 - Yahuwah has stormed
ShearjashubShe'ar Yashuwbsheh-awr' yaw-shoob'H7610from H7605 and H7725 - a remnant will return
ShebaShebasheb-aw'H7614of foreign derivation
ShebahShib'ahsheeb-aw'H7656masculine of H7651 - seven (-th)
ShebamSebamseb-awm'H7643probably from H1313 - spice
ShebaniahShebanYahuwsheb-an-yah-hoo'H7645from H7644 and H3050 - Yahuwah has grown (i.e. prospered)
ShebarimShebariymsheb-aw-reem'H7671plural of H7667 - ruins
SheberShebersheh'-berH7669the same as H7667
ShebnaShebna'sheb-naw'H7644from an unused root meaning to grow; growth
ShebnahShebnahsheb-naw'H7644alternate Ibriy spelling for H8203
ShebuelShebuw'elsheb-oo-ale'H7619from H7617 (abbrew.) or H7725 and H0410 - captive (or returned) of El
ShecaniahShekanYahuwshek-an-yah-hoo'H7935from H7931and H3050 - Yahuwah has dwelt
ShechemShekemshek-em'H7927the same as H7926 - ridge
ShechemitesShikmiysheek-mee'H7930patron. from H7928 - a descendant of Shechem
ShedeurShedey'uwrshed-ay-oor'H7707from the same as H7704 and H0217 - spreader of light
ShehariahShecharYahuwshekh-ar-yah-hoo'H7841from H7836 and H3050 - Yahuwah has sought
ShelahxxH7974alternate English rendering for H7974
ShelanitesShelaniyshay-law-nee'H8024from H7956 - a Shelaniy
ShelemiahShelemYahuwshel-em-yah-hoo;H8018from H8002 and H3050 - thank-offering of Yahuwah
Shelephshelephsheh'-lefH8026from H8025 - extract
SheleshSheleshsheh'-leshH8028from H8027 - triplet
ShelomiShelomiyshel-o-mee'H8015from H7965 - peaceable
ShelomithShelowmiythxxalternate Ibriy spelling for H8019
ShelomithShelomiythshel-o-meeth'H8019from H7965 - peaceableness
ShelumielShelumiy'elshel-oo-mee-ale'H8017from H7965 and H0410 - peace of El
ShemShemshameH8035the same as H8034 - name
ShemaShema'sheh'-mahH8087for the same as H8088
ShemaiahShema'Yahuwshem-aw-yah-hoo'H8098from H8085 and H3050 - Yahuwah has heard
ShemariahShemarYahuwshem-ar-yah-hoo'H8114from H8104 and H3050 - Yahuwah has guarded
ShemeberShem'ebershem-ay'-berH8038apparently from H8034 and H0083 - name of pinion
ShemerShemersheh'-merH8106the same as H8105
ShemidaShemiyda'shem-ee-daw'H8061apparently from H8034 and H3045 - name of knowing
ShemidahxxH8061alternate English rendering for H8061
ShemidaitesShemiyda'iyshem-ee-daw-ee'H8062patron. from H8061 - a descendant of Shemiyda'
Sheminithshemiyniythshem-ee-neeth'H8067feminine of H8066 - probably an eight-stringed lyre
ShemiramothShemariymowthshem-aw-ree-moth'H8070alternate Ibriy spelling for H8070
ShemiramothShemiyramowthshem-ee-raw-moth'H8070probably from H8034 and plural of H7413 - name of heights
ShemuelShemuw'elshem-oo-ale'H8050from the pass. part. of H8085 and H0410 - heard of El
ShenShenshaneH8129the same as H8127 - crag
ShenazarShenatstsarshen-ats-tsar'H8137apparently of Babel origin
ShenirSheniyrshen-eer'H8149from an unused root meaning to be pointed; peak
ShephamShephamshef-awm'H8221probably from H8192 - bare spot
ShephathiahShephatYahuwshef-at-yah-hoo'H8203from H8199 and H3050 - Yahuwah has judged
ShephiShephiyshef-ee'H8195from H8192 - baldness [comp. H8205]
