So Where Do I Go From Here?

If you love Him, obey Him.

If you have been actively searching for the truth concerning the will of our Eloah, whose name is Yahuwah, as it applies to you in today's world, it is sure that you have encountered many different congregations and "churches" who did and said different and conflicting things concerning how the word applies. Most of them have probably claimed to be "Christian" and some of them most likely have claimed to be the One True Assembly.

In a lot of cases you have interacted with individuals who have told you that you should be going to their "church" and that all "churches" that use or mention the name of "Jesus" are "Christian" no matter what name they have on the sign outside their "church."

Is this really true? Are all Catholic, Protestant, and other groups that use name of "Jesus" really "Christian?" How can you tell if a particular group is really what they say they are? How will you know the "true church" when you do find it? These are questions that should be asked by everyone who would do Yahuwah's will. You should not rest until you know the answers to them.

As a necessary aside I will tell you that the word "church" in most Englsish language bibles is translated from the Greek word "ekklesia." It does NOT mean "church," it means "a gathering of citizens, an assembly." In fact, the word "church" comes from the Old English where is was derived from the word "kirke" used by the Druids in Scotland to denote the place where they went to admire the pagan witch Kirke (Circe).

Let's make sure that this is understood. You do not "go to church" on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM and then leave "church" at noon. You can not come into and go out from the assembly whenever you please. You are either in the Assembly or you are not in the Assembly. Until you are in the Assembly you are in and of this world, lost and without hope. Once you're in, you're in. No ifs, ands, or buts! This is no guarantee that your name will remain in the book of life, however. You can cause it to be blotted out by your actions if they are contrary to the will of Yahuwah (Revelation 3:5).

The one true Assembly of our Sovereign Yahushua is not a building on the corner of Fifth and Main. The true Body of the Anointed (Mashiach, or Christ) whose name is actually and truly Yahushua, NOT "Jesus," is made up of the called out people and includes those that are physically black, white, red, brown, and yellow, rich and poor, great and small. They are the physical citizens of many different countries of this world but they all share one thing in common. What they share is that they are all spiritual citizens of the Sacred Nation of Yisra'el, waiting to become residents in the Sacred City of New Yeruwshalom, and are the true children of Yahuwah.

The requirements for citizenship in this Sacred Nation with all the rights and responsibilities that come with it are very, very, simple.

You must believe Yahuwah and obey Him, period. Nothing more, nothing less.

When you truly believe Yahuwah, you will recognize that Yahushua is the Anointed and that He died, was buried, and rose again after three days, and that He did this to reconcile us to the Father by His blood. You will then willingly obey Him by changing your mind about changing from your worldly ways (repenting), and being immersed for the remission of sins, as you call on the name of Yahushua.

After that, you have become a living part of the Body of our Master and Savior. It has nothing to do with a physical building, but rather a new birth into a new family and a new life, and most of all, a new beginning in the Anointed Yahushua.

If these people in all of the different "churches" mentioned above are not obeying Yahuwah, should you fellowship with them? If you should not, then where should you go to be with your new family? These are good questions and are asked quite frequently. Finding those who are truly in the Body of the Anointed and who have absolutely committed themselves to doing things Yahuwah's way and not man's way is very difficult and at times can be discouraging too.

You should start with the person who told you the word, and who saw to it that you were scripturally immersed. Usually this person will be a member of some independent congregation and there's a good chance that they are reasonably close to the word of Yahuwah in ways other than the immersion too, but they may still retain some of their old Catholic/Protestant beliefs that are not supported in the scripture. If this is the case, fellowship with them, as they can still offer you the milk of the word and at the early stages of your new life, as a babe in Yahushua, this is exactly what you need. As you feed spiritually on this milk you will grow in proportion to your earnest desire to know, trust, and obey Yahuwah. Because this type of congregation often cannot or will not offer you the meat of the word, you will eventually outgrow your fellowship with them. Once you reach this point in your growth it is incumbent upon you to attempt to teach those of that congregation who you can reach to strive for the meat of the gospel also.

You will miss and begin to search for others who are partaking of the meat, or who like you are ready to partake, for you will realize that in order for you to continue to grow you must move from the milk of the word to the meat of the word. Rest assured. The true Body of our Master is here and when you meet with them you will receive the meat you need. If it is His will you will find those who truly seek Yahuwah and you will know who they are by the fruits they bear. Go places, talk to people, share what you know, listen carefully to what they have to say, and learn what others know, always trying the spirits and always comparing everything to the Word of Yahuwah.

ALL of the responsibility for determining whether or not an assembly is scripturally correct, and whether or not someone is telling you the truth about the word of Yahuwah, belongs to you. No matter what anybody tells you, you alone will receive the recompense for what you believe, say, and do. If it is your desire that the recompense be favorable, then you must believe, say, and do, things that are favorable to Yahuwah.

For you to make the determinations necessary concerning correctness of the information you are receiving from any source, you must cross check it in the written word of Yahuwah, as delivered to us by the Delegates and other inspired writers of Scripture. Compare the information, including this article, with that most perfect of manuals, for it has all of the answers. See for yourself who is and who is not in obedience to the word of Yahuwah and fellowship with those who are.

You will discover that there are few who actually follow the scripture. If you have questions or would like to further discuss how to get into and stay in the body of the Anointed, please feel free to contact me at the email address below.

C.F. Castleberry