Title Can a BLack Slave go to Heaven?


This is a question that was often asked in the days of slavery in the United States of America, and, yes, it was asked in the northern states where slavery was just as rife as it was in the South even though history has been glossed over and basically rewritten to exclude that fact.

At the time, few non-black people believed that it was possible for a black person to have salvation, but scripture relates many stories of black slaves such as Ebed Melek (slave of the king) that were faithful to Yahuwah, and that faith is the first requirement to become a slave of Yahuwah (literally). So if that slave followed and obeyed the word of Yahuwah he was adopted into the tribe of Yahudah just as is anyone else of any color that obeys from the heart the good news of Yahushua. Yahuwah does not look on the outer person, but on the heart of that person, so skin color has no bearing on salvation. There are many examples of this in scripture with probably the best known being the Kuwshiy (Ethiopian) immersed by Phillipos.

Each and every follower of Yahushua that is in obedience to the scripture is in fact a slave of Yahuwah. Most of the words of scripture that have been rendered as "servant" actually mean "a slave or indentured person" in all languages of scripture. In fact there were slaves of every ethnic group mentioned in scripture, including the Yisra'eliym. So slaves were not defined by their skin color, but by their condition of servitude. To be a slave of Yahuwah is a wondrous thing however, and if you are not a slave of Yahuwah then you have to be a slave of satan. There is no way around it. You are a slave either way.

Fast forward to today in the United states of America, and what do we see. Skin color is still a topic which is just as prevalent and impassioned as it was in the 1800's. There exists extremist groups of every skin color, advocating that theirs is a superior race.

Let us consider the Negro, or African American as they used to prefer to be called, in the society of the United States today. Do any of them really have an idea what it is like to be a slave under a cruel taskmaster? Absolutely not! Yet still some groan and complain and say the "white man" is still trying to enslave and oppress them when that is as far from the truth as you can get. Many Negroes in the United States are not even descendants of those who were slaves but more accurately have ancestors that immigrated here well after 1865, or they themselves may be recent arrivals on these shores. I would ask, what does anyone living today in the United States know of slavery and oppression anyway? I dare say very little or nothing at all, although some Arabs living here do have slaves, usually of Indonesian origin. Rather than being oppressed, statistics show that Negroes in general are provided assistance, or as some would say, given a free ride, in almost every venue where they venture. Clearly they are given an advantage over other citizens through programs such as Affirmative Action, federal and state minority assistance programs for businesses, entrance into colleges, and other federal and state programs that also are clearly racist in their favor.

Negroes seem to think that they get a pass in being racist because they say they cannot, being black, be racist. Well I beg to differ. Most every Negro that I have had the experience of knowing was/is racist to some extent and some of them to the extreme. I believe many do it for attention and sometimes money, such as those race-baiters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Take a look at some of those idiots with "Reverend" or "Bishop" in front of their names and see if they are not doing it for those very reasons.

So far as being pressed into slavery, yes, Negroes in America today are being pressed into slavery by the liberal democratic party that they swear by, and all I can say about that is if they can't wake up and see what's happening, then they deserve it. Every time one votes for the democratic party's candidate they put one more knot in their ties to slavery. Many times the only reason a Negro votes for that democratic candidate is because the candidate is either a Negro himself or supports the welfare state that so many Negroes are accustomed to and dependent upon. Is that not racist? I believe it is!

Below is a dictionary definition that makes clear the way many Negroes think today.

    ra-cism - n. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. --rac"ist adj. & n.

Of course the racist, regardless of the color of his skin, believes that he belongs to the "superior race." By the definition of racism as defined above, anyone who believes that race accounts for differences in human character or ability is racist, period! Those people do not give a thought to what society needs as long as they can get free stuff from that society, as is in their belief that it is their "due," just because they feel they are entitled. Negroes who think this way, when they don't get what they want blame the "white man" and claim that he is oppressing them.

The extreme racist believes everyone in America should be separated and divided by skin color. Regrettably, this concept of division is not just restricted to skin color, but has spread to every facet of human society in America and the world. Bias can be seen everywhere against almost everything. Humans unite together in their bias against nationality, religion and/or religious denomination, language, economic status, political preference, and the list goes on and on.

Below is another dictionary definition that should be considered carefully by people of all ethnic groups.

    race - n. Human beings considered as a group.

