Law of Yahuwah
Shemot (Exodus) 19:5

The covenant that was to be made between the sons of Yisra'el and their Eloah and our Eloah, whose name is Yahuwah, was first mentioned.

The Actual Covenant
Shemot 20:1-17

This is the listing of the laws of the everlasting covenant, as it was delivered to the people by Yahuwah Himself. This covenant is what Yahuwah required BEFORE He led the people of Yisra'el out of Mitsrayim (Egypt). The fourth commandment even starts with the word "remember." You can only remember what has already been in existence, not something that is being put in place right now. The One who gave this set of commandments is also the only One with the authority to modify any of them. This He said He was going to do when He made a new covenant with the people. (YirmeYahuw [Jeremiah] 31:29-30) The commandment that He modified is Exodus 20:5. The fourth commandment has NEVER been modified by the Lawgiver.

Law of Mosheh (Moses)
Shemot 20:22

Yahuwah starts telling Mosheh the requirements of His statues and laws. The whole of this Old Covenant is composed of several hundred commandments. This is the "old law" that came into force when Mosheh (Moses) sprinkled the people and the book with the blood of goats and bulls. (See Ibriym [Hebrews] 9:18-23)

Also see 1 Kings 2:3; 2 Chronicles 30:16; Yahuchanan (John) 1:17, Acts 15:5, etc.

Law of Grace Prophesied
YirmeYahuw (Jeremiah) 31:31-33

Several passages in the Ibriy scriptures define the new covenant that Yahuwah had in mind for His people. Happily, part of the change was including non-Ibriy people in the covenant. This new covenant and the people with whom it would be are both very well defined. Also, there can be no doubt about when this new covenant would be placed in force.

Law Fulfillment
MattiythYahuw (Matthew) 5:17-18
Loukas (Luke) 16:17

Two sets of laws cannot be in force at the same time, or total confusion would reign. You would love the one and hate the other, as Yahushua said on this subject. So before the new could be placed in effect, the old had to moved to its proper place.

Some areas of study to see that will be found in MattiythYahuw 16:21, 17:22, 20:18, Markos (Mark) 8:31, and Loukas 9:22, 18:31, 24:44. The new law is now in force and this is how it happened.

Law of Grace (New Law)
MattiythYahuw 22:40

These two laws may look like an over simplification of all the other laws, but you'll find as you try to be in obedience, that it will be the toughest thing in this life that you have ever tried to do. They are also referred to as the "Royal Law."

Some verifications of the new law.
Rhomaios (Romans) 9:4
Ibriym (Hebrews) 8:ALL; 9:14-15; 12:24
Kolossaeus (Colossians) 2:14

You will find that the listed scripture show quite well the intent of the old and new law, and in fact the new has superseded the old. After you have studied these and other scriptures with an open mind, you will come to that same conclusion.

The Old Law contrasted with the New Law
1. Atonement under the old law had to be renewed every year by the high temple official entering the Most Sacred with the blood of bulls and goats. The new law has a positive finality about it as our Master Yahushua has atoned for all of our sins forever by entering the Most Sacred with His own blood. His work can never be repeated.
2. The old law conclusively demonstrated man's ineptness and his inability to keep the law of Yahuwah. He has now appeared in a very propitious time at the end of the age to give us a law that we can keep.
3. The emphasis in the new law is that it is a perfect work. It has "put away" sin not in the manner as the old through an annual atonement, but through eternal forgiveness to those that are in obedience.
4. Our Master Yahuwah, Yahuwah in the flesh, made a personal offering and took upon Himself the punishment that we deserved but could not bear.

Some Thoughts
No matter what "religion" you were raised in, even if that religion was no religion, because you are living right now, you know Yahuwah's law. More likely than not, your tenets and beliefs about Yahuwah's law have been directed and influenced by some one who you had great admiration and respect for, such as your parents, or your local pastor. More likely than not, they got theirs the same way. Examine what you know of their lives in respect to the word of our Eloah. Did they actually try to live by it? Or did they attend services because they were supposed to, and then do whatever they wanted after? Did they exhibit the fruits of the Spirit? If you follow their patterns, will you be in obedience to the word of Yahuwah?

The major tenet that you must recognize is that you are responsible for yourself. You must work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. If you allow some mortal person to shape your beliefs, then you deserve what you get. If you allow the word of Yahuwah to shape your beliefs, again you deserve what you get. The difference in these two situations is what you get. On the one hand, you'll find yourself obeying some man who dares to believe that his commandments are equal to or better than the doctrines of Yahuwah, because the "church" has to change with the times. On the other hand, you'll find yourself obeying the unchanging law of Yahuwah. The only entity who has the authority to change the law of Yahuwah is Yahuwah Himself.

We are told by the word of Yahuwah to study (be diligent) to show ourselves approved unto Yahuwah, and that is no joke. The only way we'll ever have a clue as to whether that preacher lied to us, or told us the truth, is to read and study it for ourselves.

If the blind lead the blind, they both shall fall into the ditch.

Listen carefully the next time you hear someone talk about Yahuwah's law. Are they talking about the law that is in force today and is intended for all mankind? Or some law that Yahuwah is not even a part of? It is your decision. It is your relationship with Yahuwah. Choose your path and walk in it. It is hoped that you make the right choice, and that the choice is supported in Yahuwah's word. If that is the case, you will start to grow spiritually as fast as you can handle it, because that is what happens when you make the right choice.

Yahuwah bless and keep you. All honor and praise to Yahuwah, the Father of our Sovereign and Savior, Yahushua the Anointed, and our Father also.

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C.F. Castleberry