The Palestinian Problem

From Time Immemorial?

Much ado is made today by politicians and other idiots around the world about the so-called "Palestinian Problem," meaning the Arab people who supposedly became refugees from "Palestine" when the state of Yisra'el was "re-established" in 1948. Our own presidents, including George W. Bush and now that muslim Barry Soetero (Obama), have even ignorantly come out for a "Palestinian State" to "relieve the suffering of the poor Palestinian people" and that state would be located inside the present borders of Yisra'el.

Much reference is made to "international law," the Oslo Accords, and other declarations and promises supposedly made to the "Palestinian people" by world groups to justify this new proposed state.

The terrorist leader who formed the Palestine Authority (old terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization), Yasser Arafat, was one of the world's best at bringing up points of those kinds of documents when whining about the "latest atrocity committed against his people" by the Yisra'eliym. He was also expert at conveniently overlooking the parts of those documents of which he was in flagrant violation.

A point also missed by many people is that Arafat was not a native of the land he claimed for himself and his "people" at all. Yasser Arafat was an Egyptian. This is also true of the majority of people who claim to be Palestinian. Most are NOT from the immediate region but in fact most are from Arab and African territories outside the area erroneously called Palestine and even as from far away as Bosnia and Serbia. Very few have ties to the land that go back more than two or three generations.

So the apparent problems are many and all of Arab fabrication and political machinations. According to the Arabs, all of their solutions are the same. That solution is the total destruction of the land of Yisra'el. That was not only Arafat's stated goal, but also the goal of ALL islamic states.

But you see, there has never in the history of this world been a country that was legally and factually named Palestine. The actual word Palestine is a Latin perversion of the Ibriy (Hebrew) word Pelishtiy, which has been translated in most English versions of true scripture as Philistine.

The Roman Empire applied the name to the area after the overthrow and attempted total destruction of the entire Yisra'eliy people. They did this in an attempt to totally destroy the heritage of the only people in their history to successfully withstand their onslaught for any period of time. Of course, they failed, just as Hitler and every other satan inspired nation and religion, including the Roman Catholic Church (the modern Rhomaios [Roman] Empire), have failed since. And just as the satan inspired religion of islam will also fail.

The first real problem with the present Mideast crisis is that a lawfully formed international body in 1922 under existing international law legally declared a "National Homeland for the Jews" and set aside land in the Mideastern region for that purpose. The borders of that set aside land included ALL of modern Yisra'el (including the so-called West Bank and Gaza Strip), plus ALL of the area of modern state of Jordan. ALL of that land was to be given for the exclusive use of the only people who really deserved the label as Palestine refugees, the Yahudiy and other Yisra'eliy who were living in exile from their homeland in other countries but retained their national identity. The only restriction placed on the return of the true natives to their homeland was that they could not forcibly displace families, regardless of their nationality, who already had homes in the area and were considered to be existing population.

The administrators of the declaration, which was called the Palestine Mandate, was the British government and they immediately set about destroying the intent of the Mandate by allowing Arabs and Muslims from all over the world to come into the area illegally without even bothering to count them, giving them status as "existing population," and then severely restricting the number of Yahudiy who could "immigrate" to their own land in any given period. So the establishment of a "National Homeland for the Jew" rapidly became a farce and an exercise in appeasement of the Arabs. The entire area of modern Jordan was renamed Transjordan, illegally declared to be the national homeland for all of the so-called "Arab Palestinians" who did not want to stay in Yisra'el, and then given as an Arab emirate to the family of the Husseins who still rule it today. And so Jordan is a piece of Yisra'el that was carved out and given lock, stock, and barrel to be the national homeland for the so-called Palestinians. Now they want the rest.

The Arab world supports the "Palestinian" contention that Yisra'el is "occupying their land" of course, even though reality shows that the itinerant Arabs took or were given the land that rightfully belongs to Yisra'el by decree of Yahuwah, the Father of Yahushua. Without that contention there would be no way for the world of islam to make its case against Yisra'el.

As a matter of fact, the entire Palestinian Problem is of Arab manufacture to keep pressure on Yisra'el and the world in hopes of destroying the nation, if not by direct military and terrorist actions, then by attrition. They intend to keep this pressure on until Yisra'el capitulates and dies. That is not going to happen, and our president needs to forget his support for the formation of another terrorist state populated by terrorist Arabs who will work even harder to destroy Yisra'el and the United States once they have their own sovereign land from which to work.

We daily hear the rallying cry from the nations of islam, "Come and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Yisra'el may be no more in remembrance." This rallying cry was prophesied millennia ago in Psalms 83 and we now hear it ringing out from the muslim enemies of Yahuwah today. Of course, any nation that supports Yisra'el is also subject to their ire. The United States is the only country so far that has consistently stood on the side of Yisra'el since 1948, even though some of our previous leaders have also made stupid statements like George W. Bush did in support of a Palestinian state and now the Kenyan usurper BHO is doing his best to destroy the nation of Yisra'el too. Do you think the muslims will attempt to destroy our nation too? Guaranteed! September 11, 2001 was only the beginning. As Arafat once said, "Today we kill the Saturday people, tomorrow we kill the Sunday people."

C.F. Castleberry