According to the above definition there is no such thing as a "white race" or a "black race," just a human race that includes ALL ethnicities and should be called a species. That is reality and no matter how it is twisted and turned it is the truth. Actually humans are a species and all ethnic groups within that species are subspecies. The proof of that is that all ethnic groups (subspecies) of the human species are inter-fertile with all the other ethnic groups (subspecies).

Below is one more dictionary definition that should be considered carefully by people of all ethnic groups.

    hu-man - adj. 1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of human beings. 2. Having or showing those positive aspects of nature and character that distinguish human beings from the lower animals. 3. Subject to or indicative of the weaknesses, imperfections, and fragility associated with human beings. 4. Having the form of a human being. 5. Made up of human beings. --hu-man n. A human being; a person. --hu"man-hood" n. --hu"man-ness n.

Since we now know that there is only one "race" of humanity, why do certain people try to say that not all of mankind are human and do not deserve the respect of all other humans because of that fact? Because they are racist idiots, that's why. And why do some ethnicities refuse to show those positive aspects and characteristics that distinguish us from the lower animals?

With all that said I have to say most emphatically, to every one in America that continuously race bait and divide, WAKE UP! In my opinion, there is entirely way too much thought, feeling, doctrine, and attention paid to skin color by mankind. I certainly do not believe skin color matters to Yahuwah in the least little bit. Additionally I whole-heartedly believe skin color is one of the very top issues satan wants to keep at the forefront in order to promote disunity among mankind instead of the spiritual unity of the Spirit commanded in scripture. Yahuwah says we are all to be united in worship to Him, satan would have humans each have their very own eloah, and it does not matter which eloah, as long as it is not Yahuwah.

Yahuwah wants for us to have order, agreement, harmony, peace, unity and accord, while satan wants humans to have disorder, disagreement, discord, conflict, separation, and confusion if we try to follow Yahuwah. I have come to realize that satan actually wants the exact same thing for us that Yahuwah wants in a way. Scripture says that satan wants to be as Yahuwah, replacing Him and having our worship. So satan truly does want us to have order, only under his rule, satan wants us to be in agreement against Yahuwah, that we should have harmony and peace brought about through war, and for all humans to live in unity and accord in opposition to Yahuwah. Satan would have all humans believe that any path will get us to paradise, and that any and all religions are acceptable, and I think as time is growing shorter, this is the one area where satan desires the world to come into complete agreement. I know satan will do anything to keep people from learning Yahuwah's Word.

People need to get the right mind set on what really matters to Yahuwah for their salvation. There are very important reasons to separate oneself from some others of the human race, but those reasons are not based on skin color, body size, where they live, how wealthy, what language, or nationality. Those are the important things to the world, but not to Yahuwah.

It is our spiritual belief that scripture tells us why we must separate from the world and we do our best to practice that separation. Scripture clearly tells us we can not serve two masters. I think that we need to communicate precisely just what is important to Yahuwah for salvation, and that focusing on racism, bias, bigotry, intolerance and historic injustice does nothing but take one's mind off the things that are important to Yahuwah!

Yahuwah in His wisdom made His creation with great diversity, so that no two living things are identical and that all are individual. Yet every human that has, does, or will ever walk upon the face of this earth has had the same basic needs. If those needs are not fulfilled we do not survive. While we are all individuals, we are all created "the same" with respect to those requirements. Similarly, we all have the capacity to learn, think and to reason, and we all have the capacity to feel emotions. Through our life experiences our emotions are developed. As humans, we can develop strong emotional ties to subjects that are important to us. This is why it is so very important for every one of us to learn just what is important to Yahuwah for salvation.

Would it really matter if all humans are descendants of a black man, or a purple or pink man for that matter? Would it really matter if Yahushua was a Negro or not? Absolutely not! Yahusha is still Yahushua and in Yahuwah's eyes we are all His children through Yahushua which makes us all of the same family. We are all brothers regardless of our skin color and we must begin to act like it.

It is all important for us to remember that we were all born equally in sin, and each and every one of us has the same capacity to sin. Yahuwah did not send Yahushua to die for the sins of a chosen race. Yahushua died for all mankind regardless of race, color, size, or nationality.

Lastly, we need to learn to overcome any emotional reasoning that would keep us divided and unite under Yahuwah as one family, regardless of skin color, body size, where we live, how wealthy we are, what language we speak, or our nationality.

I am my brother's keeper. How about you?

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C.F. Castleberry