Spirit Filled?

Or Demon Possessed!

Spirit filled! How many times have you heard someone use that term? Exactly what does that mean? I have heard the term used by many preachers, evangelicals, and even "lay" members (their definition) of many "churches," and it seems that by it they mean that their "church" is a wonderful place to go to worship. That it is a place where all the people are warm, friendly, and really glad to see you come through the door on a Sunday morning. Many Pentecostal and Pentecostal type religions also put an emphasis on being "Spirit-filled" as evidence of salvation. By that term they mean that you "speak in tongues."

What exactly, if anything, does scripture have to say about being spirit-filled? First understand that there are at least three types of "spirits" identified in scripture. There are bad (evil or unclean) spirits, "benign" spirits, and a "good" spirit.

There are several examples of "evil" or unclean spirits in scripture. An example of a benign spirit is the spirit of divination in the lass who was a soothsayer (Acts 16:16-18). This is a clear case of spirit possession, but apparently the possession caused the girl no harm like other cases of possession caused people. (See Markos [Mark] 9:17, Acts 19:13-16, etc.) The Sacred Spirit is the only truly "good" spirit in scripture of which I am aware.

"Evil Spirit" and "Demon" Possession
The idea is pretty clear and is shown in scripture that there are such things as evil spirits and demons. In the Ibriy the term "evil spirit" is found in several places and it is from the Ibriy words ra' ruwach, which literally means an evil (bad) spirit. In the Greek the phrase is rendered from poneros pneuma, which means the same thing. Evil spirits are also called by other terms, such as a "dumb" spirit, and "unclean" spirits, but you can recognize them by their actions. These "evil spirits" caused the people they afflicted many problems too. The one that was assigned to Sha'uwl (Saul) was for the express purpose of causing him problems. That spirit was placed there by Yahuwah too.

The word "devil(s)" appears four times in the Ibriy scripture of the King James Version. It is rendered two times each from the words shed (shade - a demon) and sa'iyr (saw-eer' - a he-goat or satyr).

The word "devil(s)" appears in the Greek text one hundred thirteen times and it is always used in a "bad entity" sense. It is rendered there from diablos (dee-ab'-ol-os - a traducer and, with the exception of four instances, is applied only to satan), daimon (dah'-ee-mown - a demon or supernatural spirit of the bad kind), daimonion (dahee-mon'-ee-on - a deity or demon, also appears one time as "gods" in Acts 17:18), daimonizomai (dahee-mon-id'-zom-ahee - to be exercised by a demon), and daimoniodes (dahee-mon-ee-o'-dace - demon like). Note that with the exception of diablos, all of these are related words and the all mean something to do with demons.

In the story of the man of Gadarenos (Gadarene) who had the legion of "devils," these entities are called "devils" (daimon) AND "unclean spirits." This shows that "unclean (evil) spirits" and "demons" are one and the same type of entity and they can come and go from different types of bodies as they desire (or as they are directed by someone having the power to do that).

In MattiythYahuw (Matthew) 12:43-45 Yahushua told a tale of an unclean spirit who left his habitation, i.e., the physical body of a living person that was also inhabited by the spirit assigned at birth, and then decided to return to that body. When he came back, however, he brought with him "seven other spirits more wicked than himself." The word used here for "more wicked" is a compound word that includes poneros. This is pretty strong evidence that not only do spirits other than the one assigned by Yahuwah at birth (or before) can inhabit a physical body, it is also proof that they can come and go more or less as they please in bodies that are not inhabited by a strong spirit (bolstered by the Spirit of Yahuwah).

Many people do not want to believe that today any such thing as spirit possession occurs, and instead try to relegate that activity to days of yore. They are foolish in that attempt as cases of real spirit possession are obvious all around us. Many of those cases are possession by unclean (evil or wicked) spirits too. As a matter of fact, as the day of Yahushua's return draws nearer, I fully believe that many more evil spirits are going to incarnate in one manner or another. Some will take possession of an existing body, while others will take possession of a body before its birth.

Just look at the number of people who are alive today who deny Yahushua! That is THE indicator of unclean spirits too. This is the spirit of "antichrist" that we knew was in the world already (1 Yahuchanan [John] 2:18, 22; 4:3 and 2 Yahuchanan 1:7), even though many people seem to think that it is some single person who has not yet arrived. As more and muslim people join the ranks of the living, more and more of these unclean and wicked spirits are in the flesh again. Of course muslims are not the only source of physical bodies for these agents of satan. There are many others, but islam is the fastest growing source right now.

General Spirit Possession
If you have a problem accepting this idea of "evil" or "unclean" spirits in a current frenzy of incarnation, take a look at the current statistics of murder and mayhem that are being developed worldwide. These perpetrators of this murder and mayhem have no human compassion, no love of their brothers, no heart at all. What can they be but "evil" spirits incarnated into a human body? And this is going on not only in the Western and developed societies, but even more so in the so-called third world countries. Look at all of the people being killed and maimed in countries of Africa and islamic states for no other reason than their ethnicity, their religious beliefs, and maybe because they happen to own some property that the country's leader happens to covet.

Also, just think about your own spirit and its "possession" of your physical body. What is the big difference in your spirit possessing your living body of flesh and any other spirit, good, bad, clean, unclean, dumb, evil, or having any other characteristics, inhabiting a like living body of flesh? To think it couldn't happen as I have indicated would be to deny that your own life in your own fleshly body was even possible, yet here you are.

