An Open Letter on the so-called "Sinner's Prayer"

False Doctrine

To All Who Read This,

How long are you going to continue to teach error to the people? How long are you going to lead them to the door but not allow them to enter? How long are you going to be the servants of Satan, instead of the Master Yahushua the Anointed?

As long as you believe and teach man-made doctrine as the commandments of Yahuwah you will remain a child and servant of Satan. Yahushua said that if you love Him, you will obey HIS commandments. When are you going to start showing your love for Him by being obedient to Him instead of to the false doctrines of man given to you by Satan?

You know full well that the "Sinner's Prayer" you teach as the means of becoming a "Christian" is nowhere to be found in the word of Yahuwah, which is the word we MUST be obedient to. How can you teach people to pray a prayer for salvation when Yahushua said that you must believe and be immersed? Yahushua told the disciples to go teach and immerse those who believed! Yahushua never said anywhere to pray to the Father and ask for forgiveness of sins as the means of becoming a child of Yahuwah. It was Yahushua who said to believe and be immersed! Keph (Peter) said to repent and be immersed in the name of Yahushua! Paul said that to be in Yahushua the Mashiach, the assembly, you must enter through the door of immersion.

Yahushua also said to those who already believed that whatever they asked IN HIS NAME that the Father Yahuwah would do. Why then is your "Sinner's Prayer" not asked in the name of Yahushua? All access to the Father is THROUGH Yahushua. No other means of access is provided, and you are trying to do it without Him. For shame! You are killing people through this error, and you will answer to Yahuwah for it at the judgment seat. That day is nearer than you think but you still have the opportunity to become a child of Yahuwah. But only if you willingly obey His word.

You can only get right with Yahuwah by believing Yahushua is His Son, that He died, was buried, and was resurrected by the power of the Father, then changing your mind about your life in this world and living for Him, and being immersed in the likeness of His death, burial, and resurrection. That is what the Scriptures say. If you say any different, you are liars like your father, the Devil, and will gather many more people to you to share your doom after the judgment day of Yahuwah.

Obey Yahuwah and live. Disobey Yahuwah and die. It's your choice.

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C.F. Castleberry