ShephoShephowshef-o'H8195alternate Ibriy spelling for H8195
ShephuphanShephuwphanshef-oo-fawn'H8197alternate Ibriy spelling for H8197
ShephuphanShephuwphamshef-oo-fawm'H8197from the same as H8207 - serpent-like
SherahShe'erahsheh-er-aw'H7609the same as H7608
SherebiahSherebYahuwshay-rayb-yah-hoo'H8274from H8273 and H3050 - Yahuwah has brought heat
SheshachSheshakshay-shak'H8347of foreign derivation
SheshaiSheshayshay-shah'eeH8344probably for H8343
SheshanSheshanshay-shawn'H8348perhaps for H7799 - lily
SheshbazzarSheshbatstsarshaysh-bats-tsar'H8339of foreign derivation
ShethShethshaythH8352from H7896 - put
ShewaShewa'shew-aw'H7724from the same as H7723 - false
ShibmahxxH7643alternate English rendering for H7643
ShicronShikkerownsheek-ker-one'H7942for H7943 - drunkenness
ShihonShi'yownshee-ohn'H7866from the same as H7722 - ruin
ShihorxxH7883alternate English rendering for H7883
ShihorlibnathShiychowr Libnathshee-khore' leeb-nawth'H7884from the same as H7883 and H3835 - darkish whiteness
ShilhiShilchiysheel-khee'H7977from H7973 - missive
ShilhimShilchiymsheel-kheem'H7978plural of H7973 - javelins or sprouts
ShillemShillemsheel-lame'H8006the same as H8005
ShillemitesShillemiysheel-lay-mee'H8016patron. from H8006 - a descendant of Shillem
ShiloahShelachsheh'-lakhH7975alternate Ibriy spelling for H8203
ShiloahShiloachshee-lo'-akhH7975from H7971 - rill
ShilohShiylohshee-lo'H7886from H7951 - tranquil
ShilshahShilshahsheel-shaw'H8030feminine from the same as H8028 - triplication
ShimathShim'athsheem-awth'H8100feminine of H8088 - annunciation
ShimeaxxH8092alternate English rendering for H8092
ShimeahShim'ahsheem-aw'H8093feminine of H8088 - annunciation
ShimeahxxH8096alternate English rendering for H8096
ShimeathxxH8100alternate English rendering for H8100
ShimeixxH8092alternate English rendering for H8092
ShimeixxH8096alternate English rendering for H8096
ShimeiShim'iysheem-ee'H8096from H8088 - famous
ShimeonShim'ownsheem-own'H8095from H8085 - hearing
ShimhixxH8096alternate English rendering for H8096
ShimixxH8096alternate English rendering for H8096
ShimitesShim'iysheem-ee'H8097patron. from H8096 - a descendant of Shimi
ShimmaShima'sheem-aw'H8092for H8093
ShimonShiymownshee-mown'H7889apparently for H3452 - desert
ShimrathShimrathsheem-rawth'H8119from H8104 - guardship
ShimriShimriysheem-ree'H8113from H8105 in its original sense - watchful
ShimrithShimriythsheem-reeth'H8116feminine of H8113 - female guard
ShimronShimrownsheem-rown'H8110from H8105 in its original sense - guardianship
ShimronitesShimroniysheem-ro-nee'H8117patron. from H8110 - a descendant of Shimrown
ShimronmeronShimrown Mer'ownsheem-rown' mer-one'H8112from H8110 and a derivative of H4754 - guard of lashing
ShimshaiShimshaysheem-shah'eeH8124from H8122 - sunny (Kasdiy)
ShinabShin'absheen-awb'H8134probably from H8132 and H0001 - a father has turned
ShinarShin'arsheen-awr'H8152 probably of foreign derivation
ShiphiShiph'iysheef-ee'H8230from H8228 - copious
ShiphrahShiphrahsheef-raw'H8236the same as H8235
