Is There Salvation OUTSIDE the Body Of our Master?

Obey and Live

A oneness with our Eloah, whose name is Yahuwah, is correctly referred to as a state of grace or condition of being saved. This means that the individual who has this oneness has been redeemed (literally bought back by and returned to the original owner) from this world and his sins in the world, has salvation, and will share eternity with the One who did the redeeming. When a mortal man reaches this state of oneness he is referred to as being "in the body of the Anointed."

Yahuchanan (John) 6:53-57: If you are to be a part of Him, you will be dwelling IN HIM.

    Yahuchanan 10:38 But if I do, though you do not believe Me, believe the works, that you may know and believe that the Father is in Me, and I in Him."

If you are IN HIM (Yahushua), you are a part of His body, and you are also a part of the Father (Yahuwah), and therefore you are one of His (Yahuwah's) children.

    Ephesios (Ephesians) 4:14-16 . . that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of teaching, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting, {15} but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head, the Anointed, {16} out of whom the whole body, joined closely and knit together through what every joint supplies, according to the working in the measure of every one part, causes increase of the body into the building up of itself in love.

    Ephesios 5:30 . . for we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones.

    Kolossaeus (Colossians) 1:24 . . that now rejoice in my sufferings for you and in turn fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of the Anointed, for the sake of His body, which is the assembly ,

There can be NO SALVATION outside the body of the Anointed. If you are in the body, you are redeemed, you have salvation, and you will grow in grace in His love. If you are NOT in the body of the Anointed, you are NOT one of His and He will NOT recognize you (MattiythYahuw (Matthew) 7:22-23). You do NOT have salvation, your name is NOT in the book of life, and you will go into the lake of fire and brimstone after the judgment with Satan, the beast, the false prophet, and all others who refused to abide in the love that Yahuwah freely offers.

Do you believe that you are in a state of salvation? Do you believe that you have been redeemed? Do you believe that the paradise of Yahuwah is your destination? Do you believe that your name IS in the book of life?

If so, on what do you base these beliefs? Man's word and tradition, or Yahuwah's word?

Too many people today are convinced that when they recited a prayer of repentance, commonly referred to as the "Sinner's Prayer," they were washed in the blood of Yahushua and reborn in His likeness. They believe that all they have to do is believe and pray that prayer to become one of "God's" children.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Down this path lies DEATH!

Must you believe that He is our Master? Absolutely! If you don't believe this, nothing else matters. No matter how many Sinner's Prayers you pray or who you pray them to, how many times or ways you are "baptized," no matter what you think about anything, and no matter how "good" a person everyone thinks you are, you are still unwashed and in the filth of your sins, and in that state you have no inheritance in the Kingdom of Yahuwah. Is this belief a work?

No! But you MUST believe!

Doesn't the Scripture say that faith is the foundation?

Yes, but belief that Yahushua is Master is the beginning of that faith! And you are saved by GRACE through that FAITH.

Is repentance necessary? I'll answer that question with a question. What does the Scripture say? If it's in the scriptures, it is true, and therefore must be adhered to if you expect to partake of the moral cleanliness of Yahuwah. Is repentance a work?

No! But you must repent!

Must you confess Yahushua as the Sovereign?

(See Rhomaios (Romans) 10:9-10)

Of course you must. Doesn't the Scripture say so? Does confessing Him with your mouth place you in His body? No! Absolutely not! The demons at Gaderene knew who He was, confessed the fact that He is Sovereign, and called Him by name while doing it. Where are they? They certainly are not in the body of the Anointed. [See Ya'aqob (James) 2:19] Is this confession a work?

No! But you MUST confess!

After you have believed, repented, and confessed His name (Acts 2:38), you must be immersed in water. Again, the Scripture says it, so it must be true! Is immersion a work? No! But you must do it, just as you must believe, and as you must repent, and as you must confess Him! By the definition used by sinner's prayer advocate's theory, if immersion and the rest of these requirements are "works," so is reciting their prayer!

