History of the Planet Earth

More Violent Than Most Think

Once upon a time, long long ago, the planet we call Earth was the second planet from the star we call Sol. Its distance from the sun at that time was a little bit closer than it is today and it orbited the sun in exactly 360 days. (From that length of that year came the number of degrees in a circle.) The earth was a much warmer place and most likely lush rain forests were the norm, probably without the equatorial deserts we see today.

There were ten months in the year and each month had 36 days. Some of the evidence of this is the names of the last four months of the secular calendar. All are derived from Latin numbers, September meaning seven, October meaning eight, November meaning nine, and the last month being the tenth month, December. This is seen in many historical records, both written and oral, of different cultures all over the earth.

Some Historical Background
At one time in relatively recent history it was accepted scientific fact that the earth had undergone major geological upheavals, some of those upheavals even to the point of being called disastrous. When Charles Darwin wrote his book of fantasy called, The Origin of the Species, those major geological disasters were antithetical to his theory and he looked for some way to cause great periods of time to pass without any intervening geological changes. That is the only way his theory could stand, if these time periods were long enough to meet the requirements of the statistical chances of the changes he thought had occurred in living things. Lyell, an amateur geologist of that time, thought along the same lines, and the theory that he postulated stated that everything that we can see happening today geologically is the same thing that has been happening since the creation of the earth. He named His theory the "Steady State Theory," and it is what many children are taught in the grade schools of today. The mountains slowly push up from some unnamed force and wind, rain, and weather slowly erode them down again. Lyell's theory fit Darwin's needs so exactly that he even wrote in the preface to his book that if the reader did not accept Lyell's theory that he might as well put his book down and not bother to read it as it was based on the long time periods cited by Lyell. Both Darwin and Lyell believed that further discoveries over time in the geological record would prove their theories correct.

That proof was never forthcoming, and in fact further geological discoveries have proven just the opposite. More contrary evidence is being uncovered almost daily, yet most modern scientists still cling to the theory of evolution as though it was carved in stone truth and not the misguided theory of an ignorant man.

Modern geological discoveries show that not just once but many times this planet has undergone major bombardment from some celestial source that was powerful enough to cause not only orbital and revolutionary changes but also modified the surface beyond recognition. Those scars are readily visible and obvious to those who would see, but many so-called scientists refuse to accept the evidence because if differs from their long held and dearly beloved theories. To their shame with the advent of satellite photography of the planet's surface even the layman can easily see those scars and recognize them for what they are.

Most Americans are already familiar with the Meteor Crater in Arizona, but around the world are many more craters that are even more impressive in size and depth than it. Most craters on the earth are being erased by the natural elements of wind and rain, and some even by the actions of man in his quest for building anywhere he can find a place to stand.

Some craters are only recognizable if a geological survey is done on the site, as they are so huge or have been so eroded through the ages that they are barely discernible now. As mentioned above, satellite photography has helped in locating and recognizing many of these craters that were not detectable from the ground.

In the historical past, the then fourth planet in this system, Jupiter, ejected a large planet sized mass into space from its surface, which shows that it is not a true gas giant at all but does contain earth and other solid matter beneath the vapor clouds. Why this mass was ejected is a matter of conjecture at this point in time and is not germane to this article. Let it suffice that it was ejected and other similar events have been witnessed by astronomers in more recent times. Since Jupiter is a member of our solar system the ejected mass retained an orbit around the sun, but it also had momentum unrelated to Jupiter's orbit and so crossed the orbits of some of the other planets as a very large comet. These crossings were close enough in some cases to be called near misses, and the masses interacted in many ways.

Mars was one of the planets which experieced these near misses and she was pulled out of her orbit, lost her atmosphere to the comet, and had major geological changes done to her surface. There is some conjecture as to there being a civilization on Mars that was destroyed by this celestial event. There are certainly some very interesting apparent artifacts seen in pictures of the planet's surface that cannot be explained away by calling them natural formations.

The Earth was the other planet effected by the comet, and because of its orbital changes, Mars was involved in these near collisions also. The history of Rome with its dedication to the "war god" Ares (Mars) originated at the time of this last event, and probably was the result of the planet being seen as "attacking" the earth. Events similar to those that occurred on Mars also occurred on the Earth, with the resulting changes in her orbit lengthening the year, changes in her axial alignment which changed the seasons, and rotational starts and stops, which in and of themselves are enough to destroy just about anything on the face of a planet. The Earth's angular momentum is approximately 1,000 miles per hour at its surface and if that momentum is suddenly stopped for any reason, everything on the surface that can will continue at that velocity for some period of time. That means that the oceans would irrupt onto the land at that speed, the atmosphere would continue at that speed with massive wind storms that would be experienced all over the planet. Because the centrifugal force of the planet's rotation the oceans have what is called an equatorial bulge and the water level at the equator is much higher than it is at the poles. That bulge would collapse and the water would speed from pole to pole in massive tsunamis. One of the proofs Lyell used for his faulty theory was the erratics, boulders not native to the area where they are found, that were high up on hills and mountains. His explanation for the placement of these erratics was that they were put there by glaciers. Unhappily for him, the erratics did not originate at altitudes higher than where they are found but some hundreds of miles away around sea level. He also failed to realize that glacier action always takes debris downhill and therefore could not have placed the erratics at an altitude higher than their origin. These massive waves of water could certainly have done that.