ShiphtanShiphtansheef-tawn'H8204from H8199 - judge-like
ShishaShiysha'shee-shaw'H7894from the same as H7893 - whiteness
ShishakShuwshaqshoo-shak'H7895alternate Ibriy spelling for H7895
ShishakShiyshaqshee-shak'H7895of Mitsrayiy derivation
ShitraiShitraysheet-rah'eeH7861from the same as H7860 - magisterial
ShittimShittiymsheet-teem'H7851the same as the plural of H7848 - acacia trees
ShizaShiyza'shee-zaw'H7877of unknown derivation
ShoaShowa'sho'-ahH7772the same as H7771 - rich
ShobabShowbabsho-bawb'H7727the same as H7726 - rebellious
ShobachShowbaksho-bawk'H7731perhaps for H7730
ShobaiShobaysho-bah'eeH7630for H7629
ShobalShowbalsho-bawl'H7732from the same as H7640 - overflowing
ShobekShowbeqsho-bake'H7733act. part. from a primary root mean. to leave (comp. H7662) - forsaking
ShochoSowkowso-ko'H7755alternate Ibriy spelling for H7755
ShochohxxH7755alternate English rendering for H7755
ShohamShohamsho'-hamH7719the same as H7718
ShomerShowmersho-mare'H7763active participle of H8104 - keeper
ShomerShomersho-mare'H7763alternate Ibriy spelling for H7763
ShophachShowphaksho-fawk'H7780from H8210 - poured
ShophanAtrowth Showphanat-roth' sho-fawn'H5855error of translation of H5855 (should be one name instead of two)
Shoshannimshoshansho-shawn'H7799alternate Ibriy spelling for H7799
Shoshannimshowshansho-shawn'H7799alternate Ibriy spelling for H7799
Shoshannimshowshannahsho-shan-naw'H7799alternate Ibriy spelling for H7799 (feminine)
Shoshannimshuwshanshoo-shan'H7799from H7797 - a lily (from its whiteness)
ShuaShuwa'shoo'-ahH7770the same as H7769
ShuahxxH7770alternate English rendering for H7770
ShualShuw'alshoo-awl'H7777the same as H7776
ShubaelShuwba'elshoo-baw-ale'H7619alternate Ibriy spelling for H7619
ShuhamShuwchamshoo-khawm'H7748from H7743 - humbly
ShuhamitesShuwchamiyshoo-khaw-mee'H7749patron. from H7748 - a Shuwchamiy
ShulamiteShuwlammiythshoo-lam-meeth'H7759from H7999 - peaceful
ShunemShuwnemshoo-name'H7766probably from the same as H7764 - quietly
ShuniShuwniyshoo-nee'H7764from an unused root meaning to rest; quiet
ShunitesShuwniyshoo-nee'H7765patron. from H7764 - a descendant of Shuwniy
ShuphamxxH8197alternate English rendering for H5444
ShuphamitesShuwphamiyshoo-faw-mee'H7781patron. from H8197 - a descendant of Shephupham
ShurShuwrshoorH7793the same as H7791
ShushanShuwshanshoo-shan'H7800the same as H7799
ShuthalhitesShuthalchiyshoo-thal-kee'H8364patron. from H7803 - a descendant of Shuwthelach
ShuthelahShuwthelachshoo-theh'-lakhH7803probably from H7582 and the same as H8520 - crash of breakage
SiaSiyasee-ah'H5517from an unused root meaning to converse; congregation
SiahaSiy'ahasee-ah-haw'H5517alternate Ibriy spelling for H5517
SibbecaixxH5444alternate English rendering for H5444
SibbechaiSibbekayseeb-bek-ah'eeH5444from H5440 - copse-like
SibmahSibmahseeb-maw'H7643alternate Ibriy spelling for H7643 (feminine)
SichemxxH7927alternate English rendering of H7927
SiddimSiddiymseed-deem'H7708plural from the same as H7704 - flats
