If you are a Jew

What is a Jew?

What is a Jew?
If you think of yourself as a Jew, you need to rethink your nationality and the supposed name of your ethnicity. "Jew" is a bastardized and Anglicized word dating from antiquity that does you and your nation no justice at all and in no way defines the truth of the sons of Ya'aqob, who was called Yisra'el.

Remember that the first person to carry the name Yahudah, which name has been perverted into the word Jew, was the fourth son of Ya'aqob and comprises only ONE of the tribes that will return to the land of Yisra'el in these current times. It is also the tribe to which all scripture says the Anointed belongs.

When the schism of Yisra'el occurred after the death of Shelomoh, the tribes of Yahudah and Binyamiyn (with a portion of the tribe of Lawiy) formed the Southern Kingdom of Yahudah (erroneously called Judea or Judah) and came to be called Yahudiym by all people. That is the first error of the name and led to today's error of calling all Yisra'eliym "Jews."

Research your family tree if you have the resources and see from which tribe you spring. You may not be a "Jew" at all, but from one of the other tribes.

It really makes little difference to the people who are styling themselves as the "Palestinians" today which tribe you are really from though. They hate you regardless of your family tree because they are of the lineages of Yishmael and Esaw and that is the purpose that they have been assigned. The Eloah of Yisra'el appointed them as some of your tormentors as He said He would because of your violation of your covenant with Him.

But don't despair. He is the Creator and He is merciful and will redeem you in the end. He said that also.

Did you know that most of the so-called Palestinian refugees are really Lebanese, Mitsrayim (Egyptian, including Arafat), Syrian, Bosnian, and other so-called Arab peoples who have absolutely no legitimate claim to your land? The true "Palestinian" refugees are the Yahudiym who were thrown off their land by the Romans, then later by the "Christians," and finally by the bloody murdering muslims. Then the muslims lost power and a few Yahudiym returned to farming the land (along with some migrants from non-muslim countries) which the muslims were too lazy to do. None of those people who have ever had a presence in the Promised Land, except for the sons of Ya'aqob, now have or have ever had a legitimate claim to one square inch of it. That is about to be made perfectly clear to them too.

Then, when there was a perfectly legal restoration of the Nation of Yisra'el and the long awaited mass return began (there has always been a trickle of Yisra'eliy immigrants returning to their own land) which no one on this earth has the ability to stop, the muslims decided that "Palestine" was their toy and the "Jews" couldn't have it even if it did really belong to them. They concocted a wild story about how the "Palestinian Arabs" had been on the land continuously for thousands of years (they say from time immemorial) even though they knew it was a lie and not supported in history. Too bad that certain Western leaders have bought their story. It just goes to show that a college education and a high government position does not necessarily equate to intelligence. If those Western leaders would bother to check history they too would see the lie. That might not change how they respond to "Palestinian" terrorism or to the "poor Palestinian people," but at least they would know the truth.

Now by knowing that the name "Palestine" comes from the Latin perversion for Pelishtiy (Philistine) and was placed on the area by the Rhomaios in their attempt to erase all mention of Yisra'el from history, we also know that the "Palestinians" are not a nation and never have been. The Pelishtiy came from Kaphtor (Crete) originally and now no real Pelishtiy are alive to carry their banner. These Arabs who call themselves Pelishtiy (Palestinians) are usurpers, pretenders, and liars, and always have been. The Promised Land has been Yisra'el from the time the first Yisra'eliy stepped his foot into it with the intent of claiming his promised inheritance. The Arabs are using the Satan organized and run religion of islam to push their agenda against Yisra'el, but the end of that day is rapidly nearing.

A Great Day Coming
Soon! My friend. Very soon! There is a great day coming for Yisra'el and it is coming real soon.

The Anointed is going to appear just as scripture says He will. Soon the King of Kings and Sovereign of Sovereigns will stand with His feet on the Mount of Olives. the Anointed will arrive in person to deliver Yisra'el from all the trouble that they have had since Yahuwah cast them behind His back for their continual disobedience to His commandments. The prince in Azzah will find to his amazement that he has no authority or claim in the land. All the enemies of Yisra'el and all of those who have persecuted you will begin to pay for their ignorant malice and bloodletting and their disobedience to the Eloah of Yisra'el. Those to whom you have been "dhimmi" will become "dhimmi" to you.

When the Anointed arrives the Arabs will finally and firmly know who's Boss, and it won't be "allah."

The Yisra'eliym will also realize that this is for real and that the time has come for them to rule the world under their King. They will understand why they ARE the Chosen People of the Creator of the Universe and they are going to severely regret their past disobedience and lack of faith.

The Anointed in person
When the Yisra'eliym see Him standing on the Mount of Olives they will also realize that this is the SECOND time He has been in Yeruwshalom for their redemption. The first time they refused Him and slew Him by nailing Him to a tree. (His name is Yahushua.) This time they will look on Him Who they have pierced and know Who He is. They will mourn and be bitter as for a lost only son.

They will also realize that Yisra'el is comprised not only of those who are born of Yisra'eliy parents but also those who have been adopted by Yahuwah and made partakers and fellowcitizens by their obedience to him.

You gained inheritance in Yisra'el by birth. You will keep that inheritance by faith and obedience. I gained it by faith and obedience and will keep it the same way. We are both children of the Living Eloah of Yisra'el and will partake with the Anointed in the world to come.

We are truly brothers.

C.F. Castleberry