Love is the Key

Love Defined and Examined

Someone once said that "Our Eloah is love, and we are one, in love, with our Eloah." That simple phrase, properly punctuated, is the entire explanation of all that has gone before, is now, or comes after. Yahuchanan (John) said that we love our Elohiym Yahuwah because He first loved us. Everything that this world is about is the love of our Eloah toward man, and our Eloah's plan to return to His bosom that which He loves. When we recognize that love is all there is, and all there needs to be, the two commandments that define of the Law of Grace will become perfectly clear.

  • MattiythYahuw (Matthew) 22:37-40 Yahushua said to him, You shall love Yahuwah your Elohiym with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Not all of the several different Greek words that were translated in the KJV as love mean love as we know it, and many times the Greek word agape, which literally means unconditional love, is translated as something else, such as charity. However, we should all be able to appreciate the difficulty that anyone has in describing or defining love. Can you personally give a description or a definition that will apply to all circumstances? Since love is a state of the heart more than anything else, it becomes a condition of being that is perceived differently in most of its aspects by everyone who experiences it. The majority of conditions and emotions that we call love however, are pale imitations of the intent of the word agape.

Even knowing that agape literally means unconditional love, can you truly imagine what that really means? Unconditional! That is a no holds barred word. That is the kind of love that we are told about when we are told that our Elohiym, whose name is Yahuwah, loves us. It is the kind of spiritual union and completeness that evokes thoughts of bliss and ecstasy. It is the kind of love that causes people to give up their lives voluntarily, without complaint or comment, so that someone else whom they love may continue to live. This is the kind of love that caused Yahushua the Anointed to die for us, so that we may all have the opportunity to truly live.

This love, agape, is as stated above, all that came before, is now, or comes after. It is the start and finish of the Gospel of Yahushua the Anointed (Maschiach or Christ), the essence of Yahuwah the Father, and the condition of perfection to which we are trying to attain.

As you proceed in your study of the word of Yahuwah, try to always keep this in mind. If it was not for the agape that Yahuwah has for us (mankind), we would not have the opportunity to be studying His word, and the purpose of studying His word is to learn obedience to His will. He gave us this opportunity because He is our Creator and He loves us. When we learn His will, because we are His creatures and we love Him, we will gladly be in obedience to His will, and therefore become the true sons of Yahuwah that He wants us to be. Remember what Yahuchanan said.

All of the studying you do from this day forward should be with the idea and intent of learning how to experience the love of Yahuwah more fully, and how to be able to share it with all those with whom you come in contact. As you grow in the virtue and knowledge of our Master Yahushua, you will begin to experience His love more fully, be more able to share that love on a daily basis, and to be aware of the experience. You will find the peace that passes understanding without having to look for it, and you will find it coming from a place that you would have probably never thought to look. It will come from within you, from your heart, because that is where the Spirit dwells, and it will be manifest to all. The "heart" in this case does not mean the physical pumping mechanism that resides within your chest, but the center, or core, of your innermost spiritual being.

Word Definitions
The words listed below are all of the words and phrases in the Greek language portion of the King James Version of the Sacred Scripture that I could find that are translated as love, or in the case of a phrase, contain the word love. The Greek word with its pronunciation help and definition appear first, then below that, if the word was translated as more than one English word or phrase, you will find the translation and the number of times the Greek word was translated in that fashion.

    agapao {ag-ap-ah'-o} To love.

    1. beloved 6
    2. loves 19
    3. love 62
    4. loved 37
    5. loves 2
    6. loved 1

    agape {ag-ah'-pay} Love.

    1. love 80
    2. charitably 1
    3. loved 1
    4. dear 1
    5. charity 27

    thelo {thel'-o}

    • This is the root of the word that actually is used in the Greek text, and it means to determine. The word is only used once in Mark 12:38-39, instead of the three times the word love appears in those verses. The thought is accurate, but the word does not actually appear. Also translated more correctly as desire, be disposed (forward), intend, list, mean, please, have rather, and (be) will (have, -ling, -lingly).

    philadelphia {fil-ad-el-fee'-ah} Fraternal affection.

    1. brotherly love 3
    2. brotherly kindness 1
    3. love of the brethren 1

    philadelphos {fil-ad-el-fos} Fond of brothers.

    • Appears once as "love as brothers."

    philandros {fil'-an-dros} Fond of man.

    • Appears once as "love their husbands."

    philanthropia {fil-an-thro-pee'-ah} Fondly to man.

    • Appears once as "fondness of mankind."

    philaguria {fil-ar-goo-ree'-ah} Fond of silver (money).

    • Appears once as "love of money."

    phileo {fil-eh'-o} To be a friend to (fond of an individual or an object).

    1. love 10
    2. kiss 3

    philoteknos {fil-ot'-ek-nos} Love their children.

    • Appears once as "love their children."

C.F. Castleberry