SidoniansTsiydoniytsee-do-nee'H6722patrial from H6721 - an inhabitant of Tsidon
SihonSiychonsee-khone'H5511alternate Ibriy spelling for H5511
SihonSiychownsee-khone'H5511from the same as H5477 - tempestuous
SihorShichorshee-khore'H7883alternate Ibriy spelling for H7883
SihorShichowrshee-khore'H7883alternate Ibriy spelling for H7883
SihorShiychowrshee-khore'H7883probably from H7835 - dark; i.e. turbid
SillaSillaseel-law'H5538from H5549 - an embankment
SiloahxxH7975alternate English rendering for H7975
SimeonxxH8095alternate English rendering for H8095
SimeonitesShim'oniysheem-o-nee'H8099patron. from H8095 - a descendant of Shi'mown
SinSiynseenH5512of uncertain derivation
SinaiSiynaysee-nah'eeH5514of uncertain derivation
SinimSiyniymsee-neem'H5515plural of an otherwise unknown name
SiniteSiyniysee-nee'H5513from an otherwise unknown name of a man
SionSiy'onsee-ohn'H7865from H7863 - peak
SippaiSippayseep-pah'eeH5598from H5592 - basin-like
SirionSiryonseer-yown'H8303alternate Ibriy spelling for H8303
SirionShiryownsheer-yown'H8303the same as H8302 - (i.e. sheeted with snow)
SisamaiSicmaysees-mah'eeH5581of uncertain derivation
SiseraSiysera'see-ser-aw'H5516of uncertain derivation
SitnahSitnahseet-naw'H7856the same as H7855
SiwanSiywansee-wawn'H5510probably of Parsiy origin
SochohxxH7755alternate English rendering for H7755
SocoSokohso-ko'H7755alternate Ibriy spelling for H7755
SocohSowkowso-ko'H7755from H7753
SodiSowdiyso-dee'H5476from H5475 - a confidant
SodomSedomsed-ome'H5467from an unused root meaning to scorch; burnt (i.e. wolcanic or bituminous) district
SolomonShelomohshel-o-mo'H8010from H7965 - peaceful
SopherethSopherethso-feh'-rethH5618feminine act. part. of H5608 - a scribe (prop. female)
SorekSowreqso-rake'H7796the same as H8321 - a vine
SotaiSowtayso-tah'eeH5479from H7750 - rowing
SuahSuwachsoo'-akhH5477from an unused root meaning to wipe away; sweeping
SuccothSukkothsook-kohth'H5523alternate Ibriy spelling for H5523
SuccothSukkowthsook-kohth'H5523plural of H5521 - booths
SuccothbenothSukkowth benowthsook-kohth' ben-ohth'H5524from H5523 and the (irreg.) plural of H1323 - booths of (the) daughters; i.e. brothels
SurSuwrsoorH5495the same as H5494
SusiSuwsiysoo-see'H5485from H5483 - horse-like
SyeneSewensew-ane'H5482alternate Ibriy spelling for H5482
SyeneSewenehsew-ay'-nawsH5482alternate Ibriy spelling for H5482
SyeneSewenehsew-ay-nay'H5482of Mitsrayiy derivation
SyrianAramiythar-aw-meeth'H0762feminine of H0761 - in the Syrian language (tongue)
Syrian(s)xxH0758alternate English rendering for H0758
Syrian(s)xxH0761Aram - (see H0758)
TebaliahTebalYahuwteb-al-yah-hoo'H2882from H2881 and H3050 - Yahuwah has dipped
TobadonijahTowb AdoniYahuwtobe ado-nee-yah-hoo'H2899H2896 and H0138 - pleasing (to) AdoniYahuw
TobiahTowbiYahuwto-bee-yah-hoo'H2900from H2896 and H3050 - goodness of Yahuwah
TobijahxxH2900alternate English rendering for H2900
UcalUkaloo-kawl'H0401from H0398 - devoured
UcalUkkaloo-kawl'H0401alternate Ibriy spelling for H0401
UelUw'eloo-ale'H0177from H0176 and H0410 - wish of El
