Politics and The Christian

As Yahuwah Raised up Pa'roh

From the dawn of recorded history, mankind has gone about trying to establish organizations, coalitions, and other structures of political power within his societies in attempts to gain and/or maintain control over his particular situation and over the other members of his society.

Sometimes these efforts seem to be successful and a new political structure will appear for awhile. At other times, some stronger group will prevail and establish their own political structures. Many, many wars have been fought over whose particular political structure is going to dominate a society or group of societies. (History is replete with those who have had the suffix, "The Conqueror," as an integral part of their name.) Inevitably, all of these political structures that are formed have gone the way of their predecessors. Although some last longer than others, they all eventually cease to exist, and sometimes, they even cease to be remembered.

If the structure is dictatorial, it sometimes will be blatantly dictatorial, and sometimes not. Whether it is a malevolent or benevolent dictatorship is irrelevant, if it is a dictatorship. All power still rests with one human being, and as we know, absolute power will eventually corrupt absolutely. No human being of which we know to date has been able to handle that kind of power successfully for any long period of time. Under this type of system we can group those political structures such as Nazism and Fascism, plus those that adhere to no particular dogma, but just rule as the whim strikes them, like so many of the third world governments of today seem to do.

In the case of supposedly democratic forms of government, such as those found in many countries of the "free world," these political structures sometimes have sound practical and theoretical bases that would seem to indicate that the form of the structure, or the governmental body resulting from that structure, should be in all cases exactly what the founders intended. This of course, is the idea behind the Constitution of the United States of America with its Bill of Rights. This document as amended has all of the ideals and necessary controls within them to make the resulting society, had they been adhered to by the succeeding generations of politicians, a really wonderful thing of which to be a part. Because of the machinations of those people who desire political power however, and the manner in which they acquire and maintain that power, this ideal has not been achieved in America nor will it ever be achieved in this or any other country of this world under the rule of man.

The society in which you currently have citizenship, whether it be pseudo-democratic or dictatorial, and wherever it may be located on this globe, is most likely an "accident" of your birth. Of course, some people do make a conscious decision to move to and become a citizen of some other society, but barring catastrophic geological or political events, the greatest majority of people will stay in the country where they were born, and remain a member of the society into which they were born. Because of this "accident of birth," you may be a member of an enlightened society that really tries to keep its citizens rights to the foremost, you may be a member of a society that is brutally repressive in all of its dealings with its citizenry, or, as is usually the case, you will be a member of a society that falls somewhere between these two extremes.

No matter which type of society or segment of society you are a member of, ask the following questions of yourself. Be just as objective and as honest with yourself as you can possibly be.

  1. Within your particular society's political structure, do you want to gain more control, personally, as to what is done by those who are currently in power in the structure?

  2. Do you belong to a group that demands more control of the political process?

  3. Should you run for political office?

  4. Should you do things that are classified as civil disobedience (disregarding lawful court orders, etc.) to protest things such as pro-abortion or anti-abortion rulings by the courts and legislative bodies of your government?

  5. Should you march in protest to show that you are sympathetic to certain groups who are protesting actions by other people or groups that they believe are detrimental to their societal group?

  6. Should you refuse to legally cooperate with duly appointed legal authority if you do not agree with them?

The answers to the above questions will depend entirely on your particular world outlook, and how much control of the political organism you want to exert. If you are intent upon becoming one of those who is in power in this world, and who is in control of his situation and able to exert control over other members of the society, your answer to most or all of these questions will be yes.

Now ask yourself the same questions while attempting to look at it from the viewpoint of Yahushua the Anointed (Christ) and what He taught. Would He have done any of the things asked about in the above questions? You'll find that if you put yourself in His place, and that's what we must do if we are to be truly Christian (follower of the Anointed), and really think about how He responded to various power plays and other politically oriented situations, you will have to answer a resounding NO to all of the questions asked. That's quite a difference from the answers that would be given by someone who is not a child of Yahuwah, isn't it? The difference is being a member of a society that is OF this world, and being a member of the society that is literally OUT OF this world.

It is very easy to say that you are a child of Yahuwah, but really practicing the ways of Yahushua is another story completely. Many people call themselves "Christian" without even knowing what it means. Many people call themselves "Christian" while doing and saying things of the world without regard to what He would do or say. We must all recognize that this world is still under the power and control, for just a little while longer, of that master of deceit and confusion, satan. If we participate in things of deceit and confusion, those things of the world, it is satan's works in which we are participating and not the works of our Creator Yahuwah.

Yahushua said that if the blind lead the blind, they'll both fall into the ditch. Look at the results of all of the political decisions that have been made in your lifetime. Have they led to a betterment of society, or is society still falling into the ditch? Of more recent vintage is the saying that if you lie down with dogs, you'll get up with fleas. How many honorable people have you known who have entered the political arena, and in order to accomplish the things they wanted to accomplish, had to give up their honesty, or had to compromise their ideals and ethics for the sake of a political solution? How many were unable to resist the temptations thrust in their way by unscrupulous people who had their own agendas? Have you ever noticed these once honest and upright people scratching their new set of fleas?

The Sovereign Yahuwah raises up whoever He wants to raise up, whenever He wants to raise them up, to do whatever He wants them raised up to do, and He will continue to raise up who He wants when He wants, to do what He wants, when He wants. He raised up George Bush, just like He raised up Pharaoh. Kind of hard to believe, but He even raised up Bill Clinton to further His plan. He can put him down the same way. Every person who is now or ever has been in a position of power was put in that position by Yahuwah for His own purposes. He didn't ask our opinion then, He's not going to ask our opinion now. What we think about it, or whom we vote for or against, has absolutely nothing to do with it. If it is His will, it will be done. There is absolutely no way that His plan is not going to succeed, with or without our conscious attempts. The only way we can affect the way things happen is to do Yahuwah's will, and pray that He will allow us to have an effect on certain situations. If it is His will, it will be done. Yes, He has been known to change His mind on occasion, but it took some fervent prayer by His people for Him to consider doing it. He does listen to us, but it is still His will that will be done, not ours.

Pray for the people that He has put in office, and those that aspire to office, as they need all the prayer they can get. Yahuwah put them there for a reason, and you can bet they'll accomplish His purposes whether they realize it or not. Worship Yahuwah, as that is the whole duty of man.

Be in the world until you go home, because you have no choice but to be in the world as long as you are in the physical body. Do not be of the world, because then the home you'll go to is not the one you desire.

C.F. Castleberry