Pride Goes Before a Fall

Scriptural or Not?

How many times have you heard that adage and been told that it comes straight from scripture? Many times, I am sure. However, it is NOT found anywhere in scripture, just as many other so-called scriptural saying are not really scriptural at all. They are errors created by some man (or woman) based on something that they thought they saw in scripture but does not actually exist there.

The actual scriptural passage that they think they are quoting in this case is Proverbs 16:18 (below).

    Pro 16:18 (RNV) Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

So pride does NOT go before a fall, a haughty spirit (arrogant) does.

There is no telling how errors like this, and there are many, came into the modern system of beliefs and doctrines, but come they did. Some of the errors are insignificant and what you think of them does not matter one way or another. Others are of such magnitude that you can believe very sincerely that you have salvation and/or are in obedience to our Creator, yet still be a servant of satan and outside the body of our Savior, the Assembly.

This article is intended to show you some of the errors of which we speak, both large and small. You are encouraged to check them out in scripture for yourself. (2 Timotheos [Timothy] 2:15-18)

Names (Jesus, GOD, etc.) - No "J" in any scriptural language so JESUS could NOT have been the given name of our Savior. His name in scripture is Yahushua (yah-hoo-SHOO-ah). GOD is the name of a pagan deity of fortune, found in scripture rendered as "Gad," and is pronounced "gawd." Our Father's name in scripture is Yahuwah (yah-hoo-WAH).

"Baptism" as an "outward sign of inward faith" - Not found in scripture anywhere. Immersion is for the purpose of causing you to be in the likeness of Yahushua's death, burial, and resurrection so that you can walk in the newness of life with Him. (Rhomaios [Romans] 6:1-11). It is where the cleansing blood of Yahushua that removes all sin is met.

Infant "Baptism" - Scripture clearly states that a person must "call upon the name of Yahuwah" if they expect His salvation. An infant cannot hear the word, understand the word, make the decision to change its life style, call on His name, and be immersed in the name of Yahushua (Acts 2:37 and others). Therefore they are not valid candidates for scriptural immersion (baptism).

Sinner's prayer - Not found anywhere in scripture. No scriptural passages even suggest this as a means of salvation.

Holy Trinity - Yahuwah states clearly that He is ONE with no other beside Him. He is NOT one person in a triune "godhead" (pagan polytheism). There are too many scriptural examples to cite here, but look for passages with statements like, "I am Yahuwah and there are no others beside me. (Ex: YashaYahuw [Isaiah] 44:6)"

Unknown Tongues - The word translated as "tongues" in most English per-versions is the Greek word glossa, which means "language." The phrase "unknown tongue(s)" does not appear in scripture. NO "unknown tongues" were spoken by anyone in scripture. When a foreign language is spoken there has to be a translator present or nobody else would understand what was being said. (1 Korinthios [Corinthians] 14:6-27)

Sunday worship - Pagans worship on the "day of the invincible sun," or dies solis invictus. It occurs on the FIRST day of the week whereas Yahuwah established the SEVENTH day as the day of rest (B'ereshiyth [Genesis] 2:2-3). It has never been changed in scripture. The shabbath is a day of rest, not worship. Besides that, we must worship the Father 24 hours a days, seven days a week and rest from our labors on the seventh day.

Christmas - The entire Christmas spectacle is a direct reflection of the pagan winter solstice celebration of Saturnalia with some elements of Yule and other pagan celebrations thrown in for good measure. Our Savior was most likely born around the date of the Festival of Trumpets which is on the first day of the seventh month of the sacred calendar (Wayiqra [Leviticus] 23:24) which occurs in the fall of the year. See the web page (below) for a detailed discussion of this travesty of pagan religion that has been accepted as the birthday of our Savior.

Easter - This is the name of the "queen of heaven" mentioned in scripture (YirmeYahuw [Jeremiah] 7 & 14). The day mentioned in the KJV as "Easter" is in fact Passover. The word rendered "Easter" in the KJV is "pascha" and it occurs 27 times in the Greek language scripture. The other 26 times it appears it is correctly translated as Passover.

Deacons in charge of congregation - The word "deacon" is a transliteration of the Greek word "diakonos" and literally means "one who executes the command of another." Deacons are menial servants (waiters at tables) for the congregation and not the ones in charge of it. The persons in charge of the spiritual welfare and well being of the congregation are "overseers," often called "bishops" in most modern per-versions of scripture. (1 Timotheos 3:1-13).

Women preachers - Females are not allowed to speak in the congregation. Most women won't like that but that is the way it is by command of our Creator, Yahuwah. It is not something that we have any control of but something that must, like ALL of His commands, be obeyed. (1 Korinthios 14:34)

Homosexuality - is an abomination before Yahuwah. Many people say to "hate the sin but love the sinner," and that is all well and good. But know that homosexuals will NOT be allowed in the New Yeruwshalom. They are among the impious and unruly (Titos 1:10) and they will be cast into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:13-15) with the other sinners. (1 Korinthios 6:9)

"Angels" have wings - Not found anywhere in scripture. "Angels" (actually messengers or deputies) walk among us unrecognized. All of those mentioned in scripture are male.

Once saved always saved - There are too many proofs of this error to list them all, so let this one be sufficient. Revelation 3:5. The only way to get your name in the Book of Life is to become a true follower according to scripture, so He is talking about those who WERE in the body yet have transgressed to the point of losing their salvation.

Belief that there is no Hell - Those who believe this are in for a very big surprise. But "hell" is not what most people believe it is either. Hell (she'owl or haides) is actually the abode of the dead. Those who die in the body (the Assembly) do not go there but go to be with Yahushua. All others go there.

Belief that "hell" is eternal punishment - Hell is going to be destroyed by being cast into the lake of fire after the millennial rule of Yahushua on this earth. It is NOT eternal. (Revelation 20:12-15)

Satan lives in hell - This crumbum is alive and well and walking around on the earth (Revelation 12:7-9, 1 Keph [Peter] 5:8). Why would he want to live in the abode of the dead? He wants YOU to be there, but not himself.

Satan has a pitchfork, horns, and a forked tail - Satan was the most beautiful creature of Yahuwah. His arrogance and pride over that beauty is what led to his downfall (Yechezq'el [Ezekiel] 28:11-19).


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