UlaiUwlayoo-lah'eeH0195of Parsiy derivation
UlamUwlamoo-lawm'H0198apparently from H0481 (in the sense of dumbness) - solitary
UllaUlla'ool-law'H5925feminine of H5923 - burden
UmmahUmmahoom-maw'H5981the same as H5980 - association
UnniUnniyoon-nee'H6042from H6031 - afflicted
UphazUwphazoo-fawz'H0210perhaps a corruption of H0211 (Owphiyr)
UrUwroorH0218the same as H0217
UriUwriyoo-ree'H0221from H0217 - fiery
UriahUwriYahuwoo-ree-yah-hoo'H0223from H0217 and H3050 - flame of Yahuwah
UrielUwriy'eloo-ree-ale'H0222from H0217 and H0410 - flame of El
UrijahxxH0223alternate English spelling for H0223
UrimUwriymoo-reem'H0224plural of H0217 - lights
UthaiUwthayoo-thah'-eeH5793from H5790 - succoring
UzUwtsootsH5780apparently from H5779 - consultation
UzaiUwzayoo-zah'eeH0186for H5813 (strong)
UzalUwzaloo-zawl'H0187of uncertain derivation
UzzaUzza'ooz-zaw'H5798feminine of H5797 - strength
UzzahUzzahooz-zaw'H5798alternate Ibriy spelling for H5798
UzzensherahUzzen She'erahooz-zane' sheh-er-aw'H0242from H0238 and H7609 - plat of She'erah (i.e. settled by him)
UzziUzziyooz-zee'H5813from H5810 - forceful
UzziahUzziYahuwooz-zee-yah-hoo'H5818from H5797 and H3050 - strength of Yahuwah
UzzielUzziy'elooz-zee-ale'H5816from H5797 and H0410 - strength of El
UzzielitesOzziy'eliyoz-zee-ay-lee'H5817from H5816 - descendant of Uzziy'el
VaniahWanYahuwwan-yah-hoo;H2057from H6030 and H3050 - Yahuwah has answered
VophsiWophsiywof-see'H2058probably from H3254 - additional
ZaanaimTsa'anayimtsah-an-ah'-yeemH6815dual of from H6813 - removals
ZaanannimTsa'ananniymtsah-an-an-neem'H6815plural from H6813 - removals
ZaawanZa'awanzah-aw-awn'H2190from H2111 - disquiet
ZabadZabadzaw-bawd'H2066from H2064 - giver
ZabbaiZabbayzab-bah'eeH2079probably by orth. err. for H2140
ZabdiZabdiyzab-dee'H2067from H2065 - giving
ZaccaiZakkayzak-kah'eeH2140from H2141 - pure
ZaccurZakkuwrzak-koor'H2139from H2142 - mindful
ZachariahxxH2148alternate English rendering for H2148
ZadokTsadowqtsaw-doke'H6659from H6663 - just
ZahamZahamzah'-hamH2093from H2092 - loathing
ZairTsa'iyrtsaw-eer'H6811the same as H6810
ZalaphTsalaphtsaw-lawf'H6764from an unused root of unknown meaning
ZalmonTsalmowntsal-mone'H6756from H6754 - shady
ZalmonahTsalmonahtsal-mo-naw'H6758feminine of H6757 - shadiness
ZalmunnaTsalmunna'tsal-moon-naw'H6759from H6738 and H4513 - shade has been denied
ZamzummimsZamzomzam-zome'H2157from H2161 - intriguing
ZanoahZanowachzaw-no'-akhH2182from H2186 - rejected
ZaphnathpaaneahTsophnath Pa'neachtsof-nath' pah-nay'-akhH6847of Mitsrayiy derivation
ZaphonTsaphowntsaw-fone'H6829the same as H6828 - boreal
ZarahZerachzeh'-rakhH2226the same as H2225
ZareahTsor'ahtsor-aw'H6881apparently another form for H6880
ZaredZeredzeh'-redH2218from an unused root mean. to be exuberant in growth; lined with shrubbery
ZarephathTsarephathtsaw-ref-ath'H6886from H6884 - refinement
ZaretanTsarethantsaw-reth-awn'H6891perhaps for H6868
ZarethshaharTsereth ha-Shachartseh'-reth ha-shakh'-arH6890from the same as H6889 and H7837 with the article interposed - splendor of the dawn
