If you are a Roman Catholic

Come out of her, My people.

First, let me tell you in all love that you are NOT a Christian.

Wait! Don't run and hide! Let me tell you why I say that.

You cannot be a Roman Catholic Christian (or any other kind of Catholic Christian). You are either a Roman Catholic OR you are a Christian. It is the same with any other faith that names itself in that manner too, such as all of the Protestant denominational faiths. None of them are Christians either, so you have a lot of company. I won't call it good company either.

A Roman Catholic is a follower of the pope.
Pope is a Latin word that means father, so every time you call that man pope or "holy father" you are in fact violating a direct commandment of Yahushua. Yahushua said for us to not call any man on this earth our father because we only have One Father and that is Yahuwah (MattiythYahuw 23:9). This same thing is true whenever you call any "priest" father.

The pope established the "celibacy" rule for the "priesthood" and orders of nuns (although few have adhered to it themselves) and also caused the people to abstain from certain foods just as scripture said would happen (1 Timotheos (Timothy) 4:1-6). I know that the food rule has now been changed and some are agitating to allow the Catholic clergy to marry. Too late! It's done!

A Christian is by definition a follower of the Christ.
"Christ" is a transliteration of the Greek word christos which means anointed, while Christian is a poor transliteration of the Greek word christianos which means "follower of the Anointed." So the Greek word christos does apply to our Savior, whose name is Yahushua (NOT Jesus). He IS the Anointed (the Christ or Mashiach, which also mean anointed) of our Creator, whose name is Yahuwah. If you are a follower of the Anointed, then you will not follow a pope (more on that later) or any manmade set of doctrines. You will determine for yourself what is acceptable and true from the written word of our Creator. You will not accept as valid or binding on you "church tradition" that differs from or contradicts scripture. You will realize that the tradition is of man while scripture is of Yahuwah just as did the people of Berea (Acts 17:10-11). Those folks were not going to take a man's word for something that would determine where they spend eternity. Do you think you should?

The Structure of the Assembly
The structure of the assembly that is under construction by the Master Builder Yahushua (MattiythYahuw [Matthew] 16:16-17) is founded on faith in Him and the believer's confession of that faith. Not faith in a man called the pope. That confession and the further words of Yahushua to Keph (Peter) in the referenced scripture in no way say that Keph is going to be the foundation of the assembly either. That is Yahushua alone! The doctrine of Keph being the foundation is one of the most twisted doctrines that has ever come out of Vatican City.

By the way, if it did mean that and that the pope really was the successor to Keph, then why isn't he in Yeruwshalom tending to the Yahudiym (Jews)? That was Keph's assignment from Yahushua. The delegate to the Yahudiym and NOT the Gentiles! Sha'uwl (Paul) was the delegate to the Gentiles (Galates [Galatians] 2:8), which most of us are, and so if there was any truth to that idea then the pope would have to be Sha'uwl's successor and NOT Keph's. One more big lie! By the way, did you know that the statue in Saint Peter's Square is really a statue of Zeus? Check it out and you will see.

Papal Office
Look at 1 Timotheos 3:ALL and Titos (Titus) 1:5-9 to see who can be a bishop and who can be a deacon. Note that the qualifications REQUIRE the bishop to be a married man WITH children. Note that the "Bishop of Rome" does NOT meet that scriptural requirement. (None of the other offices in the Roman Catholic Church except deacon are even mentioned in scripture and so are not valid offices at all.)

The entire papal setup is founded on and supported by one lie after another. One of the first lies was the so-called "Donation of Constantine" which gave the "bishop of Rome" all the authority that he claimed at first. That document has been proven to be a fraud by many scholars and that includes scholars within the Roman Catholic Church itself. No matter though. They continue to use that lie because it is convenient and nobody checks them out. All of the documents that are in the Vatican Library that concern any form of papal authority from on high are frauds and forgeries in one form or another.

Why do you suppose that the pope had himself declared infallible? So that nobody could question what he had to say about anything, that's why. So every time he violates a scriptural precept all he has to do is say he got a revelation from "Peter" or somebody and it was okay for him to do that. Yet Yahushua says that if you love Him, you will obey HIM (Yahuchanan [John] 14:15). Not the pope. By the way, all apostate religions use that same infallible ploy to excuse their leader when he errs.

The muslims and Mormons are really adept at that ploy too. Did you know that those two have declared their earthly leaders as infallible also? How can that be when they, just as the pope does, change their minds about past "infallible" declarations whenever it is convenient? It is either infallible or it is not. If it is an infallible statement it is NOT going to change tomorrow!

