If you are a Muslim

Pagan and Satanic Religion

Regardless of whether you were born into islam or for some unfathomable reason decided at a later time to join it, the following information is of very high importance to you. As a matter of fact, it is a matter of life or death.

Only read this if you have a real sense of honesty and decency in your intellect and a sincere desire in your heart to learn and follow the truth. Any other reason for reading it will only serve to anger and disappoint you, and that is not the intent. If you have this sincere desire you will begin to recognize the error of Islam by discovering its true origins and discard it as just one more trick of Satan to prevent people from following the will of their Creator, Yahuwah.

Two errors of Muslims concerning Christian beliefs

    1. Mary (Miryam or Maryam) is considered a "god" by Christians.

This is patently untrue and ANY person with any real intelligence can see it at a glance. Miryam is considered to be a "co-redeemtrix" with her Son by the Roman Catholic Church, but they are NOT Christians. As a matter of fact many of the erroneous ideas that Muslims have concerning Christianity come directly from the erroneous, pagan, and apostate teachings of that body of slaves of Satan.

    2. "God" is three separate persons (the trinity).

Again, true believers and followers of the Anointed Yahushua know this is not correct. Our scripture says in so many places that our Creator is ONE that to believe anything else is stupidity of the grossest kind. That our Creator has manifested Himself to us in three different ways is true, but He is ONE person and NOT three. By the way, nowhere in our scripture does it ever give any hint that Miryam (Mary) was to be worshipped in any form or fashion. Honored as the birth mother of our Savior? Yes. Worshipped? No!

The Muslim idea that true Christians worship "allah" (the Father), "Maryam" (the mother), and "Issa" (the Son) is patently incorrect.

Note that both of these erroneous ideas about Christianity come directly from the qur’an and show a distinct ignorance of their true beliefs by the person who wrote it. If allah was the One and Only true Eloah, He would surely know that and would not have allowed these errors of ignorance to be printed in a book for all the world to see. (See the article Yahuwah vs Allah)

When errors of this type (or any other) are noted by those who know better they immediately place the credibility of the author of a book containing them in a very bad light.

By the way, if your allah is ONE, why then does he use plural personal pronouns in so many of his discourses in the qur’an when talking about "himself?" Yahuwah NEVER does that! Yahuwah ALWAYS says words to the effect that He is the ONLY ONE and there is no one beside Him. Also, if he has no son because he has no consort, how did he happen to have three daughters?

Do Real Christians hate Muslims?
Christians, real and true Christians, or true believers and followers of the Anointed, hate nobody. Not even the Muslims who have murdered and are murdering their brothers and have the intention of violently conquering the world. We know that they may appear to be successful for a while, but in the end, they too will fail. This earth and all of the creation belongs to Yahuwah and He will do with it as He sees fit. He has revealed His plans to us in His written word, and that written word does NOT include the qur’an.

The true believer also understands that our Creator has no respect of persons and therefore he cannot have any respect of persons either. All who follow and obey Yahuwah in spirit and in truth are his brothers, regardless of their skin color or country of origin. He also understands that our Creator loves ALL of the creatures of His creation, even though those of humankind who are disobedient to Him are going to pay a very severe price for their disobedience after the Judgment.

Pagan Names, Rites, and Their Impact on True Worship
The ONLY sin against our Creator is disobedience to His word, and the worship of some deity other than Him is the worst form of disobedience. He is very clear on this. If you read the true scripture this will be very plain. He says time and time again that He will NOT accept anyone who profanes His name or worships someone other than Himself. As a matter of fact, in the Apostolic Scripture (injil) those people are called infidels (unbelievers).

Consider that in Arabic "allah" means "the god." God is NOT a name but a title and it originated in pagan societies as names and titles for their deities. The very deities that our Creator says to NOT worship or honor. So by calling the one you think is the Creator "allah" you are in fact labeling him with a pagan title. IF "Allah" were really the Creator, that would be gross sin and enough to doom you to the lake of fire for eternity.