ZarhitesZarchiyzar-khee'H2227patron. from H2226 - a descendant of Zerach
ZatthuZattuw'zat-too'H2240of uncertain derivation
Zazazaza'zaw-zaw'H2117probably from the root of H2123 - prominent
ZebadiahZebadYahuwzeb-ad-yah-hoo'H2069from H2064 and H3050 - Yahuwah has given
ZebahZebachzeh'-bakhH2078the same as H2077 - sacrifice
ZebinaZebiyna'zeb-ee-naw'H2081from an unused root (mean. to purchase) - gainfulness
ZeboiimTsebiyimtseb-ee-yeem' H6636alternate Ibriy spelling for H6636
ZeboiimTsebo'iymtseb-o-eem'H6636plural of H6643 - gazelles
ZeboimxxH6636alternate English rendering for H6636
ZebulZebulzeb-ool'H2083the same as H2073 - dwelling
ZebulunZebuwlunzeb-oo-loon'H2074alternate Ibriy spelling for H2074
ZebulunZebuwluwnzeb-oo-loon'H2074from H2082 - habitation
ZebulunitesZebuwloniyzeb-oo-lo-nee'H2075from H2074 - a descendant of Zebuluwn
ZechariahZekarYahuwzek-ar-yah-hoo'H2148from H2142 and H3050 - Yahuwah has remembered
ZedadTsedadtsed-awd'H6657from the same as H6654
ZedekiahTsidqiYahuwtseed-kee-yah-hoo'H6667from H6664 and H3050 - right of Yahuwah
ZeebZe'ebzeh-abe'H2062the same as H2061
ZelahTsela'tseh'-lahH6762the same as H6761
ZelekTseleqtseh'-lekH6768from an unused root meaning to split; fissure
ZelophehadTselophchadtsel-of-chawd'H6765from the same as H6764 and H0259
ZelzahTseltsachtsel-tsakh'H6766from H6738 and H6703 - clear shade
ZemaraimTsemarayimtsem-aw-rah'-yeemH6787dual of H6785 - double fleece
ZemariteTsemariytsem-aw-ree'H6786patrial from an unused name of a place in Yisra'el
ZemiraZemiyrahzem-ee-raw'H2160feminine of H2158 - song
ZenanTsenantsen-awn'H6799probably for H6630
ZephaniahTsephanYahuwtsef-an-yah-hoo'H6846from H6845 and H3050 - Yahuwah has secreted
ZephathTsephathtsef-ath'H6857from H6822 - watch-tower
ZephiTsephiytsef-ee'H6825from H6822 - observant
ZephoTsephowtsef-o'H6825alternate Ibriy spelling for H6825
ZephonTsephowntsef-one'H6827probably for H6837
ZephonitesTsephowniytsef-o-nee'H6831from H6827 - a descendant of Tsaphown
ZerTsertsareH6863from H6887 - rock
ZerahxxH2226alternate English rendering for H2226
ZerahiahZerachYahuwzer-akh-yah-hoo'H2228from H2225 and H3050 - Yahuwah has risen
ZeredxxH2218alternate English rendering for H2218
ZereshZereshzeh'-reshH2238of Kasdiy origin
ZerethTserethtseh'-rethH6889perhaps from H6671 - splendor
Zerortserortser-ore'H6872alternate Ibriy spelling for H6872
Zerortserowrtser-ore'H6872from H6887 - a parcel (as packed up); also a kernel or particle (as if a package)
ZeruahTseruwahtser-oo-aw'H6871feminine passive participle of H6879 - leprous
ZerubbabelZerubbabelzer-oob-baw-bel'H2216from H2215 and H0894 - descended of (i.e. from) Babel
ZeruiahTseruwYahuwtser-oo-yah-hoo'H6870feminine from the same as H6875 - balm of Yahuwah - sister of Dawiyd
ZetharZetharzay-thar'H2242of Kasdiy origin
ZiaZiya'zee'-ahH2127from H2111 - agitation
ZibaTsiyba'tsee-baw'H6717from the same as H6678 - station
ZibeonTsib'owntseeb-one'H6649from the same as H6648 - variegated
ZibiahTsibyahtseeb-yaw'H6645for H6646
