Original Scriptures OSE1 Questions

Phoney as a Three Dollar Bill

Several years ago I saw the first advertisement for the OSE1. At that time all that was available was Yahuchanan and Acts. I was intrigued by what they said, and even though I wondered about them making merchandise of the word of Yahuwah, I decided to buy a copy. It was relatively expensive in those days too. When I eventually got the copy (after a year and many emails asking if they were ever going to send what I had paid for) and started to read it, I noticed immediately that there were many words in their version than I have ever seen in the Stephanus and Byzantine manuscripts or any other Greek manuscripts that make up the Textus Receptus. Most of the words seemed intended to give the impression that Yahuwah was an all-loving and all-forgiving Eloah, which He is to a certain extent, but not to the extent I saw in the OSE1. (He forgives those that repent and turn to Him and ask for forgiveness, but He is also a very jealous and wrathful Eloah who will punish those who turn their backs on Him.) It made me suspect that these people were maybe of the unitarian mindset that believes and teaches that everyone will be saved "in the end." I don't know if that is what they believe, but their renderings make it look like that.

I did attempt to communicate with them about my impressions and concerns but they were not willing to address them. I also asked many questions concerning the secrecy surrounding the location where their manuscripts were supposedly found, the people who were actually doing the translations, etc., and they flat refused to tell me anything on the grounds that it would endanger the lives of the people involved. If that were the case, then the people selling it would also be in danger, so that does not wash. Besides that, Yahuwah (yah-hoo-WAH) has promised in these end times to reveal Himself to us if we earnestly seek His face. He never said anything about His word being secret or otherwise restricted except to those who do not accept Him. Then only the true meanings of many passages are hidden, but those who attempt to reveal it to the world (such as myself) are not in any danger other than what is normal to life.

At any rate I was very disappointed in what I had paid my good money for and assigned zero credibility to the OSE1 and the people producing it.

I now have the complete set of what is available of the OSE1, sent to me by a young fellow in Germany. As I started reading the OSE1 files he sent something caught my attention right away. These folks claim to have found manuscripts containing all of the books of scripture EXCEPT Revelation. If that is so (and they will not show us the original manuscripts so we can know) then nobody really can argue about or dispute all the extra words they have in it compared to those same books in the Ibriy Ben Chayyim, Ben Asher, and Greek Textus Receptus manuscripts. This is not the case with Revelation, however, since they specifically state that they do not have that manuscript (see their statement below).

      "The manuscripts cover the entire Original Scripture Canon of 77 Books except ChazUW YAHUW (The Revelation of YAHUW) which was written 23 years later, around 100 AY (93 AD), by the great MalakiYA YAHUWchanon."

First off I do not recognize that there is a "canon of 77 books." The canon that most accept today consists of 66 books, but I suspect that a number have been missed, such as Chanowk (on this web site as a free download), but I do not think 11 is that number.

Yet when I started to read the Book of Revelation in their tome it is very clear that all those "extra" words appear there also. Now why is that? How can that be a "true and best translation" when they are translating words that don't exist in the known manuscripts (see below and then compare them yourself)?

Below is how they render the first two verses of the apocalypse (revelation).

    ChazUW YAHUW 1
    (The Revelation through YAHUW)

    1 This is the ChazUW (Revelation through YAHUW) of YAHUW why MeoschiYAach (Eternal King of The Family of YAHUWans/YAsarel), which YAHUWAH (hwhy) The Father gave Him to show to His servants concerning the things which must come which He sent and made known by His angels to His servant, YAHUWchanon (YAHUW is Covenant Grace)
    2 who testified of Almighty Loving YA's Word and of the testimony of YAHUW our Eternal King of The Family of YAH (MeoschiYAach) about everything that he saw.

I understand that those words enclosed in parentheses are intended for clarification just as the KJV does by italicizing.

I have never seen a word like ChazUW in any manuscript of any language I have ever looked at. There is a name similar to that in scripture (Chazow) but that simply means "vision," not "revelation through Yahuwah." Where they got that word I would really like to know. But then, they are not going to tell us that, are they? Their word "MeoschiYAach" would have made much more sense had it been properly translated as "anointed" which is what the word they mangled really means (just as does "christos"). Their spelling of it does not follow any transliteration rules I know either. There are many more letters in their word than there are in the Ibriy word and the pronunciation would have to be really weird. Also take note that the word they render as "servant" (doulos) is in fact the Greek word meaning "slave" and "angels" is a made up English word that does not do justice to the Greek word from which it is derived. The name Yahuchanan means "Yahuwah HAS graced," past tense, and NOT "YAHUW is Covenant Grace."

Here is how I render that same passage from the STE (Stephanus Greek manuscript).

    RNV Revelation 1:1 The Revelation of Yahushua the Anointed, that Yahuwah gave Him to show to His slaves, what is necessary to become in quickness and He sent and signified it through His messenger to His slave Yahuchanan {2} who bore witness to the word of Yahuwah and to the testimony of Yahushua the Anointed, but also of all that he saw.

Methinks there is some skullduggery afoot with this OSE1, and I strongly suspect that the perpetrator is satan.

The OSE1 appears to be nothing more than one more attempt by satan to confuse and conceal the truth of scripture from those who are seeking it.

Footnote: Proof of my suspicions surfaced some years after I wrote these words. It came in the form of a newsletter from a congregation in South Africa formed through and by Ralph Bethea (RaphAH - the man that started this hoax) and that fully supported the OSE1. Some of its members even had a tendency to go berserk when anyone criticized or questioned the validity of the OSE1. That newsletter is available on this web page at OSE1 (Original Scripture) Proved a FAKE. Believe it or not, even with the admission by Ralph Bethea (RaPHA) that it is a fake generated in his own mind there is still a large group that think it IS the original scriptures regardless of all the proof to the contrary. Talk about deluded!

C.F. "Buck" Castleberry