If you are a Protestant Preacher

Wake Up!

Questions for you that I will ask but you should have already asked yourself
First, were you aware that a true "preacher of the gospel" of our Savior Yahushua is in fact an "evangelist" and that by definition evangelists move around from place to place proclaiming the good news of Yahuwah (our Father) and setting up new congregations? They do NOT accept a "job" at one locality and then preach to the same group of people twice every Sunday and again on Wednesday night.

If you did not know this, look at the words associated with preaching in scripture. Surely you have a good dictionary of scripture words handy. The base words rendered as some form of "preach" that you should look at are listed below with their respective Strong's number. Note that most of the words should have been rendered by the translators with a word other than preach. As usual, the translators got sloppy and rendered many different words with different meanings by using a single English word. Take note also that none of these words have the sense of standing in a "pulpit" in a building erroneously called the "house of God" and declaring the good news every Sunday either.

  • G2784 - kerusso, which literally means to herald (as a public crier)

  • G2097 - euaggelizo, which means to announce good news

  • G1229 - diaggello, which means to herald thoroughly

  • G2980 - laleo, to talk

  • G2605 - kataggello, to proclaim

  • G3954 - parrhesia, which means all out-spokenness, frankness, or bluntness

  • G1256 - dialegomai, to say thoroughly, i.e. discuss (in argument or exhortation)

  • G4137 - pleroo, to make replete,

  • G3056 - logos, something said

  • G2783 - kerux, a herald, i.e. of divine truth (espec. of the gospel)

  • G0189 - akoe, hearing (the act, the sense or the thing heard)

Do you "preach" the gospel every time you have a service? If so, why? Are there so many people in your congregation who have not heard the good news that you have to keep telling them about it? Surely by now some of them must be in the mode of learning other points of scripture as the author of the letter to the Ibriym (Hebrews) stated so succinctly (Ibriym 6:1-3).

Secondly, if you did not grow up in the congregation where you are but instead were assigned there by the headquarters for your denomination, or you were hired by a delegation from the congregation, or you accept an agreed upon salary for your services and have some kind of retirement plan, then shame on you.

Search the scriptures and see if your "job description" is covered there. You know that it is not.

Do you "pastor" a so-called "Bible believing church?"

If your answer to that is yes, then why are you not teaching the scripture in its fullness and correctly? Don't you really believe the scripture? All of the scripture? Are you afraid you will be fired by the people who hired you? Why are you picking and choosing the passages that support your denomination's doctrine and ignoring the ones that refute it? You must accept, believe, and teach the scripture in its entirety or be guilty of apostasy.

Are you not aware that all of the titles applied to your position by ignorant people such as Preacher, Reverend, etc., and except those that translate accurately from the Greek episkope and diakoneo, are invalid and not offices within the assembly at all? If you did not know this, check out 1 Timotheos (Timothy) 3 and Titos (Titus) 1. Given there are all the requirements to be a bishop or deacon in the assembly. It also gives their basic duties and responsibilities. Note that none of those responsibilities include preaching to a dead-eared congregation three times a week.

Do you believe that the Ten Commandments are valid today? Are they hanging on a wall in your building? If so, why do you not observe them as they are written? Do you think Yahuwah didn't mean for those commandments to apply to you?

If you teach that "The Christian Sabbath" is Sunday contrary to those commandments, call our Savior by the pagan title Lord or the impossible name of "Jesus" and call His Father by the pagan titles of "Lord" or "God," double shame on you. You will be held doubly responsible for leading those poor ignorant people into perdition.

There is so much that could be said about Protestantism and those who preach and support it that there is not enough room in my computer to hold a file of that size.

If you make the claim that you love our Savior and really truly mean it, then first learn His real name and quit using one that was impossible until the 16th century and the invention of the letter J.

Quit being blind to the parts of scripture that do not support your doctrine. For instance, most Protestant preachers believe and teach that immersion in the name (or authority) of Yahushua is not required as a condition of salvation. But what does scripture say? I have heard few Protestant preachers who were even willing to acknowledge that Acts 2:38 was in scripture, much less read it and obey it.

How can you think that the Almighty is only one of three persons? Scripture refutes that time and time again. Look at scripture with open eyes and learn the truth of our Eloah. Let scripture be the foundation of your faith instead of using it to support your denomination's doctrine. Quit following those blind leaders of your denomination and start following our Creator, whose name is Yahuwah.

C.F. Castleberry