For a look at a scriptural statement that supports what I have said above, read Yahudah (Jude) v. 4 and ponder the meaning found there. How could these men have been "ordained" to the task of condemning the gospel and denying Yahushua and the Father? They certainly weren't newcomers to the scene. Also note that the word rendered as "ungodly" in the King James Version verse means "wicked" or "irreverent."

The movement of "spirits" into and out of physical bodies is a common thing that most modern people reject, even with all of the evidence before their eyes. Every time a newborn infant comes into this world, another spirit has taken possession of a physical body. There is nothing to state when that spirit took possession, but take possession it did! And it may not be the first time that particular spirit took possession of a physical body either!

For a spirit to incarnate into a physical body more than once should not be any more unbelievable nor incredible than a spirit incarnating into a physical body once. And remember what Shelomoh said under inspiration.

(Ecclesiastes 1:10-11 RSV) Is there a thing of which it is said, "See, this is new?" It has been already, in the ages before us. {11} There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of later things yet to happen among those who come after.

"Good" Spirit Possession
The same people who deny possession by evil spirits often claim that they belong to a "spirit-filled church" and so contradict themselves. If spirit possession is not possible, then how can the Sacred Spirit "indwell" a true believer? Although the word "indwell" as it is used commonly among those who claim that being "spirit-filled" is supposed to mean that the Sacred Spirit lives "in your heart," the word "indwell" itself is not found in scripture. The idea that the Sacred Spirit of Yahuwah and Yahushua do come to you is there quite clearly though. (See Yahuchanan 14:23) This means that if you have met the conditions of salvation and are part of the Body of the Anointed (the Christ) that your are possessed by a spirit OTHER THAN THE ONE WITH WHICH YOU WERE BORN! This is plainly in direct opposition to the statements made by the same people that spirit possession is not real. This is as real as it gets! If you have the opportunity to be possessed by the Sacred Spirit, why can you not have the same opportunity to be possessed by an unclean spirit as is shown happened many times in scripture?

Contact with Disembodied Spirits
The mediums and spiritualists who have gained so much notoriety in recent years, such as Miss Cleo and others of her ilk, by claiming to be able to contact and communicate with disembodied spirits, meaning "those who have 'passed over' to the other side," and no matter what phrase they use to describe that activity, are mentioned several times in scripture. Every time they are mentioned, it is also stated that this practice is real but a no-no.

Scripture calls them necromancers and says that they are an abomination (tow'ebah - something disgusting). Pretty strong words for something that is so popular in a society that claims to be Christian!

Remember the story about El'azar (Lazarus) and the rich man (Loukas [Luke] 16:20-31)? One moral of that story is missed by most people, and it is a very simple moral. It is that even though someone who was dead (a disembodied spirit) returned to the living and gave them information, that the living wouldn't believe it anyway. Yahushua DID return from the dead, and how many have really listened to Him? Too few, I am afraid. Many say they are listening, but watch their actions. By those actions you will recognize that in fact they are doing exactly what they want to do and NOT what Yahushua said we MUST do. If we do what is right in our eyes but not right in the eyes of Yahuwah, we are on the slippery slide down the slope to perdition. (See Dabariym {Deuteronomy} 12:8, 13:18, Judges 17:6, Proverbs 12:14, 21:2.) So if you are not going to believe what the "spirit" tells you, why give your money to somebody who is probably perpetrating a scam on you anyway?

Using the services of mediums, channelers, and others who make claims of being in contact with any spirit other than the Sacred Spirit is definitely against the word of Yahuwah. Be careful of those who claim contact with the Spirit of Yahuwah too, for most of them haven't got a clue about Who He really is and the "spirit" they are actually in contact with is the spirit of antichrist, satan himself.

Also, these disembodied spirits that are being contacted by mediums and "channelers" today are unknown quantities in that we don't know who they really are. They may be the person who was supposed to be contacted, and then again, they may not be. They in fact may be an evil spirit (demon) masquerading as the one you are seeking. Maybe that is why the restriction in contact with disembodied spirits has been put in place. It would take a real objective test to determine who or what the spirit really was and then the question would arise about why you would want to contact them anyway. You are among the living for a while longer. They may be back among the living before you leave the body you're in. Nobody really knows!

How to Tell if Someone is Spirit-filled or Demon-possessed
If a person can admit that Yahushua (NOT JESUS) is the risen Son of the Living Eloah Yahuwah, then you can be sure that he/she is in fact filled with the Spirit of Light. If they cannot do that, then their spirit may be one of the evil spirits I spoke of above and be of the spirit of antichrist (See 1 Yahuchanan 4:2-3). Note carefully that "calling on the name of JESUS" is NOT evidence of correct spirituality, as the name JESUS is a false name of satan's manufacture for the sole purpose of leading astray those seekers who would know the truth.

Watch the person's daily life. Is the person living their life according to the Commandments of Yahuwah? Do they keep ALL of them, including the seventh-day shabbath as demanded by Yahuwah? If so, there is a good chance that he/she is filled with the Spirit of Light. If not, you know the rest!

If you need some more criteria to use as benchmarks for checking, read and study Galates (Galatians) chapter five for all of the information you will need. And remember that the "flesh" is this world and this world belongs to satan (2 Korinthios (Corinthians) 4:4) and is not the world of Yahuwah (1 Yahuchanan 2:16).

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C.F. Castleberry