Yahuwah's Wrath Revealed

The End Times are Upon Us

Yahuwah's Wrath
Recent events in the political field in the United States government have pointed to a very large upsurge in the execution of the awful wrath of Yahuwah. Regardless of what people choose to believe, He does plan to visit His wrath on this world, as seen so eloquently and so often in scripture, and that plan is now coming to fruition.

Yahushua's Foretelling
Barry Soetero's (Barrack Hussein Obama) ascension to the throne of the United States government is a prime indicator that society has progressed to the state foretold by Yahushua in MattiythYahuw 24. These ARE "as the days of Noach" in that "the evil of man was great in the earth and every intent of the thoughts of his heart only evil continually." (B'ereshiyth [Genesis] 6:5)

Man of Sin
Now if you wonder why I said that Obama's "ascension to the throne of the United States government," just look how he treated the office and how many in the media and the public responded to that treatment. Apparently he could do no wrong in their eyes, blinded as they are. They treated him as "American Royalty," which any school child knows is impossible under the constitution, yet there is plenty of evidence that indicates he is not even a citizen of the United States by any definition of the term. Born in Kenya of muslim parents and schooled in Indonesia as a muslim, he is uniquely unqualified for the office which he holds by dent of the very constitution by which he perjured himself when he swore an oath to uphold it.

To make the claim that he is the "ONE" is so close to blasphemy and the ushering in of the spirit of antichrist into the halls of real authority that for all practical purposes the man of sin has appeared.

He may be "the one," but that "one" is more likely al-mahdi of islamic prophecy than the ONE of scripture. People have chosen to ignore the facts of this event or at least thought it would not happen in our lifetimes. We have been warned about his coming and failed to understand that it would truly happen and now he is here and nobody recognizes the danger he still poses to this world even though he is out of office.

He loaded his administration with terrorists and terrorist supporters. He publicly declared that he is the enemy of all that the constitution stands for and will abort all efforts to govern by that document, publicly supports every abomination that has taken over the morals of this world, and tried to rapidly turn the United States government into a socialist body (with the help of his radical and liberal friends such as Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy [since deceased]), and everybody just leans back and says he is doing a fine job. Yes, but a fine job of what?

islam and muslims
His "brown shirt brigades" were formed and they have begun to operate openly. There is a lot of activity from their ranks in threats, bodily harm, and vandalism against the people who are awake to the danger and speak publicly about their concerns. It will only get worse as his shadow governemnt gains confidence and power. Soon there will be no concern at all for the so-called Constitution of the United States of America. This country will be completely under the control of a foreign born muslim who fully intends to rule the world under the auspices of islam. Sharia will be the law of the land and that means that you will either join him in his real religion (islam) or be dhimmi to him and his cohorts.

Religious freedom is already in peril and it won't be long until all so-called freedoms will go the same way no matter wno is POTUS because of the socialist leanings that he started as president. Already the halls of congress are rife with libtards socialists who have no respect for the American way of life or law. If you fail to comply with their demands you will be labeled a "domestic terrorist" and treated as a criminal.

Yahuwah's Final Warning
Let this be the final warning. If you do not turn to Yahuwah in spirit and in truth right now, all the horrible things of His wrath will come upon you. The path to salvation is stated clearly in scripture and I have articles on this web page that can show you what it is and where in scripture you will find it. Heed the warning, be converted, and save yourself from this evil generation.

C.F. Castleberry