The Creator’s name is Yahuwah. In His manifestation as the Son His name is Yahushua (salvation of Yahuwah).

Questions for you

    On the Hajj, what is the purpose of walking around the Ka’abah?

    How about the run up the valley?

    Do you really believe that the black stone, which is actually a common meteor, has any magical powers?

    How many years would it have taken Abraham to go to Makkah, build the Ka’abah, and then return to the land of promise? Why would the friend of Yahuwah (Ya’aqob 2:23) have built that edifice for the pagans to use as a temple for all of their pagan deities? If it was built by Adam and guarded by 10,000 angels as another tradition says, why was it abused and used by the pagans for so many "thousands" of years? If it is a replica or model of the "perfect" structure in "heaven," why is it such a crude structure and why has its physical parameters changed so much over the years? Also, why is it made out of hewn stone?

Look at these things in the history before and after Muhammad and you will begin to see their pagan origins. They were then, AND NOW, for nothing else but the pagan worship of the pagan gods of whom Il-Lah was the chief. That is the one who became "allah" under the doctrines of Muhammad.

What is a Jew? (I daresay that you REALLY do NOT know the answer to that question.)

If you will truthfully answer the questions raised above you will be able to see why islam and its adherents have so little credibility in the eyes of true believers in the ONE. There are just too many pagan rites and ideas involved with and practiced by islam for it to be anything but another pagan source of the doctrines of Satan, just as is the Roman Catholic Church.

The Literary Source of the qur’an
If you are really a person of integrity and intelligence who is willing to do open-minded and honest research into the origins and early history of your religion instead of some rabid idiot who believes every bad thing about non-muslims that he is told by the leaders of islam who teach that all so-called infidels must be murdered and their property taken, you need to find and read the "Jewish" Talmud. This is a document that began evolving at the time of the dispersion of the Yahudiym in Babel (Babylon). It is a collection of interpretations of scripture, myth, fables, and blatant untruths developed by the rabbis in a vain attempt to understand their Creator without the required faith. From the doctrines found in this Talmudic system sprang most of the islamic doctrines of today and for the same reason. Ignorance of the Creator. If you don’t believe me, do the study and then make up your mind. Don’t just take this as an attack against your religion and never follow it up with the proper research.

Note in particular the similarities of the Muslim stories concerning the patriarchs to the Ibriy scriptural stories and how the stories are incomplete, perverted, and in some cases mixed together in the qur’an. Things like the wrong people being credited with acts done by someone else or some other variation has appeared that is a clear demonstration to the discerning reader that the storyteller did not know the story very well and so invented pieces to fill in gaps and allowed other parts of the story to be told incorrectly or not at all. Many times the story is incomplete as though the storyteller had not heard all of the story he was telling and was unaware that his story was incomplete. Kind of like telling a joke but not knowing the punch line. It is obviously incomplete. Compare the qur’anic and Talmudic stories with the true Sacred Scripture and you will see how the scriptural account and the Talmudic accounts differ, and the qur'an agrees with the Talmud more often that scripture.

In some cases people who lived hundreds of years apart are mixed together in the same story. Because of some of the incomplete thoughts presented in the qur’an in some of these stories, the only way to understand the story is to go to the Talmud and other early Yahudiyth (Jewish) documents for the details. Some of the scriptural stories that have been perverted are directly from the translations into Aramaic that are referred to as the Targums and the Greek text called the Septuagint (the seventy) and the completion of the story is found only in those documents.

Did you know that the word for your "holy qur’an" is from the language of the people you are told in that book to hate so much? Qur’an is a derivation of the Ibriy (Hebrew) word which means the same thing in both languages. Pure Arabic? I don’t think so! Actually, there are a lot of words in the qur’an that originate in Ibriy. Some of those words are listed below.