A book you may want to read to find about some details of the REAL history of the popes of Rome is "Vicars of Christ" (ISBN 0-517-57027-0), by Peter de Rosa. It is a factual book of history and most Roman Catholics won't believe it's true. All of the sources and references used for the statements made in the book are there and verifiable however, so if you read it and don't believe it, check them out.

Past and Present Practices
Some of the things done in the name of "Christ" by the Roman Catholic Church are as bad or worse than things done by the muslims in their quest for global domination. As a matter of fact, a practical jihad was practiced by the Roman Catholic Church against the muslims during the Crusades with all the bloody murder of innocent people that is being done today by the muslims. Pregnant women had their babies ripped out of their living wombs by the Crusaders and people were disemboweled or beheaded just because they were there. The things done by the Roman Catholic Church were done for the reason of global domination too.

(Don't get the idea that I am sympathetic to islam, either. Nothing could be further from the truth. Islam is a cancer on the body of mankind and is going to take extreme surgery to remove it. That surgery will be performed by the Master Surgeon Himself at His return to earth. But the muslims still remember the Crusader tactics and imitate them today. Unhappily muhammad got his ideas about Christianity from the forerunner of Roman Catholicism and so muslims today hate the Christian as much as they do the Yahudiym.)

For instance, when the "New World" was discovered the pope claimed all of it in the name of the "church." Didn't know that? It's true and in the history books. That is still her aim and goal today. The whole world Roman Catholic and under the thumb of the pope. If you don't believe me, look at your own publications. Every once in a while there is hint to that effect. Get your local "priest" to really give you the lowdown on what they are working toward.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler and Mussolini were Roman Catholics and financially supported by the Vatican during WW II? Don't believe me? Read "The Vatican's Holocaust" by Avro Manhattan. Again, all sources are documented and the information is verifiable. All you have to want is to know the truth.

As an aside, when the news reached Italy that Hitler was dead, Mussolini made the statement that, "today a good Catholic boy has died."

I will briefly mention "Mariology" and praying to the statute of a "saint," but those subjects are so involved that it will take separate articles to really cover them as they need to be covered. Suffice that Miryam (Mary) the mother of Yahushua was just that. She was His human mother and is not His co-redeemtrix nor does she have any special mediator status with Him or the Father. The statues of her are pagan idolatry, plain and simple.

Those who do know the truth about the history of the pope and the church most likely will say that all of that was hundreds of years ago and nothing like that goes on today. Well, I beg to differ. WW II wasn't that long ago. Think about the pedophilia scandal that is reverberating through your "church" right now! The big deal about it isn't that it is happening, because there are terrible men like that in any group of people, but that it has been going on for many years and was covered up by your leaders. I think I would quit following the lead of people who have no more moral fiber than that.

Another good book that delineates the pagan origins and history of today's Roman Catholic Church is "The Two Babylons" (published in America by Loizeaux Brothers, Inc.). It was written in the late 1800's by a vicar of the Roman Catholic Church English Style (the Anglican Church or Church of England) named Alexander Hislop. Its sources are also thoroughly documented and it is a very interesting and eye-opening book.

Note that every time the Roman Catholic Church was in power, meaning total control of a state, then the people of that state were subjected to horrible conditions primarily for the enrichment of the pope and his associates. Loyal subjects were even killed because the church had an inheritance doctrine that said if someone died without an heir the church got all of the property involved. The church always made sure that if it was a property they wanted that there were no heirs left living too.

Every time the church was out of power, where it is now in that cycle, she acts humble and pious and tries to ingratiate herself with people who are not members by saying nice things about them and calling them "separated brethren" in an effort to entice them back into the church. Then when she has control again, WHAM. The hammer falls. That is the cycle that can be seen in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

Book Downloads
On the Free Resources menu on the home page you will find the books The Two Babylons, The Vatican's Holocaust, and an interesting book about the Jesuits that are available for free. Just click on the link associated with the book desired and download it to your computer. I believe that you will find those and others available there very interesting reading.

Those books are also available on line at other sites and can be found by doing a search on the title words of the book.

Please don't take this article as an attack on people who are Roman Catholic. I know there are a lot of good and sincere people in all of the various Catholic faiths around the world. My wife was a Roman Catholic when I first met her. She is now a Christian in the fullest sense. Most of her family remain Roman Catholic and I love them very much too. I also know that the greatest majority of Roman Catholics don't have a clue about their "church." They don't know its structure. They don't know its history. They don't know its aims and goals.

The intent of this article is to pique your interest in finding out the true structure, history, and ultimate goals of your church. I am sure that once you compare the doctrines you currently believe in light of scripture, and without "church tradition," that you will see the error of the whore of Babel (Babylon) and get out of her as quickly as possible. When you do, I am here to help.

C.F. Castleberry