The comet that was ejected from Jupiter and caused all of these problems eventually settled into a near circular orbit of the sun as the second planet in our solar system. It was given the name Venus and is today a relatively well-behaved member of the system. Every culture around the earth has legends and myths concerning this planet as it made its way from being a comet to gaining planetary status. Venus' interaction with the Earth and Mars appeared to the watchers on the Earth as "fighting" against the actions of Mars and the planet was given the characteristics of a protector of the Earth in most cultures' histories and legends. All of the "gods" of Greece, Rome, Norway, and other cultures extant at that time are derived from this one event. Note how all of the figures bear a resemblance to one another from culture to culture, yet each culture gave each "deity" a name exclusive to that culture. However, in many North and South American indigenous tribes the "blame" was given to Venus, even though they called the planet by different names, as the cause of all these perturbations of the Earth, and rightly so. She was feared and observatories were set up on both continents to watch her movements in case she decided to leave her position and once again destroy as she had done before. Many of these observatories are still extant today and their orientation shows that Venus is the celestial body which they were set up to watch. The cult of Apis and other bovine worship cults are also the result of what the watchers on the earth saw in the sky from Venus. As does any comet when it approaches the sun in its orbit gases and other matter will stream away from it from the light pressure of the sun. Because of the nearness of this comet to Mars and Earth and their gravitational forces its tail extended from both sides simultaneously and looked like the horns of a bovine creature, thereby giving rise to the worship of bulls, cows, and calves.

A very common feature found all over the Earth are observatories associated with the equinoxes. These are varied in construction but share a common feature, that the sun shines on a certain spot in the structure at the equinox as the Earth lines itself up with the construction. It is believed that if that failed to happen then events similar to those when the comet was raging around the system would reoccur.

All of the events spoken of above occurred at the exodus of Yisra'el from Mitsrayim. Proof of this exists not only in scripture but from written and oral histories from all around the planet. The actual time it took for Venus to achieve her present orbit was some centuries after that event, and further incursions occurred at longer and longer intervals until today we only feel occasional very minor adjustments to the planet as it recovers from that ordeal. At the time of the exodus there were so many comets, parts of the massive ejects from Jupiter, that achieved an earth-crossing orbit, that they were seen almost daily and even in the daytime sky. Today comets are few and far between and many of those cataloged by early astronomers have ceased to appear at all.

Some of the plagues of Mitsrayim were probably insect hordes from the atmosphere of the comet, which would infer that there is life on the planet Jupiter. It would take an exoskeleton such as seen with insects to withstand the enormous atmospheric pressure that is at the surface of that planet.

So what is the purpose of telling you all of this? First, this universe is the creation of and under the control of Yahuwah. There is nothing done at any level of which He does not have control, so all of these events were at His direction. We know that the major reason for this event was the release of His people from the house of slaves in Mitsrayim as recorded in scripture, but there were probably a few other collateral reasons also as He very seldom does anything for a single purpose or result. Something to keep in mind is that He has already created the universe, so He can use its existing elements for His purposes without making any additional implements or using any "magic" to do so. All of these events will happen again, also as seen in scripture. Of course the celestial body may not be ejecta from a planet in our system but some celestial body outside the system currently that will be brought in to do the job. Astronomers of today are now tracking many Earth orbit-crossing bodies of various sizes, and some of them are large enough to do the job. We can expect its arrival at the opening of the seventh seal foretold in the book of Revelation in the form of the star called Wormwood (Rev 8:11). Other than the name meaning "bitter," there is no further information on the source of the "star" but many on the Earth believe that it is a planet that co-exists with the Earth in the same orbit but opposite the Earth that somehow will collide with the Earth. That planet is called Nemesis by many, among other names that I have heard. I personally do not subscribe to that belief.

The above is just a small sampling of the information available on this subject. For further reading see the references (below) as they are an excellent source of unbiased scientific evidence of this event and provide much more detail.

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C.F. "Buck" Castleberry