Who Are the Sons of Yisra’el?

The Assembly!

One of the biggest problems that many so-called Christian organizations have with certain scriptural commandments, laws, and statutes is that these commandments, laws, and statutes (especially those found in the section of scripture they call "The Old Testament,") were first delivered directly to a group identified as "the sons of Yisra’el." This identification, in the minds of those reading them, invariably lead them to conclude that these commandments were for the "Jews" only and do not apply to the modern day Assembly of Yahushua. That conclusion is erroneous and will lead to the deaths of those who so believe.

Our Creator, Whose true name is Yahuwah and NOT God, Lord, or some other pagan title, has made it very clear to those who are listening to Him that there is only ONE assembly and that it has existed for a very long time. He named the nation that came from the loins of Abraham after his grandson Ya’aqob, to whom Yahuwah delivered the promises and to whom He applied the name Yisra’el (he will serve as El). From Ya’aqob (renamed as Yisra’el) came the twelve patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Yisra’el, including the only tribe that can truly be called Yahudiym (Jews), Yahudah. Note that the name of Yahuwah is on Yahudah too, just as He explained in several passages of scripture. From this tribe of Yahudah came the Savior of mankind, Yahushua the Anointed of Yahuwah, also just as was promised.

These twelve tribes are the first named assembly in scripture. Yahuwah separated them out of the world for His special purposes, which is what the word translated as "saint" means (someone who is separated out for some purpose, usually religious). In this case the purpose of the separation is totally religious. Yahuwah separated from the world a group of people who were to be His alone. They were to follow His commandments, laws, and statutes, and in turn they would be called His children, or the sons of Yisra’el.

Yahuwah gave many precepts and laws to these children and He expected them to fully comply with them all. By complying they maintained their relationship as the children of promise. When they failed to comply they were cast aside.

He specifically gave them one set of laws, through Mosheh (Moses), that was intended to show the world that the nation they comprised was separate. Each of the laws of this dispensation had a purpose, and that purpose was to lead them to compliance through faith to the eternal law that came into effect on this planet at its creation. This set of laws was under a "sunshine" rule. At some time in the future it was to be superseded by a revision that would return the world to the rule of the original, eternal, law. This set of laws that He dictated to Mosheh is called erroneously in English versions of scripture, the "old testament." (The word "testament" should have been rendered as "covenant.") This dispensation of law ended when the new law, called the Royal Law, the Perfect Law of Liberty, and other names, came into effect.

The Eternal Law of Yahuwah, the Ten Words (Commandments) was for every one on the face of the earth and maybe for those in the sky also. THe Law of Mosheh was to apply to the "sons of Yisra’el" alone. Nobody else! There are people outside the law, as Sha'uwl (Paulos or Paul) explained quite well, who are not subject to the law and are not the children of Yahuwah. These people will not see the kingdom of Yahuwah either. The only people allowed into the kingdom are the sons of Yisra’el.

In the process of time, the covenant made through Mosheh with the sons of Yisra’el was abrogated. One of the first things that was done under the renewed covenant that has been in force from creation was to allow those who were not of the physical nation of Yisra’el to become children of Yahuwah (sons of Yisra’el) through faith in and obedience to the Creator. This change in the law "broke down the wall of separation" between Yisra’el and others that had been constructed by the Law of Mosheh. The Law of Mosheh was set aside as its purpose had been fulfilled.

Certain of the commandments that were originally delivered to the physical nation of Yisra’el still apply today even in the form of the Royal Law though that "old covenant" has been modified and set aside. These commandments were given as "perpetual" or "everlasting" covenants and so did not pass away with the entrance of the new dispensation but were modifed and restated as the New Law. There is a perpetual covenant that was established under the Law of Mosheh that was not put aside but rather has been put on hold until the return of Yahushua, but it is easily identified as being in that condition. That perpetual covenant is the Festival of Booths (Sukkowth or Tabernacles). It ceased at the death of Yahushua but will be restored after His return.

One that has not ceased or placed in a "hold" condition but has been in effect since the world began is the observance of the seventh day as the shabbath (intermission or timeout) of Yahuwah. He established it at creation and has never changed it. To fail to observe this perpetual covenant in accordance with His will is direct disobedience to His will and leads to rejection from His kingdom. He does not and will not tolerate scofflaws among the sons of Yisra’el.

If you call yourself a Christian, you make claim that you have partaken of the promise of the Savior and have become one of the "sons of Yisra’el." There is no way to be a true follower of our Savior and Master, Yahushua the Anointed, and not be among the citizens of Yisra’el.

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