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Many people of various modern religions are of the opinion that the things they believe are most certainly found in the Scripture. They are of this opinion because they have heard and been taught these things all their lives by people that they trust. It may come as a big surprise and disappointment for them to discover that in fact some of their most solid beliefs are the traditions and teachings of man, have nothing to do with the teachings of Yahushua the Anointed and are not to be found anywhere in the written word of Yahuwah. Notice that what was said above is about SOME of their beliefs, not all of them. Most of the major points that they believe are found in the Scriptures, in the correct context, and therefore are in fact true.

This may be likened to the product that is trademarked D-CON. This product is used as a very effective extermination agent for rats and mice. Ninety-nine point two percent of this product is wholesome, and therefore nourishing to the rats, mice, and other rodents. The other point eight per cent is deadly poison, and will kill those that eat it every time. The point eight percent that we must be alert to in what we believe is contained in the teachings and traditions of man that are not fully supported, contextually, in the Scriptures, for obeying and practicing these errors will condemn the soul to everlasting destruction from the face of Yahuwah.

Below are a very few of these beliefs and practices that are in error, separated in a general way by Catholic, Protestant, and Common, that are not supported by the Scriptures. If you believe that you can show scriptural support for these beliefs that are in question, or desire to discuss the listed beliefs in light of the Scripture, please feel free to contact me via email (below) and I will be glad to discuss this with you. I am very interested in hearing from you, especially regarding from what you have formed your beliefs in the law and commandments of Yahuwah and what you must and must not do to be in obedience to His will.

Catholic Error

  1. Worship of and praying to "Mary" and other "saints."

  2. Worship of "Relics."

  3. Using statues and icons in worship.

  4. Hierarchy of the church (Pope, Cardinals, Archbishops, etc.)

  5. "Baptism" by sprinkling or pouring of water on the person being baptized.

  6. Sainthood separate from the regular brotherhood. Membership determined by the church authorities.

  7. Priesthood separate from congregation.

  8. Confessing your sins to a man, and the man having the power to give you Yahuwah's forgiveness for those sins.

Protestant Error

  1. Once saved always saved.

  2. Joining the "church."

  3. Recitation of the "Sinner's Prayer," and/or asking "Jesus to come into your heart" for salvation.

  4. Water "baptism" as an "outward sign of inward faith."

  5. Water "baptism" is not required for salvation.

Common Error

  1. Christmas as the anniversary of the birthday of Yahushua.

  2. The Wise Men were in the stable with Yowseph, Miryam, and saw the infant Yahushua in the manger on the day of His birth, and that there were three of them.

  3. Easter Sunday as the anniversary of the resurrection of the Anointed (Mashiach or Christ).

  4. Good Friday as the anniversary of the death of the Anointed.

  5. Sunday "Worship Services" as conducted ritually.

  6. Sunday as the Shabbath day of Yahuwah (The "Lord's" Day).

  7. Tithing in the New Testament "Church."

  8. Giving money to the "church" as an offering every Sunday.

  9. Professional clergy.

Please remember that these are but a few of the beliefs and practices of various religious organizations that are not supported by the Scripture. If you will begin to look at the beliefs you hold in light of the Scripture, you are sure to find more. This does not mean that you are a bad person, or that Yahuwah doesn't love you. What it does mean is that you are personally responsible for your relationship with Yahuwah through Yahushua, and that you had better personally find out what He wants you to believe and do.

C.F. Castleberry