  • Qur’an = qara’ (to read) and qarawn (reading)

  • Masani (Sura 15:86) = Talmudic masheneh (repetitions)

  • Taurat = torah (law)

  • Shechinah or sakinah (Sura 2:249) = term used by rabbinical writers to describe the visible presence of Yahuwah between the keruwbs and the cover of the Ark of the Covenant.

  • Tabut (Sura 2:249 for the Ark of the Covenant and Sura 20:39 for Noach’s ark) = tebah - a clumsy boat or box. NOT used in true scripture to describe the Ark of the Covenant!

  • Malak = mal’ak (angel)

  • Ruh = ruwach (spirit)

  • Sabt (Sura 2:62, 7:164) = shabbath

  • Ummah = ‘ummah (a collection of persons, community, nation)

Here is something else to consider about the origin of the qur'an and its contents. If this book was delivered by "God" to Muhammad, then there would be absolute consistency in ALL aspects of the book. That lack of consistency has been proven over and over by scholars from around the world. I do not intend to revisit the ones that are most commonly cited. But there is another one that is often overlooked because most "bible scholars" do not themselves seem to aware of it. That is in the name Issa being applied to the Son of Miryam.

In islamic society there are many names given to muslim children that are derived directly from the Ibriy language. Names such as Yusuf, Ibrahim, etc. (These names came into vogue with later muslim parents because muhammad used them in his writings.) He very obviously learned them by listening to scripture stories told by captive Yahudiym or by Yahudiyth traders. Even though muhammad got most of the scriptural stories completely turned upside down, he still retold many of them in the qur'an and so the names of the major characters were transliterated from the Ibriy language into Arabic and became those very recognizable names from the Yisra'eliy scriptures.

Now enter "Christianity," or what passed for it in those days. Muhammad heard all those stories too, only he did not hear them from Yahudiyth people but from people who spoke Greek. When the story of the Savior was told, the name he heard was the closest one that the Greek language could produce. That name was Iesous, which when it was transliterated into Arabic became Issa. The name Issa likewise has been translated into English from the qur'an as Jesus, which is a direct transliteration of the Latinized version of the Greek name Iesous.

Had muhammad really been given the qur'an by divine inspriation, that name would have been transliterated from the only Ibriy name that applied, Yahushua (meaning salvation of Yahuwah), and not the Greek perversion that would almost 900 years later become Jesus.

There are many more problems of this nature in the qur'an too, with several of them coming directly from the Talmudic Ibriy and not from scripture.

Now, if you want to see a real attack against someone’s religion that is nothing more than an attempt to incite rage against them but has no bearing in fact, read the stupidity of the Saudi Arabian cleric who recently said that "Jews" kill human teenagers for their blood to use it in their Purim feasts. How stupid! If he was really knowledgeable about the Yahudiym he would know that consumption of blood from ANY animal, including and especially man, is strictly forbidden by scripture. That is the main tenet of the "kosher" diet. This clown even goes on to describe in gory detail exactly how they slaughter and butcher the youngsters so as to capture all of their blood for this ghoulish feast. Then for extra measure, he makes the claim that they also use human blood in their Passover feast. How absurd and ridiculous can one man be? Of course, ALL of the humans they kill for this blood are muslims. That should get all the illiterate and ignorant radicals up in arms and ready to kill all of the "Jews" and that is the only reason he is saying this garbage.

This man should be writing murder mysteries and not teaching anyone anything. Are his words from Satan? You bet they are! They serve one purpose and one purpose only and that purpose is to incite those gullible followers of islam to hate the "Jew" even more than muhammad told them to.

Christians KNOW who the father of lies really is, and he is the one who controls people who make statements like that. He is also (for the time being) in charge of this world. That is going end in the near future when Yahushua returns.

If you are going to continue as a servant of Satan who is known to you by the name of "allah," do nothing. If you want to become a child of the REAL Creator of the universe Who gave His name Yahuwah as a memorial to the world, learn and obey His true word.

C.F. Castleberry