If you are a Black Muslim

Satanic Religion

Only read this if you have a real sense of honesty and decency in your intellect and a sincere desire in your heart to learn and follow the truth. Any other reason for reading it will only serve to anger and disappoint you and that is not the intent. If you have this sincere desire you will begin to recognize the error of islam by discovering its true origins and discard it as just one more trick of Satan to prevent people from following the will of their Creator, Yahuwah, and you will turn to the only Savior, Yahushua the Anointed and meet the scriptural requirements laid down that you, just as everybody else regardless of color, ethnicity, or national origin, must meet in order to become a member of the ONLY assembly that really matters. That assembly is the Assembly of Yahushua, which is also called by many the Body of Christ.

Have you never heard Louis Farakkan rail against the "Jews?" If he was not so ignorant concerning the people he thinks of as "Jews," he would be aware that he carries a name from one of the tribes of Yisra’el (Israel). The name Louis is an Anglicized version of the name Lawiy (Levi), which comes from the tribe of Lawiym (Levites), and the head of that tribe was Lawiy. If Farakkan was not so ignorant he would also know that the "Jew" is but one tribe out of twelve. The people of Yisra’el (Israel) are NOT all "Jews," but all "Jews" ARE Yisra’eliym (Israelites). Look it up if you don’t believe me.

About that nutcase Farakkan, if you subscribe to his ideas of "hate whitey" then you can just go somewhere else and read something else. I don’t even want your sleazy racist and bigoted butt on my web page, so leave at once!

Now, why did you become a muslim? What in the world are you thinking? Do you not know that the Arabs, with whom islam was started by a murderer and pedophile named Muhammad, are the very people who sold all the Africans into slavery around the world? Do you somehow not know that they are still doing it today and many of the sheiks of islam currently have little black boys and girls serving in their houses as their slaves? Did you not even bother to look at the situation before you made your decision?

I have heard black muslims make statements to the effect that they were not going to "serve or worship the white man’s god." If you subscribe to that doctrine, are you so ignorant of the Creator that you are unaware that He is omnipotent? He did not create just the "white man" and nobody else. Besides that, a belief of that nature is certainly bigoted and racist, and that is what you like to think the so-called "white man" is.

Yahuwah is not any one race’s "god," but is the ONLY Creator and Sustainer of ALL men everywhere. If you fail to discover this single fact, you are doomed to join that slave of Satan, muhammad, in the lake of fire at the time of the end. Many times in scripture the statement is made that Yahuwah is NOT a respecter of persons. That means that ALL who obey Him, without regard to national ethnicity or skin color, have the opportunity to become His children through obedience to His law.

By the way, Muhammad never had an original thought in his head concerning religion either. Read the history, the qur’an, and all of the tradition associated with islam and see if you can find anything that wasn’t already on the street. He plagiarized Talmudic Judaism and Christianity for the majority of his doctrines with a little bit of the Arabic pagan crap thrown in to keep the peace with his tribal people. Check it out if you have the nerve! If you do any honest research at all you will soon discover just how deep into the Talmud muhammad got with his false religion. He tried to get the Yahudiym (Jews) who were his neighbors to accept him as a prophet on par with Mosheh (Moses). When they wouldn’t, that is when he decided to create his own version of "Judaism." (Plus he then murdered all of them.)

There are many good resources available where this information can be seen. You may want to start at your local library, which is free by the way, which they are NOT in the islamic states (if they even exist). If you have an honest and sincere desire to know the truth, email me and I will share the names of some books I have found in my research efforts with you. Right now you have the freedom to read all of the information and make an informed decision concerning what you will and will not accept and believe. Under sharia your decisions and beliefs are made by the imam. You will have no choice in the matter.

Hmm! Let’s see! That sounds like slavery doesn’t it?

If you are going to continue as a slave of satan, who is known to you by the name of allah, do nothing. If you want to become a child of the REAL Creator of the universe Who gave His name Yahuwah as a memorial to the world, learn and obey His true word.

C.F. Castleberry