Persecution of the Yahudiym

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The Yahudiym (Jews) have been persecuted for over two millennia in many different ways by many different people. Among the persecutions has been the deliberate lowering of their status in society to that of a citizen without any rights that were enjoyed under the law by other citizens. Below is a list of some of the many practices of persecution that were directed against them for the sole reason of their nationality. Remember that all of these were done legally by the law of the land and were not just isolated instances of bias. This same scenario is once again building around the world, and especially in the United States of America.

  • Not allowed to hold any position in civil or administrative posts of government, appointed or elected.

  • Not allowed to employ members of the major religious party of their country. (This would put the members of that party in an inferior position to the Yahudiym.)

  • Not allowed to give or receive any medical aid or treatment to other than Yahudiym.

  • Not allowed to intermarry with members of the majority religion. This was considered adultery and a capital offense.

  • In the courts of law, only members of the majority religious party was accepted. The word of a Yahudiy was considered contemptible and unreliable regardless of his status in the community.

  • Evicted from their land and placed in "ghettoes" or killed. If they were blessed, the government evicting them may have given them as much as 20% of the value of their property, but more often than not they received nothing.

  • Forced to wear distinguishing marks (such as yellow hats) in public.

  • Forbidden to engage in commercial activity or sell grain.

  • Forcibly converted to the majority religion on pain of death if they refused.

  • Children taken from the families and raised in the majority religion, never to see their parents again

For anyone who has any familiarity with the islamic attitudes of hate and intolerance toward the Yahudiym in this present day, they may immediately think that islam was the source of the above instances of persecution. Even though all of these practices were and STILL ARE the law of islamic nations concerning the Yahudiym, the source of those listed above date from the so-called Christian Church of the fourth century of the common era. These atrocities continued in the states directly controlled by the Roman Catholic Church well into the 1800's, and some are found in certain areas of the "old country" even today.

Unhappily, the attitudes that caused this treatment of the people of our Savior has not abated in the minds of many so-called Christians and even though they have the same rights in most Western Countries as do other citizens, that attitude still results in many atrocities being peretrated against them, such as their places of assembly being burned down, public beatings, and things of that nature in countries that have laws on the books concerning "freedom of religion." Of course, some of the time, when those perpetrators are identified and arrested, they now usually face criminal or civil charges in the courts of that country. That does not help the attitude that caused the problem to begin with though.

The attitude stems basically from the hatred of the Yahudiym by the Rhomaios Empire for their refusal to knuckle under to their demands. The Yahudiym were (and still are) a freedom loving people who have always been willing to fight and die for that freedom. Sometimes that fight has been carried on against overwhelming odds, but carry on they do.

The attitude of the Rhomaios Empire was carried over into what became the various Catholic (including the Roman Catholic) and Protestant "Churches," but instead of using the excuse of refusing to be subjugated by a foreign oppressor, the new excuse became "because they killed God." Many people harbor strong feelings of hate for them because of that excuse being ingrained by their religious teachers and parents, just as hate for the Yahudiym is instilled by the use of different excuses in the youth of the Islamic nations by their religious leaders and parents. (Note that all of the persecutions used by the early "church" are exactly the same as used by the Muslims. One more example of their copying other people. Muslims have nothing in their religion or society that is original to them. All of it is a poor copy of Talmudic "Judaism" and corrupt "Christianity"). As long as children are taught hate by their parents, and especially hatred for the Chosen People of Yahuwah, mankind can never really be considered "civilized."

Yes, the Yahudiym did CAUSE Yahushua the Anointed (the Christ or anointed) of Yahuwah to be killed. But note that they, just as the Roman Catholic Church later, did not actually shed His blood themselves. They let the Rhomaios (Romans) do their dirty work for them (Just as the "church" later let the secular governments kill the innocents for them. They even had them burned at the stake so that they could say NO BLOOD HAD BEEN SHED BY THE CHURCH. How farcical is that?).

Even though the Yahudiym were instrumental in the death of Yahushua, how could it have been any other way? If they had NOT had him killed, then He would NOT have been the promised Savior. The proof of His Sonship is that He fulfilled all prophecy by being killed by them in the manner in which He was killed. Instead of blaming the Yahudiym, we should be recognizing that it was the Father's will that this happen and that it happen in the manner it did. Even so, the Yahudiym have paid a dear price since for their part in that affair and they will continue to pay that price until His return. Think on their torment and pray for them. Don't accuse and judge them.

One other thing. Did you know that if you are a Christian, and I really mean a Christian, then you are brother to the Yahudiy? Yahushua is our elder Brother because we are all children of the Father, as He stated, and when we were adopted into the kingdom as His children we became fellowcitizens with ALL Yisra'el, and that includes the Yahudiym. Yisra'el is the true vine and we have been grafted into that true vine. Beware that through your attitudes of hatred toward the root that sustains you that you don't get cut out and thrown into the fire.

C.F. Castleberry