This immersion in the likeness of His death, burial, and resurrection, gives you the look that Yahuwah wants to see (1 Keph [Peter] 3:21). He doesn't care how dirty your physical body may be, He wants your spiritual body (your conscience) to be clean. The way to clean your conscience is to bury the old man of sin (Rhomaios 6:4) who died when you repented. Then and only then can you rise to walk in His likeness. If you are NOT buried with Him (in immersion), you CANNOT walk with Him in the likeness of His resurrection (Rhomaios 6:5). If you are not immersed, you are NOT in His body (Rhomaios 6:3, Galates [Galatians] 3:26-27). If you want to live with Him, you MUST be in the likeness of His death, burial, and resurrection. No other way to get there. No Sinner's Prayer. No thinking good thoughts. No works of righteousness. Just obedience to His word and in the way He said it. No changes are allowed. If He said it, believe it. Do it! So is immersion a work?

No! But you MUST be immersed!

Two of the verses mentioned above (Rhomaios 10:9-10) are at the core of the belief in the "Sinner's Prayer". The misconstruing of the meaning of these verses by their "spiritual counselors" has lead many people to their deaths outside the body of Yahushua, and it before it's over, will lead many more to the same state, including those "spiritual counselors" who teach it. This "Sinner's Prayer" is a device of satan to keep people away from Yahuwah's grace and he has used it very effectively. Just ask your Protestant friends and see who and how many have fallen for this particular trick of satan. You'll be amazed!

These are people who are otherwise intelligent, kind, caring, etc. These are the same people who would not believe a lawyer unless they had it in writing. They thoroughly check out contracts and read the fine print before signing, yet they jump on this apostate bandwagon without a backward glance.

Our Sovereign gave them the requirements in writing, but they have never read them. Or if they did read them, they did it with the mindset that the preacher gave them, instead of an attitude of seeking the truth. There is no fine print here, just truth. All they have done is listen to what some man has told them the Scripture says instead of searching it out for themselves. They had rather follow a "feel good" method that is not to be found anywhere in the written word of Yahuwah. Will that stand as an act of obedience before Yahuwah at the judgment? Nope.

Those who preach this false doctrine of the "Sinner's Prayer" are showing their ignorance of the proper divisions in the scripture. For you see, Rhomaios 10:9-10 were written to people who were ALREADY immersed believers.

The argument that is advanced by so many sinner's prayer advocates concerning Acts 2:38, namely that the Greek preposition eis means "toward" and not "for" in this verse, can be turned toward that same understanding in Rhomaios 10:9-10. Actually, the word, being a preposition, must be translated according to the context of the substantive to which it is indicating the relation of its associated verb. If what they say is true, then Rhomaios 10:10 could and should read as ;

    For with the heart man believes toward righteousness and with the mouth confession is made toward salvation.

In fact, that is exactly what is meant by that verse, since scripture repeatedly points out that salvation is not guaranteed except to those who obey the will of Yahuwah. Note that this, belief and confession, as stated elsewhere are parts of the requirement, but not the whole thing.

Sha'uwl (Paul) also wrote under inspiration that we must rightly divide the word. If we fail to rightly divide it, by mixing parts together that should be separate, we will find confusion instead of truth. We will misunderstand what is meant because of whom it was being written to, and why it was being written. (For more details, see the articles Rightly Dividing and Lesson in Division.)

The proof of the above statement concerning ignorance of the scriptures will be those who immediately jump up and down and shout, "Well, what about the thief on the cross? He wasn't baptized, yet the Lord said he would be with Him in paradise!" Again, if these people had known how to rightly divide the word they would have known that the thief was under the old law where immersion was not a requirement. (For more details, see the article, Thief on the Cross.) Also, if they did a little study they would realize that they are using pagan terms for our Sovereign. More of satan's tricks.

So, which are you going to do? Are you going to take the chance with eternity that the preacher who had you recite the "Sinner's Prayer" knew what he was talking about? Or are you going to believe the word of Yahuwah? It's your choice. It's your eternity.

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C.F. Castleberry