ZichriZikriyze-ree'H2147from H2142 - memorable
ZiddimTsiddiymtseed-deem'H6661plural of H6654 - sides
ZidkijahxxH6667alternate English rendering for H6667
ZidonTsiydowntsee-done'H6721alternate Ibriy spelling for H6721
ZidonTsiydontsee-done'H6721from H6679 in the sense of catching fish - fishery
ZidonianxxH6722alternate English rendering for H6722
ZifZiwzeew'H2099probably from an unused root mean. to be prominent, prop. brightness
ZihaTsiycha'tsee-khaw'H6727alternate Ibriy spelling for H6727
ZihaTsicha'tsee-khaw'H6727feminine of H6704 - drought
ZiklagTsiyqelag tsee-kel-ag'H6860alternate Ibriy spelling for H6860
ZiklagTsiqlagtseek-lag'H6860of uncertain derivation
ZillahTsillahtse-law'H6741feminine of H6738
ZilpahZilpahzeel-pawH2153from an unused root apparanently meaning to trickle as myrrh; fragrant dropping
ZilthaiTsillethaytseel-leth-ah'eeH6769from the feminine of H6738 - shady
ZimmahZimmahzeem-maw'H2155the same as H2154
ZimranZimranzeem-rawn'H2175from H2167 - musical
ZimriZimriyzeem-ree'H2174from H2167 - musical
ZinTsintseenH6790from an unused root meaning to prick - a crag
ZinaZiyna'zee-naw'H2126from H2109 - well fed
ZionTsiyowntsee-yone'H6726the same (reg.) as H6725
ZiorTsiy'ortsee-ore'H6730from H6819 - small
ZiphZiyphzeefH2128from the same as H2203 - flowing
ZiphionTsiphyowntsee-yone'H6837from H6822 - watch-tower
ZiphronZiphronzee-frone'H2202from an unused root (mean. to be fragrant)
ZipporTsippowrtseep-pore'H6834the same as H6833
ZipporahTsipporahtseep-po-raw'H6855feminine of H6833 - bird
ZithriSithriyseeth-ree'H5644from H5643 - protective
ZizTsiytstseetsH6732the same as H6731 - bloom
ZizaZiyza'zee-zaw'H2124apparently from the same as H2123 - prominence
ZoanTso'antso'-anH6814of Mitsrayiy derivation
ZoarTso'artso'-arH6820from H6819 - little
ZobaTsowbahtso-baw'H6678alternate Ibriy spelling for H6678
ZobaTsobahtso-baw'H6678alternate Ibriy spelling for H6678
ZobaTsowba'tso-baw'H6678from an unused root meaning to station
ZobahxxH6678alternate English rendering for H6678
ZoharTsochartso'-kharH6714from the same as H6713 - whiteness
ZohelethZochelethzo-kheh'-lethH2120feminine act. part. of H2119 - crawling (i.e. serpent)
ZohethZowchethzo-khayth'H2105of uncertain origin
ZophahTsowphachtso-fakh'H6690from an unused root meaning to expand, breadth
ZophaiTsowphaytso-fah'eeH6689from H6688 - honeycomb
ZopharTsowphartso-far'H6691from H6852 - departing
ZophimTsophiymtso-feem'H6839plural of active participle of H6822 - watchers
ZorahxxH6881alternate English rendering for H6881
ZoreahxxH6881alternate English rendering for H6881
ZuarTsuw'artsoo-awr'H6686from H6819 - small
ZuphTsiyphtseefH6689alternate Ibriy spelling for H6689
ZuphTsuwphtsoofH6689alternate Ibriy spelling for H6689
ZurTsuwrtsoorH6698the same as H6697 - rock
ZurielTsuwriy'eltsoo-ree-ale'H6700from H6697 and H0410 - rock of El
ZurishaddaiTsuwriyshaddaytsoo-ree-shad-dah'eeH6701from H6697 and H7706 - rock of (the) Almighty
ZuzimsZuwziymzoo-zeem'H2104plural probably from the same as H2123 - prominent